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August 22, 2010 by Maria 15 Comments
The SCORELAND Blog team (Dave, Maria and Elliot) couldn't participate in the giveaway, but we did get to hang out with Cherry, so, it ain't all bad.

The SCORELAND Blog team (Dave, Maria and Elliot) couldn't participate in the giveaway, but we did get to hang out with Cherry, so, it ain't all bad.

I will be the first to admit that just the words CHERRY BRADY make me hyperventilate a little and make my little heart do flippity floppities in my chest. But after being inundated in the plethora of email entries for this contest, I know that I am not the only one breathin’ heavy over this lil’ lady. (And yes, I used the word PLETHORA. And I will give some extreme brownie points to those of you who know what the best movie quote of all time using the word plethora is.)

Now, so that everyone understands how awesome this contest actually was, we got Cherry (WHO IS AWESOME!) to sign three Voluptuous mags that she was on the cover of and one copy of Ultimate Cherry, which is one hot XXX-fest that I enjoy watching. So, there are actually FOUR winners of this contest. And just so that you understand that it is fair, I chose the winners at random. There was no premeditation, there was no playing favorites. (Besides, no one sent me bribes. lol)

So without further ado, a hearty congratulations goes out to our winners:

  • G.V.P. from Clifton, Virginia won the signed copy of the Nov. ’04 V-mag.
  • D.S. from San Angelo, Texas won the signed copy of the Feb. ’03 V-mag.
  • D.W. from Bronx, New York won the signed copy of the Sept. ’05 V-mag.
  • T.S. from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin won the signed copy of Ultimate Cherry.

Enjoy your prizes, boys and look out for more amazing giveaways soon!



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July 28, 2010 by Maria 14 Comments


It is has been a while since I have done this but…I HAVE GIVEAWAYS AND GOODIES FOR YOU! YES! YOU!

Okay…so Cherry was here recently, and she and I got to chatting, and then I kind of got lost in the Cherry Brady haze of awesomeness and then EUREKA! It hit me! What if I got Cherry to sign some of her mags and DVDs so I could give them to you? (Naturally, these kind of ideas come to me because I am not only horny but brilliant!) But before I could do that, I had to fulfill my fantasy and get Cherry’s SCORE tank-top soaking wet. I mean, like, dripping. (So I, along with my helpful studio volunteer, squirted Cherry with water continuously.) So all this wetness was happening and then she bent over and let us squirt her pussy and ass. (Yes…you haven’t LIVED until you have gotten Cherry wet. Be jealous of me. Envy me. Wish you were one with her wetness. I can handle your disdain! lol)

After all the wet shirt’ness had subsided, I actually thought of you guys and had her sign her V-Mag covers for the February 2003, November 2004 and September 2005 issues. The February and November issues are SOLD OUT, too, so this makes this giveaway even COOLER because these are super collectors’ items. She also signed a copy of Ultimate Cherry, which RULES, because this DVD is mucho caliente and red-hot horny, like Cherry. *sizzle*

And now, here are the rules and information on how to enter this giveaway. You can only win ONE of FOUR prizes offered in this giveaway. Prizes will be distributed at random. I will be choosing four winners at random and will send you your autographed prizes lickety-split. TO ENTER: Please send your FULL NAME, MAILING ADDRESS and D.O.B. to with the words ULTIMATE CHERRY GIVEAWAY in the subject line. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER EMAIL, PLEASE! The deadline for all entries is August 18, 2010.

Good luck, boob lovers!



ps. I hope that our long-time blog friend, Viggo, appreciates the shout out. 😉

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Contests…love ’em, hate ’em, can’t live without ’em?

June 25, 2010 by Dave 8 Comments
The SCORE Newcomer of the Year contest wasn't even a contest when Rocki Roads became the first winner in 1996.

The SCORE Newcomer of the Year contest wasn't even a contest when Rocki Roads became the first winner in 1996.

One of the unintended consequences of my blog this past week (“Shocking news from the SCORELAND Blog poll…or am I the only one who’s shocked?”) was a heated side conversation about comparing one girl to another. It started when Frankie said that so and so and so and so were much hotter than so and so, to which Jenna Valentine replied, “You guys shouldn’t say other girls are hotter than others. It’s not like they can’t read this and don’t have feelings.” And then Arianna Sinn chimed in with, “They can’t understand that this is not a competition between us.” And it really isn’t.

But then there’s the dicey issue of poll questions like the one we asked last week about your picks so far for 2010 Newcomer of the Year, and The Top 100 of the Decade contest that was held at SCORELAND and the annual Newcomer and Model of the Year contests in SCORE and Voluptuous. Which, at heart, are competitions between models.

The SCORE Newcomer of the Year contest started in 1997 and came about entirely by accident. The editor at the time ran a pictorial showing the top newcomers of 1996, and before he knew it, he was getting hundreds of letters with votes he had never asked for. The winner of that non-contest was Rocki Roads (who, incredibly, beat out Linsey Dawn McKenzie). Since then, the official Newcomer of the Year contest has been a mainstay of SCORE (we added Model of the Year in 2001).

Some models, like Crystal Gunns, really love the awards contests.

Some models, like Crystal Gunns, really love the awards contests.

Judging by the thousands and thousands of votes we get (and the fact that the awards issue is always one of our best-sellers of the year), most of you like the awards contests. Most models do, too. Crystal Gunns actively campaigned for 2007 Model of the Year and was thrilled when she did win.

But there’s a flip side to this, too. Some people ask, “How come everything has to be a competition? Why do we have to compare one girl to another?”

“I hate the contests,” Cherry Brady told me the other day. Cherry had the misfortune of coming along in 2003, the greatest year ever for Voluptuous newcomers. In most other years, she might have won…and maybe she wouldn’t hate the contests so much! 🙂

There are a lot of different aspects to this thorny debate. I love the awards. Elliot James doesn’t like them. I think they’re a way to celebrate our best girls. But, of course, there can be only one winner, so how do the runners-up feel? And how about the girls who aren’t even nominated? How do they feel?

Actually, I want to know how you feel. The SCORE and Voluptuous awards: Should we keep them or do away with them?

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Who is the greatest SCORE Girl ever?

January 5, 2010 by Dave 29 Comments
Chloe Vevrier

Chloe Vevrier

Christy Marks

Christy Marks

SaRenna Lee

SaRenna Lee

Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Christy Marks was voted Model of the Decade by SCORELAND members, meaning she was the best new discovery of the years 2000 to 2009. Okay, that’s fine. Not much separates Christy from Karina Hart, the runner-up, in terms of boob power, but Christy fucks (and takes it in the ass) on camera, and that probably ended up being the deciding factor (although, interestingly, Karina is opening a big lead over Christy in the SCORE 2009 Model of the Year voting).

But is Christy the best SCORE discovery ever? The thing is, we never had a “Best of the Decade” vote at the end of 1999, so it remains to be debated: Who is the greatest SCORE model ever? That’s what this week’s poll is all about. Christy is representing the decade that just ended (because you, the voters, said so). Representing the 1990s: Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Chloe Vevrier and SaRenna Lee. Yeah, I know, there were other great models during the 1990s, but I’m going to state with confidence that LDM, Chloe and SaRenna were the mega-superstars who were a notch above the others (such as Tiffany Towers, Busty Dusty, etc.). And besides, we don’t have room for a hundred names in the Blog’s poll area.

BLOG POSTING UPDATE: Elliot James, who never forgets anything, just pointed out to me that we DID do a “Best of the Decade” on a smaller scale for the 1990s. SCORELAND members voted, and the top three were Chloe, Linsey and SaRenna, in that order. So there you go. Busty Dusty was fourth and L.A. Bust (SCORE‘s first cover girl) was fifth.

Anyway, vote. Get involved. Whine and complain about who I didn’t include. That’s okay. I’m used to it. By the way, Linsey, SaRenna and Chloe are already in the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame, and Christy is on her way.

Last week we asked, “When you are fucking, where is your favorite place to cum?” A Blog record 778 people voted, and “in the girl’s pussy” won with 40%, followed by “on the girl’s tits” at 23%, “in the girl’s mouth” at 19% and “in the girl’s ass” at 14%. “Somewhere else on her body” received 4%. Me? I’m just grateful when a girl lets me cum anywhere.

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Four remain, three to go. How about a big hand for Bea?

December 29, 2009 by Elliot James 15 Comments
She may not smile much but her boobs look happy to us.

She may not smile much but her boobs look happy to us.

The morning I checked the Model of the Decade contest and there she was, popping up in all her glory, Bea Flora. Poland’s pride. The fifth most popular SCORELAND Girl since 2000. I thought she’d be fifth of the five because even though Bea’s beautiful and has a smokin’ busty body, Bea rarely smiles in her layouts, even to the extent of looking glum or unhappy, which is a misperception (I think the not smiling is a Euro-chick thing), but an ultra-serious expression tends to have a subliminal effect on the viewer. Now we are down to four and it’s up to you, SCORELANDER. Who will be voted #4 tomorrow? Nicole Peters? Christy Marks? Merilyn Sakova? Or Karina Hart?

The contest is wrapping up the way most people thought it would end, and the way things are heading, according to most of the predictors, it looks like the final two will be…yeah, you guessed ’em. We’ll know soon enough on Friday morning when the winner and #2 pop-up.

Our CEO John Fox observed the other day that out of the top ten, only two girls have done hardcore (Christy Marks and Karina Hart only in one tit-fuck and handjob scene in Busty Riding Academy which some people might not count as XXX) while Ines and Angela have only done girl-girl. And Sharday and Bea Flora barely opened their legs.

Now Christy has done a lot of XXX the past year but there is something about her that just doesn’t bring the title “porn star” to mind. She’s more the girl-next-door who loves fucking on camera. So being a big-boobed SCORE or Voluptuous porn star like Daphne Rosen or April McKenzie didn’t have much of an impact on a girl’s popularity, at least in this contest. Deduce from these facts what you will, Watson. It’s been more than interesting, considering some of the SCORELAND member poll results.

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The Great Weight Debate

December 21, 2009 by Maria 14 Comments

So, it’s awards time round the V-Mag headquarters, and everyone has voting fever. I get tons of emails all day long with people’s votes and opinions and honorable mentions. I will say that the race is a tight one and that even I am getting caught up in the frenzy. While I could chat for hours about how the results are going and who the forerunners are, I will not. (I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone. So stay tuned for the results in the June 2010 issue of V-Mag, boys.)

However, I will talk about one of the serious contenders for V-Mag Plumper of the Year, and that lady happens to be Sapphire. Not only is she the only model to have swept this category for three years in a row, she is also a Voluptuous and XL Girls favorite, and there isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t get letters about this lovely ginger.

Now, while I only recently met Sapphire on the set of My Big, Plump Wedding, (I was one of the guests at the wedding. 😉 ) I have seen her photos for years while working at SCORE and have seen her evolution from slim newcomer to Plumper legend.

Well, today I was talking about Sapphire with a few people in the office (We were discussing what would happen if she won the Plumper of the Year award for the fourth time), and we got into what I will call the Great Weight Debate. You see, some of the staff remember and prefer Sapphire when she was a slim and stacked redhead in the pages of V-Mag’s July ’03 issue. And some of them say that she came into her own when she returned to V-Mag as a Plumper, like in the V-Mag June ’08 issue.

Now, I am not an expert here, but to me, what it boils down to is tit power. Sure, Sapphire had big boobs when she was slimmer, but her boobs are even BIGGER now that she is a little heavier, and that, to me, is why I prefer her as a plumper. (But then again, I am a curvy girl myself, so I am biased.) And although I appreciate all of her curves, for some of the guys in the office, her fuller frame doesn’t cut it.

We could have discussed this for hours, but I suggested that we take it to the masses, which is why I am going to ask you guys.

So what say you, boob gallery? In The Great Weight Debate is skinny superlative to heavy? Or does rotund outweigh slim when it comes to V-girls? Does it matter? Let me know. xoxo Maria

Sapphire in her July '03 layout of V-mag.

Sapphire in her July '03 layout of V-Mag.

Sapphire, heavier but packing more tit power for sure.

Sapphire in the June '08 issue of V-Mag.

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What do these four girls have in common?

November 7, 2009 by Dave 10 Comments
Alexis Silver's T-shirt improvement program

Alexis Silver's T-shirt improvement program

Stand erect for Sgt. Cherry

Stand erect for Sgt. Cherry.

Ashley Sage Ellison knows how to wear a dress.

Ashley Sage Ellison knows how to wear a dress.

Janet Jade: I think that's a dress.

Janet Jade: I think that's a dress.

Well, they’re all wearing glorious examples of some of the choices in this week’s poll, which asks, “What do you most like to see a stacked model wearing at the start of her photo shoot or video?” But also, as some of you might have guessed (I’m guessing Dino figured it out), they’ve all been voted off the “Best of the Decade” island over the past nine days.

Now, I’m going to confess something: When Cherry was voted No. 66, then Janet No. 62, then Ashley No. 61, then Alexis No. 59, I was a little shocked and more than a little pissed. I mean, these are great girls, among my all-time favorites, and Ashley (I’m going to give you an inside scoop here) is leading in the early voting for 2009 SCORE Newcomer of the Year.

But then I got to thinking. I said to myself, “Self, if Cherry really is No. 66, and Janet really is No. 62, and Ashley really is No. 61, and Alexis really is No. 59, then according to the voters, we’ve had 58 newcomers in this decade who are better than Cherry, Janet, Ashley and Alexis.” And that’s just mindbogglingly impressive. I might not agree with it, but it’s impressive.

See? If you really try, you can put a spin on anything. So, I’d like to thank the “Best of the Decade” voters for pointing out to me just how great SCORELAND really is. Even better than I’d imagined.

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

October 5, 2009 by Maria 5 Comments
Two lucky blog readers will be recieving DVDs signed by Renee Ross! It's good to be a SCORELANDER, eh?

Two lucky blog readers will be receiving DVDs signed by Renee Ross! It's good to be a SCORELANDER, eh?

Hello, guys and gals! It’s that time…time to announce the WINNERS of the Renee Ross DVD Giveaway!

First and foremost, I want to thank all of the guys who entered. Your participation really paves the way for more contests and giveaways.

Secondly, I want to thank Renee for taking time to sign the DVDs for you lucky winners.

I also wanted to give a quick rundown on how this works so you all know that how we choose winners is indeed 100% random.

Okay, so, I take all the emails that you guys send in and I compile a list of your names. I take all the names, print them out and cut them out, one by one. I put your names in a magical hat, AKA my favorite Yankees cap, and then I stir it around. Then I stick my hand right in and pull out two names and bingo, bango, we have our winners.

So with that said, I want to announce the winners of the contest right here on the blog because, hey, I can.


The winner of a copy of Sex In The Titties signed by Renee Ross is:

J.H. from Redlands, California!

Congratulations, J.H!

The winner of a copy of Tits Tits Tits! signed by Renee Ross is:

L.W. from Bellwood, Illinois!

Congratulations, L.W.!

Once again, I want to thank everyone who wrote in, and I want to remind everyone that you can still write in and win a copy of the Sept. ’09 issue of V-mag autographed by Bailey Santanna! Just shoot me an email at with the words BAILEY SANTANNA GIVEAWAY in the subject line. Be sure to include your FULL NAME, MAILING ADDRESS and D.O.B.. The deadline for all entries is Oct. 7, 2009. A winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email.

Good luck and congrats to our two winners! 😀



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