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Proof! Natalie Fiore WAS in the Bahamas!

March 18, 2010 by Maria 33 Comments
Arianna SInn and Natalie Fiore, international breasts in paradise!

Arianna SInn and Natalie Fiore, international breasts in paradise!

Oh, yes, thank you for flashing us, ladies.

Oh, yes, thank you for flashing us, ladies.


So, there were all these rumors that the one and only Natalie Fiore was in the Bahamas a few weeks ago, but no one could either confirm nor deny said ramblings, and I was starting to believe that they were very untrue…BUT…then I came across some files today and EUREKA! I found the proof I needed!

(I have become an expert at nabbing these photos, I tell you!)


Photographic proof that the one and only Natalie Fiore was, in fact, in the Bahamas, shooting and possibly filming and doing all sorts of great things to her magnificent tits.


Ha! When it comes to tits, you can’t really keep anything secret from me for too long.

My Boobdar senses these things, it really does. (That’s boob radar, and yes, I possess this superpower. Be jealous.)

From what I understand, Natalie’s tits are EVEN BIGGER than the last time we caught up with her, and you know what? I am not gonna complain about that!

She’s looking pretty hot posing with Arianna Sinn in the tropics.

Hot damn if these pics don’t make me want to see a wet T-shirt contest real bad!

Enjoy these shots, boys. As soon as I get my horny little hands on any more of these pics, I’ll post.



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It’s not nice to talk with your mouth full…

March 16, 2010 by Dave 8 Comments

Of course, it is okay to talk with your mouth full if you’re a stacked chick and you’re talking while your mouth is full of cock.

Come to think of it, it’s okay to talk with your mouth full if you’re a flat-chested chick and you’re talking while your mouth is full of cock. Let’s face it: If any girl is sucking cock, she can do whatever she wants.

Anyway, in this brief video, G-cup newcomer Melonie Max sucks cock while answering my questions. Three things impress me:

1. She doesn’t lose her sucking rhythm during the interview.

2. The guy doesn’t lose his hard-on from hearing my voice. Chances are, he was so focused on Melonie’s spectacular BJ technique that he didn’t even notice I was there.

3. I don’t pull out my cock and stuff it in Melonie’s mouth during the interview. Because that’s the natural instinct, right? To want to get your cock sucked when you see a girl who’s a foot away from you sucking? Cock doesn’t care about decorum and professionalism (that’s what I’m supposed to exhibit in situations like this). It only cares about the super-busty babe who’s obviously very willing to suck cock.

Enough of that. You can see Melonie sucking and fucking right now at XLGIRLS.COM. Or you can wait a few days and see her doing it at SCORELAND.

Thank you for your time.–Dave

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Busties In The Sand! Busties By The Sea!

March 14, 2010 by Maria 48 Comments

When I posted some pilfered shots of Jenna Valentine, Taylor Steele, Arianna Sinn and Karla James in the Bahamas recently, you guys went bananas! Not to mention that the girls themselves started commenting about how much fun it was to play in the sand and go crazy on the beach.

Well, all of your excitement about those photos made me excited, too!

That’s why it is my pleasure to post some more shots from that trip to paradise.

Behold! The busty bunch in the surf coating each other with sand. It looks like the girls had a great time rubbing each other’s bodies. (It’s pretty good stuff to look at, too!)

I don’t know about you guys, but this pictures make me want to play beach blanket bingo with these ladies. They are Bahama Mamas, for sure.



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Perkies in Paradise…YOWZA!!!!!

March 4, 2010 by Maria 53 Comments
Karla James, Arianna Sin, Taylor Steele and Jenna Valentine in the surf in the Bahamas!

Karla James, Arianna Sin, Taylor Steele and Jenna Valentine in the surf in the Bahamas!

Karla James shooting water a busty fountain!

Karla James shooting water a busty fountain!

Howdy Hooter lovers!

So, here is the skinny…our studio staffers went to the Bahamas recently to shoot models Arianna Sinn (Yum!), Jenna Valentine (My lesbian crush!), Karla James (Brit tit bomber!) and Taylor Steele (Canadian cans galore!) in the tropics. All you need to know is that there were tits and they were a’jigglin’ all over the place and sun and surf, which obviously makes stacked chicks want to be naked all the time.

I wouldn't mind being nestled between these ladies and their impressive chest snuggies!

I wouldn't mind being nestled between these ladies and their impressive chest snuggies!

Okay, so right off the bat I am going to just brush off the fact that they didn’t take me to paradise (AGAIN!!!) when they took these four righteous hotties to the Bahamas. I am just going to let it go that I wasn’t there when these babes were frolicking in the ocean, wet and naked. I’m not mad. I can look past it. And to show that I am not a bitter person, I (stole) reviewed these pics from the trip just now and I’m going to post them for you guys. 🙂

I want to be run down by a big-tit stampede!

I want to be run down by a big-tit stampede!

I don’t know about you guys, but seeing these curvy cuties in these string bikinis makes me feel warm…in all the right places! I advise you guys to keep your eyes peeled and your cocks hard for the videos and photos that are coming your way from the Bahamas! Here’s another incentive…I hear rumors that they even shot Natalie Fiore, on this trip, too! (Okay, I’ll admit that typing that out made me a tad bit jealous that I didn’t go. I would have killed to rub tanning lotion on Natalie’s amazing jugs.)

My favorite picture in this series is the one where the girls are running towards the camera. I will openly admit that if I had to pick a way to check out of this world, being stampeded by half naked juggies on the beach is probably up there with being smothered by a bunch of tatas.

Enjoy the pics boys! (And remember to click on them to enlarge them to full-jacking size!)



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Samantha 38G: Big tits, lots o’ wit

February 26, 2010 by Maria 8 Comments

One of my favorite things about Samantha 38G is her sense of humor. She loves to laugh. And when she laughs, her 38 G guns undulate. 🙂

(Yes, I said, undulate. I love that word.)

Anyhow, back to Samantha…

When she was here filming the new DVD K-Jugs, there was so much backstage footage of her on-set shenanigans that we compiled this little clip for you guys of her massive guns and her charm. That’s right, boys. We are showcasing wits and tits here!

Our cameraman Lester got this footage of Sam getting dressed for a scene, and I have to say that Samantha looks very hot in red. And that this red top that she is wearing must be made of space-age polyfibers because it withstands the weight and stretch of her cannons. According to Sam, she wears this top out on dates. All I can say is that if I were a guy and I picked Sam up and she was in this top…oooh weeeee…I think my motor skills would be compromised for the entire night. Who could concentrate or even converse with a valley of cleavage like this staring you in the face?


Check out the very hot Samantha 38G and then you get down on your knees and give thanks for leopard panties, big tits, the color red and stretchy tops.




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K-JUGS is here with Renee Ross

February 23, 2010 by Maria 10 Comments

It’s here! It’s here!

The new XL Girls movie K-Jugs is here, and it stars RENEE ROSS! (Who you know is one of my faves.) While we were filming this stacktacular masterpiece, we had Lester, our infamous cameraman, follow all the girls around on the set, and he had some pretty great moments with the likes of Ms. Ross, Samantha 38G, Bailey Santanna, Brandy Ryder, Reyna Mae and Jade Parker.

We will be unveiling some of his footage throughout the week so all of you guys can get an idea of what it was like on the set. (We always try to give our guys some funny backstage/blooper stuff.)

K-Jugs was the brainchild of one of our readers, who wrote in and gave us the idea for the flick in the SCORE Scriptwriting contest. So we got some hot busties together, and they went to town doing raunchy XXX. And just like that, our reader’s fantasy came true.

Yes, SCORE is like Make A Wish for boob guys. lol

Here’s my synopsis of K-Jugs:

Sam and Renee play rival DJs at a station called K-JUGS.

Renee fucks.

Sam fucks.

Sam and Renee fuck each other! 🙂

There are big tits all over the place.

Bailey Santanna fucks.

And she gets cum all over her face. (Yay!)

Reyna and Brandy get hot and sticky in a four-way.

Jade Parker’s in this flick, too.

And guess what? She fucks!

Bang. Bang. Bang. Boobs. Moneyshot.

And we all cum happily ever after.

The end.

Sigh. Don’t you just love happy endings? lol

And now some fine backstage footage of the one, the only Renee Ross. (Also a cameo by the hotness that is Samantha 38G.)

Enjoy it boys! And look for K-Jugs at the eBoobStore this Friday!



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January 31, 2010 by Maria 38 Comments

As I write this, I am both giddy and worried as I am doing the unspeakable…


Yes, this is a total SCORE security breach, but I had to show you these JUGS! Fresh tit flesh from parts unknown. CUMMING SOON TO SCORELAND!

Yes, this is a total SCORE security breach, but I had to show you these JUGS! Fresh tit flesh from parts unknown. CUMMING SOON TO SCORELAND!

Whoosh. Doing bad things is soooo exciting! 🙂

I am looking over my shoulder as I post this. This material is so hot…hot as in stolen from our library without permission. (Shhh…don’t tell.)

In fact, when I asked our web guy Alex to get this image ready for me, he said, “Dude. You’re not supposed to post this. You are gonna get in so much trouble.”

My answer to that is…


I just can’t see the harm in showing you a pic. Just one. Just to get your attention because this girl is smoking HOT like lava!

Okay, so here’s what I know…

We shot this on location somewhere overseas. I don’t know her name yet. (They have this girl under wraps, big time!) I don’t know where we shot her since our camera crews can be anywhere at any time.

But I do know that she is in her early 20s and works in some sort of retail shop. She has full G-cups, and this is her first time modeling EVER.

I think that she looks like a cross between Linsey Dawn and Bozena and that she is the fuckin’ cat’s meow! “Supposedly” we are going to unveil a set of her sometime soon on SCORELAND, but I decided it was a better idea to steal that thunder and this pic. 😉

So enjoy this shot, guys. I broke the law for you.



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HOLY SHIT! It’s Minka!

January 29, 2010 by Maria 9 Comments

Alright…so there are some models that you see around our offices and you say, “Oh, it’s her,” and then you sort of stare for a second or two and that’s that. Then there are models who you see and you go, “HOLY SHIT!” and you start following her, not because you mean to, but because your feet are moving on their own accord. The former is the kind of model that Minka is.

I have seen Minka briefly a few times while I’ve worked here.

The first time was the day I came to interview at The SCORE Group all those years ago. You can imagine what it was like. I was nervous and getting my game face on while walking up to the building, and then, all of a sudden, the door swings open and out comes Minka in a robe and rollers. You CANNOT imagine what my face looked like. I think I mouthed the words “HOLY SHIT” upon the visual assault her melons launched against my eyeballs. (Which were probably popping out of my head!) Needless to say, I landed the job, but that night I distinctly remember going home, and while everyone wanted to hear about my new job, all I could do was say, “I saw this pretty, Asian woman there and her tits were bigger than my HEAD!” over and over to whoever would listen. lol

The second time I saw her was when she was here to film a few hardcore scenes a while back. I walked into the studio and was talking to a BootyLicious model when Minka came up to me and said, “You have big boobs!” and sort of perused my rack while I sat there in awe and shock and a generally dumbfounded state.

The third time was today when Dave screamed at me from the studio, across our Creative Room and said,”Maria! Come in here! Run! Fast!” And when I skedaddled over, he introduced me to Minka. Yes, I was face to face with the Asian wonder, and boy was I tongue-tied. Minka’s ginormous chesticles stunned me into silence. I think I may have said one or two semi-spaztastic things before they ushered me away from her boobliness so I wouldn’t make more of a fool of myself.

“Wow!” I thought. “I fucking blew it!”

But then I thought…”How many people get to meet Minka? Dude. I need to go in there and redeem myself. I need to let her know that I can say more than just Minka and tits and drool.” So, I summoned up some courage and some brass cojones and busted back into the studio, interrupted Dave and Elliot’s interview with Minka and did a blog video. Two good things came of that. The first is that Minka was very nice and even took a pic with me after where she rested her hand on my heinie!!!! (OMG!)

In this photo, Minka's hand is resting on my ass. LOL YES!!!

In this photo, Minka's hand is resting on my ass. LOL YES!!!

The second is that Dave spilled the beans about an upcoming ULTIMATE MINKA DVD. Yeah! Awesome, eh? (Keep an eye out!) I know you die-hard Minka fans will love it!

All I can say is, see what happens when you don’t give up? I’ll let you go now so I can go sing “The Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha at the top of my lungs around the office. lol Enjoy the video and the shot of Minka and I. (I look short and flat-chested next to her, which is kind of funny, but her boobs are really as big as my head, so there is no way my rack would look impressive at all next to that.)

xoxo, Maria

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Whoa, Whoa, Whoa…She’s a Lady!

January 11, 2010 by Maria 9 Comments

How’s it hangin’, boob lovers? I am back with NEW BOOBS for your VIEWING (and boner-whacking) pleasure.

(Don’t you just love new boobs? It’s like Christmas every time we get new boobies in the studio!)

These lovely jugs belong to a very hot, caramel-skinned lovely named Lady Spyce. Lady is part African-American, White and Cherokee Indian. (I mistakenly thought that she was a Latina when I first saw her, though. It’s her lovely tan skin and her amazing dark nipples that threw me off.) She is from the San Fernando Valley, California and when she is not doing adult stuff (she is a rising porn star), she goes to school and studies business. (Beauty and brains and boobs. The three B’s of babe-ness.)

By now, you should know that I love sports almost as much as I love stacked chicks and so I was pleasantly surprised when Lady turned out to be a Lakers fan. (Or so she claimed on her model questionnaire when she first arrived in our studios.) Sometimes girls say that they love sports and when I ask them about the teams that they like, or who plays on said teams, they can only name one player. (Usually the hunky one who gets all the press.) Well, Lady turned out to be quite the sports buff. In fact, after this interview, we talked about the Lakers at length and she had a lot to say. I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s HOT when a chick is sports savvy. I mean, don’t you want to be able to take a busty babe to a game and have her enjoy it as much as you do? As a busty gal who loves sports, most of the guys I date say that my knowledge of teams and players is a turn-on.

And I must say that Lady’s tits are a turn-on, too. They are full and her areolae are nice and dark. She says she is sporting a DDD-cup, but I’m going to say that she is probably a full E-cup. And I would also like to point out that when she first gets up in this video and we see her heaving bosom practically popping out of this top…it’s pretty much perfect.

Enjoy Lady and her lush titties and stay tuned for more with this sexy West Coast babe.



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Tatiana. Totally fresh titanic tits. Our holiday gift to you.

December 24, 2009 by Dave 19 Comments

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays…whatever, Blog readers. I have a gift for you. Big, new, natural tits, unwrapped. They belong to Tatiana who has never gotten nude on camera anywhere. I’m not going to say much about Tatiana, other than that she’s only 4’10”, is really cute and has a pair of C-A-N-S! The video says more than I could possible say. Of course, she’s coming soon to SCORELAND and XLGIRLS.COM, but I couldn’t wait to see her naked and stormed into the studio, camera in hand. Enjoy. Jack if you want. Don’t worry about that “he knows if you’ve been bad or good” stuff. It’s too late for that. Have a great holiday.–Dave

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