Jenna meets Liza at SCORELAND in a momentously mamorable power breastfest

It’s always a special day when SCORELAND models cross paths and mash mams in our studio.

Tomorrow’s video and photos are documents of a sensational crossing of the paths. You will witness Jenna Valentine, modeling at SCORE since 2009, meet Liza Biggs, a brand-new superwoman who had never modeled before. You saw a sneak preview of this on the Blog. A fresh set and video of Jenna Valentine is also on tomorrow’s quadruple-feature.

To be squished between this foursome: priceless.

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Can you guess where Sarah Rae’s JJ-cup tits are going next?

Sarah Rae prepares to accomplish a monumental feat.

Into her mouth, of course. First one, then the other, then both at the same time…hands-free.

When Sarah Rae first visited our studio, she could self-suck both of her giant boobs (they’re JJ-cups) but not hands-free. I challenged her to accomplish that feat. And last August, she accomplished it. But that was back home. In her house. She had the home-court advantage. She had never double self-sucked in our studio.

So, when she returned to our studio, I challenged her to do the hands-free double-suck on-camera. I manned the video camera. I watched. And she came through! I knew she would.

The video of this accomplishment goes live tomorrow at XLGirls.com. Proof that all Mondays aren’t bad. There are also photos.

Sarah Rae, I’m proud of you. I’ve never been so proud of someone I jack to.

Sarah Rae wants to comment also.

“I want to take the time out and thank everyone for liking me and my pictures. It really means a lot to me that you guys take the time out to jack off to me, leave me comments and rate my sets. I really do appreciate it. Getting naked at the SCORE studio is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and flashing you guys my titties has changed my life for the better. This has been such a positive experience for me! I am so stoked that this was my third time back and hope for many more, ‘titties crossed’!”

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Sheridan Love: Dressing the doll. Big boobs and an hourglass figure

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 14, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, Interviews, New at Scoreland


See Sheridan in the models' dressing room.

Head to the SCORE models’ dressing room, where the girls prepare themselves for your ultimate pleasure.

Sheridan Love is the special guest, and she’s playing the game called “What’s in her suitcase?”

Click here for a clip from the video!


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Download the new Fall 2013 SCORE DVD catalog

Download the new Fall 2013 SCORE DVD catalog.

Our new Fall 2013 DVD catalog has mailed, but you can also quickly and easily download a complete version of the catalog in PDF format and save it. Click here to start your download.

From brand-new releases to popular favorites, this catalog is loaded with hot DVDs starring the greatest and hottest bra-busters. From solo girl collections to XXX hardcore as well as adult novelty items, we’ve got you covered.

When you order from the catalog or from the eBoobStore, you get your DVDs direct from us at SCORE HQ, not a call center in another country.

That’s Lolly Ink on the cover, one of 18 babes in the new XXX release Busty Cock Worshippers 4, a three-disc set. That’s 399 minutes of  hardcore hooters.

To see trailers of the many DVDs in this catalog, visit eBoobStore.com.


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Get yer motor running with Scarlet LaVey at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 20, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Confessions, Interviews, New at Scoreland, newcomers


Scarlet LaVey: Biker Chick.

I can easily see the photos from tomorrow’s Scarlet LaVey pictorial at SCORELAND pinned-up on the walls of every bike shop in the USA and beyond.

Riding off to hot adventures with a crotch rocket firing between her legs? Scarlet looks game for that.

If you haven’t seen it, check out Scarlet’s special confessional video, “Tattoo Exploration.”

What’s behind her love of tats and what draws her into the world of illustrated people? What body parts does Scarlet say she’ll never tattoo? These questions and many more are answered.


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Back to school for Roxanne Miller!

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 17, 2013 in Deep Inside Scoreland, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Well, it’s that time of year. Time for good girls to put away their bikinis and booty shorts and get back to campus for another semester of universi-titty.

Time for Roxanne Miller to go back to school, where her classmates and professors eagerly await her. They’ve been jacking to this thought all summer.

We can’t expect a girl as built as Roxanne to walk to class wearing saggy tops and baggy jeans. Fortunately, Roxanne knows how to dress her curves and her bumps for maximum male enhancement. Higher education doesn’t mean big-boobed beauties have to wear a potato sack and hunch over.

There is a direct correlation between smart girls and tight, cleavage-revealing tops. Roxanne proves this theory at SCORELAND. Click on the clip!

Check out those big books Roxanne is carrying.


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“Renee Ross Jackumentary Part 2,” now showing at XLGirls.com

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 26, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Cummin Soon, DVD, Other SCORE Group websites, XLGirls

The second part of our Jackumentary” tribute to Renee Ross is now posted at XLGirls.com.

Loaded with great footage of this readers’ super-favorite, Part 2 includes never-before-seen video of Renee posing for a swimming-pool photo shoot and demonstrating how she uses a bidet in the bathroom of the models’ dressing room. Renee boxes with Samantha 38G on the set during the making of K-JUGS The Movie and tells us more about her hot self in several candid chats. She talks about blow jobs, tit-fucking, her favorite positions and more.

There’s also hardcore thrustin’ and suckin’ that’s never been seen on the Web. This is not just a “Jackumentary.” It’s a labor of love.

Here’s to Renee Ross. Next Wednesday, September 4, K-JUGS will be shown for the first time on the Internet, beginning with Chapter One plus additional behind-the-scenes extras.

Renee with Bailey Santanna in the dressing room during the filming of K-JUGS.

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This video about SCOREtv.tv is an Internet sensation. See who made it one.

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 7, 2013 in Men's Products, Other SCORE Group websites

While 18eighteen Girls are usually never seen on the Blog, I have to make this one exception for Alexis Adams. Alexis did a video about using the Roku box to watch our movies on SCOREtv.tv, and she, and this video, became an Internet sensation when it was posted. It didn’t take long for the video to go viral on the Web.

Alexis is cute, has a sexy-as-fuck little body and has done some mighty horny hardcore at 18eighteen.com plus several solos at Naughtymag.com, so I can forgive her for liking Ashton Kutcher. Her face reminds me a bit of Brandy Talore’s, although I wouldn’t call them kissin’ cousins, since they’re widely separated by genetics.

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Alexis Adams, Roku & SCOREtv.tv babe.

Brandy Talore in 2002, first pictorial.



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August ’13 Voluptuous adds steam to the summer heatwave

Posted by Elliot James on May 25, 2013 in Digital Magazines, eBoobStore.com, New DVD Releases, print magazines

Arianna brings the ice cream. You bring the napkin.

Your favorite racks at your favorite rack.

Even though it’s a holiday weekend in the States, I urge you to visit your local mag emporium, newsstand or jack shack now and pick up a copy of the just-shipped August ’13 Voluptuous with that prime example of chick-cake Arianna Sinn trying to lick an ice cream cone with messy results. Or you can just order this edition with a few mouse clicks or finger taps direct from us at eBoobStore.com.

What’s the scoop about this month’s breastivities?

Cameron Skye, Destiny Rose, Gya Roberts, Melonie Max, Monica Keyes, Sabina Leigh, Sirale, and Taylor Steele peel off their panties in tent-pitching layouts.

“The Voluptuous Swimsuit Special”  is eight pages of 15 lovelies poured into bikinis and monokinis.

V-mag fiction: “The Naturals,” a salacious saga of baseball, bodacious boobs and grand slamming.

A 32-page hardcore bonus magazine with Felicia Clover getting her tush tapped, Scarlet LaVey; the Dominican Republic’s Vanessa Del milking a stiffie and a preview of the just-released XXX-Rated DVD Stacked & Sticky starring a line-up of babes who will drive you crazy-nuts.

The digital version of this issue for tablets includes imbedded videos of Arianna, Destiny, Gya, Sabina  and Taylor, and the 32-page special is included at the end of the main mag so that the single file is 132 pages.

The August ’13 V-mag should feed your need for the best in breasts until the September ’13 V-mag hits on June 25!

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Terry and her super novas are back at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 11, 2013 in New at Scoreland

I am happy to Blog that Terry Nova is back at SCORELAND and getting things hard in fresh adventures. I’ve been waiting a long time.

The video now showing at SCORELAND has a creampie finish, but what really caught my attention is how feisty Terry is. She seems very sweet at first and then switches to a very aggressive, teasing mood. When her sex date reaches out to touch her, she slaps his hand away. He does it again as she jiggles her boobs a foot away, and she slaps his face with an open hand. Hard! There’s no music overlay, so you can hear it. The guy even looks surprised. Of course, Terry eventually gives him what he wants, but not before she pummels his face with her tits so hard, she leaves nipple craters on his face. There’s also some deep, hard nipple sucking that you’ll see in this clip.

I’ve never seen Terry this way. She’s usually the quiet and shy type, almost a wallflower.  I like this forceful, bad girl Terry Nova.

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And if you missed it at SCOREVideos.com, Terry is Nurse Big Tits with hooters and a body that makes her patient very impatient for a big-boob wellness check. Another great pornicative scene from a great SCORE babe.

Terry checks this suffering man's prostate.


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