Boobs win by a foot

July 28, 2009 by Elliot James 5 Comments
All of Melissa Mandlikova

All of Melissa Mandlikova.

A while ago, we received an email from a regular who wanted to see more feet in the pictures, specifically bare feet. His email was gigantic, so I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version: “I go nuts for your gorgeous, big-titted, all-natural models, but I also want to admire their bare feet in all their glory. I am not asking for weird stuff like bondage or peeing. I am not asking for more preggers or hirsute models, who always cause raging debates. I am not even asking to get rid of all the shoes, sneakers, socks, hoses which you (or your readers, or both) seem to adore. I am just asking you to not despise so systematically a beautiful part of every model’s body, which is so readily available: her feet, bare as they come in many real-life situations.”

Melissa footloose. Which do you like better?

Does this change your opinion of the photo?

We actually did a poll on SCORELAND about this issue, and the feet were defeated. Only 23% said they like to see both boobs and feet while 52% said feet are unimportant in big-boob photography. The remaining 25% like a mix of both. Personally, I like to see a model’s feet in the shot but I prefer seeing them wearing heels. (Stripper shoes are the best in my book.) When I’m outside and looking at girls, first I look at their chests, then I look at their feet. But I have to admit, that poll carried a lot of weight with me. The majority are just not into de feet.

Where do you stand on feet?

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  • Luis Uriarte

    I used to be a good buyer of your magazines of Tits and Feet
    that for me is the perfect conbination..Big Tits Small Feet
    I am living now in Lima Peru, since I retired from USA…
    for me Feet and Tits are the most beautiful things that God
    creation….good luck in your business…
    Sincerely Luis.

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  • Feetosopher

    Hehe.. hooray hooray to Mr. Editor!!! If only I had seen this in July.. πŸ™‚ Well, here I am.. the author of that gigantic email.. himself!!! πŸ˜€
    I stick with my view.. and please note that “don’t care” does NOT mean “hate”..
    I hope that having a former editor of LEG SEX at the helm at V-Mag now will bring back at least some barefoot shots of your (fantastic) V-Girls.. otherwise I will end up thinking they miss both legs, and that you have to carry ’em around on carts at TSG headquarters.. πŸ˜€

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  • T. Great Razooly

    Well, I’m with Elliot on this one. (& being on “Elliot’s side is not a bad thing, because he’s a respected “Boobman” through, & through!)

    You can’t beat a beautiful woman’s feet in a pair of tall “stripper-heels”.
    ..& I’ll tell you why..
    I’m a professional artist, & it didn’t take a lifetime of “anatomy study” to know that a pair of high heels, automatically gives a woman a super sexy posture, & she can’t help it!

    & I’ll let you in on a little secret….
    I’ve known a few exotic dancers, & big bust models in my time…& every woman is the same.
    When beautiful girls wear ultra high heels..@ the end of the day, their feet hurt!
    …& that’s were you can come in..guys, prefect your “Foot massage” technique..Learn how to give a world-class foot massage, let the word out that you freely love to give them..& high-heeled beauties will beat a path to your lap!! It’s true.

    Yeah, let’s see more busty beauties feet…In high-heels!

    I’m tellin’ ya’…the closest thing you’ll hear to a girl’s “orgasm moan” the moan she whispers out when you slip off her heels, & start giving her a serious foot massage.

    T. Great Razooly

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  • Peeb

    Note that the 52% didn’t say they didn’t like to see feet, only that they didn’t care. I do want to see feet, esp. in videos; in photosets I don’t care much.

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  • Leonardo

    This “a while ago”, how long was that? How many feet was it or was it just a foot-long hot dog. I can’t see a pussy standing on a pause between pics.

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