The joggin’ jugs of a horny hottie

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 27, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Beautiful Sheridan Love’s big tits are bouncing and practically falling out of her tank top as she goes for her morning jog.

It’s this road worker’s lucky day when Sheridan goes running past him. She drops her wallet and can’t hear him call out to her because she’s listening to music.

Brick races after her, and his chivalry pays off big-time when Sheridan rewards him with the gift of her precious body.

It’s a heartwarming lesson in how doing a good deed yields excellent dividends. This is why it’s important to carefully look at girls jogging past you.

Starts tomorrow at SCORELAND.

Sheridan's giving boners to everyone in the neighborhood.

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Let’s bowl with Alexya

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 6, 2016 in Contest, New at Scoreland

Alexya’s been bowling everyone over like ten pins since she debuted at SCORELAND. Here’s a girl who never throws a gutter ball.

A quiet girl on-camera, even in her video interviews, Alexya communicates with her eyes and Mona Lisa smile.

Voluptuous editor Dave wasn’t surprised that Alexya won that magazine’s Newcomer of the Year title (July ’16 edition).  “Alexya inspires outpourings of admiration,” Dave wrote in that issue.

Alexya doesn’t bowl (she dances and rides horses) but maybe this shoot will interest her in trying it one weekend. It begins today.

Alexya always laughs and giggles in her video interviews. I think all this attention amuses her. It’s like she’s unaware of the effect she has on guys.

Alexya bowls everyone over.

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“Bowling For A Boning” with Jordan Pryce at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 13, 2015 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Hardcore XXX, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland

Bowling is a healthy, wholesome activity.

“I will spit cum on my boobs, but I will swallow the cum, too. I also love when a man cums on my boobs. I will rub it in, and sometimes I will take the cum from my boobs to my mouth and swallow it.”

So says Jordan Pryce in a video interview that’s posting today along with her hardcore scene that’s hot on the heels of her debut shoot, “Bowling For Boobs.” The conversation with Jordan (August ’15 SCORE magazine) always heads back to sex and tits. The Pryce is right.

She gets poked by Leny in an alley but not that kind of alley. “Bowling For A Boning” takes place at a friendly, neighborhood bowling alley.

Jordan’s Twitter handle is “Jordan Fuckdoll.” Do you know many girls who use “Fuckdoll” as a surname? I can just picture her at a speed-dating event wearing a paper name tag that reads “Jordan Fuckdoll.”

Jordan shows up at the bowling alley wearing a low-cut mini-dress and high heels. Her body is busty and tight. She has sexy pins, too. Leny is there to teach her how to bowl. His mind’s in the gutter whether he’s in a bowling alley or elsewhere. Jordan’s not so great at bowling but she knows how to handle big balls and hard wood and how to fuck a guy’s brains out. A perfect match.

That’s the important part.

And so is sex. We feel better already.

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Who cares about game day when Cameron Skye is ready to play?

Posted by Elliot James on May 16, 2014 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

Tackle a beer while naturally stacked Cameron Skye gets tackled right before the big game.

This is an epic big-tit bangathon with one of the most popular girls to score at SCORELAND.

It’s always a treat to have Cameron visit because we know how much she enjoys being here.

“Most people I know would be really surprised to see me here,” says Cameron who’s also sporting a furry follicle forest of gold in this scene. “But that is part of the thrill of coming here. I get to put aside what I do in real life and live a fantasy.”

There won't be time for snacking.

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Siri hits a home run

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 8, 2013 in New at Scoreland, print magazines

Then again, Siri never strikes out, does she? She did say she was a swinger. She really knows how to handle a bat.

This layout (published in the May ’13 SCORE, the awards issue) hits one right out of the park. See it now at SCORELAND.

Is Siri the answer to the Miami Marlins’ sagging attendance? I believe she is but no one will listen to me.

Take Siri out to the ball game.

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How big do the girl’s tits have to be for you to turn off the game?

Posted by Dave on Mar 21, 2013 in Boob Watch, New at Scoreland, newcomers, The Life of an Editor

The game can wait, buddy.

Scarlet LaVey is sitting on the couch with her SCORELAND boyfriend. She’s reading a book called Porn Star Secrets of Sex, although I think she already knows. The way to be a goddess is to sit on a couch with your legs spread and your tits popping out all over the place. He’s watching TV, although he’s quickly distracted by what Scarlet is doing with herself. He’s trying to watch the playoffs (maybe March Madness, which started today), but he gives up quickly.

“Babe, it’s the playoffs, but you’re better,” he says to Scarlet.

And away they go!

I’m guessing that something like this has happened to many of you (although probably not with a girl like Scarlet): You’re trying to watch a game, and your girlfriend distracts you. This happened to me many, many moons ago, and you know what’s funny? The thing I remember most is that when the distraction started and I turned off the TV, my team (the New York Rangers) were losing, and when we were done (no wise remarks about it being a minute later), they were winning. I actually tried to convince my girlfriend that having sex during a Rangers game was good luck.

I’m figuring that if the girl is as hot as Scarlet, I’m turning off the game even if it’s Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals or the NCAA Finals, even if my team is playing, even if they’re winning. My sliding scale goes like this:

DD-cups or larger: Will turn off any sporting event.

C-cups: Will probably turn the sound down and keep an eye on the game.

B-cups: Will turn off a regular-season game but not an important one.

A-cups: Might turn off a pre-season game or might just keep the TV on and keep an eye on the game.

“Scarlet LaVey: Sports Or Big Tits” goes live today at SCORELAND.


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The #1 thing SCORELAND Girls want to try that they haven’t done yet

Love those whoppers. Anjii Ross (April '13 V-mag) is back.

My dirty mind could come up with a lot of different suggestions, but none of them are what so many SCORELAND Girls want to try that they have never tried before. It’s a question on the model’s bio sheet.

Anji Ross, who has a fresh pair (as in a photo set and matching video) now showing at SCORELAND, wants to try this.

So does Jazmine, Felicia Clover, Siri, Kristi Maxx, Catt Green and many more.

That thing is…skydiving. Yes, jumping out of an airplane at 12,000 feet and counting on 300 square feet of nylon to land safely.

What do you make of that? That many models are thrill-seekers in search of an adrenaline rush?

By the way, I was packing up Renee Ross’s bra to ship to Mr. D.S. of Norwood, Ohio, the winner of the November ’12 Voluptuous magazine giveaway, and I wondered if Renee’s 44DDD brassiere could be used as a parachute if I had to jump out of an airplane like Daniel Craig to escape a gang of rival men’s magazine editors. Look at this photo. That’s an 18-inch ruler next to it just to give you something to compare it to. I can’t even describe how big her bra is. I hope D.S. gives it the place of honor in his home that it deserves.

Could Renee's bra function as a parachute?


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Sports and stacked girls: busting moves

Karina starting a racket.

We posed the question in a recent SCORELAND survey: Do you like sports themes in videos and photo sets?

Before I get to the results, here’s my thoughts as a long-time boob man, a DVD and mag buyer (and VHS tapes before that) and a boob-spotter watching TV, especially Latin morning TV shows like Un Nuevo Día, where the busty hosts are constantly jumping up and down, dancing or trying exercise routines in very sexy outfits.

Boobs were made to jiggle, bounce and shake. And get sprayed by a water hose. And I was made to watch that happen.

This is what it’s all about for me. This is how it’s always been.

This is not always possible with augmented boobs. However, after years of watching tit stunts in strip clubs (like beer cans crushed inside giant cleavage or tits slammed on a guy’s face), I am comfortable with contradicting my previous statement. It all depends on the girl and her boob comfort zone.

Daphne Rosen can really handle balls.

So anyway, I love seeing busty girls on trampolines, using hula hoops and workout balls, jumping up and down in swimming pools or at the beach, rope jumping, swimming underwater, running and playing soccer, tennis and volleyball.

I want to buy that vibrating Shake Weight for the studio so I can observe and study the girls’ boobs trembling as they hold it. I can just picture Melissa Manning trying it.

Now for the results:

38% like seeing sports themes.

31% don’t like them.

31% don’t care either way. This is the indifferent crowd who at least overcame their indifference long enough to click the “Don’t care” button.

What have we learned today? I can say with complete confidence that the odds of starting a SCORE soccer team and making a video out of it do not look good due to lack of interest.

Yet, The Mega-Boobs Olympics DVD remains one of our breast-sellers, and that’s all about boob games.

So go figure.

And now I’d like to replay some monumental videos I cherish. Cherry Brady hula-hooping and Renee Ross jumping rope for Maria followed by the girls getting titty with it on Grand Bahama Island. Thank you, and I recommend using a snorkel if you plan on doing any motorboating.

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The secret to a great game of pool

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 25, 2010 in Life With Big Tits, Tit Tricks, Tits in Tight Tops
Merilyn has a special way of guiding the cue stick.

Merilyn has a special way of guiding the cue stick.

I was thinking the other day of the sport or game that looks the hottest and horniest when a busty girl is playing it.

You don't have a chance. Daphne knows how to handle a ball or two.

You don't have a chance. Daphne knows how to handle a ball or two.

I considered basketball because of all that dribbling and bouncing. Baseball is too static. Football, maybe, but they’re all armored-up. I admit lingerie football seems to have some popularity lately on TV. Bowling was a possibility. My mind’s in the gutter anyway. So was trampolining, hula-hooping, tennis and volleyball.

Jada DeVille usually loses her shirt at the table.

Jada DeVille usually loses her shirt at the table.

Then I decided. Pool. Get a big-boobed babe to lean forward and slide that stick between her fingers and you have the secret to a great pool game.

Christy is too much of a concentration breaker.

Christy is too much of a concentration breaker.

She’s bent over. She’s angling her body in lots of decorative positions. And if she’s wearing a low-cut top, you get those unforgettable, hunched-over visuals.

Here are some examples of the SCORE way to rack ‘em up.

Taylor Hill compares racks.

Taylor Hill compares racks.

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Whoa, Whoa, Whoa…She’s a Lady!

Posted by Maria on Jan 11, 2010 in Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, Interviews, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

How’s it hangin’, boob lovers? I am back with NEW BOOBS for your VIEWING (and boner-whacking) pleasure.

(Don’t you just love new boobs? It’s like Christmas every time we get new boobies in the studio!)

These lovely jugs belong to a very hot, caramel-skinned lovely named Lady Spyce. Lady is part African-American, White and Cherokee Indian. (I mistakenly thought that she was a Latina when I first saw her, though. It’s her lovely tan skin and her amazing dark nipples that threw me off.) She is from the San Fernando Valley, California and when she is not doing adult stuff (she is a rising porn star), she goes to school and studies business. (Beauty and brains and boobs. The three B’s of babe-ness.)

By now, you should know that I love sports almost as much as I love stacked chicks and so I was pleasantly surprised when Lady turned out to be a Lakers fan. (Or so she claimed on her model questionnaire when she first arrived in our studios.) Sometimes girls say that they love sports and when I ask them about the teams that they like, or who plays on said teams, they can only name one player. (Usually the hunky one who gets all the press.) Well, Lady turned out to be quite the sports buff. In fact, after this interview, we talked about the Lakers at length and she had a lot to say. I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s HOT when a chick is sports savvy. I mean, don’t you want to be able to take a busty babe to a game and have her enjoy it as much as you do? As a busty gal who loves sports, most of the guys I date say that my knowledge of teams and players is a turn-on.

And I must say that Lady’s tits are a turn-on, too. They are full and her areolae are nice and dark. She says she is sporting a DDD-cup, but I’m going to say that she is probably a full E-cup. And I would also like to point out that when she first gets up in this video and we see her heaving bosom practically popping out of this top…it’s pretty much perfect.

Enjoy Lady and her lush titties and stay tuned for more with this sexy West Coast babe.



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