A day of Joana is boob bliss

August 18, 2016 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Didn’t Dr. McCoy use this gizmo on Star Trek?

Joana, one of the greatest naturals in big-boob modeling of any decade, is back in an all-new pictorial and video.

This time, Joana’s brought her Trekkie-style massage and a magic wand, a massage device that many girls swear by. And what they swear is, “I’m cumming!”

Joana seeks bliss and erotic nirvana with these two instruments attuned to her vibratory patterns.

A SCORELAND member named Zach71 asked, “How is it possible that Joanna just keeps getting sexier with age?”

I’ve asked myself the same question. It’s gotta be a combination of genetics, her diet and her lifestyle.


Joana beams up.

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  • st

    Joana in xxx scene is something that thousands wait.

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  • Boobhound

    Joana’s scene with Crisa in Knockin’ Nipples, shot at the Costa Del Sol house, is amazing! Having those two get it on, outside, nude, is truly a wonder of nature.

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  • Jack Purcell

    Joana looks more glorious now than she did 12 years ago.

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  • tony

    You guys are the best if, for no other reason, than for having Joana. Nice work. Still waiting for Joana to have a reunion with those other two Romanian girls, or a billiards rematch with Vanessa Y, or maybe a meet and greet with Alexeya. She really shines when she pairs up.

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  • Harry

    Please make that happen, Joanna in Tits & Tugs

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  • sofargone

    Still waiting for a Tits ‘N Tugs scene

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