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Kristina, Queen of the D.R., and Stephanie, future Queen of the D.P.?

June 1, 2010 by Dave 9 Comments
Kristina Milan

Kristina Milan

In what I consider to be a bit of an upset (but, obviously, most of you don’t), Kristina Milan was voted your favorite “Treasure Chests of the Dominican Republic” girl, beating out Miosotis and Vanessa Del. Over 600 “Blog” readers voted, and Kristina got 50% of the vote, followed by Miosotis at 35% and Vanessa at 15%.

So, what does that tell us (other than that you like Kristina)? I think it tells us that there are a lot of you out there who love girls with big, lactating tits. Or maybe it tells us something else. Hey, I’m sure you’ll let me know.

On a completely unrelated subject, the other day, I blogged about the difference between tit-fucking on camera and going all the way on camera. Thanks to Angela White for checking in, but Angela, I’m not bitching about what models won’t do. I’m completely able to accept it. Then again, you know how it is when you’re in a bar and you see a girl you like? You’re not gonna get anywhere if you don’t ask, right? The key is to not make the girl feel pressured. And Angela, you once told me that even you’re surprised you haven’t done boy-girl yet.

Stephanie Stalls looks like a porn star but isn't one…yet.

Stephanie Stalls looks like a porn star but isn't one…yet.

Candy Manson is a porn star.

Candy Manson is a porn star.

Anyway, what I really want to talk about is Stephanie Stalls. There are new photos and a video of Stephanie going up tomorrow at SCORELAND, and I bring this up because Stephanie is one girl who I can’t believe hasn’t fucked on camera. Blonde hair, long legs, big ass, big tits, pierced nipples, pierced clit…if any girl looks like a porn star, it’s Stephanie. She kinda reminds me of Candy Manson who, as we all know, has gone go on to do porn. I remember the first time I saw Candy in a solo set, I said to Elliot, “This girl has to do porn.” And she did. You can see her sucking and fucking in Stacked Street Sluts #3, Stacked & Suckin’ and sucking/tit-fucking in Big-Tit Tune Up. Anyway, I see Stephanie going even further than Candy has. Really raunchy, slobbering, dirty porn. Anal, too. Hey, a man can dream.

But can you really tell a porn girl by her appearance? Did anyone ever think that cute little Brandy Talore would become a full-fledged porn star? I never did.

Anyway, check out Stephanie tomorrow. Then you can say, “I knew her when…”

Oh, and one more thing. If you get the chance, do a Google search on Simona Halep, the tennis player, and check out her before-and-after pics. It’s enough to make a boob man cry.

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Oh, what lovely seashells!

May 22, 2010 by Maria 10 Comments
Miosotis and Arianna Sinn...Lezzies? Stay tuned!

Miosotis and Arianna Sinn...Lezzies? Stay tuned!

Yes, there are seashells in this photo.

What do you mean where?

Can’t you see them?


Yeah, me neither. Who could see anything but the  contrast between Miosotis’ dark and sexy tits and Arianna’s beautiful face? This photo has a lot of sexual mojo. In fact, it oozes sex. At least I think so.

Is this photo indicative of some sort of girl-on-girl action between Miosotis and Arianna for your jacking pleasure? Maybe sometime in the near future?

LOL…I’ll never tell!




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Huge tits. My head. Life is GOOD.

May 19, 2010 by Maria 25 Comments

I have a pretty stellar gig. I come in, I look at boobs. I talk to girls with big boobs. I ask them to show me their big boobs. (They always say YES!) I ask them to do all sorts of fun boob tricks for me. (They always do.) And then, sometimes, I am talking to their boobs, er, to them, and then Dave comes into the studio and interrupts and says, “Hey! Put your boobs on Maria’s head!” And you know what? THEY DO. It’s pretty fuckin’ magical on a lot of levels.

So here is the situation: Cassidi Jai is a 24-year-old mocha mamma with ginormous HHH-tits. She is in college (YES! She’s a smart cookie with incredible sweater puppies!), and she is a freak. When I say she is a freak, I mean it in the MOST depraved way possible. I mean, she has done things that made ME blush. She loves trucks (Dodge Rams.), oil wrestling and has had threesomes, foursomes, lezzie-love and likes anal. Oh, and she lost her virginity only two years ago at the ripe age of 22. (Apparently she’s done a lot of making up for lost time in the last two years! lol)

Cassidi and I were enjoy a nice chat in the studio when Dave came in and shot this video which culminated in Cassidi putting her tit on my head (It was heavy!) and then wrapping her tits around my noggin, too. It was glorious! Check out the video below! (And coincidentally, don’t look for my boobs to make an appearance in this video. Sure, you will catch glimpses of them here and there, but Dave, ever the gentlemen, chose to video the greater of two evils, or rather, the greater and larger of two pairs of boobs. Smart man that he is! lol)

Cassidi will be making her V-Mag and SCORELAND debut very soon. For now, enjoy this newbie!



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Cumming soon: Sienna Hills. Got any questions?

May 17, 2010 by Dave 8 Comments
Sienna needs some good question to wrap her mind around.

Sienna needs some good questions to wrap her mind around.

Sienna knows how to bring in customers.

Sienna knows how to bring in customers.

Sienna Hills, frequent Blog commenter and the finest businesswoman in Little Rock, Arkansas, a gal who knows how to sell a SCORE Group DVD and magazine or two, is coming to our studio. Her mission: to fuck as many of our studs as possible. I think she’s up to it. She does, too. Sienna’s one of those girls who’d come to our studio and fuck for free, but we have to pay her because…well, doing otherwise just wouldn’t be proper. But ask her if she’d rather have the check or the cock and she’ll take the cock every time.

Anyway, Sienna is coming soon, and she’ll be cumming soon, too, and I was just wondering if you had any questions for her that you’d like for me to pass along. You send them in, I’ll ask them on a Blog video (I’ll even mention your name, if you’d like), and I’ll betcha Sienna will answer every last one of them, even if they’re not the kind of questions people ask in polite society (whatever that is).

Actually, the kinds of questions that people wouldn’t ask in polite society are preferred.


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Sometimes words won’t do…

April 30, 2010 by Maria 24 Comments

Miosotis, a natural wonder of the Dominican Republic, gets her tits out today at SCORELAND.

Miosotis, a natural wonder of the Dominican Republic, gets her tits out today at SCORELAND.

[Dave here: I have just hijacked this blog. I know you guys love Maria, but before she gets to what she wants to talk about, I need to remind you that Miosotis and her KKK naturals make their SCORELAND debut today. Photos (I attached one), plus three behind-the-scenes clips shot on our studio manager’s iPhone. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogger. Take it, Maria.]

I am a writer. I am also an editor. That means that my vernacular should be vast enough that I can describe to you the epic, amazing WOW’ness of seeing Kristina Milan fuck and watching her tits milk simultaneously. But sometimes words won’t do.

In fact, to quote the one-hit wonders Extreme, (from the ’90s), sometimes you need MORE THAN WORDS.

Well, I am not going to write a song about it, I’ll tell you that.

Thank goodness we have video. 🙂 Enjoy this teaser of Ms. Milan, pounded, and her milking mounds, too.



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Kristina Milan…She IS one in a million.

April 29, 2010 by Maria 16 Comments

Being an editor here in the Universe of all things TITS, well, I’ve seen a lot of funbags, guys. I’ve seen ’em bigger than big and I’ve seen ’em in every color. There are oblong ones, hangers, missiles, cannons, perkies, jumbos, pancakes and whoppers.

That said, I’ve been looking at the footage and photos that were shot in the Dominican Republic, and for the first time in a long time…I am in AWE of the mammary splendor. I mean, it’s like nipple Nirvana!

So, I let my sticky fingers wander…(I just realized how perverted that sounds! LOL) and I pilfered some extra shots for you guys.

Kristina Milian, Arianna Sinn and Miosotis...enough tit power to milk a plethora of peckers!

Kristina Milan, Arianna Sinn and Miosotis…enough tit power to milk a plethora of peckers!

This first one is of Kristina Milian and Miosotis just hanging out. But wait…who’s the meat in that tit sandwich? Why, it’s Arianna Sinn, and man, her tits are overshadowed by the sheer girth of these Latinas’ tatas. It’s mind-boggling!

I have never seen a pair of…milk jugs?…like Kristina Milan’s.

They are like sacks of lactation, man!

You might not, but Kristina Milian sure does GOT MILK!

You might not, but Kristina Milan sure does GOT MILK!

I watched Kristina’s solo video at least three times, and seeing her tits drip and drip and drip…well, it made me want some Oreos real bad!

As a busty Latina, I have a special place in my heart for other busty Latinas, and Kristina touches my special place.

(Oh, wow, I am full of these dirty one-liners today, eh?)

What I meant to say was that I really like watching Kristina touch her special place and let her boobies leak all over the place.

You guys enjoy these behind the scenes pics of the ladies in the Domican Republic while I go grab some cookies.

And be sure to check out Kristina’s two-day special on Today, she struts her stuff, and tomorrow, she fucks. And yes, the WHOLE time her tits are raining breastmilk like glorious fountains. 🙂 Can’t wait!



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The answers to life’s mysteries can be found right here

April 28, 2010 by Dave 14 Comments


The girl on the left is Kristina Milan. She’s the answer to this mystery blog. She’s from the Dominican Republic, she has J-cup naturals and she lactates like no girl I’ve ever seen. Kristina makes her debut tomorrow with a solo pictorial, and she fucks on Friday. I’d say more, but you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words.

The girl on the right is Miosotis. She’s the answer to this mystery blog. She’s also from the Dominican Republic, she has KKK-cup naturals and she’s slim and super-stacked like no natural I’ve ever seen. Mio, as her friends call her, makes her SCORELAND debut on Friday with a solo pictorial, then she fucks on Saturday. I’d say more, but you know what they say about a picture…

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Got milk

April 25, 2010 by Dave 34 Comments

treasure chests26009

With this girl, “Got Milk” doesn’t need a questionmark. She’s got plenty.

There are lactating girls with enough boob milk to feed a small child.

And then there are lactating girls with enough boob milk to feed an entire country.

This girl falls into the latter category. She’s coming to on Thursday in the first installment of a three-week special called “Treasure Chests of the D.R.” We shot her for three days in the D.R., and she never stopped lactating. This girl’s tits are like milk faucets. Come thirsty. Cum horny.

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Who do these dancing tits belong to?

April 23, 2010 by Dave 14 Comments

A few facts about the girl in this video:

1. Her tits are 36KKK naturals. Yes, I said 36KKK. Yes, I said naturals. By comparison, Minka has KK-cups, and they’re not natural.

2. Her waist measurement is only 28 inches.

3. Here at SCORE, we have something called “The 20 Club.” It’s for models whose chest measurement is at least 20 inches larger than their waist measurement. As you can guess, it’s a very exclusive club. Most of its members are augmented. This girl is natural, and she enters the Club with a 22.

4. She fucks, too.

5. She’s making her SCORELAND debut next Friday.

6. If she spoke English, you might catch her singing, “It’s my own sun that’s upon your face! The sun, my own sun. It’s upon your face! It’s upon your face!”

I wish those tits were upon my face.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter. For now.

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On Location Grand Bahama: Arianna, sinfully GOOD

April 19, 2010 by Maria 7 Comments

Today is a magical day because Arianna Sinn’s masturbatorial masterpiece is posting to SCORELAND, and it will make you harder than a diamond in an icestorm. (Oh, yeah!)

I need to stress to you guys HOW GOOD this video is.

It’s good. Oh, man, it is horny, horny, horny goodness. She rubs those titties. She talks dirty to you. She rolls around, rubbing cream on her tatas and pussy, and then she cums for you. It’s intimate. It’s fucking porntastic! It’s sinfully amazing.

Arianna is so luscious and sexy and soft-spoken that you will want to fuck her and then, (Yeah, I’m going to say it, so brace yourselves.) cuddle with her. You will want to spoon with this gorgeous lady. But not to worry, with a sexy, curvy sex kitten like Arianna, spooning always leads to forking. (Insert drums and cymbals here for that cheesey joke…ba-da-dum-doosh! lol)

And because I am feeling generous, (Maybe because I am in some sort of post-horny haze from all the Arianna-ness today.) I am giving you this extra video of tomorrow’s goodness. Yes, I am like the patron saint of behind-the-scenes footage. Check out the video below! To me, the best parts are all the girl-on-girl jiggling and tit-kissing! And the part where all four girls are jumping around in bed together. It’s like the busty sleepover of my dreams.

Enjoy it, gentlemen. These titties in paradise will keep you cumming and cumming and cumming.



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