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New Tits! Bebe Cooper: WOW! She’s SUPER!

November 4, 2009 by Maria 40 Comments

Hello boob lovers and tit hounds! I’m back, and guess what I’ve got for you?





First thing that I want to do is say that I love, no wait, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when we have busty new girls in the studio. It’s like Christmas. Or maybe it’s like Chestmas. Or Titmas? Either way, it’s fuckin’ awesome.

So, allow me to introduce you to Bebe Cooper, a fiery redhead from Springfield, Missouri. She’s a natural ginger and has the prettiest, creamiest pale H-cups around. She is a comic-book nerd and loves video games, and she loves tattoos and has the sweetest disposition, too. But you know what makes Bebe the best? (Besides her amazing boobies and her pretty face…) Here’s a hint…SHE COULD BE A SPOKESPERSON FOR THOSE “GOT MILK?” ADS.

Okay, I’ll spill the beans…Bebe Cooper rocks my socks and will rock your cocks because she is a MILKER!

That’s right, a MILKER!

(For those of you not in the “know,” a milker is a busty lady who recently had a baby and whose jugs are full o’ the breast milk.)

In fact, I even managed to pilfer some video footage from one of her Web shoots of Bebe drainin’ her dugs for you. (I know, I am a thief, but fuck it! I wanted to put it up for you guys. I will deal with the consequences!)

We don’t always get busty milkers in here, but when we do, you can be sure that I will always steal video footage so you can see it. lol

Enjoy this fiesty redhead and look for more on her soon on the blog.



PS: You can also get a sneak-peek of another amazing, busty find at the end of this video. A new wondrous lady by the name of Kaytee Carter. Look for more of her on the blog, too!

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One, two, three strikes…yer out!

November 2, 2009 by Dave 33 Comments
Janet Jade: One of the greatest naturals ever.

Janet Jade: One of the greatest naturals ever.

Janet's ass is worthy of BootyLicious mag, too.

Janet's ass is worthy of BootyLicious mag, too.

Somewhere around midnight last night, Janet Jade was eliminated from the “Best of the Decade” voting at SCORELAND, and the Yankees took a three games to one lead in the World Series. I’m not sure which bothered me more. I do know that the Yankees still have a chance, however slim, to blow their lead and pull off another 2004 choke. As for my Top 3 in the “Best of the Decade” voting, two are them are out, and I hold out as much hope for the third as I do for the Phillies in the World Series.

For the record, Morgan Leigh was my No. 2, and she went out at No. 96. Janet was my No. 1 of the decade, and she went out at No. 62. I’m not going to reveal who my No. 3 is because…well, I’m just not going to. I will tell you that she’s on the radar screen for elimination, and I don’t expect her to last another week.

Janet was not on the radar screen for elimination until Saturday, when Aileen Ghettman was voted No. 64. And why was that relevant? I’ll let you figure it out for yourselves.

Now, I guess the whole idea is to be nice and congratulate Janet on being in the top 8% of all newcomers in this decade, but who would we be kidding? Janet was second runner-up to Karina Hart for 2008 Newcomer of the Year, and I fully expected her to be in the Top 20, if not the Top 10. Tits, ass, pretty face, babydoll voice. Janet has it all.

So I’ll go on hating the Yankees and loving Janet, but I have two questions:

1. If the Yankees lose tonight, who the hell are they going to start in Game 6?

2. Who are the “Best of the Decade” voters going to pick on next?

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If she’s No. 66, imagine what the other 65 look like!

October 29, 2009 by Dave 41 Comments

I haven’t commented on the “Best of the Decade” Top 100 voting at SCORELAND in a while, but I’m going to today. Cherry Brady, who owns a special place in the hearts of all of us at SCORELAND, was voted No. 66. Now, I could point out that she’s the classic V-Girl and, in my opinion, one of the top 10 Voluptuous models ever. I could point out that her curvy, hourglass figure is V-Girl perfection. I could point out that if there’s one girl who symbolizes what V-Mag is all about, it’s Cherry. I could point out that she had sex on camera (anal, too) only for The SCORE Group. But I’m not going to point those things out. By now, you’ve probably figured them out for yourself.

Instead, I’m going to tell you a little story. It goes back to 2003, one of the greatest years ever for naturally stacked models. One afternoon, I walked into the kitchen at The SCORE Group and saw Cherry standing there with her husband. Now, Cherry had just been out to lunch, but what she was wearing…unbelievable! I could describe it, but I’d rather have you see it. Anyway, it was at this moment that the tits-in-tight-tops interview was born because I ran back to Elliot James and said, “Elliot, we’ve got to do a tight tops interview with this girl.”

As you’re about to see, we’re very glad we did.

Of course, there have been many more tits-in-tight-tops interviews since then, but Cherry helped start a SCORELAND tradition. You know what, though? I think her interview is still the best of its genre.

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“Excuse me, ma’am, but can I feel your tits?

October 19, 2009 by Dave 1 Comment
"You want to feel my tits? For free?"

"You want to feel my tits? For free?"

This week’s poll asks if you’ve ever walked up to a woman you didn’t know and asked her if you could feel her tits. I don’t care if you were drunk or completely lucid when you popped the question, I just want to know. By the way, hookers and strippers don’t count!

Last week’s poll asked for your feelings about photos and videos of busty, pregnant women. The most popular answer at 45% was “I don’t like them,” but 32% of respondents said they loved them and 18% said they liked them, which means those in favor of seeing busty, pregnant women outnumbered those not in favor by 50% to 45%. Only 5% said, “I don’t care as long as I knocked her up.”

Now for some notes from the weekend.

1. The “Best of the Decade” contest had its first tie on Saturday. Sarah Mercury and Brandy Dean finished with an identical number of votes. Brandy ended up at No. 77 because our computer is programmed to eliminate the model who reaches the losing vote total first. But Sarah lasted only one more day and ended up at No. 76. Congratulations to both ladies. Brandy is one of the horniest on-camera fuckers I’ve ever seen (she loves black cock). As I’ve mentioned, Sarah was a huge favorite among V-Men during the early years of this decade. Whenever we put her on the cover, issues of V-Mag flew off the racks.

2. Susan Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri, has been displaying her very nice, naked rack on the TV show Californication. According to news reports, Susan Sarandon (who’s very nicely racked herself and looked highly jackable in The Rocky Horror Picture Show) had no problems with her 24-year-old daughter getting naked. It’s good to know that nice tits and exhibitionism run in the family.

3. Finally, the Orange County Register reports, “Denise Richards has downsized her breasts. So has Victoria Beckham, along with Tara Reid, Sharon Osbourne, and Tamra Barney of Real Housewives of Orange County…Enough stars have reduced their chest size recently that celebrity watchers have declared it a trend, even though other stars from Heidi Montag to Pamela Anderson have chosen to expand their breasts.” Must’ve been a slow news day. Please, I’m searching, show me the 100% straight man who likes small tits more than big tits and the woman with A-cups or B-cups who doesn’t want C-cups or D-cups. Now that would be a story.

Have a good week.–Dave

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Poll says one thing, “Best of the Decade” says another.

October 13, 2009 by Dave 28 Comments

Last week we asked you to tell us what type of busty model is your favorite. Astonishingly,mega-boobed came in first at 27%, followed by plumper at 22%; young, slim and natural at 22%; over 30 and natural at 17%; over 30 and augmented at 7%; and young, slim and augmented at 5%. Why do I say it’s so astonishing that mega-boobed came in first? Because many of the first 19 models eliminated in the “Best of the Decade” contest at SCORELAND are, indeed, mega-boobed! What the hell is going on here?

Two girls from the Top 100: Africa (#88) watches as Cassitty (#82) sucks. Several years ago, the girls went tit-to-tit in the "Big Tit Challenge," and the cock-stiffening blow-by-blow is still posted at Scoreland.

Two girls from the Top 100: Africa (#88) patiently waits as Cassitty (#82) sucks. Several years ago, the girls went tit-to-tit in the "Big Tit Challenge," and the cock-stiffening blow-by-blow is still posted at Scoreland.

This week’s poll asks, “How do you feel about pregnant photo sets?” Love them? Like them? Hate them? Don’t care as long as the girl has big tits? Let us know.

But let’s go back to the “Best of the Decade” contest for a second. Now, we’re all adults here, so let’s be open about what’s going on: So far, every single one of the 19 models who have been eliminated has been either 1.) Enhanced or 2.) Black. I could comment further on this, but I’m not going to because I’ll just get emotional. I will say this: My No. 1. of the decade is black, so you know where I stand on the issue.

By the way, congratulations to Cassitty for coming in at No. 82, a very fair and impressive ranking that places her in the top 10% of all newcomers this decade. When it comes to sucking cock, though, Cassitty is in the top 1%.

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Carrie Ashton will burst your bubble!

October 12, 2009 by Maria 5 Comments

Well, maybe she won’t burst your bubble, but looking at Carrie Ashton will definitely help you bust your nut…in a good way, of course.

Ms. Ashton returns to the blog in another mini-video I shot of her when she was here last week.

I want to take this opportunity to say a few things about shooting videos for the blog. The first thing is that when we started this blog, they gave us a bunch of rules to follow about getting videos and when and where we could shoot and not to interrupt anyone and a bunch of other very restrictive guidelines when it came to the models, etc. The second thing I want to say is that I took all those guidelines and threw ’em out the window. 😛

I just happen to think its much more fun to barge into the studio and interrupt photoshoots (Especially when the model is naked and playing with toys!) and just shoot away. Not all of the editors do it that way, but I happen to think that my way of shooting is very, um, me? It’s my personality. My way of seeing the boobs I love. It’s my, um, vision? lol

(And I am sorry for the shaky camerawork! I am getting better at it, but I get so excited and hyper that I start bouncing around!) 😀

Regardless, I will take this time on the blog to apologize to the studio staff for my guerrilla-style blog videography and to our photographer, Peter, who graciously let me put him behind schedule and take Carrie away from him during his shoot. You are a gentleman and a scholar, Peter.

(But in all honesty, how else would I have gotten this video and how else would you know that she likes classic cars and can be wooed with chicken wings? Sometimes you have to get in there and take what you want, right? 😉 )

For now, enjoy Carrie and these bubbles. I must say, I was told that blowing bubbles relieves stress and I have to agree. Not one time while watching Ms. Ashton twirl around naked and blow bubbles did I feel stressed. LOL



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Blow Job 101 With Renee Ross!

October 11, 2009 by Maria 11 Comments

I don’t always start off a blog with blatant cursing, but…

Holy Fucking Shit…

I love Renee Ross.

Renee is probably one of the greatest busties in the universe and that is because not only is she a sweetheart, but she is also saving lives with these instructional videos. (Okay, maybe not saving lives, but damn it, she is doing a public service of some sort. Somewhere out there, someone is going to benefit from these videos BIG TIME.)

A few days ago, Renee gave us a lesson in titty-fucking, and I must say, it was awesome. But it does not compare to the greatness of this BJ How-To. Renee could, and I say this with the utmost respect and awe, teach anyone how to suck the chrome off a bumper. 🙂 If you are reading this blog right now and currently have a girlfriend or a wife or a special lady in your life, bring her to the computer, sit her down and make her watch this video with you. Tell her it’s, like, “couples” stuff to “better your connection.” Chicks eat that shit up. Trust me.

What this really is is an excuse to get a blow job from that lady in your life. A blow job where you and Renee call the shots. Watch the video. Furrow your brow and look like you are concentrating…like you are soaking this up. Like you are watching something on Discovery Channel. Then look over and say something to your gal pal like,”I think that if you did something like that to my penis, it would really enhance fellatio for me.” (Use the words penis and fellatio! It sounds like you are thinking with and communicating from the head above your shoulders. If you use the words cock and blow job, well, then it just sounds like you wanna fuck your lady friend’s face, and chances are she will not be into it. 🙂 )

I promise that if you watch this with a woman and you have her apply some of Renee’s meat-to-mouth techniques, you will get a better blow job than you have had in a long time. Renee’s blow-job mojo is that strong. She has, like, The Force when it comes to siphoning sperm with her kisser.

Enjoy this video, gentlemen, and may you win in the fight for better BJs!



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Titty Fucking 101 With Renee Ross

October 8, 2009 by Maria 20 Comments

Sometimes I get emails from V-Men and they ask me for advice about all sorts of things, but mostly they ask about sex. Some ask about positions and some ask about blow jobs, but mostly they ask about titty fucking.

It’s understandable. Tit men love tits. They want to fuck tits. They want to know the best way to accomplish that.

Hey, I applaud the question-asking by men. As a chick with big boobs, I like it when a man asks me what I like and don’t like and how to get it on with my rack. Question-asking and communication are the keys to a very stellar sex life.

That’s why when I asked Renee to help me with this video, she was all for it. Renee is a nurse, and a stacked one to boot. She was game to give this tutorial and do a quick round of question and answer with me about tits and tit-fucking.

Especially since, very soon, she will be premiering her first tits and tugs video on SCORELAND. Who better than Renee to show you the way of rack riding, eh?

So without further ado, here is the chest-blessed Renee Ross and I giving you Titty Fucking 101.

Take notes!




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New boobs!! New PIERCED boobs!!

October 4, 2009 by Maria 23 Comments

Yes, it’s me again. Back with more new tits.

🙂 (Every time I write that it brings a smile to my face. Doesn’t it make you happy, too?) 🙂

Her name is Carrie Ashton. She is 22 years old and she has never shot before. Yup…fresh tit-flesh all the way from Kansas City. How exciting! I sat down with her and we chit-chatted about football and about sports. (She loves sports. My kinda chick!) It was her first time and she was nervous, but like all the interview cherries I take, I was gentle.

Carrie has great E-cup boobs and a pretty face! And her nipples are BOTH PIERCED. There is something about those pierced pups that is a huge turn on. Maybe it’s because in my mind, it means that the Carrie’s nipples are uber-sensitive and that she likes them pulled on and played with during sex. (SHE DOES!)

For now, check out this video with this Kansas City cutie and new big-boob find.

And stayed tuned to the blog for more video and questions with Carrie, who is soon to become one of your faves. 🙂



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October 2, 2009 by Maria 4 Comments

Hi everyone! Just a friendly reminder that I have some cool FREE stuff for you to win, but you have to send an email and enter the contests!

Renee signed two DVDs just for the guys on the blog. Deadline to enter is this Saturday, October 3, 2009. So keep those emails comin'!

Renee signed two DVDs just for the guys on the blog. Deadline to enter is this Saturday, October 3, 2009. So keep those emails comin'!

1) You can win one copy of either Tits Tits Tits! or Sex In The Titties, both SIGNED BY RENEE ROSS! If you would like to enter to win one of these two signed DVDs, please send your FULL NAME, MAILING ADDRESS and D.O.B. to with the words RENEE ROSS DVD GIVEAWAY in the subject line. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER EMAIL, PLEASE! I will be choosing two winners at random and will send you your autographed DVDs lickety-split. The deadline for all entries is October 3, 2009.

2) There is a copy of the September 2009 issue of V-Mag (with Bailey Santanna on the cover) SIGNED BY

Bailey's signed V-Mag is up for grabs! Hurry and enter the contest and YOU could be the lucky fan who wins!

Bailey's signed V-Mag is up for grabs! Hurry and enter the contest and YOU could be the lucky fan who wins!

BAILEY that will go to one lucky SCORELANDER. If you would like to get your hands on this Sept. ’09 issue of V-Mag, autographed by cover girl Bailey, all you have to do is shoot me an email at with the words BAILEY SANTANNA GIVEAWAY in the subject line. Be sure to include your FULL NAME, MAILING ADDRESS and D.O.B.. I will be choosing a winner at random and then I will send you your autographed copy of V-Mag ASAP! The deadline for all entries is Oct. 7, 2009.

I’ll contact winners via email. Thanks guys and hope you all enter!



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