It’s “Creamed Cookie” time for big-boobed beauty Maserati at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 28, 2015 in Hardcore XXX, Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland, Tit Tricks

Maserati has it all, coming and going: incredibly big, natural boobs, a big booty and a thin waist. She shares it all and has made countless SCORE Guys very happy with her videos and pictorials.

It has been said at SCORE that Maserati has a pair of the biggest and best-looking breasts ever seen within these hallowed halls of huge hooters. Finding girls with racks like hers is extremely difficult.

Maserati once told us that one breast is around 10 pounds and the other is eight pounds. This super-woman has also said she needs a guy to support her big tits with his hands when she is on top fucking him. Like I really feel bad for those guys, but no one ever said life was easy.

Today, Maserati takes Tony for a test drive. We advised him to wear a seat belt. Did he survive his first encounter with Maserati without having to be carried out of the building in a stretcher? What happened when they came to the finish line? Log-in and start your engines.

Yes, we have an oxygen tank standing by just in case.

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Miss P-Chan is now a SCORE Girl. The Tokyo top-popper annihilates a 36J-cup bra.

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 26, 2015 in modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, print magazines, Tits in Tight Tops, Uncategorized

P-Chan debuts today.

She’s uber-famous in her homeland of Japan, as well-known as Hitomi, but when we were given the chance to be the first westerners to showcase her, there was a stipulation.

The name that she used in the past is history, and now she is to be known as P-Chan. No problem. Look at those bigger-than-big boobs.

“My breasts started getting big from around 14 years old,” P-Chan said.

“I have to buy whatever bras fit me, so I can’t be picky as to whether they are cute. I can’t buy off the racks in stores.”

“My dream is to go to Las Vegas and try the casinos.” Our dream is to see more of P-Chan.

P-Chan debuts today at SCORELAND. Look for her in the November ’15 Voluptuous and February ’16 SCORE.

That's incredible.

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The temperature in SCORELAND is hot. Don’t blame it on global warming.

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Another SCORE Girl told me how much she wants to get with Marta La Croft and lick her pussy. In her hardcore videos, Marta looks directly into the camera with her big eyes that say, “You want to fuck me.”

A looker with a beautiful body and natural 36F-cups, Alexya (above in the video clip) makes her second appearance. A late bloomer, Alexya said, “I was about 18 years old when they started to grow. I was very surprised.” She has a double magazine debut in the January ’16 SCORE and December ’15 Voluptuous.

The “Guy Theory” states that stacked girls can make their housekeeping chores go faster if they do it in sexy lingerie and heels. Alyssa Lynn provides the stackitude but abandons everything to work out at the Y in a pussy-spank show.

The battle of the sexes takes on new meaning in Claudia Marie‘s first epic hardcore scene at SCORELAND. Dave will give you some details in another Blog entry.

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How often do you jack it?

Posted by Dave on Aug 20, 2015 in Boobs in the News, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites, XLGirls

Jack off to Lila Lovely and her huge naturals today at XLGirls.com.

I was shocked by a story I read on Nate Silver’s website FiveThirtyEight.com. According to Indiana University’s National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, only about 12% of men between the ages of 25 and 69 masturbate more than four times a week, and the average frequency goes down with age. More shockingly, about 25% of all men have not masturbated once in the past year.

Why must people lie about such a worthwhile hobby? As Woody Allen once said, “Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone you love.”

The sweet spot in this poll seemed to be “a few times per month or monthly,” a number which I also found hard to believe considering the popularity of the Internet and the main reason for its popularity.

Are there people who just watch porn? I’m not talking about watching porn as a prelude to sex. I mean people who watch porn or look at hot photos and videos of big-boobed women for the sole purpose of just enjoying them without masturbating?


Okay, people who watch porn probably jack more often than people who don’t. But am I really to believe that so many people don’t watch porn?

I think the world would be a better place if everyone jacked at least once a day.

I also think the world would be a better place if people stopped lying to pollsters.



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Joana: What a good busty wife she would be

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 17, 2015 in Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland
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The most-routine everyday things become fresh and exciting when done by a beauty sporting big boobs.

Joana doing a household chore is just that.

Of course, Joana has to take a break, get naked and show off her spectacular body. We’re not slave drivers at SCORELAND.

In fact, we place the girls on very high pedestals, the better to look up their skirts as well as get great low-angle camera shots.

Models do boring household chores, too, but they do them so much better.


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Krystal Swift’s big oily boob date at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 13, 2015 in Behind the Scenes, Hardcore XXX, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, Uncategorized

“I don’t like to waste time with foreplay,” says smiley-faced Czech chick Krystal Swift. So the only foreplay here, if you can call it that, is Krystal getting her big tits oiled when she hops into bed with this X-Man for her first creampie scene.

Krystal is not a girl for lovey-dovey make-out sessions and cuddles as a pre-sex warm-up. Maybe she likes that stuff during long walks in the park on Sunday, but in the sack, she wants the beef bologna delivered swiftly.

Returning to the big-boob world after a two year absence, Krystal is more voluptuously robust than she was in 2013, and her hair is darker.

When I found out over a  year ago that Krystal was off-the-boob-grid, I wasn’t happy. I also thought that was it for her. She’s gone off and gotten married or met an anti-modeling guy. I’m glad my predictions were wrong.

She said in a video interview that she now wears a number 7G bra. That’s a 44DDD, according to a Czech-to-USA bra size converter. More to squeeze.

Starts today at SCORELAND.

The price of oil is low despite the large amounts Krystal's tits require.


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Is Liza Biggs just too busty for the Food Network?


A bra to someone else, pasties to Liza.

Incredibly stacked natural Liza Biggs returned to SCORELAND this past Sunday in what Elliot titled, “The Incredibly Big Bra Show.”

Hate to break the news to you, Elliot, but the bra Liza is trying to wear in this photo is not incredibly big.

Now, it’s not incredibly small, either. It would probably cradle a pair of C- or D-cups quite nicely.

But Liza’s JJJ-cups? Forget about it.

Liza is a professional chef, which reminds me of Giada De Laurentis on the Food Network. Giada recently got divorced, so it should surprise no one that this season on Food Network Star, she’s been wearing cleavage-revealing clothing. The thing is, Giada’s a B-cup, at best, and she’s trying to lift and squeeze those little titties to make them look as big as possible, but it just ain’t working.

Can you imagine if Liza showed up on Food Network Star? Giada would hide her tits in shame. Bobby Flay would be saying, “Oh, that’s what I want.”

LIza Biggs just might be too busty for the Food Network.


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It takes two guys to handle Marie Leone’s 34J hooters and that’s the truth from us at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 7, 2015 in Hardcore XXX, Life With Big Tits, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland

Now 21 years old, Marie Leone’s coming up to the two-year anniversary of her debut at SCORELAND. I remember the first time I saw Marie. My brain crashed and I had to reboot it. She looked like she’d stepped out of an Otis Sweat painting.

“In school, I had bigger boobs than any teacher,” Marie said.

The guys at SCORE are actually glad they didn’t go to school with Marie because we would have all flunked out, unable to do anything but stare at Marie all day, throw notes at her and try to snap her bra straps.

The title of this Marie Leone three-way, “I Need Two Men To Handle My Huge Boobs,” is true. Marie does need two dudes to handle those massive mams she was blessed with. This is Marie’s first threesome on-camera, so it’s a special event. The 100% action scene is non-stop and filmed close-up.

Spoiler alert: Marie leaves Tony and Rocky exhausted while she smiles at the camera with man-sauce on her face. I hope I didn’t ruin the ending for you.

Back home, Marie goes to school and takes computer science classes, cams, Tweets and works on cars (the girl’s a mechanic). We asked Marie, “What do you do to make a man feel extra-special?” besides banging his brains out.

Said Marie, “The thing that I do to make my guy feel special in and out of bed is that I show him all the loving I can. We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, out of bed, I make him hard-boiled eggs shaped like hearts or an egg sandwich by cutting a heart in the center of the bread, placing it in a pan with butter and breaking an egg in the center. He loves it a lot, but what he loves even more is how I always give him a blow job before he goes to sleep while watching our favorite XXX video.”

True wifey material.

See Marie’s threesome now at SCORELAND, #1 in big boobs and hot girls.

Sometimes the genetic roll of the dice results in winners like Marie with huge boobs.


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Kate Marie: Big boobs and black stockings

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The big-boobed girl in black stockings, Kate Marie, brings her version of the classic pin-up girl look to her second pictorial at SCORELAND.

The comely Chicagoan believes that when life throws you curves, why not flaunt ’em? That’s why Kate Marie is here after our studio rep spotted her during our never-ending SCORE and Voluptuous model search.

In a second scene-–it’s double feature day–Kate Marie throws a one-girl wet T-shirt contest. She wins!

Kate Marie debuts in the Holiday 2015 issue of SCORE.



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