How to fill out a wild bikini, as shown by Sheridan Love

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 17, 2016 in Awards, DVD, Letters and comments, New DVD Releases, print magazines, swimsuits

June 20 is the official first day of summer ,and Sheridan Love is ready, willing and ample-bodied to rock a bikini.

Sheridan lives in Las Vegas but could easily fit into the South Florida lifestyle. This is a place where girls naturally don’t wear a lot of clothing.

The 2015 Hardcore Performer of the Year (June ’16 SCORE) has her own DVD (All The Way In) and a big fan base of followers. Look for Sheridan at adult fan expos. Reader G. T. won Sheridan’s bra in our magazine giveaway contest.

“I try to go to the conventions that Sheridan’s attending,” he said. “My plans for her bra are to place it inside my pillowcase so that I can have her wonderful orbs of joy near my head so I can dream about her nightly. I also want to have it wrapped around my manhood when I jerk off watching her video!”

Nipple slip alert!

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Melissa’s the cure for the end-of-summertime blues

Posted by Dave on Aug 29, 2013 in New at Scoreland, swimsuits

This weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. Yeah, I know, the last official day of summer isn’t until September 21, but for most of us, summer vacation is just about over. Time to go back to work or school, if you haven’t gone back already.

And you know what that means: no more bikini girls.

Fortunately, there’s SCORE and SCORELAND. It’s always bikini season over at our place.

And, just to cure your post-summer blues, here are some photos of bikini destroyer Melissa Manning from a set that’s going up Thursday at SCORELAND. Enjoy.

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Summer’s almost over, but at SCORELAND, it’s always bikini season!

Posted by Dave on Aug 18, 2013 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Other SCORE Group websites, swimsuits

Montego Babes Micky, Terri and Gya will keep you warm all year long.

Bella is just as sad as you are that summer's almost over. She lives in freezing-cold Montreal.

Summer’s almost over. Can you believe it? Soon it’s going to be less hot, which means that soon more women will be at the mall, which means that soon less women will be at the beach, which means that soon you’ll see less women in bathing suits.

Fuck that.

Here at SCORELAND, it can be summer all the time! Which means bathing suits all the time! And to prove it, here are a few lovely, ridiculously well-endowed ladies wearing bathing suits that sort of resemble floss. Or maybe it’s the other way around. I’m not entirely sure.

Either way, it’s photographic evidence that we won’t let you down like that dirty whore Mother Nature.

Venera is down for some summer fun.

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It’s so hot outside…

Posted by Maria on Aug 9, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, swimsuits

Today was a scorcher here at SCORELAND HQ. The weather was somewhere around 91 degrees and the sun was unforgiving. As I made my way back from lunch I made a silent plea for rain to ease the heat emanating from the asphalt  and I wished that I could be naked in some ice cold pool somewhere.

And that’s when I thought that I should probably be thankful for the heat. You know…because if I wanted to swim naked, imagine how many other women were thinking the same thing.

With the weather getting hotter and hotter it is easy to lose focus on the silver lining of the long, hot days of summer…

Half-naked chicks.

Yes, the temperature might be going up, but then again, so are these ladies’ tops. All around the world, the record-breaking heat is causing women to strip down to barely anything and/or put on the skimpiest little outfits imaginable.

And that is a good thing. In fact, it’s a great thing.

In the winter, we all complain about the lack of skin we see on a day to day basis. Well, the summer is here and so is the significant amount of breast flesh.

So if the heat has got you a little hot under the collar, crack open a cold one and check out these ladies who should get you a little hot in the pants if ya’ know whaddamean.

Stay cool, fellas!



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Hot & Cold: How the weather dictates fashion…and boners

Posted by Maria on Mar 8, 2012 in Life With Big Tits, swimsuits, The Life of an Editor

This is what we imagine winter looks like in the North Country.

This is how we imagine chicks look when it gets warm in the North Country.

Dave and I had a conversation about the weather yesterday that sparked today’s Blog topic.

I know, I know…you are shocked that Dave and I talk about the weather when there are so many tits to converse about. But sometimes we are boring.

That was a lie.

Dave is boring, but I like him anyway. :) (I’m hardly boring, ever.)

Our convo about the weather led to a discussion about what I like to refer to as the “Half-Naked Phenomenon,” which is what happens when the weather goes from very cold to hot all of a sudden, awakening women’s inner slut and inspiring them to cavort around in the sunshine in tiny outfits.

Not that we are complaining about that at all. Oh, no.

But I want to point out that it happens, and it happens A LOT.

This is how girls dress in Miami all the time. Sorry, we WIN.

This week, our friends to the north are experiencing a heat wave. I know this not because I watch the Weather Channel but because all over Twitter, people were tweeting about 90-degree weather in Brooklyn. (I am formerly from New York and I follow a lot of New Yorkers, what can I say?) But more than, “Oh, fuck it’s hot!” and, “It’s boiling in here!” tweets, what I saw were tons of tweets about summer dresses, of all things.

Men were tweeting about the return of the tiny summer dress after months of boots and sweaters and coats and scarves. It seems that the minute the hot weather arrives, people in the North get an influx of a lot of skin, and it, apparently, makes them bat-shit crazy and launches boners all over the place. It’s as if their dicks were hibernating for the winter and all of a sudden their libido comes out of its cave in search of food. (I just made my first official hibernation reference on this blog. lol)

And I get it. I really get it. I would imagine that the return of skin-baring and partial nudity would get me excited if I was subjected to snow and all the bundling up that entails.

But here is the thing…

We live in Miami, and we have no clue what the fuck that whole situation is like.

Here in Miami, it hardly ever gets cold. Sometimes it goes down to 35 degrees and we freak out, but that’s about it. Our winter weather consists of about a week when chicks wear boots and one, light, tight sweater. That’s it. We do not suffer the pains of snow. We do not suffer the droves of women dressed in layers of goose down that make them look like misshapen, burly men.

We don’t.

You see, when our week of winter is over, our women go back to wearing what they normally wear…close to nothing at all.

:) Not that I am rubbing it in or anything. I am just pointing out that living here beats living there and that if you like skin and nudity, you should probably move to Miami.

Plus, that’s where SCORELAND HQ is located, and that makes Miami even better.

Tits and sunshine…it’s what we do!







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The winner and still champion of summer…the bikini!

Posted by Dave on Jun 25, 2011 in Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland, Poll, swimsuits
Eva Notty. Moments after this photo was taken, she was sucking cock.

Eva Notty. Moments after this photo was taken, she was sucking cock.

Miosotis. No bikini can contain her. But I appreciate the effort.

Miosotis. No bikini can contain her. But I appreciate the effort.

The poll that’s been running for a while here at the SCORELAND Blog asks, “What is your favorite piece of warm-weather clothing for a busty girl to wear in public?” Not surprisingly, the most popular answer was “Bikini top” with 42%, followed by tank top at 20%, tube top at 16%, T-shirt at 10% and halter top at 11%. I mentioned in a recent blog posting that the tube top seems to be making a comeback, and I think if we conducted this poll again in August, after you guys have experienced a summer of girls showing off their new tube tops, that 16% number would increase dramatically.

Karina Hart in a monokini. My mind is filled wiith monothoughts.

Karina Hart in a monokini. My mind is filled with monothoughts.

This is why Karla James was voted one of SCORE's 20 Greatest Naturals.

This is why Karla James was voted one of SCORE's 20 Greatest Naturals.

Anyway, to show my appreciation to all of you who participated in this highly scientific study, here’s a collection of bikini babes, all of whom appear in the August 2011 “Summer Sex Special” issue of SCORE. The complete sets that these pictures were taken from can also be seen at SCORELAND or XLGirls.com. Enjoy.

By the way, yes, I know, all of these swimsuits aren’t technically bikinis. Some of them are monokinis. Go tell it to the judge. Whoever he is.

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