This is our idea of a beautiful day in Miami, Florida

It's raining tits. Hallelujah!

Thunder clouds? What thunder clouds? It’s always sunny out when MM-cup natural Tiggle Bitties is baring her big tits, as she is here and in today’s photo and video postings at SCORELAND. Can you imagine looking up from your poolside lounger and seeing those?

Tomorrow at SCORELAND: Super-stacked natural Anastasia, photos and videos.

Meanwhile, this just in: Hitomi and Lily Madison in girl-girl action. Coming soon. (They already came.)

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What’s on your mind? Probably the same thing that’s on my mind: tits!

Posted by Dave on Apr 7, 2012 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Other SCORE Group websites, Poll

Susie Wilden (left) and Laura Bailey in one of the great boob-mashing moments of all time. For a big-tit lover, does it get any better than this?

Do you know what’s the best part about SCORELAND and the SCORELAND Blog? This is: It’s the only place where we can ask, “What’s your favorite part of a big-tit girl-girl scene?” and “boob mashing and sucking” comes in way ahead of “the girls eating each other’s pussies”  and “the girls fucking each other with strap-on?” It’s the only place where we can ask, “Given the choice, would you prefer the pop shot in a big-tit XXX scene to land on the model’s face or on her tits?” and the overwhelming answer is “on her tits.” The only place where we can ask, “Have you ever dated a girl solely because of her big tits?” and the No. 1 answer is, “Yes!” which could have easily been followed by, “Of course!”

When we launched the Blog more than two and a half years ago, we hoped to bring together a community of big-boob lovers, to create a place where like-minded people could hang out and enjoy their love of tits. A community of men (and women, too) who, if a busty woman was walking down the street wearing a cleavage-revealing top and absolutely nothing down below–no panties, no nothing–their eyes would go right to her tits and they wouldn’t even notice she was half-naked.
The results so far of the current poll really struck me as interesting. A gigantic percentage of the men who like girl-girl scenes in mainstream porn like them for the strap-on fucking and the pussy eating. We’ve never polled the rest of the world, but I’m sure of that. But SCORELAND Men? It’s all about the tit-mashing and sucking and squeezing for them. But nowhere else in the world. And I like it that way.
R.W. from Aurora, Illinois writes: “Being a long-time SCORE reader, I noticed that C.A. from the UK is a regular contributor to the ‘Scorecard’ forum. Is this someone who works for SCORE in the United Kingdom, or is it a fan who does not have anything better to do than write a letter every month? I think it is great that he can be featured each month, and he does have some good comments.”
Enjoy the weekend at SCORELAND.


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