Today at SCORELAND, Codi Vore puts a label on herself. She said it, not me.

Posted by Dave on Apr 15, 2017 in New at Scoreland, newcomers

Takes one to know one?

Today at SCORELAND, Codi Vore shows off her kinky side. Not her very kinky side. That side of her is about as kinky as a person can get. But definitely one of her kinky sides.

Said Ms. Vore, who measures 42-28-36 with big, natural hooters (and she’s short ‘n’ stacked), “I want to be property. I want to be objectified, humiliated, all of the above.”

Therefore, Codi urges you to jack off to her while muttering something along the lines of, “Eat my cum, you fuckin’ big-titted slut.” Or whatever else comes to mind.

Little known fact: Aretha Frankin wanted to sing “Slut” instead of “Respect,” but S-L-U-T didn’t go with the melody.

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Happy birthday, Sheridan Love!

Sheridan is having a swingin' good time.

Make that happy belated birthday, Sheridan. She celebrated her birthday Tuesday, and today, she’s back in our studio, but guess who’s getting all the presents? Her stud, Carlos Rios, that’s who. Lucky guy. He gets Sheridan’s mouth, tits and pussy. Her ass is still being saved for another day. Who knows?

It’s going to be a big three days for Sheridan. Three days of on-camera fucking. Today, we had her on the SCOREtv set. We also have some holiday-themed shoots planned.

She looks great, of course. Short ‘n’ stacked. Beautiful. Sexy and ready. For cock, of course. I know she’s having a good time. As I’m writing this, I can hear her moans of pleasure echoing through the building. Seems as if Carlos is giving it to her hard and fast.

Wouldn’t you?


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Today at SCORELAND: Sheridan Love’s first XXX…and she gets fucked by a big one!

Sheridan looks like she's ready.

As big days at SCORELAND go, this is one of the bigger ones: The first photos and video of Sheridan Love, a SCORE Girl since 2011, sucking and fucking on-camera.

Her fuck partner: the mighty JMac. We didn’t give her the beginner cock. Sheridan is short and stacked. JMac is tall and hung. And he really hammered Sheridan’s porn-virgin pussy.

“You gave me the biggest one you had,” Sheridan said.

Check it out today at SCORELAND. The chemistry between Sheridan and JMac is obvious. The result: one of the best XXX debuts ever.

I spoke with Sheridan after she fucked JMac. She talked about what she just did and what she might do.

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Rachel Love is dick drunk…which is good for you, bad for me

Today and tomorrow at SCORELAND, Rachel Love stars in, "Gimme An F." I would've, but she didn't ask me.

“I’m dick drunk,” Rachel Love told me the other day.

“You’re what?” I said.

“Dick drunk,” she said. “I’m drunk on dick. I just had too much cock.”

Oh. That explains everything.

“When I think a cock is too big and I don’t think I can take it, then I end up being able to take it, I get silly,” Rachel said. “Dick drunk.”

I thought I had heard it all in the SCORE Studio. I thought I’d asked every question that could possibly be asked about big tits and been told everything I could ever want to know about big tits and sex. But it turned out that I was wrong. Rachel Love, all 5’2″ of her, had something new for me.

Dick drunk. And the giggles, I might add, which I imagine goes with dick drunk.

Quickly, very quickly, I realized that our conversation was going to go nowhere until she got some cock. So I called the stud over, and she started munching on his cock. And then something happened that’s never happened in my 11 years (my SCORE anniversary is today, by the way) of interviewing models: I got thrown out of the studio. Yeah, that’s right. Kicked out. Rachel decided she’d had enough of answering questions and not enough of sucking and fucking cock. So she kicked me out.

“I want to fuck,” she said between sucks.

I mean, she could’ve asked me to join in, right? It would’ve been a nice anniversary gift, right?

Yeah, right, but wrong. Besides, she was dick drunk. Drunk on dick. Soon to be drunk on the cum that was about to get spurted into her mouth. Hey, who was I to get in the way?

Dick drunk. Just when you thought you’d heard it all…

By the way, a new hardcore scene with Rachel is live  at SCORELAND. Enjoy.


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Tiny, little, busty fuck toys and why they’re special

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 18, 2012 in DVD, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites, The Life of an Editor, Tits in Tight Tops

Danielle Derek: superlightweight body, heavy tits.

This is actually’s Dave posting. I’m uploading it for him because his computer blew a fuse while he watched a new, tiny MILF named Cassidy Exe get boned. Having seen Cassidy in the hallway (just walking, not getting boned),  I’m not surprised.-Elliot James

“I’m so tiny, men can pick me up and move me wherever they want,” said Danielle Derek, a busty little fuck bunny who can be seen fucking today in “Triple F Encounter” from the DVD Fun Bag Fuckers at SCOREVideos.com. “Guys are very rough with me because they’re able to toss me around in bed. They can maneuver me. I’m so tiny, they can pick me up and move me wherever they want, like against the wall. I wrap my legs around them, and they fuck me against the wall.”

The funny thing is, Danielle isn’t really tiny. She’s actually 5’5” tall, which is average height for a woman. But she weighs only 102 pounds, she has a 23-inch waist, her mouth is tiny, her pussy is tiny and her asshole is tiny, so she makes small cocks look big and big cocks look huge. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched one of Danielle’s anal scenes, like in Big-Tit Glory Hole and Tits-A-Poppin’ (my personal favorite) and thought, “How is she going to get that cock in that asshole?” But, sure enough, she does.

Just the other day, I was interviewing another short ‘n’ stacked girl, Cassidy Exe, for 50PlusMILFs.com. Cassidy is really tiny at 4’11”, 92 pounds, and when she takes a cock in her ass (which she does at 40SomethingMag.com and will do next week at 50PlusMILFs.com), those cocks look gigantic in her tight little hole.

“I once was having great sex with this guy, and I screamed, ‘Oh, your cock feels so big in my pussy!’” Cassidy told me. “When it was done, he said, ‘That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that.’”

Of course, not all tiny girls have small pussies (and not all big girls have big pussies). So what’s the real story behind why some of us like short ‘n’ stacked girls? Why are they special?

This is why plumbing is a good career. Meet Cassidy Exe.

I think it has to do with the “fuck toy” thing. These girls are like little love dolls that we can pick up and bounce up and down on our cocks. We can wrap our hands around their waists and maneuver them on our hard-ons, and it’s not difficult to stand up and turn a tiny girl upside-down so her legs are wrapped around your face and her pussy is in your mouth while she’s sucking your cock.

And, also, big tits look even bigger on a small frame.

Anyway, I’m probably going to spend some time tonight and tomorrow morning watching Danielle’s scene at SCOREVideos.com. Doing research, you know.


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The Little Tugger That Could! Busty Arizonian Elaina is back!

Posted by Maria on Aug 7, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Cummin Soon, Interviews, New at Scoreland
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When Elaina Gregory made her SCORELAND debut and we gave you a sneak peek at her, um, generous lady bits on the blog (Here and here!), two things happened. The first is that all of you guys went, “Oh, yeah! New tits!” and then did some sort of in-your-pants-happy-dance. The second is that you said, “Hey! She didn’t take her bra off.” So, in an effort to remedy that, we called Elaina and flew her all the way to Miami from Phoenix, Arizona JUST so she could take her bra off and flash you guys.

Just kidding. She was already in our studio.

However, she did fly all the way here from Phoenix to get hotter than ever! Yes, all the way from Arizona, where they invented HOT, because she wanted us to pop her Tits ‘N’ Tugs cherry, and believe us when we say, it was POPPED.

I chatted with Elaina prior to her T ‘n’ T scene about her nipples and how guys should touch a stacked lady’s lady parts. (Remember when I told you guys that there is a way to handle a woman’s fun bags?) I also talked to her right after she used her jugs to jack someone into submission, and she said her first tug scene went great! Proof that SCORELAND is the place to come to get all of your cherries popped. lol

So, check out Elaina and enjoy her new, slimmer body, shorter hairdo and her marvelous, tiny areolae and nipples. And then go and check out her tug scene on SCORELAND tomorrow and Tuesday!



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Charlee Chase and Sheridan Love: Tale of the titties

In the corner to my left, we have Charlee Chase. Tall, blonde, busty MILF. Porn star of My Boob Heaven. A girl who recently had her cunt creamed at SCOREVideos.com and, several years back, had her way with Kitty Lynx’s cunt in the DVD Busty Snatch Club.

Hold that thought.

In the corner to my right, we have Sheridan Love. Short ‘n’ stacked newcomer. Recently introduced on the SCORELAND Blog. Made her SCORELAND debut earlier this week. A porn star in training, if you ask me. Loves pussy.

Hold that thought, too.

Today and tomorrow at SCORELAND, Charlee is going to help Sheridan break her on-camera (emphasis on on-camera) girl-girl cherry. And this little video is what happened moments before the action started.

As you’re about to see, in this video, the action actually starts.

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Separated at birth?

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 28, 2010 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, newcomers
Iva. A bundle of curvy Czech goodness.

Iva. A bundle of curvy Czech goodness.

We began photographing big-chested, little Czech hottie Iva in 2003, then 19 years-old and already doing the wildest sex, certainly wilder than her Busty Euro Maids playmates Veronika and Marketa, and much wilder than Ines Cudna. “Unbearably cute one minute, ridiculously hot the next,” emailed Lewis. “They are the right size, not too small, not too big,” Iva said about her perky pointers. ”I am always keeping them in bras. I sometimes get bad and pull down my top to men at discos and swimming pools.”

Kristy Klenot. She can wear ya out easy.

Kristy Klenot. She can wear ya out easy.

There’s another cheery, high-energy Euro-babe who also fits the bill here, another Czech we met during the “Hungary For Hooters” week on SCORELAND. Kristy Klenot. Kristy also helped out as a translator when she wasn’t sticking her tits out at the camera or sexin’ the bone. Or starting trouble in the “Mean Girls” video. Kristy’s a feisty, horny, rambunctious multi-tasker!

Now as we enter 2011, another great New Discovery is set to make as big a splash as Iva did eight years ago. Lana Ivans is a Romanian and has much the same personality as Iva did. Feisty, spunky, fun-loving, energetic. The same mischieveous glint in the eyes. “I like to dance a lot, I like to flirt. I have fun flirting,” Lana says. “My boobs are all natural. They look much, much bigger because I am slim.”

Lana Ivans. Did you see this pictorial last week on SCORELAND?

Lana Ivans. Did you see this pictorial last week on SCORELAND?

Separated at birth? No, but they sure are short ‘n stacked kissin’ cousins. We have a New Years Eve special planned for Lana on SCORELAND. More about this later in the week!

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She’s 5’1″ tall, and she has huge natural tits

Posted by Dave on Dec 4, 2010 in New at Scoreland, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

Got your attention? Short ‘n’ stacked is very hot for a lot of guys, and if that’s your territory, you’re going to love the debut of Dors Feline this weekend on XLGirls.com. We’ve been waiting for her for a long time. I first saw Dors in 2009, when she came by to tour the SCORE building. My first reaction was, “Get that girl into our studio at once!” but, unfortunately, Dors is a citizen of the United Kingdom, and U.S. laws prohibit us from shooting a foreign model on U.S. soil.

So we waited. And waited. And recently, we hooked up with Dors in, of all places, Germany. And, finally, Dors got her tits out for us.

You’re not going to want to miss her. Dors is different, and, yeah, 5’1″ with K-cup naturals (British measurement) is always different. But Dors also has a punky, Goth look with 23 tats all over her body. Now, I know some of you guys aren’t into tats, but I know you’re all into tits, and with Dors, that’s the bottom line.

Enough talk. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. About a year and a half, to be exact. So, to sum up, this is a very good time to be a member of the SCORELAND/XLGirls community. Super-stacked natural Elaina Gregory on SCORELAND. Super-stacked natural Dors Feline on XLGirls.com. Dors on SCORELAND December 12. Hey, it’s Hanukah, right? Call this our Hanukah present to you. Bra-nukah. The Festival of Tits.

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