The busty hitcher who came in from the cold: Vanessa Y.

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 8, 2017 in Contest, New at Scoreland

This was not the way you expected the day to go. It was just a routine day like any other day. It was cold and snowy. You were driving home.

And then you saw her standing in the road. Vanessa Y. in little denim shorts and a wool sweater. She was looking for a lift.

“Please, it’s so cold,” Vanessa pleaded. What choice did you have?

Vanessa hopped into the back seat and off you went, back to your place.

Congratulations to Vanessa Y. (May 2017 Voluptuous), voted  V-mag Model of the Year for the second time.

Would you give this shivering lady a lift?



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Join the Voluptuous party and vote!

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 9, 2012 in Boob Watch, Contest, Deep Inside Scoreland, modeling jobs, newcomers, Point/Counterpoint

The voting results are tabulated with this high tech calculator guarded by Renee's cleavage 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the numbers are all in.

Our party symbol is not a party animal: an elephant or a donkey.

Our party symbol is an hourglass figure full of curves and dips.

Our party color is not red or blue.

Our party color is all the colors a woman’s skin can be.

We promise no dirty tricks or break-ins…except in hardcore scenes.

Our T Party stands for TITS.

We endorse Voluptuous-care.

Join the Voluptuous Party and vote for the 2012 Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year, Model of the Year, Plumper of the Year, Ass of the Year, Pussy of the Year and XXX Model of the Year.

You can vote at SCORELAND if you’re a member (there are no lines) or you can vote using this ballot. Vote by email or mail your vote. Just vote and let your voice be heard. Those who do not vote cannot legitimately protest the outcome. You’ve got to be in it for your favorite to win it.

Renee Ross has won Model of the Year two years running. She’s great at winning erections. Who will win this year? Will Renee make it win #3?

Our candidates do not put their foot in their mouths. Just their nipples and fingers.

Our goals: to find the best, the sexiest and the biggest all-natural girls and photograph them.

That is the mission statement of the Voluptuous Party.

Join the Party!

I approve this message.

Read the rules, study the candidates carefully and vote!


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Betty Blac’s rack attack, Renee cops V-mag Model of the Year again and is Shyla shy? Are you kiddin’?

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 6, 2012 in newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites, Tits in Tight Tops

Betty Blac at XLGirls: very hot

Meet Betty Blac, a sexy, fun-loving babe from Oakland, California who surprised us by saying, “I dated women only until I was 28. I started dating men when I lived in Australia, and since then I have dated mostly men. I still love women, but my attraction to men is stronger and I love cock.” Let’s be grateful for the switch-over. Miss Blac’s face-smothering 36K tits are true works of art. I’d rather see them hanging at the XLGirls’ studio than in a museum. One photo of Miss Blac’s boobs is worth more than all of Pablo Picasso’s crappy paintings.


All bow to Renee Ross

Renee Ross has again won Voluptuous magazine’s Model of the Year title. The June 2012 issue is Renee’s second awards edition cover (now at your favorite newsstand) and her fourth V-mag cover. Leanne Crow won Newcomer of the Year, something I expected to happen, and Kristina Milan won Plumper of the Year. “I voted for Renee,”  R.D. emailed. “There were many worthy rivals up against Renee, as usual, but when it came time to send in my ballot, I entered her name automatically. I will probably do that again if she is in it next year.” Congrats to the winners!

Shyla Shy; knocked-up and horny

Was there some kind of fertility spell cast on the girls of Mamazon The Movie? First, Kali West got pregnant and came back to SCORELAND with a baby bump. Then Shyla Shy called to report that she was over seven months knocked-up, so we did the respectable thing and quickly invited her over for a new pole-vaulting event. See it right now. Shyla’s boobs are heavier than ever. The Florida local is a very quiet girl on or off camera, but it’s those quiet ones you really gotta watch. So far, no pregnancy reports have come in from Shyla and Kali’s Mamazon co-stars Alia Janine, Daylene Rio, Alexis Silver and Rachel Love. Still, I wonder.

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The SCORE & Voluptuous Model contest voting platforms are now open at SCORELAND

I need my boob fix every morning like the juggy junkie I am, so the first thing I do is check the upcoming website postings. SCORELAND is chest incredible.

As the flood of nipples hit my peepers this AM like an adrenaline rush at the end of a 5K run, I realized that boobs rule the world. I see boobs everywhere. They’re always watching me.

The headlights of cars.

The two eggs in my frying pan.

The last two melons in the fruit section of the supermarket.

The two side-by-side nuclear reactors at the Turkey Point power plant.

Those last two cupcakes in the SCORE kitchen.

Big boobs rule the universe.

That brings me to several girls at SCORELAND, SCOREVideos and XLGirls this week that make me smile and lose my heavy load.

Tits-and-ass winner Angel Gee and her naughty-girl red telephone.

Young-and-stacked Beverly Paige with her wide, sleepy eyes and even wider, dreamy areolae.

Maserati: built better than anything an Italian designer could dream up.

Nikki Armand: a newcomer debuting with a bang at XLGirls.com.

Good girl Kelly Christiansen being a bad girl at SCOREVideos.

Yes, big boobs rule the universe.

And that’s good because boobs make me smile.

Well, it’s another erection year. VOTE for your favorite SCORE and Voluptuous models if you haven’t mailed in your magazine ballots. Who will win Newcomer? Who will Model of the Year? Good luck to all the contestants! The voting platform is now LIVE  for members on the member home page of SCORELAND. It’s at the top left corner of your screen. You have some very difficult decisions to make so we don’t envy you.

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It’s their birthdays and we’re the happier for it

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 26, 2011 in birthdays, Interviews, Men's Products

Shyla Shy (Mamazon): “If we went out shopping, my [ex] boyfriend would always insist that I wear something tight and low-cut. He said it was because he liked to look at them, but I think he wanted to show me off. You know, like, ‘Look at the tits on my girlfriend!’ That was nice in a strange sort of way. He was very proud of me.”

Voluptuous Model of the Year Renee Ross (K-JUGS): “If I am going out for like dinner or something like that, I like to wear fitted tops and show my boobs off.  I like to show them off. I like my boobs. I like to wear things that call attention to them. Nice bras and low cut shirts are a good way to do that.”

Scarlett Rouge (Sex In The Titties): “Sometimes I like to dress up as a schoolgirl or whatever for the guy I am fucking. I like it when they spank me and all that. It’s the role-playing. I have a sailor costume that I have men put on for me when we are going to have sex.”

Diane Poppos (The Diane Poppos Collection): “When I was younger, before my breasts got so big, I did go to modeling school, but it was a different kind of modeling, and I didn’t enjoy it. But the first time I started doing this, I really enjoyed it.”

Carmen Hayes (Hard SCORE 3): “I like everybody as long as you like me back. I only bite if you bite. But I do have a little domination in me. People say bossy. I guess it’s that Leo tendency in me. And I like to be in control of everything.”

Maggie Green (Leanne’s Stacked Summer): “I used to come to Florida during spring break during college. I paid for one of my whole spring-break trips to Fort Lauderdale doing wet T-shirt contests. I just started doing all the wet T-shirt contests, and I won all the money that I spent on the trip. I always won.”

Carol Brown (Best of Voluptuous): “I have always loved sex but as I got older my orgasms became more intense.”

Happy birthday, ladies! And many happy returns…because you really don’t need that breadmaker.

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Karina Hart’s winning ways

Posted by Elliot James on May 25, 2011 in Boobs in the News, Contest, New at Scoreland
Congratuations, Renee Ross!

Congratuations, Renee Ross!

Karina Hart was second runner-up in the V-mag Model of the Year contest, and her pictorial from the June ’11 issue was posted yesterday at SCORELAND. Today, SCORE Theater is playing a Karina vid. There’s an impressive scene in this video, not included in this trailer, of Karina squeezing an orange over her nipple and licking off the juice. Now here’s someone that the Florida and California orange juice industry should hire as a spokesmodel.

This year’s MOY contest was a tough showdown. You had Karina, you had Ashley Sage Ellison (she came in second), you had a group of other greats, and you had this year’s winner, Renee Ross, who lost to Ashley last year in the V-mag Newcomer of the Year contest. I don’t vote in these contests because the choices are too difficult. And besides, I’d rather stay neutral. It’s a cliche, but they’re all winners to me. Congrats, Renee!

Dave did a blog a few weeks ago about adding a best hardcore performer title to SCORE‘s three yearly mag contests. I actually think that’s long overdue.

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Renee Ross: Voluptuous Model of the Year and a good boss to have at the job

Posted by Elliot James on May 23, 2011 in Contest, New at Scoreland

June '11 Voluptuous now at SCORELAND

June '11 Voluptuous now at SCORELAND.

Winner! Renee Ross deserves it. Available at eBoobStore.com.

Winner! Renee Ross deserves it. Available at eBoobStore.com.

Today at SCORELAND, join the office party that Voluptuous Model of the Year winner Renee Ross is throwing.

Boss Ross is a stern taskgiver and a whip cracker at work, but she does reward overtime and good office manners.

If you do a good job, you get to see her whoppers before lunch break.

The pictorial posted today is from the June ’11 Voluptuous, the annual awards announcement issue.

Don’t be late or Rene’ll penalize ya!

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