Katie Thornton proves that, sometimes, boobs make the dress

This is Katie's picnic dress. Dig in.

What a pretty dress!

I am showing you this photo from yesterday’s SCORELAND posting of Katie Thornton to make a point.

Take your eyes off Katie’s tits for a second and check out the dress she’s wearing. See how modest and conservative it is? It’s a flower-print dress. If the average woman went walking down the street wearing this dress, nobody would say a word.

But put the same dress on a girl like Katie and guys’ tongues are hanging out of their mouths and women are shaking their heads and saying, “Slut. Look at that dress she’s wearing.”

But it’s not the dress! It’s the tits! In this case, the tits make the dress. This dress isn’t low-cut, but Katie’s tits make every dress appear to be low-cut.

And that’s her fault? Is “fault” even the appropriate word here? What’s she supposed to do, wear a sack?

Here’s what happens: A busty girl goes shopping. She sees a nice dress like this one. She figures, “Oh, that’s nice. It’s not slutty or too out-there.” The problem is, her tits are out to there and beyond, so there’s just no winning.

Except for us, of course. We win.

Today at SCORELAND, Bridgette B. fucks JMac. Sunday, Liza Biggs in a bikini. Have a great weekend.



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Big bouncing breasts from the front, big bulging butt from the back: Daylene Rio’s got both boobs and booty at SCORELAND

“Ooops! My ass is so big, I just ripped my skirt!” says Daylene Rio as soon as she sits down next to Tony. She’s split a seam. Daylene stands up and leans forward. Tony makes the hole bigger by ripping it even more.

Daylene says her ass, not her boobs, is her best feature. I think everything about Daylene is her best feature. I can’t choose just one.

With a rack that makes men hyperventilate, Daylene (XXXTreme Daylene on DVD) can pretty much own any guy she sets her sights on. She’s just got it like that.

“In the dictionary, the word sexy should have a picture of Daylene Rio as an example,” writes a member who calls himself DB4BBW.

Daylene still looks at her photos and videos with a fresh eye, even though she’s been a SCORE Girl since 2007. “It’s like you can’t believe it’s you. It’s like, ‘Wow, is that really me?’ and it just gets me more pumped up to want to do it more, and I get a whole rush once I see myself, knowing that people are at home watching me and jerking off. It’s a different feeling to see myself in the video compared to what I remember when I was actually shooting the scene.”

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Titty Top Tryouts with Desiree Vega

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Desiree Vega is a real charmer.

She’s got charisma on-camera and off. Desiree could be a morning TV weathergirl. We’d be hooked.

Today, Desiree conducts a Titty Top Tryout SCORELAND show.

Desiree’s plan is to try on an assortment of skintight tops over her 36G-cups.

You pick the winning top. We must be neutral.

The perfect body for tight, cleavage-clinging tops.

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Jenna Valentine. Marie Leone. Boobs don’t get much bigger. See them now at SCORELAND.

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 21, 2014 in New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

The epitome of sweater bustin'.

It’s time to go sweater shopping with a SCORELAND regular since 2009 who stretches her sweaters. We’re talking about the one and only Jenna Valentine.

Winner of the huge boob genetic roll of the dice.

Now around a 36HH, Jenna’s heavenly hooters will be seriously straining these sweaters. Maybe you can advise about which ones look best over Jenna’s fantastic breasts. After she’s tried on several items and has thrust her chest at the camera, Jenna goes bare and gets on the famous glass table. We haven’t used it in a while, not since Melissa Manning’s coed shoot last year.

Sometimes the genetic roll of the dice results in huge boobs.  Marie Leone is one of these boob bonanza winners.

“In school, I had bigger boobs than any teacher,” Marie said. I am trying to visualize this. I wonder how Marie’s teachers’ felt about that. Inadequate? Jealous?

Marie just turned 21 on December 14. Now she can go to a club and have a drink.

“I always have sex on the first date,” Marie said. “Before anyone judges me, I would like to point out that I do not plan for it to happen.  It happens. If anybody wants to have sex on the first date, go for it.” Good dating philosophy, Marie.


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Hitomi, Alyssa Lynn, Tigerr, Amy and another great week coming up at SCORELAND

Posted by Dave on Jun 29, 2014 in Cummin Soon, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, swimsuits, Tits in Tight Tops

On Tuesday, Hitomi. On Wednesday, newcomer Alyssa Lynn.

On Friday, Amy Anderssen fucks. On Saturday, Tigerr Benson puts on a bikini show.

The weekend is over, but it looks like that’s not such a bad thing after all.



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Tanks for being you, Maggie Green

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 26, 2013 in bras, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Maggie is tanked. But not for long.

Maggie Green kills a tight, pink tank top (and a pair of tight jeans) at SCORELAND on Saturday before getting down to smooth, naked skin and showing off that hot, Zumba-trained body. Clothing so tight, Maggie could have used some lube to get those jeans off, according to the photographer of these pictures.

I love seeing the girls wear tank-tops, my favorite top for a busty model to wear before she goes bare. (In a poll, bras followed by bikinis were more popular than tank tops, but no one wears a bra in public anymore. That look died after Madonna’s late ’80s style and the bra-wearing heiress on “The Caddy” episode of Seinfeld.)

Ever since Rockell hit the SCORE scene, I think of Maggie when I see a Rockell set or video and I think of Rockell whenever I see Maggie. For some reason, I link them together.

Thong you very much, Maggie.

Rockell is the covergirl of October '13 SCORE.

Sometimes I think Maggie could be Rockell’s big sis. They have similarities. Both are athletic, pretty blondes with natural tits who do that Zumba thing.

Whether Rockell will follow in Maggie’s footsteps is something I can’t predict. No one predicted in 2009 that Maggie would be doing boy-girl a few years later. But hardcore doesn’t even come to my mind when I think of the two of them. I picture them lubed up and wrestling in a boob mash-up, either outdoors or indoors, and ending in a lip-lock.

I’m not sure how my mind wandered off from my original Blog about Maggie’s Saturday pictorial to two busty blondes wrestling naked in clear lube on a bright sunny summer day, but at least its wholesome thinking.


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Girls who have big boobs wear the funniest T-shirts

SCORE Girls, Voluptuous Girls and XL Girls don’t really need to wear funny sayings and slogans on their T-shirts to attract attention. I’m going to be focused on their chests, anyway, until they tell me, “Hey, my eyes are up here!”

But it gives me a kick to read ‘em!

Problem is, they stretch their shirts out so far that it can be hard to make out what the words are.

Crystal’s shirt is “I’m N Luv Wit A Stripper” (A rap song by T-Pain.)

Chelsea’s is “Biggest Is Best”

That’s two of the reasons I love ‘em.

I urge all models visiting SCORE to wear funny T-shirts so we can snap a shot.

Here’s a selection from SCORELAND.

Crystal Gunns

Chelsea Charms and H-cup Jane

Colt 45

Cynthia Romero


Vixen LaMoore

Felicia Clover



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Do you have busty girl problems? Good.

Posted by Maria on Jun 9, 2012 in Boob Bloopers, Confessions, Life With Big Tits, Tits in Tight Tops

Christy Marks is not wearing her seat belt and that's because she probably knows that it will be all over her tits and on her neck if she does. Even the guy in the back seat looks like he is wondering about how she is going to put it on over that rack.

There are some blogs that only I can write. Not to say that Elliot and Dave aren’t entertaining, I am just saying that they are not, er, equipped to write about certain things.

Things like busty girl problems.

Summer Sinn and Morgan Leigh are hanging out and you know what Morgan is looking at? Summer's tits busting out of her button-up top, that's what.

What are busty girl problems? They are a series of things that we stacked ladies suffer from day to day because we have big tits. These things don’t happen to our smaller-chested (read: Tiny-titted) friends. Oh, no. They only happen to us. And busty girls everywhere go through these situations and moments. It’s things like this that sort of serve as an initiation to life with big tits.

I used to think that these problems were bad until I started working for a big-tit mag and websites and I realized that guys dig them. For example, I used to think that losing something down my bra like an earring or sandwich crumbs and having to fish them out in public was awful. Now I understand that guys might like to see me with my hand down my shirt, searching through my cleavage. lol

The following are a list of busty girl problems that ladies with big tits encounter.

5) Seat belts: Seat belts are designed with flat-chested people in mind. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a busty crash test dummy. The answer to that question is NEVER. When girls with big tits try to employ some safety when they drive, what happens is the seat belt ends up lying off to the side of our breasts or choking us. But hey, when a cop pulls us over, our tits are on display in a big way…often with a belt underneath them hoisting them further into our chin area. Busty girl problem Yes. Big-tit lover win? Definitely.

Angela White is washing dishes and when she is done, her tits will be wet, I promise.

4) Tits on the table: Manners dictate that one should never rest their elbows on the table during a meal, however, what about your tits? Because sometimes I will sit at a high table and when I try to scoot up to eat or drink, my breasts crash into the table, squishing me and making my cleavage a net for everything and anything that can and will fall down there during the course of the meal. The solution to this is to rest most of my breasts on the table. I call this the tit platter because essentially my entire rack is on the table. This is a serious busty girl problem. But guys seem to like it. It’s like a big tit buffet. A rack of lamb, minus the lamb.

3) Button-up tops: Every big-breasted woman will tell you about her various attempts at fitting into something with buttons on the front and the epic number of times that it has not worked out in her favor. The truth is that button-up shirts and sweaters are not our friends. They will never fit. They will never drape the right away. Never. If you see a chesty chick with a button-up that looks like it fits properly, chances are that inside her top there are brave, mighty safety pins holding her tits hostage in there.  Every busty woman with a button-up top on will always be one deep breath away from busting her shirt open for all the world to witness her giant knockers. A busty girl problem for sure. A problem for guys who love big tits? Not so much.

2) Wet tits in the kitchen: Inevitably, whenever a lady with big knockers does dishes, her tits are going to get wet.  This is because her tits serve as a buffer between the water and, well, pretty much everything else. There has never been a time when, while doing dishes, I have finished and been dry. What usually happens is that I end up looking like I am in involved in some sort of wet T-shirt contest in my kitchen. This is a problem for me. However, my dinner guests usually enjoy my drippy, see-through top.

1) Uncontrollable Jiggling: Jiggling…it happens. No matter what busty gals do (running, walking, sitting on a plane with turbulence, riding on a roller coaster, going over speed bumps in a car, going up the stairs, etc.), our jugs are going to jiggle. It is gravity. It is inevitable. It is a busty girl problem. Even when we consciously try to avoid jiggling, it cannot be helped. Sure, we wear bras to strap these puppies down, but the jiggling still happens. Sometimes, we jiggle just because we giggle. Yep, a healthy case of LOLs can bring about a breast earthquake that sets our tatas undulating. We try to keep our tits in check, but most men will agree that seeing a busty babe jiggling in their direction is a good thing. Heck, it’s a GREAT thing.

Hence, (I love saying that because it makes my findings sound more scientific.) busty girl problems are only problems to busty girls. Most men will agree that they are actually pluses and not problems. Perks of having a big set of perkies, if you will.

What do you think?




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