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Bella is a SCORE Girl! Bella is a SCORE Girl!

November 24, 2009 by Dave 3 Comments

By popular demand, Bella is a SCORE Girl.

By popular demand, Bella is a SCORE Girl.

Okay, it doesn’t quite have the ring of, “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!” but for a big-boobed babe, being told she’s a SCORE Girl is just about the same thing as winning the big one (unless you’re Jade from Australia, who seems to have the goods but is playing hard-to-get with us). Last week, I told you about Bella, a 100% amateur from Michigan who was in our studio shooting for Naughty Neighbors magazine. We took one look at her tits and thought, “She might be a SCORE Girl,” but we couldn’t decide. So, I shot some video of her and left it up to you guys. Well, the bloggers have spoken. We asked, “Is Bella a SCORE Girl?” and 82% of your replied in the affirmative. That’s good enough for us. Of course, the voting might have been skewed because none of you are going to pass up the opportunity to see a hot chick naked, and Bella is definitely a hot chick, but she’s a big-titted hot chick, and we’re looking forward to seeing her on SCORELAND. Of course, when Bella said, “Sure, I’ll fuck for the camera,” that pretty much sealed the deal.

There’s a lot of voting going on these days in these parts. First, there’s “The Best of the Decade,” which is now down to 39 girls. There were many surprise eliminations early on, but a lot of big names (and very big racks) remain: Karina Hart, Renee Ross, Christy Marks, Sharday, Merilyn Sakova, Nadine Jansen, Angela White, Nicole Peters, Natalie Fiore, and on and on. Uh-oh. Did I just put a bullseye on those girls?

It’s also awards time, and voting has kicked off at SCORELAND (and in SCORE and Voluptuous magazines) for the annual awards. Over at V-Mag, Ashley Sage Ellison and Renee Ross are leading the voting for Newcomer of the Year; Christy Marks, Karina Hart, Janet Jade and Natalie Fiore are very tight in the running for Model of the Year; and Maria Moore and Samantha have a good chance of keeping Sapphire from winning Plumper of the Year for the fourth straight year.

The SCORE voting is fascinating and reflects a split between online voters and magazine voters. For Newcomer, the magazine guys like Ashley Sage Ellison and Faith, while the online guys like Eva Notty, then Ashley and Faith. For Model of the Year, the magazine guys like Karina Hart and Christy with Minka slightly behind, while the online guys are rolling up a runaway for Karina Hart (Crystal Gunns is the only girl who’s close). And for the Hall of Fame, the magazine guys have Cindy Cupps and Sharday running tit-to-tit with Casey James about a bra length behind, while the online guys have Autumn-Jade in the lead over Sharday and Casey with Cindy not even in the picture.

Of course, we’re still very early in the voting. And if you haven’t voted yet, vote now!

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Is Bella a SCORE Girl? You decide!

November 20, 2009 by Dave 12 Comments

This is Bella, she’s a 100% amateur from Michigan and she’s in our studio today shooting for Naughty Neighbors magazine. As you’re about to see, she has big, natural tits. Bigger than probably 90% of the women on the planet…and 99.9% of the women who are as slim as she is. But is she a SCORE Girl? Does she measure up where it counts? We have to make these tough decisions every day here at SCORELAND, and when we saw Bella’s test shots, our first reaction was, “She’s not quite big enough. Too borderline.” But then we saw her in person. Should we change our minds? Should we invite Bella into the hallowed pages of SCORE and onto SCORELAND? Watch the video. Vote in this weekend’s poll. Make your comments below. Her future is in your–ahem–hands.–Dave

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“Hey, Daphne, go fuck yourself!”

November 13, 2009 by Dave 7 Comments

That’s what I said to Daphne Rosen, but she didn’t take offense. Instead, she went ahead and did it.

In the new movie Boob Science, available at, two geeky guys who can’t get girls use their scientific knowledge to turn a busty doll into a living doll: Daphne Rosen. Hey, whoever said geeks don’t have good taste in women? Daphne proceeds to help the geeks get the girls, and the girls are super hot and super busty: They’re newcomers Eva Notty (In her first XXX DVD.), Contessa Rose (In her first XXX DVD.), Angel Gee (Yes, in her first XXX DVD.), Aileen Ghettman (Should I mention that it’s her first XXX DVD?) and Maggie Green, who gets strap-on fucked by Daphne in her first-ever on-screen lezzie scene. It’s fun stuff, and in the last scene, Angel and Daphne doubleteam the guys, and Daphne gets double-stuffed with cock.

Anyway, back to the doll, the fake one and the real one. During the long hours of filming, Daphne grew very attached to the mini version of herself, so much so that when…well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

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Pssst…check out the rack on this chick!

November 11, 2009 by Maria 37 Comments

And so it is that I return triumphantly to all of you, my boob brothers and sisters, with a pair of undulating orbs so fine that they will surely leave you speechless and sporting wood and engorged clits.

(I love the words WOOD and ENGORGED.)

Meet Jenna Valentine, a 5’3″, 23-year-old Valley Girl from California with FF-cup knockers so pale and pretty, you will love them instantly. Jenna is not only a personable and cute young lady, but she is also funny. Watch as she tells the tale of being attacked by a bidet in one of our bathrooms. It brings the LOLs, big time!

(And get a eyeful of her nipples, which seem a little inverted but are really just “shy,” according to Jenna.)

Jenna will be making a few more blog appearances, but for now, enjoy her bubbly personality and her retro look. If you love pale perkies, Jenna is your gal.



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One, two, three, four…tits galore!

November 6, 2009 by Maria 25 Comments

Tits…four letters that bring joy to my heart.

And while one pair of tits is great, two pairs of tits are even BETTER.

That’s why shooting this video was so great because there were two sexy ladies in front of me with big boobs. (Truth be told, it was like busty heaven. I kind of wanted to sit down between them like the meat in a big-tit sandwich!)

The ladies are blonde bombshell Kaytee Carter and racy redhead Bebe Cooper (two boob debuts this week!), and I caught up with them in the studio while they were between shoots. The ladies talked about buying bras and about what kind of bras they like to wear…but the BEST part of this video is when they talk about what they like about boob play and how they like their tits touched. (Right after they take their tops off, of course.) Or maybe it’s the part where I zoom in on their nipples. lol

Have I told you that I love my job?


Enjoy these ladies (I know I did), and look for them on SCORELAND very soon!

These two hotties are not to be missed!

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Now, naked on camera for the first time…

November 5, 2009 by Dave 4 Comments

Unless you’re 1.) One of her ex-boyfriends or 2.) One of her girlie friends, you’ve never seen Kaytee Carter naked before. That’s because she has never, ever gotten naked in front of a camera (even for begging boyfriends who want some snapshots for proof that they bagged her), has never stripped, has never even been to a nude beach. As fresh new boobs go, they don’t come any fresher or newer than this I-cup natural from San Diego by way of Oregon.

I promise you, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Kaytee on SCORELAND in the not-too-distant future. But for now, I give you this video (which, I admit, is a bit of a tease), and these Kaytee tidbits:

Occupation: Massage therapist (yes, you read it right).

Favorite sport: Football (she’s a San Diego Chargers fan).

Hobbies: Camping, shooting guns, fishing and anything adventurous.

Discovered by: A friend who reads SCORE.

Fetish: “I admit I like it rough at times. I like to be tied up and spanked.”

Spank it, blog readers.

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New Tits! Bebe Cooper: WOW! She’s SUPER!

November 4, 2009 by Maria 40 Comments

Hello boob lovers and tit hounds! I’m back, and guess what I’ve got for you?





First thing that I want to do is say that I love, no wait, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when we have busty new girls in the studio. It’s like Christmas. Or maybe it’s like Chestmas. Or Titmas? Either way, it’s fuckin’ awesome.

So, allow me to introduce you to Bebe Cooper, a fiery redhead from Springfield, Missouri. She’s a natural ginger and has the prettiest, creamiest pale H-cups around. She is a comic-book nerd and loves video games, and she loves tattoos and has the sweetest disposition, too. But you know what makes Bebe the best? (Besides her amazing boobies and her pretty face…) Here’s a hint…SHE COULD BE A SPOKESPERSON FOR THOSE “GOT MILK?” ADS.

Okay, I’ll spill the beans…Bebe Cooper rocks my socks and will rock your cocks because she is a MILKER!

That’s right, a MILKER!

(For those of you not in the “know,” a milker is a busty lady who recently had a baby and whose jugs are full o’ the breast milk.)

In fact, I even managed to pilfer some video footage from one of her Web shoots of Bebe drainin’ her dugs for you. (I know, I am a thief, but fuck it! I wanted to put it up for you guys. I will deal with the consequences!)

We don’t always get busty milkers in here, but when we do, you can be sure that I will always steal video footage so you can see it. lol

Enjoy this fiesty redhead and look for more on her soon on the blog.



PS: You can also get a sneak-peek of another amazing, busty find at the end of this video. A new wondrous lady by the name of Kaytee Carter. Look for more of her on the blog, too!

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One, two, three strikes…yer out!

November 2, 2009 by Dave 33 Comments
Janet Jade: One of the greatest naturals ever.

Janet Jade: One of the greatest naturals ever.

Janet's ass is worthy of BootyLicious mag, too.

Janet's ass is worthy of BootyLicious mag, too.

Somewhere around midnight last night, Janet Jade was eliminated from the “Best of the Decade” voting at SCORELAND, and the Yankees took a three games to one lead in the World Series. I’m not sure which bothered me more. I do know that the Yankees still have a chance, however slim, to blow their lead and pull off another 2004 choke. As for my Top 3 in the “Best of the Decade” voting, two are them are out, and I hold out as much hope for the third as I do for the Phillies in the World Series.

For the record, Morgan Leigh was my No. 2, and she went out at No. 96. Janet was my No. 1 of the decade, and she went out at No. 62. I’m not going to reveal who my No. 3 is because…well, I’m just not going to. I will tell you that she’s on the radar screen for elimination, and I don’t expect her to last another week.

Janet was not on the radar screen for elimination until Saturday, when Aileen Ghettman was voted No. 64. And why was that relevant? I’ll let you figure it out for yourselves.

Now, I guess the whole idea is to be nice and congratulate Janet on being in the top 8% of all newcomers in this decade, but who would we be kidding? Janet was second runner-up to Karina Hart for 2008 Newcomer of the Year, and I fully expected her to be in the Top 20, if not the Top 10. Tits, ass, pretty face, babydoll voice. Janet has it all.

So I’ll go on hating the Yankees and loving Janet, but I have two questions:

1. If the Yankees lose tonight, who the hell are they going to start in Game 6?

2. Who are the “Best of the Decade” voters going to pick on next?

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If she’s No. 66, imagine what the other 65 look like!

October 29, 2009 by Dave 41 Comments

I haven’t commented on the “Best of the Decade” Top 100 voting at SCORELAND in a while, but I’m going to today. Cherry Brady, who owns a special place in the hearts of all of us at SCORELAND, was voted No. 66. Now, I could point out that she’s the classic V-Girl and, in my opinion, one of the top 10 Voluptuous models ever. I could point out that her curvy, hourglass figure is V-Girl perfection. I could point out that if there’s one girl who symbolizes what V-Mag is all about, it’s Cherry. I could point out that she had sex on camera (anal, too) only for The SCORE Group. But I’m not going to point those things out. By now, you’ve probably figured them out for yourself.

Instead, I’m going to tell you a little story. It goes back to 2003, one of the greatest years ever for naturally stacked models. One afternoon, I walked into the kitchen at The SCORE Group and saw Cherry standing there with her husband. Now, Cherry had just been out to lunch, but what she was wearing…unbelievable! I could describe it, but I’d rather have you see it. Anyway, it was at this moment that the tits-in-tight-tops interview was born because I ran back to Elliot James and said, “Elliot, we’ve got to do a tight tops interview with this girl.”

As you’re about to see, we’re very glad we did.

Of course, there have been many more tits-in-tight-tops interviews since then, but Cherry helped start a SCORELAND tradition. You know what, though? I think her interview is still the best of its genre.

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“Excuse me, ma’am, but can I feel your tits?

October 19, 2009 by Dave 1 Comment
"You want to feel my tits? For free?"

"You want to feel my tits? For free?"

This week’s poll asks if you’ve ever walked up to a woman you didn’t know and asked her if you could feel her tits. I don’t care if you were drunk or completely lucid when you popped the question, I just want to know. By the way, hookers and strippers don’t count!

Last week’s poll asked for your feelings about photos and videos of busty, pregnant women. The most popular answer at 45% was “I don’t like them,” but 32% of respondents said they loved them and 18% said they liked them, which means those in favor of seeing busty, pregnant women outnumbered those not in favor by 50% to 45%. Only 5% said, “I don’t care as long as I knocked her up.”

Now for some notes from the weekend.

1. The “Best of the Decade” contest had its first tie on Saturday. Sarah Mercury and Brandy Dean finished with an identical number of votes. Brandy ended up at No. 77 because our computer is programmed to eliminate the model who reaches the losing vote total first. But Sarah lasted only one more day and ended up at No. 76. Congratulations to both ladies. Brandy is one of the horniest on-camera fuckers I’ve ever seen (she loves black cock). As I’ve mentioned, Sarah was a huge favorite among V-Men during the early years of this decade. Whenever we put her on the cover, issues of V-Mag flew off the racks.

2. Susan Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri, has been displaying her very nice, naked rack on the TV show Californication. According to news reports, Susan Sarandon (who’s very nicely racked herself and looked highly jackable in The Rocky Horror Picture Show) had no problems with her 24-year-old daughter getting naked. It’s good to know that nice tits and exhibitionism run in the family.

3. Finally, the Orange County Register reports, “Denise Richards has downsized her breasts. So has Victoria Beckham, along with Tara Reid, Sharon Osbourne, and Tamra Barney of Real Housewives of Orange County…Enough stars have reduced their chest size recently that celebrity watchers have declared it a trend, even though other stars from Heidi Montag to Pamela Anderson have chosen to expand their breasts.” Must’ve been a slow news day. Please, I’m searching, show me the 100% straight man who likes small tits more than big tits and the woman with A-cups or B-cups who doesn’t want C-cups or D-cups. Now that would be a story.

Have a good week.–Dave

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