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“Excuse me, ma’am, but can I feel your tits?

October 19, 2009 by Dave 1 Comment
"You want to feel my tits? For free?"

"You want to feel my tits? For free?"

This week’s poll asks if you’ve ever walked up to a woman you didn’t know and asked her if you could feel her tits. I don’t care if you were drunk or completely lucid when you popped the question, I just want to know. By the way, hookers and strippers don’t count!

Last week’s poll asked for your feelings about photos and videos of busty, pregnant women. The most popular answer at 45% was “I don’t like them,” but 32% of respondents said they loved them and 18% said they liked them, which means those in favor of seeing busty, pregnant women outnumbered those not in favor by 50% to 45%. Only 5% said, “I don’t care as long as I knocked her up.”

Now for some notes from the weekend.

1. The “Best of the Decade” contest had its first tie on Saturday. Sarah Mercury and Brandy Dean finished with an identical number of votes. Brandy ended up at No. 77 because our computer is programmed to eliminate the model who reaches the losing vote total first. But Sarah lasted only one more day and ended up at No. 76. Congratulations to both ladies. Brandy is one of the horniest on-camera fuckers I’ve ever seen (she loves black cock). As I’ve mentioned, Sarah was a huge favorite among V-Men during the early years of this decade. Whenever we put her on the cover, issues of V-Mag flew off the racks.

2. Susan Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri, has been displaying her very nice, naked rack on the TV show Californication. According to news reports, Susan Sarandon (who’s very nicely racked herself and looked highly jackable in The Rocky Horror Picture Show) had no problems with her 24-year-old daughter getting naked. It’s good to know that nice tits and exhibitionism run in the family.

3. Finally, the Orange County Register reports, “Denise Richards has downsized her breasts. So has Victoria Beckham, along with Tara Reid, Sharon Osbourne, and Tamra Barney of Real Housewives of Orange County…Enough stars have reduced their chest size recently that celebrity watchers have declared it a trend, even though other stars from Heidi Montag to Pamela Anderson have chosen to expand their breasts.” Must’ve been a slow news day. Please, I’m searching, show me the 100% straight man who likes small tits more than big tits and the woman with A-cups or B-cups who doesn’t want C-cups or D-cups. Now that would be a story.

Have a good week.–Dave

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“Best of the Decade” voting: The opposite of fixed

October 5, 2009 by Dave 66 Comments
I would have shown a photo of Crystal Gunns naked, but you guys who voted her off at No. 91 don't deserve to see her tits!

I would have shown a photo of Crystal Gunns naked, but you guys who voted her off at No. 91 don't deserve to see her tits!

In a comment down below, Tom wrote, “I sure am glad I found this blog, because I was beginning to think that SCORE Magazine was ‘fixing’ the voting.”

I’m going to repeat what I said in my reply: Believe me, if we could have fixed the voting, we certainly wouldn’t have fixed it this way! Some great SCORE Girls are getting voted out early, and we certainly wouldn’t have asked for that. There’s widespread shock in the office today over the past weekend’s events, particularly Crystal Gunns getting voted out at No. 91…by a wide margin. Wasn’t even close. Truly a shocker because not only was she one of the best SCORE Girls of the decade, she was also one of the most popular (and a girl who was an ambassador for the magazine). A Newcomer of the Year and a Model of the Year. Had a monthly column in SCORE. Hosted our 15-year celebration. And on and on and on.

I suspect that people aren’t taking into account the models’ entire body of work over the decade. It is becoming a “what have you done for me lately?” contest. A good example of this is Auralgasm’s comment, “Perhaps they should have shortened it to top 50 because there are many models on the list who haven’t worked in ages (i.e. Sarah Mercury)” Well, in the early part of this decade, few V-Mag models were as popular as Sarah. We used to say that if we wanted an issue to be a big seller, just put Sarah on the cover. Taking into account her entire body of work over the decade, Sarah is one of the top girls. And the voting has reflected that.

SCORE chief John Fox has been following the voting, and the other day he said to me, “Dave, we gave these guys the power.” Certainly, we could have done a Top 100 without member input (and that Top 100 would have had Crystal Gunns in the top five of the decade, guaranteed). But we decided to do it this way because we wanted your input. So let’s just have fun with it and keep debating along the way.

I’ll just make one request: Before you eliminate a model because you don’t like her anymore or you like a more-recent model better, think about all those times that model gave you pleasure, even if it was back in 2001 or 2003. Let’s make this a true “Best of the Decade,” not a “Best of the Past Two Years.”

Or just ignore my request. Obviously, I have no input here, anyway! 🙂

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Time running out for best chest in the midwest

September 23, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments
Who will be the next Christy Marks?

Who will be the next Christy Marks?

Somewhere in the mid-western states of America, a huge-boobed girl is toiling behind the counter of a store or working in a chicken factory for minimum wage. Somewhere in Idaho, Iowa or Missouri, a large-chested coed is struggling with college tuition bills. Somewhere, a midwestern housewife wonders what it would be like to be on the cover of a men’s magazine in stores around the world (except where the women wear burkhas.)

SCORE is here to help one of them. But time is running out. Our “Biggest Breasts In The Midwest” contest is wrapping up September 30, 2009.

For complete information and all details, just click on the photo! Maybe you…yes, you at home!…can do your part to make this world a better, bustier place to live in. Know a girl who might qualify? We’re talking big bucks here!

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Malissa, please come to SCORELAND!

September 16, 2009 by Dave 7 Comments
I'm guessing that Malissa's tits look a lot like Shyla Shy's.

I'm guessing that Malissa's tits look a lot like Shyla Shy's.

The first season of More To Love is over, and Malissa, the blonde with the biggest pair of tits seen on reality TV in a long time, didn’t get her man. Luke picked Tali, forsaking boobs for apparent love. Good luck, buddy. As for Malissa, her rack got her to the final two, but when the chips were down, she choked. She failed to pull out the big guns when she needed them most, barely baring her cleavage on the final two dates and then making the mistake so many other big-titted women have made: she wore a strapless dress. As any boob lover knows, strapless dresses minimize, and at that point, Malissa needed to maximize to get the guy.

I think Luke made a mistake. He went for love, and love isn’t found on reality shows. He should’ve picked the girl he most wanted to fuck, which was clearly Malissa. Unless, of course, he’d already fucked her. I’m having a hard time getting a read on that. Malissa kept going on about how Luke was such a gentleman, which can mean one of two things:

1. He kept his hands off her tits, even though they were right in his face.
2. He made sure she came before he did.

Anyway, it’s over, although from the start, Malissa clearly wanted nothing more than her 15 minutes of fame. Now she can go back to Covina, California and continue her career as a waitress. Ho-hum.

Or she can get a lifetime extension on that 15 minutes of fame.

Come to SCORELAND, Malissa. We’ll treat you like a lady—professional makeup, hair styling, photographers—and even put you on the cover of an international magazine. Our guys will worship you in a way wimpy Luke never did, and maybe you’ll even win our $50,000 model search contest!

Okay, I don’t expect Malissa to read this. But there must be someone out there who knows her and can pass along the message. You’ve been teasing us for months, Malissa. It’s time for you to show us your tits!

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What a SCORELAND Blog reader looks like…

September 9, 2009 by Dave 11 Comments

We have just one comment about Sienna Hills: Nice tits!

We have just one comment about Sienna Hills: Nice tits!

Sienna Hills has been a regular commenting at the SCORELAND Blog, so we thought you might like to see what she looks like. In case you’re wondering, Sienna always has her tits out and her pussy spread when she’s commenting…right, Sienna? But how do you type with your hands full?

Sienna also owns a newsstand in Little Rock, Arkansas, and she tells us that SCORE, Voluptuous and XL Girls are her biggest sellers. Hey, I’d be a regular at a newsstand, too, if the girl behind the counter had a rack like hers. You can see more of Sienna (including photos shot at her newsstand) at

And in case you’re wondering what Sienna does in her free time…

Sienna takes a break from working at the magazine store.

Sienna takes a break from working at the magazine store.

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Support your local T & A store

August 30, 2009 by Elliot James 7 Comments
Adult stores should hire more girls who look like Harmony Bliss.

Adult stores should hire more girls who look like Harmony Bliss.

The Internet has changed everything. Some things for the better, other things for the worse. What’s on my mind today is somewhere in the middle. I live literally two blocks from an adult mega-store. I can walk there in five minutes. I used to drop in once a week to look at all the new mags, products and DVDs. I’d look at our products, see what was missing and what needed stocking. I’d talk to the clerks (some good, some apathetic) and ask how our products were selling and what suggestions they might have. It’s not one of my job functions but I like to do it because I think it’s important. But I haven’t walked into the place in five weeks. I keep meaning to go but I don’t. And my inertia, my laziness, is partly because of the Internet. The Net has made people lazier and less inclined to physically get out of the house and go somewhere. Ten years ago, when I lived in Las Vegas, I’d get in my car and drive two miles to Showgirl Video once a week to see what TSG products were on sale and what everyone was releasing. Now I don’t walk five minutes to my local store once a week. This is not good because I should be supporting my local store more often.

Sabina (at left) from Pounding The Pledges worked in an adult store.

Sabina (at left) from Pounding The Pledges worked in an adult store.

Many independent store and chain-store owners have put money into their properties (besides paying their lawyers for the never-ending court battles). The industry has changed and a lot of stores are no longer the dumpy smut parlors they used to be. They’ve gone upscale: bright, clean, nicely decorated, safer, computerized, and they have a better level of employee. There’s even an adult store trade show this September in Vegas called StorErotica. Many stores are geared to the comfort and security of the female customer, selling clothes, shoes and other feminine goods. Did you know that Voluptuous Girl and sexologist Sabina Leigh used to work in an adult store in Colorado? She once emailed me that Voluptuous was getting hard to get in her area so I contacted our management and they corrected the situation.

The adult retail business has always been difficult to operate since day one. Communities don’t want them so they ghettoize them. The police bust them for whatever. Prosecutors prosecute them. Courts punish, restrict and fine them. Civic groups give them a hard time. Yet they survive and endure against all odds. But I believe the greatest threat comes from technology. Like the VHS tape wiped out the adult movie theaters in the 1980s, the Net is threatening the neighborhood adult store as well as the adult “downtown” sections of many American cities. Why drive, walk or take public transport to a store to buy a magazine or a DVD or a sex toy when you can do it on-line anonymously without leaving your home? For me, the reason is I like physically browsing in a brick-and-mortar store, looking at all the stuff. But that inertia is even hitting me. And that’s not positive for the retailers.

What about you? Do you still go to adult stores?

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Where did boobs come from?

August 17, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments
Tits, Hooters, Knockers, Cans, Jugs....

Tits, Hooters, Knockers, Cans, Jugs....Whatever you call ’em, Merilyn Sakova has ’em!

We use the words tits, boobs and jugs every day (like a lawyer uses the words bill, golf and lunch). But how did those words originate? According to scholars who study the origin of words, “boobs” dates back to the late 17th-century word “boobies” or “booby,” which is baby talk for breasts and an offshoot of “bubby.” “Tits,” traced back to 1928, is from teat. But “titty” is on record from 1746 as nursery talk for teat. “Bazooms” is a fairly recent word (from the U.S. in 1955) and is a spinoff of the word bosoms.

“Jugs” goes back to 1538 from the word “jugge” and is said to be from “jug,” a word for a 16th-century maidservant (a servant who would carry a jug of water to fill a wash bowl as in, “Hey, Miss Jug, bring the water over here!”). The first use of the word “jugs” as slang for a woman’s breasts was first recorded in 1920 in Australia and is short for the slang term milk-jugs.

Knockers, a word that peaked in popularity in the 1950s, is thought to have originated in 1941. It could be British in origin and some researchers base its origin on the “knocker,” a breast-pin worn by ladies that was shaped like a door knocker.

You learn something new about tits every day at SCORELAND. And that’s just in English. There are words for breasts in every language. And I have a word for that: Boobonics.

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Boobs (and idiots) in the news

August 11, 2009 by Dave Leave your thoughts

Boobs have been in the news quite a bit these days, and the news isn’t always good. It’s enough to make you ask, “What’s wrong with these people?”

NEWS ITEM #1: Kelly Osbourne (Ozzy’s daughter) wants a boob reduction before she gets married next year. “It’s no secret that I hate my boobs,” she said. “I want a size in between a B and C-cup that you don’t need to wear a bra.”

COMMENT: I never realized that Kelly Osbourne has big tits. When I read her saying, “I hate my boobs,” I just assumed she wanted bigger ones.

NEWS ITEM #2: One of the house guests on the U.S. version of the TV show Big Brother thinks she got voted off because she has big boobs. She said, “It’s not my fault I have huge boobs.”

Why is Annina on the German version of Big Brother?

Why is Annina on Germany's version of the reality TV show Big Brother?

This is why. Her tits, I mean.

This is why Annina's on Big Brother. Her tits. I don't think they show pussy on German reality shows.

COMMENT: Actually, judging from pictures, it does seem to be her fault that she has huge boobs. But I take issue with the word “fault,” which implies that somebody did something wrong. Getting or having big boobs means never having to say you’re sorry. SCORE model Annina is on Germany’s version of Big Brother because she has huge boobs, and she never has to apologize to anyone!

Angela White's sexy titties in the city of Sydney.

Angela White's sexy titties in the city of Sydney.

NEWS ITEM #3: Katie Price, aka Jordan, the UK starlet/bimbo, wanted a role on the sequel to Sex And The City but didn’t get one because of her chest. An insider said, “She may have the big boobs, but they don’t look natural.”

COMMENT: Yeah, nice move, Sex And The City directors. Keep the four dikey looking chicks with no tits. Get rid of a babe who might slut things up the right way and show some cleavage. And if it’s really a natural vs. augmented issue, then find a girl with big, natural tits. Like…hey, Angela White!

Sometimes the world doesn’t make sense. At least I have SCORELAND for some needed perspective.

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Where have all the big-boobed strippers gone?

August 11, 2009 by Elliot James 4 Comments

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, more money is spent in strip clubs in the U.S. than on theater, opera, ballet, jazz and classical music concerts combined. That interested me because of all the editors, I’m the numbers guy. I even poll the members of SCORELAND, mainly about questions tied to big-boobs. (What else?)

I’ve been going to strip clubs for years, so with that in mind, I recently asked two questions of SCORELANDERS. My first question was: In strip clubs, how often do you get lap dances? Eighteen-percent said always, 42% said they’d get a dance if they saw a girl they really liked, 6% never buy dances and 33% said they don’t go to strip clubs.

Then I asked a question that was more germane to SCORELAND: Do you like photo sets and video with a strip club or lap dance theme? The results: 24% love them, 23% like them, 38% said they were indifferent and the remaining 14% hate them. So maybe strip clubs are just not as popular as they were in the ’90s. Or maybe guys can only handle the environment or the expense for so long before they bail out and need a break.

What I don’t see are any dancers stacked like Summer Sinn at Goldfingers or The Boobie Trap, two local skin emporiums. My friends in other cities tell me the same thing. What happened to all the really busty dancers across the U.S.? They’re not easy to find anymore. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t go like I used to.

Summer’s back next week at SCORELAND. She’s not playing a stripper, but she is sliding down a bologna pole. Her huge boobs are always a welcome sight here.

If you guys ever see a really busty dancer in your strip club travels (those of you who still go, that is), let us know. These gals have become an endangered species.

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Flight delayed because of big tits.

August 10, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Anyone remember Kyla Ebbert from last year? She was the skimpily dressed 23-year-old hottie who was led off of a Southwest Airlines flight for wearing clothing that was considered too sexy. The story even made international headlines. A Southwest flight attendant asked Kyla to leave her seat while the plane was preparing to leave San Diego. Ebbert, a Hooters waitress and a student, was headed to Tucson, Arizona for a doctor’s appointment. She said Southwest representatives told her, “You’re dressed inappropriately. This is a family airline. You’re too provocative to fly on this plane.” Kyla was allowed back on the plane after adjusting her sweater.

I have to wonder how Southwest would react to SCORE models Lori Pleasure, Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps if they tried to a board a Southwest jet? Would they shut the flight down?

Lori dresses for comfort.

Lori Pleasure dresses for comfort even when she's in public.

I'm sorry, girls. You can't take this flight.

Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps: "I'm sorry, girls. You can't take this flight."

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