Are you guys getting a little kinky on us?

Codi can't come to the phone right now.

I’m a little surprised by something: When I checked this afternoon, the video that goes with this photo of Codi Vore was the top-rated video at SCORELAND. Granted, that could change any minute, but either 1.) The bondage lovers are watching this video a lot; or 2.) There are more kinky SCORELAND members than we thought; or 3.) You’ll watch anything with Codi.

May 25th at XLGirls.com: Alaura Grey returns. And I’m happy to report that her big naturals are even bigger than they were before.


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Sheridan is waiting for Carlos to stick it all the way in

Sheridan is wondering when this guy is finally going to pull out his cock and fuck her.

A new Sheridan Love XXX scene goes live today at SCORELAND. Famine or feast, that’s all I can say about these girls who hold off on doing hardcore for years and then break out and can’t stop fucking. In this scene, Sheridan gets tied up, then she gets untied, then she sucks and fucks. She does it very well with big-dicked Carlos.

Will Sheridan win SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year? She hopes so. Commented Sheridan earlier this week, “It would be awesome to win Hardcore Performer after just starting to shoot that! Fingers crossed!”

Fingers crossed, dicks hard. Sheridan has a very good chance of winning.

Coming soon: the first all-Sheridan DVD, All The Way In.

Coming soon to SCORELAND:

Sunday: New Katie Marie photos and video.

Friday: New Tiggle Bitties photos and video.

Sunday the 24th: New Casey Deluxe photos and videos. What’s so special about that? Casey’s pregnant, and her tits are huge.

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What will be your favorite moment in the September ’14 issue of V-mag?

My favorite part of the September ”14 issue of V-mag? Definitely the interview with newcomer Elle Flynn. And the photos of her all tied up and then fucked by two very lucky guys. The photo of her with one cock in her mouth and the other one between her tits. The centerfold shot in which she’s getting banged doggie style while she sucks dick and tit-fucks a guy’s thighs. And the part of her interview where she says, “I was home alone drinking a few beers, and I started thinking of one of my shoots. I was feeling a little randy, so I thought I would take care of myself. I had a beer bottle in my hand, and I had heard about glass dildos. I figured this was a similar concept, so I started playing with my clit and eventually I stuck it inside. I started sliding the bottle up and down my clit and between my lips. I came pretty hard.”

So that’s my favorite part of the September ’14 issue of V-mag, now on-sale at your favorite newsstand and in digital and print versions at eBoobStore.com.

But, then again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Hitomi tit-fucking a beer bottle.

Or plush blonde Krystal Swift sucking and riding cock.

Or Gya Roberts as a beer maiden who hands-free sucks her own tits and shows off her hairy cunt.

Or Bebe Cooper milking her tits, or Alana Lace destroying a tight top and so on, and so on.

What will be your favorite part of the September ’14 issue of V-mag?

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She’s so nice and so knotty…

Posted by Maria on Dec 16, 2010 in Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland, Tit Tricks

She's nice but oh, so knotty.

She's nice but oh, so knotty.

Desirae is tied up...and we don't mean busy.

Desirae is tied up...and we don't mean busy.

Desirae. Whenever I think of this beautiful, busty babe, I think of her winning smile and girl-next-door demeanor. She was the kind of gal who was soft-spoken and sweet. You might even say that she was almost shy. Every time I bump into a photo set of her on SCORELAND, I admire her cherubic face. I will be honest and tell you that I don’t even think of her in dirty ways. I just find her so pretty and sort of charming.

That is, until I come to her Big Tit Bondage set, and then, well then I want to do a lot of depraved things to her. Maybe it’s because she looks like one of those helpless damsels in distress from the old mystery novels? Maybe that’s why this set makes me feel like the mustachioed villain?

We actually have an entire gallery inside of SCORELAND dedicated to this boob bondage. And while I find Desirae hot, all tied up and delicious, waiting for someone to do perverted things to her…

I am kind of on the fence about this kind of thing. I have never been a fan of being tied up, myself, but after seeing how hot Desirae looks, all bound and helpless, I am kind of sort of convinced that this kind of thing is a little hot.

What say you, boob men? Do you like a rack all roped up like this? Hmmm? Someone is bound to…get it? Bound?

LOL ;) -Maria

This picture makes me have a new respect for rope.

This picture makes me have a new respect for rope.

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