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The deck is stacked, and so is May West

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 2, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, New DVD Releases, newcomers, print magazines

Strip poker is the name of this game today. May West‘s playing against JMac and Tony. At first, the guys are losing their shirts. May wants them to lose their pants, too.

Then her cards get cold and May (September ’16 Voluptuous, October ’16 SCORE) has to take off her top. Her bra is next, with some help from Tony.

When they see May’s big tits, they lay their cards on the table and lay May on the couch. The game ends, a new game begins.

May is totally uninhibited. Anything goes with her. She has no limits. The boys take turns on her throat, pussy and ass. A score card is recommended to keep track of what this threesome does.

“I’m the one who usually starts sex because I have a higher sex drive than most of my partners, but it can go both ways, depending on the partner,” May said about her sex life in New Orleans.


Strip poker with May is a test of sexual stamina.

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The Bucking Bronco: Wherein we learn that terrible decision making is not limited to blogging

Posted by Guest Blogger on Feb 17, 2010 in Guest Bloggers
Before you challenge Karina Hart to a game of strip poker, make sure she isn't best friends with Chris Moneymaker.

Before you challenge Karina Hart to a game of strip poker, make sure she isn't best friends with Chris Moneymaker.

On Friday, a group of us from SCORE all went out to lunch, like we usually do. The topic of conversation ranged from the girls currently filming in the studio to the New York Mets and all the way back to our worst sexual experiences ever. We really do cover a lot of ground at these outings. And while hearing the tales of Dave’s failed sexual conquests would certainly be the height of anyone’s lunch hour, the topic we touched on the most was your glaring hatred of all things me.

It’s an odd thing. You tell me not to paint visual pictures of my personal masturbation sessions, and I oblige. (And believe me, if I could take anything back in life, it would be that first post. What the hell was I thinking?) You ask me for pictures, and I plaster an enormous one across the top of each post. You beg me to talk about boobs, and I come to you with a shameful confession about my girlfriend’s monstrous rack. So far, I’m 0-3 with a couple of strikeouts and a weak grounder back to the pitcher.

So, let’s try something a little different…

From here on out, you guys get to pick the topic. I said I wanted to make this interactive, and what better way to do that than to give you complete control of the content reaching your screen? Each week, I’ll go through the comments section. see what you guys wanna talk about and choose a topic that seems like it would make the least amount of people hate me. Remember, there are no boundaries, so no topic is too disgusting, offensive or stupid. (Except turkey sandwiches. That’s just dumb. Learned THAT ONE the hard way.)

Since I’m already running long this week, I’ll keep this week’s topic short and to the point:

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in order to see a pair of oversized boobs?

During my younger years at a house party, I challenged a drunk, well-endowed girl to a game of strip poker. I had no idea she was an online poker junkie. Took her all of 15 minutes to have me with my pants around my ankles in front of the entire party. It was mortifying. I still haven’t fully recovered. And I never did get to see those warlocks.

What about you guys? What traumatizing events have you put yourself through just to catch a glimpse of some super-sized fun? And ladies, what’s the dumbest thing a guy has ever done to try and sneak a peak at what you’re packin’? Also, don’t forget to drop some topics in the comments section, while you’re at it. I swear I’ll do my best to stay on your good side.

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