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Two try to tame titillating Tigerr in a torrid tush-tapping threesome

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 23, 2016 in Behind the Scenes, Hardcore XXX, Interviews, New at Scoreland

Tigerr's slave-boys are in for it. She wants cocks in her pussy and butthole. That's the only use she has for them besides making tea.

Operative word “try.” But this kitty can’t be tamed in today’s scene at SCORELAND. A candidate in SCORE‘s Hardcore Performer of the Year contest, tit-heavy Tigerr has a taste for deep throat and DPs.

Tigerr was relaxing in Japan when I reached her to talk about this scene.

SCORELAND: Hi, Tigerr and Merry Christmas. Usually in your scenes, you are submissive. In this one, you are dominant. Off-camera, what do you lean to when having sex, dom or sub?

Tigerr: I am both. It depends on my mood and the guy. I love it when I pull the guy around and make him worship every part of my body. But equally when the guy grabs me by my hair and forces me onto him. Passion is the most important thing.

SCORELAND: You’ve said that you prefer DP scenes because it seems dirtier and makes you cum harder. What pushes your button harder during the DP, the physical part or what’s in your mind?

Tigerr: Everything in my mind in that situation becomes dirtier. Especially when the guys compliment me while they are enjoying me. I like the feeling of pleasing them both as well as being pleased in all my holes.

SCORELAND: Tell us about your plans for 2017.

Tigerr: I hope to shoot for SCORE much more and be your number one girl! I will be doing more travel and coming to the USA, too. I love traveling, meeting more fans and getting more cock!



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Give To Me Your Leather, Take From Me My Lace?

Posted by Maria on Dec 14, 2010 in Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland, Poll
Do you want Cilla to give you her leather?

Do you want Cilla to give you her leather?

Do you want to take Luma's lace?

Do you want to take Luma's lace?

Today while I was reviewing some sets for an upcoming issue of V-mag, I found myself humming “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks. Then my mind drifted to the lyric, “Give to me your leather, take from me my lace,” which made me think about hot models wearing , yeah you guessed it, leather and lace.

So off I went to SCORELAND to hunt down some leather and lace sets and then I came across this smokin’ hot set of Cilla from a SCORE Studio shoot. Check her out in that bad-ass leather outfit. She looks like she is going to kick your door in, spank you, rough you up a little and then fuck you until you pass out. Maybe say all sorts of dirty shit while she is giving you the fucking of your life. And I think that is sexy. I am into women who fuck like they are in charge. Dominant women. Aggressive women. Women in leather.

Then I found this set of Luma from her spread in Voluptuous Holiday 2004 . Look at her, soft and beautiful in that lace teddy. She looks like she is the kind of gal who waits for you to come home from work in this little number. She is going to offer herself up to you and your friend, you know, your cock. She is going to let you fuck her every which way you want and she is going to like it. You want her on all fours? Okay. You want to cum all over her. Sure thing. And, hey…that is cool with me, too. I like women who like to be fucked. Soft women. Submissive women. Women in lace.

Because there is a big difference between a rough rider like leather-clad Cilla over there and easy-ridin’ Luma over there. It’s the difference between those who fuck and those who take a fucking.

Now, while I love Luma’s tits and her winning smile and yes, if I had the chance, I’d bang her until she was dizzy, I actually prefer girls like Cilla. I like ladies who show up with one thing on their minds. I like the idea of a woman who wants to put it on ME and not the other way around. I find it exciting and a little dangerous. I like a woman who knows what she wants and that is to tear me fucking apart. So yes, I say, CILLA! GIVE TO ME YOUR LEATHER!  Woo-hoo! But, I am sure there are those of you who would like to take Luma’s lace right off and nail her until your nuts were empty.

What say you, gents? Do you like a woman to be dominant or submissive? I would love to know. (And it is also the topic of our weekly poll, go figure!)



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