The busty hitcher who came in from the cold: Vanessa Y.

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 8, 2017 in Contest, New at Scoreland

This was not the way you expected the day to go. It was just a routine day like any other day. It was cold and snowy. You were driving home.

And then you saw her standing in the road. Vanessa Y. in little denim shorts and a wool sweater. She was looking for a lift.

“Please, it’s so cold,” Vanessa pleaded. What choice did you have?

Vanessa hopped into the back seat and off you went, back to your place.

Congratulations to Vanessa Y. (May 2017 Voluptuous), votedĀ  V-mag Model of the Year for the second time.

Would you give this shivering lady a lift?



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So Cold, Part 3: Snow

Posted by Maria on Feb 18, 2012 in Confessions, Life With Big Tits, The Life of an Editor, Tit Tricks

Heather Hooters uses her nipples to test the cold weather conditions.

For the last couple of days, we have been talking about all things COLD.

We first discussed Ice and Thermal play. Then we talked about bringing sweets into the bedroom and incorporating ice cream into your sexy time.

Today we are going to talk about the one thing most of us Miami folk know nothing about.

Lily Valentine whips out her snow globes while hanging out in the dead of winter in Canada!

Today we are going to talk about snow.

I know about snow because I spent a better part of my youth living in the Big Apple and remember fondly the days I played in inches and inches of snow.

But can snow be sexy?

At first I thought NO. But then I started to look at photo sets and found these two shots of Heather Hooters and Lily Valentine. Both ladies are stripping down to their birthday suits amidst a winter wonderland. Please take note of their very erect nipples in these shots. Those things are harder than diamonds in an ice storm, right? There you have it. There is the sexy factor.

Those nipples are practically begging to be inside of someone’s warm mouth.

And that is sexy.

But them I thought about people having sex in the snow.

Personally, I have never felt the urge to get naked in the great outdoors when the temperature is below 75 degrees, but that is because I live in Miami and everyone is naked here mostly all the time.

And I thought that snow sex was impossible…until I met Destiny Rose and she told me about having some sexy time in the snow in the woods behind a church in her native Ohio. That’s when I became a believer.

And while I have yet to have Abominable Snowman sex anytime soon, (unless it snows in Miami.) I am confident that Destiny is not the only one fucking in the freezing weather.

Have you?

Tell me about it.





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