A titter in toyland

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 20, 2016 in New at Scoreland

“I need to do something for myself,” Vanessa Y. says, her beloved Polish national treasures ready to fall out of her dress.

Vanessa turns her attention to a container and puts it on the bed.

Holy hummers, hooter-man! The hairy honey’s got a load of “ladies’ facial massagers” in there! She’s got her own private adult candy store. Old Doc Johnson would be proud.

Ever-smilin’ Vanessa is going to try every one of them on her bushy box. A huge realistic dildo with balls. A wand. A vibrator and more. Which one is going to give Vanessa the Big O she wants?


The holidays cum early for Vanessa Y.

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The three top-rated videos at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 8, 2016 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, Letters and comments

Vanessa Y. leads the trio this week of top-rated videos at SCORELAND, followed by Joana Bliss and Amaya May.

Vanessa Y.’s P.O.V. “Fantasy Dream Bang” simulated sex scene, in which a realistic fake cock is substituted for a real cock, earned an unusually high number of comments, such as this one by “BigPete”: “Ok. So whoever came up with that idea for Vanessa to do that deserves a fucking medal!!! Great idea. Seeing her work that cock was amazing. I guess the only down side to that was not enough fucking. But who can blame the girl that was fucking a big fake cock?”

We don’t get as many comments as Vanessa’s video did for real and excellent hardcore scenes. Vanessa has no interest in having on-camera sex with a dude. Even so, this scene is an indication of how energetic she would be if she did.

Number two: Joana Bliss in “Joana & Her Magic Wand.” I don’t get why this is so top-rated other than that it’s fairly new. I thought Joana’s videos shot in the Dominican Republic were far superior in every way and my favorites out of everything she’s ever done.

Anyway, who am I to debate members’ ratings?

Number three: Amaya May “Serious Boobage.” This is another entry I don’t get. So many guys constantly clamor for hardcore, and Amaya has done two kick-ass scenes sucking and fucking cock. So why this solo fingering that’s 10 minutes long and was shot in August?  There are only three comments, compared to 11 for her first hardcore. Her second hardcore video got three. Seth wrote under “Serious Boobage”: “I love how she seduces the viewer with coy invites and movements. About 5 min in, she goes to that luscious box that already has the delicious white lava…awesome…and then she lays back and spreads those gorgeous legs wide.” By the way, do you want to see more of Amaya, and doing what? Make your opinion count and comment.

Amaya: It's a cliche but she really is built like a fucking brick shithouse.


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Lily Madison’s domination of Hitomi at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 30, 2016 in girl-girls, New at Scoreland

Today in the House of Big-Busted and Bad Babes, Lily Madison takes control of her new friend Hitomi in their second meeting of the mams.

This one’s a little different from their first play date, as Dave wrote.

It’s a game of dominate and be dominated. Lily has Hitomi on an orange leash and wields her punisher, a orange cat o’ nine tails, to make Hitomi submit to her will. You know how chicks are. Everything’s gotta match.

Lily’s one of the more subtle, feminine dominatixes we’ve seen, ordering a very compliant Hitomi in whispery tones to suck her nipples and toy-bang her, and mind-fucking Hitomi throughout. Click here.

Lily holds the whip hand today in this one of a kind party with Hitomi.



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A big boob babe in toyland found joyland at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 8, 2013 in New at Scoreland, print magazines

It’s estimated by the people who manufacture and sell adult products that 45-million dildos and vibrators are sold per year in the USA alone.

Sheridan Love may account for a sizable share of that number.

Appearing at SCORELAND today, Sheridan has a toy for just about every article of clothing she owns.  “I have a lot,”  says Sheridan. “I use 32 just for my cam show. And I have about another 50 outside of those.”

And that doesn’t count the care and maintenance pamphlets they come packaged with, not to mention all those bottles of lube.

I think of Sheridan as a classic SCORE Girl. Slim, stacked, pretty and candy for the eye. A 21st century fox.

Sheridan Love is coming to March '14 SCORE magazine, on-sale December 24.

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Looks real?

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 18, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, Letters and comments

We got a letter recently from a reader who wants to see models sucking on toys. But not any toy. Not those thin metal vibrators that look like flashlights. Not those purple things that chicks like to buy.

This reader wants to see them sucking on realistic cock-shaped dildos with attached testicles (and titty-fucking and fucking them) but shot in a way that looks like it’s not a toy. You see, he hates to see guys in hardcore pictorials enjoying the girls.  What do you think?

Brittany O'Neil


Christy Lee.

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The Maserati Effect

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 24, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, New at Scoreland, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites
He tried to stall Maserati. He lost.

He tried to stall Maserati. He lost.

Last week’s Maserati scene (“Maserati Goes For A Juggy Joy Ride”) once again proved that this huge-chested newcomer has what it takes to zoom to the top of the big-boobed world.

Your comments included: “This girl is a real find. She has the beauty and body type of Janet Jade, one of my favorites. Love those big, round tits and her great fucking skills!” (spoolhookerone77)

“She is an all-star! Not only is she a total package–round, voluptuous ass, and big, bulbous titties–but she gives one hell of a performance and a proper finish to boot!” (Erotica6)

Maserati leaves guys sprawling and comatose, drained and dry, exhausted and unconscious.

I call this The Maserati Effect.

We aren’t even safe in the boy’s room at SCORE, as this photo demonstrates. Maserati said she’s drawn to guys who ignore her, but passing out cold is going to extremes.

Maserati (December ’11 SCORE) said she only recently learned how to masturbate when a friend bought her a vibrator at a sex-toy party. Now she says she has to cum twice a day and she owns five different buzzin’ buddies.

Who would have guessed?

So now you know what she needs for Xmas. Batteries.

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