Jiggle belles jiggling all the way in February ’13 SCORE

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 4, 2012 in Digital Magazines, DVD, eBoobStore.com, Men's Products, print magazines

Santa Claus' busty helper Anjii Ross. No wonder his hair is white.

Right on time to bust out that holiday cheer, the February ’13 SCORE magazine is now at your favorite store.

In this edition:

Covergirl Anjii Ross in her mag debut.

The debuts of Gabrielle Love and Kalila Kane.

Canada’s Stanley Cup television sensation Taylor Stevens.

Australian superstar Angela White.

British stunner Michelle Bond.

Harmony Bliss and a big Xmas toy.

Stephanie Stalls does a wild DP. Stephanie’s nastiest scene.

Daylene Rio’s couch dance gets out of hand.

The round-up of the best DVDs of 2012.

In “Boob Beat,” a chance to win Hitomi’s signed bra. Only one in existence!

The popular “Scorecard” readers’ forum.

Another must-own issue. A free DVD is included with the mag in most areas.

If your store doesn’t have SCORE, #1 in Big Boobs, mail their name and address to us at score@scoregroup.com and we’ll handle the rest.

Shop online? Get the February ’13 SCORE at eBoobStore. If you collect digital mags and like to read them on your phone or tablet, we’ve got that covered, too. The digital version of the mag also contains five embedded video clips of Daylene, Kalila, Stephanie, Gabrielle and Michelle. Check out the video samples.

Deck the halls with boobs and hooters. Nothing beats holiday highbeams!

Anjii unwrapped! Yeah, we know it's rushing things to open the present too early.

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The world’s a-Twitter. Scoreland’s a-titter.

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 25, 2012 in Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, Letters and comments, Life With Big Tits, Poll

Stephanie Stalls is all a titter.

A few weeks ago, I asked SCORELAND members if they go on any social networks. There are hundreds of these sites, and many countries have their own home-grown versions in their own languages. (Weibo is huge in China.)

But the current leaders in North America are Facebook and Twitter. Once king of the hill, MySpace is in the dumpster (which is where Facebook stock shares are currently residing).

The results were:

Facebook: 63%
Twitter: 10%
Google+: 5%
MySpace:  2%
Not listed: 20% (which seems to indicate that they don’t bother with them, period)

So why should you go on Twitter?

Two words: SCORE boobs.

Twitter isn’t just for smartphone users, although it was originally created for 24/7 phone users.  A person can go on Twitter on any desktop, lap top or tablet and communicate in short bursts of no more than 140 characters.

Maria is in charge of the SCORELAND Twitter site, where you can find the latest updates about who’s shaking their big boobs here, SCORE news, events, photos, new models, video links and other good things to keep abreast of. Lots of SCORELAND and XLGirls models follow us, too. You might meet some of your favorites.

I say join in and follow us.

Stay twitillated, my friends.

What else did I want to mention today? Oh, yeah. Sarah Rae’s got her Finger In The Pie over at XLGirls today. XLGirls.com is not responsible for seizures when you see her huge 38J boobs unleashed once again.

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Boobs or Butt? Get the bust of both worlds with Stephanie Stalls

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 29, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, DVD, Interviews, New at Scoreland

Tomorrow at SCORELAND, it’s super-busty sex star Stephanie Stalls in another wham-bammer of an anal knockerbocker!

Stephanie is not one to dawdle. When she wants action from a guy, she and her colossal 34F-caliber cannons are in his face. And that’s a good thing.

What Stephanie wants, she gets.

Are all the women in Kentucky this go-getting and dynamic?

Before things come to a boil in our dressing room, Stephanie talks to Dave on the SCOREtv set and once again demonstrates her extreme flexibility like a living pretzel, rivaling Christy Marks, Kylee Nash and Carmen Hayes for leggy looseness.

I call it must-see TV.

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Double penetration without a lot of man-ass? Yes, it is possible!

Posted by Dave on Jul 24, 2012 in New at Scoreland, Poll

You don't want to see man-ass. You want to see Stephanie Stalls' ass. And you do!

Elliot James recently wrote, “In a poll currently on the SCORELAND home page, only 31% like to see DPs while 36% would rather see two-girl/one-guy threesomes.” But in the poll that’s been running here at the Blog, 36% hate DPs while 33% love them and another 23% want to see them once in a while, meaning that 56% of you like DPs either a lot or a little.

I recently wrote that one of the objections to double-penetration scenes is the amount of man-ass in the frame. But, after reviewing the Stephanie Stalls DP video that recently went up at SCORELAND, I can report that man-ass in DP scenes is not always a problem. Here are excerpts from my notes. Timings indicate minutes and seconds into the scene.

16:41: Stephanie getting ass-fucked reverse-cowgirl. The second guy comes over to stick his cock in her pussy. The DP is now happening. Man-ass is visible, although only slightly. The videographer did a good job of cropping out most of the second guy’s ass. Of course, we can see his cock and balls, but that’s what happens in hardcore.

17:03: Switches to angle from above, looking down. At this point, 5% of man-ass can be seen.

17:45: Position change! Stephanie climbs on top of the bottom cock cowgirl style. The other guy inserts his cock in her ass from behind. Excellent camera work averts man-ass. Meanwhile, we’re getting a nice view of Stephanie being double-banged while her tits bounce all over the place.

19:36: The two guys shoot their loads on Stephanie’s face.

I think this scene walks a very nice line between “too much man-ass” and “let’s see her getting double-fucked without there being too much man-ass.”

What I’m saying is, if enough Blog voters watch this scene, that 56% number will go up and we’ll have achieved DP detente.

Progress is a wonderful thing. Member WARPIG7 opined, “Wow that was EPIC!!!!!”

Thanks for the compliment, WARPIG7. And thank you, Stephanie. And thank you, stunt cocks, for keeping your man asses out of the way.

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1 Comment

No Stalling around. Stephanie Stalls goes for the whole she-bang tomorrow

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 18, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, New at Scoreland, Poll

If one picture is worth a thousand words, writers would be writing captions only.

And if one pic is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video clip worth?

While pondering these Zen-like statements, please also ponder the amazing sight of Kentucky kutee Stephanie Stalls as she shuts off her brakes and goes for total wildness with two eager fellows.

Stephanie’s huge, 40 inch, 34F tits will also weigh heavily upon your mind as you ponder this subject.

As Dave wrote last week about seeing a girl get double penetrated, there are good things (wild and crazy sex) and bad things (way too much guy-ass).

Only a tiny handful of SCORE Girls have done DP in 20 years.

In a poll currently on the SCORELAND home page, only 31% like to see DPs while 36% would rather see two-girl/one-guy threesomes.

The only SCORE Girl I’ve ever met who absolutely loves double-penetration was Annina.  “Me riding the man who is in my ass reverse-cowgirl and the other man in my pussy, or with me on all fours riding one man while the other is in my ass,” Annina told me when I asked her which positions she prefers.

Look out for those couch burns.

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Gya the buxom beer maid

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 15, 2012 in birthdays, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Beer mugs and huge jugs.

Gya Roberts debuted on SCORELAND on July 17, almost a year ago. Can you believe that?

When I first saw Gya’s photos, I thought she would look incredible wearing a traditional European barmaid’s dress. In Germany, it’s called a “dirndl.” Wasn’t Gya born to wear one and hoist a few steins of old-world beer? I think so. Those are some big, heavy steins there! I’ve yet to see a photo or video of an Oktoberfest beermaid this well-mounded. Our photo team had the pleasure of seeing Gya again on a recent road trip to Europe.

See this new pictorial today at SCORELAND and get boob drunk.

Gya loves dressing to excite. That is her philosophy about clothes shopping. She’s my kind of woman.

“When I shop, I like to go into stores that do not carry my size and then try on smaller sizes,” Gya said. “I love when the women at the store tell me that something is too small for me and that I am showing off too much of my body. That just makes me determined to wear it even more. I am not ashamed of my body, so if something is small and hugs my curves, I like it. I like things to fit tight. I think that clothes should be like my second skin.”

When are ya coming to America, Gya?

And happy upcoming birthday to Dallas Dixon, Stephanie Stalls, Colt 45, Hitomi and Claudia Kealoha.

Dallas Dixon, born July 14

Stephanie Stalls, born July 18

Colt 45, born July 18

Hitomi, born July 18

Claudia Kealoha, born July 20



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Let’s have a candid conversation about double penetration

Yes, Stephanie, your pussy and ass are going to be filled with cock at the same time.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about DP. You know, double penetration. Totally stuffed. A cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass at the same time. Double dicking.

If you haven’t noticed, there isn’t a lot of that at SCORELAND, SCOREVideos.com and XLGirls.com There’s some, but not much. Daphne Rosen gets DP’d in Boob Science (the scene is at SCOREVideos.com; the photos are at SCORELAND). Jasmine Black gets a cock in her ass and another in her pussy at the same time in Busty Riding Academy (this scene is at SCOREVideos.com). Holly Halston gets double-stuffed in My Wife, Your Meat (also at SCORELAND). And, off the top of my head, that’s it.

There’s a reason we’ve filmed so few DP scenes with SCORE Girls (although many of them were perfectly willing to enjoy a double-dicking if we had asked). Here at The SCORE Group, we’re boob focused, and when a girl is getting her pussy and ass drilled at the same time, it goes without saying that the focus is going to move away from her chest. Second, we’re well aware (because we’ve heard it so many times from so many members and readers) that a lot of you don’t want to see “too much guy.” Well, when the camera closes in for the hot stuff in a DP scene, there’s a LOT of guy. Hanging balls. Cocks. Man ass. All the stuff many of you have said you don’t want to see. In a DP scene, it’s unavoidable, which is why when we’ve filmed three-way anal scenes with two studs, the guys usually take turns on the girl’s ass rather than filling her pussy and ass at the same time.

I’m bringing this up because next week at SCORELAND, we’re going to present a rare DP scene, and it’s a good one because Stephanie Stalls will be the recipient. Yep, the short ‘n’ super-stacked house dancer from Kentucky is going to have her pussy and asshole filled with meat at the same time, and our cameras will be zooming in to capture all the details.

Are you looking forward to that?

Do you like DP scenes?

Would you like to see more of them?

Or do you think SCORELAND should be a no-DP zone?

Let us know because if you’re all-in on DP, then…well, you can finish this sentence yourself.

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Introducing the perfect marriage of magazine and videos. It’s even better than a flip book!

Imagine if the photos in your favorite magazine (that would be SCORE, of course) could move. I’m not talking about those old-time flip books, the ones filled with pictures on pages that you’d flip from front to back real fast to simulate motion (“Those were great,” Elliot James just said). Elliot also just said, “They were going to make porno flip books, then video came along and ruined everything!” Elliot, are you a hundred years old or something?

Anyway, I used to read SCORE and Voluptuous and wonder what it would be like to have video imbedded in the magazine. Then, because that was impossible, we started including DVDs with the newsstand edition of the magazines (and now, we also offer a subscription that includes magazine and bonus DVD). So that was the perfect combination of photos and video.

And now…the even-more-perfect combination of photos and video: the digital edition of the July ’12 issue of SCORE with videos imbedded in the pictorials. For example, you’re digitally flipping through the pictorial of Melissa Manning when you come upon that instantly recognizable video arrow. You click it. And a video starts playing!

Yep, the digital version of the July ’12 issue of SCORE, available for only $8.99 at eBoobStore.com, includes five videos imbedded in the magazine: solos of Charley Green and Melissa, tit-to-tit of Valory Irene and Lana Ivans and XXX boy-girls with Kelly Christiansen and Stephanie Stalls.

“They’re very cool,” Elliot said. He should know. He was around when flip books were hip.


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Wild, nasty fuck talk, or silence is golden…which do you prefer?

Posted by Dave on Feb 5, 2012 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Poll, The Life of an Editor

If you were fucking Kerry Marie, would you be okay with it if she suddenly let loose with, "Oh, fuck my big tits! Slam your cock in my dirty whore cunt"? Or would you just be happy that you're fucking Kerry and you wouldn't give a fuck what she said?

The poll currently running at SCORELAND asks, “Who does the best dirty (or erotic) talking out of this list?” The choices are Christy Marks, Crystal Gunns, Eva Notty, Kelly Christiansen, Kerry Marie and Stephanie Stalls.

This is an interesting list that Elliot has compiled. I have to admit, I normally don’t think of nasty fuck talk when I think about Kerry Marie and Kelly Christiansen, but Elliot did add the “erotic” disclaimer. A lot of other girls could have gone on this list, but Elliot wasn’t try to publish a phone book. Several months ago, I pointed out that Gya Roberts said, “I want you to fuck me on the floor like naughty, wild animals. I want all the neighbors to hear us, baby. I’m going to suck your cock so bad. I’m going to suck it with my mouth on it and then put it between my breasts.” Pretty good stuff. And Sonja Haze, an XLGirls.com newcomer, followed up a torrent of “fucks” with, “Oh, fuck my dirty whore pussy!” As sex talk goes, it doesn’t get much nastier than that.

Elizabeth Starr can also unleash the fuck talk, throwing out the filthy words almost non-stop in a XXX video that’s airing at SCORELAND. “Oh, fuck that pussy! Oh, now you’re trying to play with my asshole, aren’t you? You know how to fuck that pussy, don’t you? Fuck that pussy! Hold that ass!”

Damn fine stuff.

Some guys like the “lady in the boardroom, whore in the bedroom” thing. I kinda go for the “whore in the boardroom, whore in the bedroom” thing, but that’s a matter of personal taste. I do like it when a girl who seems shy and demure starts screaming the “F” and “C” (cock, cunt, cum) words like an out-of-control slut. It’s so unexpected.

So, here are my questions for you:

1. Who are your all-time greatest fuck-talkers among SCORE Girls?

2. Do you like when a woman keeps it kind of demure, like, “Oh, fuck my pussy!” or do you like it when she goes all out, as in, “Oh, fuck my dirty whore cunt!”?

3. When you’re having sex in your personal life, do you like when your partner unleashes the fuck talk? If your wife or girlfriend or whatever said, “Slide your big, greasy rod in my needy cunt,” would that turn you on or get you soft? Or does it depend on the situation?

Of course, I ask these questions for research purposes only, but I kindly ask that you answer them…you dirty, sleazy, fuckin’ Blog readers!


NOTE FROM ELLIOT: I apologize for hijacking Dave’s Blog but I have to include a SCOREVideos link to a girl I am convinced has one of the dirtiest mouths of any SCORE model of the last ten years, Dolly, a very underrated brunette from the northeast . Listen to the filth Dolly says in these two clips. Sheer poetry. Pure magic. Total enchantment. The torrent of dirty words is non-stop in the video she did for us. It was a very long video, almost 40 minutes, and she doesn’t stop the fuck talk for a second. The quality of Dolly’s voice is very sexy too. I’d have chosen different clips myself for this sampling but you’ll get the idea. Here’s the link.

Then there’s Dolly Delight, the Brit blonde who recently traveled with the SCORE peeps to Montego Bay, Jamaica. She’s got her nasty rap down very nicely too, in an English accent. Props to her also. I love potty mouthed girls. Click here for this Dolly.

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Holy Boobs, man! Dynamic duos are SCORELAND specialities

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 9, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland

I love pictorials and videos of the girls getting together. They don’t need to even do anything remotely sexual, although it’s nice if they do. Just seeing a couple of girls together in the same space is enough for me. They can just stand there. It could be candid shots or a regular photo shoot. It’s just exciting to see them actually together, either in hot outfits, swimsuits or birthday suits. I’m happy I feel this way after so many years of being a chest nut.

SCORELAND (since 1992) and XLGirls.com (more recently) have specialized in multiple model shoots, the ultimate being the SCORE Boob Cruises that got bigger and bigger every trip.

Here is a tiny sampling of the girl-girl duos at SCORELAND:

Brandy Talore and Angela White. What a pair. They met when we did Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling and Ultimate Cherry. This pictorial appeared in the November 2005 V-mag and is on DVD in Bosom Buddies 6. Brandy had just started doing boy-girls and Angela was six years away from it.

Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan, two natural-born, all-time greats. Dedicated and motivated. Like Linsey Dawn McKenzie, they quickly became role models to any girls starting out. They were roommates in a villa in Algarve for On Location Portugal.

Brandy & Angela.

Brandy & Angela

Lorna & Kerry Marie.

Lorna & Kerry Marie

Angelina Castro and Kerry Christiansen. This is on the set of SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored. No girls are more fun and upbeat than these two. Have you ever heard a model use the word “work” in an interview? A lot of the California porn stars use that word. You won’t hear it from these two.

Leanne Crow and Michelle Bond. They really fill out those bikinis. I envy Englishmen. They get to live in the same country as these girls. This was shot during Leanne’s Stacked Summer.

Kali West and Stephanie Stalls. This is also on the set of SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored. Kali and Stephanie couldn’t be more different in personality and looks…and that’s why I’d love to see them on stage riding the pole and then riding another pole together one day.

There are many more dynamic duos inside SCORELAND. Which are your favorites, past or present?

Leanne & Michelle

Leanne & Michelle

Kali & Stephanie

Kali & Stephanie

Angelina & Kelly.

Angelina & Kelly

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