Has this ever happened to you?

Posted by Dave on Feb 4, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, SCORELAND Specials

Daphne's milking Carlos for another buck or two.

I’m sure most of you have gotten a blow job or a tug job in the front or back seat of your car.

What makes this different is that here, Daphne Rosen is a hooker. Carlos just picked her up. She got into his car. Then she took out his cock and sucked and jacked it.

We take a look at the highly jackable world of busty hookers today at SCORELAND. It’s nothing like Hookers At The Point, the HBO documentary series. That show turned the cameras away when the going got good. We move in closer for a better look.

Later in Daphne’s scene, she gets ass-fucked. That’s something most hookers don’t do. Anal sex, I mean. I’ve never even had a hooker offer me anal.

Not that I’ve ever had a conversation with a hooker.

Gotta go now. I just got struck by lightning.

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Whose tits? Whose cock? The big day is November 6 at SCORELAND

She's never had a cock between her tits on-camera. She's going to suck it, too.

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Guess who’s in the studio today tit-fucking and sucking cock on-camera for the first time?

This is your final clue.

Three clues:

1. She’s super-stacked.

2. Her husband is watching.

3. You probably won’t be shocked, but you’ll be very excited.

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Lars wouldn’t have been with a sex doll if he had Cat Bangles to fuck

Posted by Dave on Apr 17, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Cummin Soon, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, newcomers

As she promised she would, Cat took every inch of JMac in her first XXX scene.

There are many reasons to look forward to Friday. Here’s another:

As I mentioned last week, Cat Bangles’ first hardcore scene goes live Friday at SCORELAND. Yes, she takes a creampie, which is going to thrill creampie lovers. As for the rest of you, you’ll be happy to know that Cat fucked two more times while she was in our studio. The second time, the guy came all over her face, and it dripped down to her tits.

The third time…well, the third time was really the charm.

If you're gonna jizz Alana's rack, you're gonna have a lot of real estate to cover.

But the first time is really good, too. JMac, who has a very big cock, bottoms-out in Cat’s tight, pink, Puerto Rican pussy.

It’s a big weekend for JMac. On Sunday, he tit-fucks DDD-cup natural Alana Lace, who’s having her face and tits jizzed on-camera for the first time at SCORELAND.

Some guys have all the luck.

Which brings me to…

Elliot is shocked by the results of the current “Blog” poll which asks, “Have you ever fucked a sex doll?” So far, 14% say they have.

I’m surprised Elliot is surprised. After all, his favorite movie is Lars And The Real Girl.

Anyway, those of you who have fucked a sex doll…can you tell us about it?


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Many good reasons to join SCORELAND2

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 3, 2013 in Other SCORE Group websites, XLGirls

You can feed your credit card to a website that charges from 99 cents to $5.99 a minute to see one girl.

You can spend $6 or more for one beer, and sometimes a door charge, at a topless bar or gentleman’s club.

Or you can join SCORELAND2 for $9.95 for one month of the breast scenes from SCORELAND, SCOREVideos, XLGirls and other TSG sites.

Get hot masturbation and big-boob videos, girl-girls and hardcore XXX sex at SCORELAND2, the big-tit site for the budget-minded tit-man. A video and a photo set are posted five days a week. Here’s what’s up and upcoming at SCORELAND2.

A hard time for Beverly Paige.

A cream-filled pussy for Alex Chance, her first XXX video.

Desiree and Maserati team up for double-jacking and tit-wanking.

Mickey Bells and her very big, swinging clappers.

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The Little Tugger That Could! Busty Arizonian Elaina is back!

Posted by Maria on Aug 7, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Cummin Soon, Interviews, New at Scoreland
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When Elaina Gregory made her SCORELAND debut and we gave you a sneak peek at her, um, generous lady bits on the blog (Here and here!), two things happened. The first is that all of you guys went, “Oh, yeah! New tits!” and then did some sort of in-your-pants-happy-dance. The second is that you said, “Hey! She didn’t take her bra off.” So, in an effort to remedy that, we called Elaina and flew her all the way to Miami from Phoenix, Arizona JUST so she could take her bra off and flash you guys.

Just kidding. She was already in our studio.

However, she did fly all the way here from Phoenix to get hotter than ever! Yes, all the way from Arizona, where they invented HOT, because she wanted us to pop her Tits ‘N’ Tugs cherry, and believe us when we say, it was POPPED.

I chatted with Elaina prior to her T ‘n’ T scene about her nipples and how guys should touch a stacked lady’s lady parts. (Remember when I told you guys that there is a way to handle a woman’s fun bags?) I also talked to her right after she used her jugs to jack someone into submission, and she said her first tug scene went great! Proof that SCORELAND is the place to come to get all of your cherries popped. lol

So, check out Elaina and enjoy her new, slimmer body, shorter hairdo and her marvelous, tiny areolae and nipples. And then go and check out her tug scene on SCORELAND tomorrow and Tuesday!



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Angela White: The “white” is for the cum that’s gonna be all over her tits

Posted by Dave on Mar 25, 2011 in Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, Cummin Soon, New at Scoreland
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Listen, I know how it goes: All SCORE Girls are special. And they are. Every last one of them.

But some SCORE events are more special than others. I wasn’t working at SCORE (I was a SCORELAND member) when Chloe Vevrier did her first boy-girl XXX scene in 1999, but I remember that as being a special event.

Back in 2001, we did a three-month tease leading up to Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s first hardcore scene in the January ’02 SCORE. That was a HUGE event considering that Linsey had teased us for five years and many of us thought she’d never do hardcore. When her first boy-girl video arrived from England, SCORE chief John Fox put it under lock and key until its release.

Autumn-Jade’s first boy-girl in 2002 was special, especially with her added boob weight and the fact that she had re-emerged out of nowhere. We had thought she had dropped out of modeling forever. Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps never did full-on boy-girl, but their tits ‘n’ tugs scenes in 2007 were huge events, too.

Of course, these XXX firsts have something in common: In every case, the girls made us wait a long time. Or, perhaps more accurately, they were waiting until the time was right, until they were comfortable with doing boy-girl on camera.

Which brings us to Angela White. Angela has been waiting and keeping us in suspense since 2003, and today at SCORELAND, the long wait is over: her first boy-girl scene, a tits and tugs with J-Mac.

As Angela recently posted, “OMFG I’m so excited about this! And just for the record Dave I didn’t ‘really like’ doing my b/g scene at all. I fucking LOVED it! I still can’t believe I finally did it!”

We’re about to embark on a great four-week stretch of Angela White boy-girl at SCORELAND, an event we call “Angela White Finally Fucks.” Angela hopes your cocks can handle it.

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This Blog post teases. Angela White delivers.

Posted by Dave on Mar 22, 2011 in Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, New at Scoreland
Angela moves in for the cock.

Angela moves in for the cock.

She thinks she's found what she was looking for.

She thinks she's found what she was looking for.

She's got it. Now what's she gonna do with it?

She's got it. Now what's she gonna do with it?

Several comments were made last week when I asked the question, “Is this Blog post an example of me thinking out loud or a teaser?” I was talking about the prospect of Angela White doing hardcore. Nerdboy said, “I thought I heard she was going to do it sometime this May. Therefore I believe it is a teaser.” stridX said, “Hope at least a tits & tugs scene then full HC later if she wants.” Steve wrote, “Who will be the lucky one in this softcore? Juan Largo or Johnny Rodd?!? Assuming that’s true of course.” And pillcass spoke directly to Angela, writing, “Only do it while you think it is the right time. I love you. You are my idol. So I hope you only do the things you like.”

Well, I’ve known Angela since 2003, when as an 18-year-old she flew over from Australia and walked into the SCORE studio for the first time, and I can guarantee you that she ONLY does things she likes. A mercenary she isn’t. So now I can tell you that, no, I wasn’t thinking out loud and, yes, my Blog posting last week was a teaser.

Now, you might ask, a teaser for Angela’s first tits and tugs scene? Yes.

A teaser for Angela’s first blow job scene? Yes.

A teaser for Angela’s first full-on boy-girl hardcore scene? Yes.

Um, maybe even a teaser for Angela’s first GGB three-way? Yes.

It all happened on the island of St. Martin during a beautiful week in which Angela did all of the things I’ve been hoping she would do. You see, you can count me as being among the many people who really wanted to see Angela with a cock in her mouth, between her tits and in her perfect, pink pussy.

And, so, eight years after she made her SCORE debut, Angela White–the saucy Aussie, political candidate for the Australian Sex Party, star of TV shows, big-boobed college student and, perhaps most importantly, 2007 Voluptuous Model of the Year and top 10 finisher for SCORELAND Model of the Decade–finally fucks at SCORELAND. It’ll all happen over the next four weeks, beginning with a pre-interview tomorrow and her first tits and tugs scene on Friday.

Oh, by the way, pillcass: She liked it. She really liked it.

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BREAKING NEWS! Maggie Green tug job and tit-fuck this Friday at SCORELAND!

Posted by Dave on Mar 9, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Boobs in the News, Cummin Soon
Maggie Green, via iPhone, direct from the Dominican Republic. Tits and tugs scene to follow.

Maggie Green, via iPhone, direct from St. Martin. Tits and tugs scene to follow.

ST. MARTIN–Maggie Green, the girl-next-door who just a little over a year ago wouldn’t spread her pussy on camera, is getting ready to do her first tits and tugs scene. Maggie will tug Juan Largo’s cock and wrap her F-cup naturals around his dick for the pleasure of all SCORELAND members. The photos and video will go live this Friday afternoon. In preparation for her first scene, Maggie slid a beer bottle between her tits and tongued the head. Moments later, creamy suds was seen spouting from the bottle.

More details this week at the SCORELAND Blog.

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