Milly Marks’ first XXX video at SCORELAND

Posted by Dave on Jan 27, 2017 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, newcomers

For most of us, this would be enough, but Milly does a lot more.


Today is a big day.

At SCORELAND, 20-year-old Milly Marks breaks her hardcore cherry. She sucks cock. She fucks. She takes a cock between her tits and a load all over that big, beautiful, natural rack of hers.

We’ve been waiting for Milly to do hardcore for a long time. At least three weeks.

Seriously, three weeks? We do live in a world of instant gratification.

Milly told me that she’s great at giving blow jobs, although she pointed out that she’d never blown a porn stud’s cock, which is a whole different size category entirely. But she’s enthusiastic and eager and sexy and horny. She masturbates a lot. She loves pussy. You’re going to love seeing her pussy filled with cock.

We asked Milly if she has any special talents. She said, “Well, I’m really good at bringing all the groceries into the house in one trip.”

As you’re about to see, her talents are far more wide-ranging than that.


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What’s Allie Pearson going to do with that cock? The question is: What has she already done with it?

Allie's having a good time. She wants you to have a good time.

This photo is actually from near the end of Allie Pearson’s first scene with a guy, at XLGirls.com. At this point, Allie has already jacked the cock. She’s tit-fucked the cock. And she’s sucked the cock. The cock is about to deposit cum all over Allie’s huge naturals and pretty face.

Allie’s arrival was one of the big big-tit stories of 2015. Her tit-fuck/cock-suck debut is, so far, the biggest story of 2016.

What will she do next? Is all-the-way XXX in her future? I think it is. So far, she hasn’t done it. But I think she will.

This weekend at SCORELAND: Roxi Red and her giant hooters and the debut of Danni Lynne.


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Different strokes for different folks, or, “How can two people be built so differently and still be members of the same gender?”

Posted by Dave on Oct 22, 2012 in Boob Watch, New at Scoreland, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

K-cup natural Roxi Red proves that "Size Matters" today at SCORELAND.

Molly Bennett, today at 18eighteen.com. Because for some guys, size matters in an entirely different way.

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Letting you know about the new, stacked, natural girls…THAT’S what friend are for

Good golly Miss Molly!

I would like to take this opportunity to use the SCORELAND Blog for my own, personal purposes. Today, I am going to yell at Elliot and Maria. Ready? Here goes:


There are times when I’m so busy keeping track of the SCORE Girls for the magazine and the mature women for 40SomethingMag.com, 50PlusMILFs.com and 60PlusMILFs.com (and the exciting new big-tit website that’s coming very soon) that I don’t notice who’s in the studio on non-SCORE Girl, non-MILF days. And I admit: When a fresh, new, big set of tits is in the building, my boob radar should go off immediately. But in this case, I’m not to blame. You see, Molly was in our studio during the first week of January, and I was off during the first week of January. SO IT’S NOT MY FAULT!

So, here’s what should have happened. On the Monday I got back, Elliot or Maria (LISTEN UP!) should have said, “Dave, you have to check out the photos of the new 20-YEAR-OLD, SHORT ‘N’ STACKED, DDD-CUP NATURAL who was in last week.”

But that didn’t happen, so when Molly’s first solo (then boy-girl) photos went up at XLGirls.com, it was news to me. Good news, but news nonetheless. And today, there’s more Molly going up at XLGirls.com, and as Albert Einstein, noted genius and boob lover, would have said upon seeing her cleavage, HOLY SHIT!

Molly is from Central Florida. She measures 48-31-35. She used to be a cheerleader (the thought of her bouncing up and down is mindboggling), and as she proved to Maria in an interview on XLGirls.com, she’s very flexible.

She has braces, too. Braces and big tits. A rare combination. So rare that you’d think Elliot or Maria or both would have told me about her. But they didn’t. I had to find her for myself. Good thing for them, I’m very forgiving.

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