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The man who won Minka’s autographed bra

June 6, 2013 by Elliot James 26 Comments

A place of honor for Minka's bra.

Minka’s bras move in mysterious ways.

Veteran SCORE Man D.R. was announced as the winner of Minka’s most-recent signed bra giveaway (November ’12 SCORE).

“Holy shit!” D.R. wrote when I contacted him. “Minka has been my favorite model for a long time and I think I have all her videos and SCORE mags. As a founding member of SCORE, please keep looking for another Linsey Dawn McKenzie. I will send you a pic of Minka’s bra and me when I figure out how to display it in my man-cave. I am so happy. Merry Christmas to me!”

Well, D.R. kept his promise and sent us this photo with Minka’s mounted bra behind him. Man, does he look content. “I have mounted it to my Dale Earnhardt Jr. race tire in my man cave,” D.R. told us. “I love it. Thanks, Minka and SCORE.”

Thank you for the photo, D.R. Nice to see that a place of honor has been created for that amazing colossal hooter holster. October ’13 will mark Minka’s 19th year as a SCORE Girl. She debuted as a covergirl in the October ’94 issue.

I mentioned that Minka’s bras move in mysterious ways. Here’s why.

A box showed up recently with a letter. Inside the box was an authentic Minka 44KK bra in pristine condition, signed and dated 9/19/08 from our April ’09 giveaway. This was the first bra return in over six years of bra contests. Also in the box was a mint copy of the November ’07 SCORE signed by Christy Marks from another contest. (That issue was Christy’s first magazine appearance.) The letter explained what was going on.

“To Elliot James: My new bride doesn’t want me to have these hanging around so I’m returning them to you at SCORE. An autographed copy from Christy and Minka’s autographed boulder holder. Yes, I was a double winner. Please find a new home for them.”

This is not as critical as finding a basket with two puppies on your doorstep, but we still need to find a new place of honor for these two prime articles of SCORE magazine history. So we’re re-running the contests in one shot in the October ’13 issue, on-sale July 9.

This is the first time Minka’s bra has been dumped for another woman. (And congrats to our reader on his marriage.)

That's one huge bra Minka wears. It's a 44KK.

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Experiments in boob science

April 28, 2013 by Elliot James 1 Comment

At the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France, two experiments were carried out in order to test the effect a woman’s breast size would have on the number of men approaching her.

The researchers hypothesized that an increase in breast size would be associated with an increase in approaches by men.

This experiment’s a no-brainer, eh?

A young female confederate wore a special bra that let her inflate the cup size at will. In the first experiment, the girl was instructed to sit in a nightclub for one hour, and in the second experiment, she was instructed to take a seat at a sidewalk cafe. It was found that increasing her breast size was associated with an increasing number of guys introducing themselves.

Truly a fantastic discovery. Well worth the research grant. I would have liked to have been involved in this experiment, but no one asked me. Boob science marches on.

French scientists claim that big boobed woman get more attention from guys. Are they fucking crazy?

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Bullet-proof bras. Because busty cops need back-up.

April 8, 2013 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Go ahead. Make Arianna's day.

Remember that Blog I did about busty cops? I have a follow-up.

German policewomen will now be able to wear bullet-proof bras. Made of white cotton with the word Polizei (Police) along the seam, the bras will protect women who wear bullet-proof vests. The bras have no metal parts and resemble sports bras made of cotton, polyester, spandex and polyamide with no buttons or fasteners.

They will be issued to 3,000 women working for Germany’s federal police but wearing them will be optional. The bras will be available in four different sizes and a handful of styles. Each officer will be issued three bras. “These can save someone’s life so it’s not a laughing matter,” said the Hamburg policewoman who organized the committee called Action Brassiere, getting hundreds of German policewomen to try the bras on the job for 90 days before they were officially accepted. When it comes to protecting busty policewomen, we’re here to offer an uplifting show of support.

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Venera: breast power in a cold shower

March 16, 2013 by Elliot James 11 Comments

You’ll need a cold shower yourself when you see Venera’s shower pictorial at SCORELAND.

Venera gets wet in a cool bathroom and must undress and get out of her wet clothing. She must not catch a cold. This shoot is from the May ’13 SCORE, and like any Venera pictorial, her posing skills bring tears to the eyes, whether it’s a hanging shot or a super-flexible spread pose.

I guess the odds of Venera becoming an American citizen are long, but a TSG editor can daydream. Then we could photograph her once a month.

The blue bra Venera wears at the beginning of this photo shoot was the prize in September ’12 SCORE’s bra giveaway contest. We have a winner and he is subscriber Mr. B.D. of St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Upon notification of his winning this rare trophy, Mr. B.D wrote: “Are you kidding me? That is totally awesome.  I never win anything! I am very thrilled. How do you frame a bra, by the way?”

Venera's rack is a miracle.


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Boob Glue

March 11, 2013 by Elliot James 5 Comments

There’s a new product hitting the shelves of beauty stores. It’s called “Boob Glue By Dawn Jackson.”

Boob Glue?

You may be as puzzled by this as I am. From what I’ve read, the glue is applied between or around the underside of the breasts, which are then inserted into the bra to kind of bond them into position.

The CEO of the company claims the glue’s effect will eliminate sagging, jiggling and bulging, underarm bulge, the dreaded “Quadra boob” and other breasty issues that women have to deal with, sometimes with tape or special bra inserts.

She calls it a “Boob Job in a Bottle” and “Your Girl’s Breast Friend.”

I’ll be looking for a video demonstration of this product one of these days because I can’t visualize how it is applied.

Guys don’t have problems like this with their dicks. But if we did, someone might come up with a glue for it. That’s good, old American know-how.

Jacky O gets all sticky.


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Where are the big boobs? Not at the Oscars.

February 25, 2013 by Dave 4 Comments

I have no idea what's holding up Ashley Sage Ellison's tits. She probably wouldn't dare wear this to the Oscars.

“Sleeves and Straps Are Barely There” read the New York Times headline about women’s fashion at the Oscars Sunday night. Wrote some blogger I’ve never heard of, “Starlets went strapless in all colors at last night’s Academy Awards. Jennifer Lawrence wore a white Dior haute couture dress” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Most big-boob girls don't dare wear strapless dresses, but Alexa does.

What the New York Times didn’t tell you is why so many of these “starlets” went strapless and why they were able to go strapless without any fear of a wardrobe malfunction. I am sorry to say this, BUT BIG TITS HAVE BECOME NON-EXISTENT IN HOLLYWOOD.

The art director of SCORE, whose opinion I trust, tells me that TV stars still have big tits, but movie stars have “become so anorexic that their tits disappear.”

Listen, I never thought Jennifer Aniston was stacked, but I never knew she was as flat-chested as she looked Sunday night. When host Seth MacFarlane sang that “We Saw Your Boobs” song, I was looking around like, “Where?” I wasn’t seeing any boobs.

This is, indeed, a tragedy. Once upon a time, many actresses had big tits. These ladies wouldn’t have dared to go strapless in public for two reasons: 1.) the possible wardrobe malfunction; 2.) strapless dresses, shirts and bras minimize, and why would they want to minimize?

All I can say is that the Oscars telecast was totally depressing. Halle Berry doesn’t have huge tits, but she looked like a SCORE Girl compared to her peers. And, no, she didn’t go strapless. She needed something to hold up those puppies.



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The #1 thing SCORELAND Girls want to try that they haven’t done yet

February 14, 2013 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Love those whoppers. Anjii Ross (April '13 V-mag) is back.

My dirty mind could come up with a lot of different suggestions, but none of them are what so many SCORELAND Girls want to try that they have never tried before. It’s a question on the model’s bio sheet.

Anji Ross, who has a fresh pair (as in a photo set and matching video) now showing at SCORELAND, wants to try this.

So does Jazmine, Felicia Clover, Siri, Kristi Maxx, Catt Green and many more.

That thing is…skydiving. Yes, jumping out of an airplane at 12,000 feet and counting on 300 square feet of nylon to land safely.

What do you make of that? That many models are thrill-seekers in search of an adrenaline rush?

By the way, I was packing up Renee Ross’s bra to ship to Mr. D.S. of Norwood, Ohio, the winner of the November ’12 Voluptuous magazine giveaway, and I wondered if Renee’s 44DDD brassiere could be used as a parachute if I had to jump out of an airplane like Daniel Craig to escape a gang of rival men’s magazine editors. Look at this photo. That’s an 18-inch ruler next to it just to give you something to compare it to. I can’t even describe how big her bra is. I hope D.S. gives it the place of honor in his home that it deserves.

Could Renee's bra function as a parachute?


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