Big boobs in the corner pocket today at SCORELAND

March 14, 2014 by Elliot James 7 Comments

I believe that a milestone in big-boob history was made when Joana and Vanessa met for the first time in the Dominican Republic and decided to shoot a game of pool.

Are they huge-chested pool-hall hustlers?

Huge-chested, yes.

Hustlers, no.

The game falls apart as the two spokeswomen from Romania and Poland forge ahead with their summit meeting on the green felt.

There is a lot to be said for international cooperation, although what they do with their natural big boobs may violate the rules of the World Pool-Billiard Association.

Excuse me while I go play some pocket pool and watch their video again.

Joana and Vanessa rack 'em up.

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Big boobs in the corner pocket today at SCORELAND, 2.7 out of 5 based on 92 ratings

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  • profvolup

    Vanessa has thickened up into an ideal, Powerglass beauty. She is a shining example of a Score girl now.

    But Joanna is as sexy as they come.

    Ever since Joanna stole my eyes off even the legendary Nadine Jansen almost a decade ago, she has been one sultry Romanian I have lusted for … hard. As she has aged, softened, thickened, she’s gone from a busty hourglass to the ultimate Powerglass. I find so few women her equal in growth and beauty, British Michelle Bond of almost equal thickening over the years being a rare peer.

    Such women are not merely to be enjoyed, but coveted for eternity. Every year they age, they become more desirable and erotic. May the man who possess her love appreciate her as much as her perfection calls for.

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  • Tony


    I agree with you guy. It was not the best ending. Vanessa should have at least rubbed Joana instead of herself. A lot of good smooching though. These two should do a sequel to this that begins with this ending and continues with a good deal of smooching and dominating of Joana by Vanessa. Then hopefully some licking.

    Just a suggestion Score. Good vid though.

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  • Cereh

    No pussy licking??!! It’s a bad joke???!!!

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  • Shane5

    Why did they sit and rub themselves at the end? It makes no sense? Why sis not Vanessa rub Joana? Why did not Vanessa lick her? It is kind of a strange end.

    Anyway, the rest was good. They are hot. It is good to see Joana getting more risky. She should do a part 2 with Vanessa and more videos with other girls.

    Nice job on this video!

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  • ca united kingdom

    Vanessa is so fucking hot,, her may score layout is incredible it steals the issue,, im hoping to see plenty of her this year Elliot

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  • sean

    Vanessa is looking really awesome at the moment. Such a fine example of what a little extra weight in the right places can do!! I really hope she has many more shoots planned with Score, I am finding her a complete turn-on!!!

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  • Maddien

    Superb duo, well chosen – that´s all I can say about.

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