Today at SCORELAND, Katie Thornton stops traffic

Posted by Dave on Aug 27, 2016 in Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Boobs rule.

Here’s Katie Thornton on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida. Lincoln Road is a pedestrian mall that’s closed to vehicle traffic (except for the cross streets). On most nights, especially during tourist season, it is one of the hootchie capitals of the world. The things women wear when they’re walking down Lincoln Road are unbelievable. Tits and ass are hanging out everywhere. The average heel height is six inches.

Notice how Katie is not dressed like a hootchie in this photo. She’s wearing a simple T-shirt and shorts, but her tits are so big, they’re impossible to ignore.

Katie’s tits are so big that her T-shirt appears to say, “LOND RULE.” The B, E and S are obliterated by chestal mass.

Photos and video of Katie in Miami today at SCORELAND, plus a new photo set and video of Katie washing windows. She uses her tits, of course.

And tomorrow at SCORELAND: New Hitomi!

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Kate Marie: Big boobs and black stockings

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The big-boobed girl in black stockings, Kate Marie, brings her version of the classic pin-up girl look to her second pictorial at SCORELAND.

The comely Chicagoan believes that when life throws you curves, why not flaunt ’em? That’s why Kate Marie is here after our studio rep spotted her during our never-ending SCORE and Voluptuous model search.

In a second scene-–it’s double feature day–Kate Marie throws a one-girl wet T-shirt contest. She wins!

Kate Marie debuts in the Holiday 2015 issue of SCORE.



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After The Masters’ green jacket, this is the most-sought after piece of clothing in the world

Kate shows off the name of her favorite magazine and website.

A question we often get is, “How can I get a SCORE T-shirt?” Like the one newcomer Kate Marie is wearing in this photo, right?

Well, you can’t buy one. We don’t sell them. Sorry.

A quick Google search revealed that none are available online. Even eBay doesn’t have any. I guess that’s no surprise. As I said, we don’t sell them.

There are really only three ways to get a SCORE T-shirt.

1. Get a job at The SCORE Group (although I gotta tell you, even I don’t have one, although I do have a few SCORE polo shirts and dress shirts).

2. Become a SCORE Girl. That, of course, is not an option for men.

3. Be the boyfriend or husband of a SCORE Girl and convince her to give you her shirt. Of course, it probably won’t fit. My guess is it’ll be a little loose in the chest, but you could try to shrink it.

Anyway, if you’re a girl who wants to go the No. 2 route, or you’re a guy who has a busty girlfriend and wants to go the No. 3 route, head on over to BeASCOREModel.com. The free shirt isn’t the only perk.

By the way, what you just read was just an excuse for me to show a picture of Kate in a SCORE shirt. She returns to SCORELAND on August 6.






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It’s Memorial Day, but for Shyla Shy, it just might be Labor Day

Usually, interviewing a girl for the Blog is a one-person show. The Blog video camera is small. We don’t need any special lighting. Basically, we just wing it and see how things go.

But when I walked into the studio to do this Blog video with Shyla Shy, I asked Elliot to come along, and it wasn’t because I was being nice. This wasn’t one of those, “Hey, Elliot, come into the studio with me and check out the model’s tits” situations. Not at all. The truth is, I was afraid. Very afraid. I was afraid that at some point during the interview, Shyla Shy would go into labor. And if that happened, I wasn’t planning on delivering the baby by myself.

The good news: Shyla didn’t. But I gotta tell you, we’ve had some very pregnant girls in our studio (Lorna Morgan and April McKenzie come to mind), but no girl has ever looked as ready to pop as Shyla. She was eight-months pregnant when this video was shot on May 3, and she told us her due date is June 9. Well, I was pretty convinced her due date was going to end up being May 3.

“She can come any time,” Shyla said.

So enjoy this Blog video, and enjoy Shyla’s new photos and videos today and tomorrow at XLGirls.com. And I’m just wondering: Can you imagine Shyla walking around Wet ‘n’ Wild in Orlando, Florida wearing a tiny bikini while she’s this pregnant? I’m not into theme parks, but when the theme is “naturally huge-titted pregnant girls in bikinis,” I’m there.

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T-shirt stuffing

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest group of people wearing tank tops was 3,500 on October 2, 2010 for the annual “Deni Play On The Plains Festival” in Deniliquin, NSW, Australia.

We’ve never come close to that record for SCORE Girls wearing tanks, but if quality beats quantity, I present as evidence this photo of Jenna Valentine, Karla James, Taylor Steele and Arianna Sinn from On Location Grand Bahama. There’s a world tank top record for something here. I feel it in my bone.

Tanks for the mammaries, girls.


The current world’s record for wearing the most T-shirts at once currently belongs to a gentleman from Colombo, Sri Lanka who wore 257 T-shirts on December 22, 2011. He looked like the Incredible Hulk. But even that doesn’t come close to the number of forward inches achieved by the upper-body projection of a SCORE Girl wearing just one tank top. I submit these photographs as further evidence of my claim.

Would you go into a tank with Kristy Klenot?

Shelly The Burbank Bomber's tank rockets

Tank you very much, Eva Notty

Destiny Rose and her tank stretchers

Sheridan Love: tank commander

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The SCORELAND uniform

Posted by Maria on Nov 19, 2009 in Boob Watch, Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops
The SCORE uniform is NOT waterproof...thank god.

The SCORE uniform is NOT waterproof...thank god.

Destiny Rose busts out of this top and makes her debut in the Feb. '10 issue of V-mag.

Destiny Rose busts out of this top and makes her debut in the Feb. '10 issue of V-mag.

Camelia Davis really fills a shirt out.

Camelia Davis really fills a shirt out.

It never gets old. It never ceases to make my little heart skip a beat.

The SCORELAND T-shirt.

The white, clingy fabric stretched out over the expanse of an ample bosom…it’s perfection.

So when we get a new luscious lady in, and she comes out of the studio’s dressing room wearing it,and her boobs are coming out of it, well, it is a moment of shining glory. A moment to be captured in a photograph.

It’s like a rite of passage.

When a woman comes out of that dressing room wearing the SCORELAND uniform, it is as if she has arrived. It’s official.

She is a SCORE Girl.

Michelle May wears her uniform proudly.

Michelle May wears her uniform proudly.

Arianna Sinn: G-cups don't always fit in the SCORE tank top. (Thank goodness!)

Arianna Sinn: G-cups don't always fit in the SCORE tank top. (Thank goodness!)

She becomes part of the tradition…part of the legendary magic.

It makes me want to salute her and welcome her to a league of extraordinary ladies.

It makes me want to welcome her to SCORE.

It’s really pretty breathtaking, actually.

Because all things come and go, but a SCORE Girl is forever.


xoxo, Maria

Sophie Mae: Score Girl, bellydancer and hottie.

Sophie Mae: SCORE Girl, bellydancer and hottie.

Renee Ross and Scarlett Rouge...Sex in the T-shirts? No, Sex In The Titties.

Renee Ross and Scarlett Rouge...Sex in the T-shirts? No, Sex In The Titties.

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