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Katie Thornton: A holiday of hooters

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 24, 2015 in Holidays, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, SCORELAND Specials, Tits in Tight Tops

Everyone’s got a North Pole when more photos and videos of Katie Thornton are delivered by Santa to SCORELAND.

For this occasion, jiggle belle Katie is wearing the official Santa’s helper costume. It’s a good thing the workshop has central heating.

See this full photo set and video today. She’ll set your Yule log on fire.

With Katie dressed like this, Santa Claus must be coming.

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Bridgette B.’s “Dressing Room Threeway” at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 19, 2015 in Hardcore XXX

The SCORELAND threesome series continues with the beautiful Bridgette B. “I love threesomes,” Bridgette says, “but only if the guys are really into it!”

Bridgette is gushing over some tight dresses in a ladies clothing shop.

She’s dragged along Peter, who’s whining about going with her. Some guys don’t like shopping with hot chicks. Don’t ask me why.

He tells Bridgette he might be less annoyed if she “entertains” him, so she pulls him into a dressing room.

There’s a mirror in the dressing room, but they don’t know it’s a two-way mirror and used by the store detectives to spy on shoppers. Tony watches from the other side of the wall while they’re about to get it on. Then he bursts in.

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Sheridan Love: two photo sets and two videos of this busty doll today at SCORELAND, #1 in big boobs

What's in Sheridan Love's suitcase?

What’s in a SCORE Girl’s suitcase when she visits? What’s in Sheridan Love‘s suitcase? You can find out in a bonus video and photo set.

And Sheridan shows once again why she’s a covergirl in a new video and matching pictorial.

Today at SCORELAND: "Great Big Boobs Of Love."

Today’s posting also includes a bunch of probing questions that weighed heavily on my mind.

Such as:

SCORE: What’s it like for you going through airports with boobs that big?
Sheridan: I almost always get patted down. I think they think I am trying to sneak things in. Either that or they just want to get a quick feel.

SCORE: Do you play with your breasts without realizing it, like when you’re watching TV? Most SCORE and V-mag Girls say yes.
Sheridan: I do play with them all the time without realizing it. It’s mainly when I am in deep thought, like at the store trying to remember everything that I need. People give me weird looks, then I realize what I’m doing. Oops!

At the newsstands, Sheridan’s latest magazine spread (Holiday ’14 SCORE) is a pair-up with hot Holly Brooks. We used to ask, “Where have all the good girl-girls gone?” Sheridan and Holly bring ‘em back!

Holiday '14 SCORE magazine's back cover.


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Valory Irene squeezes her big-boobs into hot lingerie

Posted by Elliot James on May 28, 2014 in bras, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Our dear Valory Irene says in her sexy Ukrainian-accented English that she knows you want to see her naked. But first, Valory wants to try-on new lingerie, bras and panties.

“I want to tease first.” I love that accent.

Valory has a good point. Some anticipation and build-up makes everything better, and that includes what girls can do for us.

Valory is wearing a brown polka-dot bra and panties. She takes off the bra, shows you her naked big boobs then picks out a sheer brassiere. She hooks it from the front and then spins the bra around her waist. That’s Valory’s bra-on technique.

Looking into the full-length mirror, Valory approves her choice.

“And now, I take off my pants,” Valory says.

Bras, nighties and sheer dresses for Valory's pleasure and yours.

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Sally D’Angelo, Cara Reid and Annellise Croft: The sounds of big-boobed MILF sex at The SCORE Studio

Sally: hotter than a Finnish sauna room.

We heard a lot of loud screaming yesterday.  Not Dave and Steve facing another SCORE magazine deadline. The screams when busty MILFs are getting totally pounded as in wham-bam-thank-ya-mam.

The sounds were multiplied by three because three MILFs, Sally D’Angelo, Cara Reid and Annellise Croft, were visiting. God, I wish I lived next door to them. I would not complain about the audio levels.

I believe this is Sally’s third visit. She’s also become a regular at adult expos, where she teams up with Rita Daniels. They met here and became very chummy.

When I got to work this morning, Sally was walking into the building. She wore stripper heels and a sexy, skimpy romper. You couldn’t miss her if you were blindfolded. She didn’t wear baggy clothes and change in the dressing room. She woke up and dressed in a smoking-hot outfit.

Women who walk around dressed like that are my kind of women.

Look for their wild scenes coming soon.

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Breastaurants are getting bigger. The waitresses’ tiny outfits are getting tinier.

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 30, 2013 in Boobs in the News, modeling jobs, Tits in Tight Tops

Since this is a heavy eating weekend in the United States and for Americans around the globe, this is the right time for a Blog story about: Breastaurants.

Breastaurants: You may know ‘em, you probably love ‘em if you’re a SCORELAND Blog reader.

They have big-screen TVs set to sports channels and bar-style food and beer served by pretty girls wearing sexy, skimpy, tight outfits. A brilliant concept if the right girls are interested in being servers, and they clearly are judging by how easily the breastaurants find their many employees.

The word breastaurant went big about five years ago and has stuck, said the southwest bureau chief of the trade publication Nation’s Restaurant News. “Some of the brands are trying to get away from it because it has a connotation of sex, but that’s basically what the category is selling.”

The first and original breastaurant was Hooters. Now there is a slew of imitators making bank. Hooters alone made $858-million in 2012, and its closest competitor, Tilted Kilt, took in $123-million. The managers don’t interview waitresses. They audition them.

Here’s my breastaurant rundown of the most well-known names. It seems to me that they’re good places to find potential SCORE models, although my local Hooters didn’t have any waitresses even as busty as the smallest-chested SCORE Girls. I was ready to hand out the SCOREModelsWanted.com business card.

Hooters: Hot girls in their traditional orange booty shorts and chicken wings.

Twin Peaks: Trains its scantily clad girls to touch the table in a sales technique called “touchnology.”

The Heart Attack Grill: The waitresses dress like nurses and serve the world’s greasiest, fattiest food. Criticized by medical professionals.

The Tilted Kilt: The girls wear short, plaid kilts, white socks and belly-baring tops. Hoot-er, mon!

Mugs N Jugs: beer specialists in tight, black tank tops.

Red Neck Heaven: Texas-style tube tops and denim cut-offs. Think Daisy from Dukes of Hazzard.

The CANZaciti Roadhouse: They show more skin than a chicken wing.

Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill: Exactly. The skimpier the bikini the more you drink.

Wowies Sports Bar and Grill: Florida girls in skin-tight tank tops and camel-toe yoga pants.

Show-Me’s: White tank tops, pink camel-toe booty shorts and chicken wings in the mid-west.

Stacked Burgers: Created by three ex-jocks. The girls wear denim shorts and the usual tank tops.

Bone Daddy’s: You have a dirty mind. The girls serve in the standard two-piece hottie uniforms.

Cheerleaders Sports Bar and Grill: Yes, and sometimes they do bikini car washes.

The question is, who can eat and drink with a boner?

Want breasts with those chicken wings?

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Siri, will you sex me?

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 14, 2012 in Contest, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites, Point/Counterpoint

Image stabilizers and steady-cams were invented for cameras so that men with shaking, trembling hands would be able to photograph girls like Siri without ruining the shot.

The perfect combo of beauty, boobs, body and brain, Siri is back at SCORE this weekend in a fresh boff-bash at SCOREVideos.com.

From the dress that requires adult supervision to the suckin’ and smashin’ and smooshin’, this is, in my opinion, Siri’s horniest SCORE video.

Dave thinks Hitomi will win Newcomer of the Year. I think Siri will win.  (There is such a thing as a free lunch because we have a bet riding on this, and the loser pays.)

Siri has it all, does it all and puts it all out there. She’s invigorated the year at SCORE and V-mag. There are two weeks left before the SCORE voting ends, and it’s looking like a two-girl race. A month later, the V-mag voting wraps.

For now, let’s forget the contests and just focus on Siri’s wild ways. Warning! This cumming attraction clip might fry your motherboard.


Is this dress legal?

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Men…they don’t dress up, they get down!

Posted by Maria on Apr 10, 2012 in Confessions, Life With Big Tits, The Life of an Editor

Salena Marie is all dressed up and her man friend looks like he just rolled out of bed.

This morning, Dave came over and told me he wanted to ask me a question because he thought it would be a good topic for discussion.

By discussion, I mean that he had an idea rolling around his head for the Blog but he couldn’t write it because he is a guy and it was more of a chick thing.

(I do want to note that Dave started this conversation by asking me about high heels, in case anyone wants to wonder why Dave was thinking about high heels at nine a.m. on a Monday. But I digress…)

See, Dave was on Lincoln Road this weekend. Lincoln Road is a place to see people and be seen on South Beach. If you sit at one of the restaurants long enough, you might see the whole world go by. Which, according to Dave, he did. And throughout his people-watching episode, he began to pick up on a pattern. He noticed that all the women were wearing fuck-me pumps. He also noticed that they looked like they spent hours getting ready.

“Now, I gotta ask you, Ma-rear…(Which is what it sounds like when Dave says Maria, I swear.) don’t those shoes hurt? In 20 years from now, all those women are going to have serious feet and leg problems,” said Dave.

To which I replied:

“Yes, they hurt. But they look so amazing, so we deal with it.”

To which Dave countered:

“Okay, but you know what? The guys they were with were dressed like schleps. I mean, they really weren’t dressed up at all. These women looked like they spent time picking out their outfits and these guys were in jeans and white shirts. They were totally under-dressed. How does that happen? Why don’t guys have to dress up?”

And that is the point of this blog. I am going to explain why men don’t have to dress up.

I am a chick. When I go out on a date, it’s like I am gearing up for war. There’s waxing, manicures, pedicures and hairdos to be done. There’s nice panties and bras to be worn. There’s makeup and outfits and accessories and shoes. There’s perfume to spray and a purse to fill with other chick arsenal stuff. Then I have to make sure that my outfit, hair and makeup look amazing all night. All in case I might, maybe, perhaps play a little baseball that night. You know…maybe first base, maybe second…or maybe I’m scoring a home run.

Why do I do all this shit?

I often find myself asking that question because the general consensus among the men I hang out with is that I could show up in a tight t-shirt and jeans with beer in hand and probably still get laid.

But I promise you, if I was walking down the street in my hot chick outfit and my doppleganger was walking around in my favorite Led Zeppelin T-shirt, the hotter, possibly sluttier version of me would get more man action.


Because the dressed-up version of me screams SEX. That’s why. All that extra crap I do to get ready is to attract attention. Because chicks are competing with other chicks. Because we like to work men up and make them want us. Because we like to be looked at.

And why don’t men have to dress up and do all that other fancy shit we do to get ready to go out?

Because men should operate under the rules of KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

I don’t want to date some guy who gets manicures and whose eyebrows look nicer than mine. I don’t want to have to wait for HIM to finish getting ready. I certainly don’t think any man should wear ANYTHING with sequins or sparkles on it.

In fact, the scruffier and more-rugged a man looks, the more he appeals to me. It’s that whole lumberjack, I-can-chop-down-trees-and-use-tools-and-squash-bugs-and-lift-you-and-throw-you-around-and-be-manly factor. That’s how a man exudes sex. A man’s job is to make a woman want to see him naked, not dressed-up.

And that’s why men don’t have to be fancy to impress a woman. They don’t dress up, they get down, and I am all for that.

Do you see why I had to write this blog and not Dave?

Yeah…me, too.


What do you guys think?




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Meet Marilyn Mayson. Silky skin, milky mams

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 28, 2012 in newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites, Tit Tricks, Tits in Tight Tops

New XL Girl Marilyn Mayson has milky hooters.

We found newbie Marilyn Mayson in our never-ending search for new pretty models with great, big knockers. I suggested Marilyn contact SCOREModelsWanted.com because I thought she’d be awesome for XLGirls.com and XL Girls magazine. I never know if a girl will actually do it, but sometimes the magic works.

And it did. Marilyn’s first pictorial hit the skinternet yesterday, and today, the video version goes live.

Marilyn has really beautiful, heavy, 38H-cups that are full of milk. She speeds up the creamy leakage by squeezing her jugs and pinching her nipples. Marilyn can suck her nipples, which is something many big-boobed girls can’t do. At one point in the video, the camera operator placed a sheet of glass between Marilyn and the camera so she could spray it.

Marilyn likes dirty talk, role-playing, cream pies, fingering, toys, sexy outfits and underwear and aggressive guys. Our kind of girl-next-door. I predict she’ll be a big hit at XLGirls.

The cream pie is delivered tomorrow.


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Elaina Gregory’s Incredible Tight Titty Top Try-Outs

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 22, 2012 in Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland, Tit Tricks, Tits in Tight Tops

One of Elaina's wardrobe choices today and tomorrow

Today and tomorrow, one of my all-time favorite sights is happening at SCORELAND.

The tight top try-outs.

Nothing makes me happier than watching an exceptionally big-boobed hottie boombalottie trying on the skimpiest, most body-hugging tops.

Our president, John Fox, has a saying about the kind of clothes SCORE and V-Mag Girls should wear: “Too tight, too short, too low.”

These are words to live by, at least on my planet.

When I see huge-chested girls wearing baggy, loose, ill-fitting tops and bras, I get a panic attack because it’s such a waste. Don’t get me started on muumuus.

Elaina Gregory is the one to study as she squeezes her 41-inch, 34N-cups into a choice selection of tight tops and bras.

The best is when you can see the nipples protruding through the material.

Elaina was the perfect girl to do this. I have been waiting a long time to see her stuff her boobs into teeny tops like this. I loved every picture and every minute of it. Elaina’s video could have been two hours and it still wouldn’t have been long enough for me.

She also rubs one out, so don’t think it’s all a tight tops try-on.

Observe and report!

Thank you again, Voluptuous goddess Elaina Gregory!


Elaina tries on bras. The world is a better place because of this simple event.

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