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Rack it up with Siri’s first cover issue

June 22, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Now at stores or direct from your friends at SCORE.

The Net has your eye, this I cannot deny.
But a cover on a rack will freeze you in your track.

The annual all-naturals September ’12 issue of SCORE is now at your favorite newsstand or magazine store, or get it straight to your door from SCORE.

This year:

Siri’s first issue and her first cover. Enter for a chance to win her signed bra.
Alia Janine
Emilia Boshe
Jenna Valentine
Maggie Green and Angela White on one lucky putz.
Micky Bells
Nancy Navarro
Rachel Love in an exclusive interview.

Plus a “Supernaturals” special: Hitomi, Valory Irene, Venera, Karla James, Karina Hart, Diane Poppos, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Ines Cudna, Sharday, Merilyn Sakova and Christy Marks.

The DVD Pick  is Mammary Mambo starring G-cupper Arianna Sinn and KKK-cupper Miosotis in a clash of the titty titans. It’s a XXX breast-fest.

A curvy collection of cantilevered cleavage cuties cupping their compelling casabas!
You may resist but your pipe will persist.

The digital version for computers and tablets contains five embedded videos as a bonus:

Jenna Valentine
Maggie Green and Angela White
Micky Bells
Nancy Navarro
Rachel Love



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Right now at SCORELAND, you could win the shirt off Kitana’s chest!

June 18, 2012 by Dave 4 Comments

Chances are this shirt and cap won't look as good on you as they do on Kitana, but just think: If you win it, you could wear the same shirt that brushed up against her breasts.

The other day, SCORE head honcho John Fox dropped me and Elliot an email. It read, “Are you guys aware of these pix we shot for the Blog to promote the contest and the 20th Anniversary Special at SCORELAND? The shirt Kitana is wearing is actually one of the shirts being given away. When Dave said in a previous blog post that there were a very limited number, he wasn’t kidding. One lucky winner is going to get this shirt fresh off of Kitana’s chest!”

Indeed, starting today at SCORELAND, there are still 10 “20 for 20” gift packs to be won, all of them include a SCORE 20th anniversary shirt and cap, and one of those 10 (there’s really no way of knowing which one) could be the shirt and cap that Kitana is wearing in the photo to the left.

Kitana shows off her prizes.

We asked Kitana to take off her shirt so we could show you the other prizes in the gift pack. No, not her tits. Don’t you wish? I’m talking about the free mag of your choice and free DVD of your choice. No, Kitana’s tan lines aren’t in the gift pack, either, but one of the DVDs Kitana has fucked in, such as SCORE Xtra #13 or Hard SCORE #3, could be if you so choose.

So, anyway, go to SCORELAND, click on the “20 for 20” banner on the members home page, answer the three questions in the daily trivia contest, then hope your name is picked out of a hat. That’s all you have to do!

Of course, like I said the other day, the trivia contest has been a doozy so far. On Day Nine, nobody correctly answered all three questions, so we had to choose a winner from among those who got two out of three. As the late, great John Houseman might have said, you’re gonna have to win one of these gift packs the old-fashioned way. You’re gonna have to earn it.


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New DVDs at eBoobStore get down and dirty!

June 14, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

The erotic pleasures of cuddling and neck kissing.

The sensuous and intimate moments of the love between a man and a woman filmed through wine glasses.

You will see none of this garbage in the two new DVDs just added to SCORE‘s official on-line store.

So down, nasty and dirty, these DVDs were not released to the eBoobStore.

They escaped!

Two's company, three's a party.

SCORE Threesomes features that most universal of male fantasies: one man and two women.

It also has two scenes of big-boobed sex bombs in double-headers.

SCORE regular Brittany O’Neil and Florida MILF Amber Lynn Bach each wipe out two dudes.

Karen Fisher and Kelly Christiansen team up for action with a single guy dreaming about a fantasy fling.

Daylene Rio and Sara Jay give one man a hard time and a hard way to go with their raunchy bed skills.

Christy Marks and Carmen Hayes use their extreme flexibility to get in fucking positions the people who wrote the Kama Sutra didn’t know about.


Are you man enough to handle Daylene?

XXXtreme Daylene is dedicated to the one and only bad-ass busty angel from the city of angels, Daylene Rio.

“Guys have told me that they wished their women were like me,” Daylene said.

The four hour super-disc stars the busty Latina brunette in 12 XXX wall-to-wall fuck and tits ‘n’ tugs scenes. Plus, you’ll get to know Daylene in between-the-scenes interviews.

Story? Plot? Acting?

Watch Gone With The Wind for that.

See the two trailers at eBoobStore and watch in awe as these SCORE Girls flex their sex.

Then bring it on home.


Day Seven turned out to be the most-challenging by far so far in the “20 for 20” gift-pack giveaway at SCORELAND. Only one person answered all three questions correctly. None of the questions turned out to be easy (although all of them could have been answered by doing a little research on SCORELAND).

Which of these SCORE Girls is not Canadian?

A) Taylor Steele
B) Platinum Peaks
C) Tiffany Towers
D) Candy Hall

Candy Hall was born in Florida.

Who was the first guest on the first episode of SCOREtv?
A) Minka
B) Africa Sexxx
C) Daylene Rio
D) Morgan Leigh

Morgan Leigh was the first person with boobs to grace the SCOREtv set in Episode One.

How many different locations has Natalie Fiore had SCORE shoots in?
A) 4
B) 6
C) 3
D None of the above

Natalie Fiore has done shoots in Nassau, Prague, Grand Bahama Island and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Thirteen gift packs, each containing a highly-coveted SCORE polo shirt and cap (and more), remain to be won. Study up, SCORE Men! We’re not just giving these things away! You’re going to have to earn them.


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Here cums the bride…are you cumming?

June 13, 2012 by Maria 5 Comments

On her wedding night, Samantha put out...on-camera.

Ah, the bride pictorial. We’ve had a lot of busty brides at SCORELAND.

But my favorites have been Christy Marks and Samantha 38G.

Maybe because they look…convincing? I was on set for My Big Plump Wedding and I was THISCLOSE to Samantha 38G in that bride’s dress and she looked amazing.

But what do I know, right? I am a chick and for chicks, when we see a busty babe in a wedding dress, we just see the wedding dress. The details. The hair and makeup. The overall look.

Christy Marks might look like a blushing bride, but she probably shouldn't wear white cause this little lady likes to fuck!

I have never seen a bride and said, “Fuck, I’d like to lift her dress up and wear her pussy as a hat.”


So I had to do some research. And by research, I mean I interviewed Dave and Elliot. lol

This is what they had to say…

Maria: Hey guys, why do guys like the bride pictorials? Why do you like them?

Dave: You could be looking at someone’s wife, so you are about to see some other guy’s wife. Or it could be like a fantasy, like you are looking at your bride on your wedding night.

Maria: Are wedding dresses hot?

Elliot: I think the veil is hot. I think it would be hot with maybe, like, a baby-doll night gown. But those big wedding dresses are not hot.

Dave: They can be. Not always. They are usually tight. They usually show some boob.  You know the woman goes out of her way to look good. You see her and you know that this is probably the best you’re gonna ever see her because it’s her wedding day. 

Elliot: When a guy sees a girl in a wedding dress, he doesn’t think of Uncle Frank toasting the couple. He is thinking about the wedding night. He is thinking about her coming out of the bathroom in her wedding night lingerie and having sex in a hotel room with mirrors over the bed.

Dave: Yeah, it means that she has finally consented to having sex.

And there you have it.

I kind of agree with Dave about the looking her best part because if there is ever a day that a woman will look her best, it’s the day that she is a bride. And I kind of understand the whole anticipation to get in her pants thing.

What do you guys think?

Here comes the bride…are you cumming?




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Dangerous when wet or dry. The annual SCORE swimsuit edition is here

May 24, 2012 by Elliot James 10 Comments

August '12 SCORE

Every year since 2007, the August edition of SCORE has gone swimsuit-happy. Whether the girls are wearing extreme bikinis or dental-floss monokinis, you can bet that this delicate beachwear is strained, stressed and stretched to the ripping point when worn on the stacked body of a SCORE Girl.

This year’s shapely swimsuit sirens are:
Angela White
Brittany O’Neil
Christy Marks
Dolly Delight
Lana Ivans
Michelle Bond and Leanne Crow side-by-side in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Valory Irene

Get your copy now at your favorite store or visit eBoobStore. If you’ve gone digital for computers or tablets, the August ’12 SCORE in digital magazine format contains five embedded streaming videos.

Here’s a look back at the past five years of SCORE‘s swimsuit issues!

August '07 SCORE

August '08 SCORE

August '09 SCORE

August '10 SCORE

August '11 SCORE




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Sometimes, it’s not what you watch. It’s how you watch it.

April 28, 2012 by Dave 18 Comments

Kelly Christiansen knows that she's the one you paid to see.

Back in the old days (and for me, that was the late 1970s and early 1980s), if you wanted to see a porn movie, you basically had three choices: 1.) Go to a peep show emporium; 2.) Set up your 8mm projector in your basement, watch one of those old Swedish Erotica reels and hope the sprockets didn’t break; 3.) Go to an adult theater.

I don’t know about you, but I usually opted for No. 3., which entailed the following: 1.) Finding a seat as far from another person as possible (for obvious reasons); and then 2.) Sitting there and watching the entire movie (or movies, usually) from beginning to end, meaning all the sex and all the plot/acting in-between, hoping and waiting for something good to happen. And if it did, I’d have to wait another few hours if I wanted to see it again. Watching a porn movie was a very frustrating, very linear experience.

Of course, all that changed with videos and, then, DVDs, and, now, high-speed streaming videos online. You know, there are times when I pine for the days when I’d go to the adult theaters in Bay Shore, New York and Syracuse (the Westcott) and sit there for hours watching Desiree Cousteau and Seka. And then I come to my senses and think, “Idiot, those might have been the old days, but they definitely weren’t the good old days.”

Now, we watch what we want when we want it and in total privacy. We used to have to sit through a half-hour of Jamie Gillis making believe he was acting before getting what we paid our five bucks to see. Now, if I want to see Kelly Christiansen giving a blow job and not watch the setup, I can be there in seconds. Cum shot? No problem. I’m there. Instant gratification, and if I want to watch something again, I do it. No waiting. And no creepy seatmates, either. (One time at the “Triple Treat Theater” in Show World on Eighth Avenue in NYC, I noticed that the guy two seats down had his cock out and was jacking wildly; I moved just in time.)

Which brings me to the point of today’s Blog: How do you watch hardcore (or even solo) videos, either on SCORELAND or on DVD?

I’m guessing that a lot of you watch a scene straight-through (meaning from start to finish) the first time, then for all subsequent viewings, you jump right to your favorite moment or moments. But maybe some of you NEVER watch a scene from start to finsh. Maybe you’re always fast-forwarding and jumping around until you get to the key (jackable) moment. Of course, if you never watch a scene from start to finish, you might be missing out on some good stuff.

What’s your adult video viewing technique?


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Movies that tit-loving guys should own

March 19, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Add Venera's Busty Debut to your big boob library

A slim-and-stacked wonder

B.S. writes: “Thanks for the fast delivery of the DVD Venera’s Busty Debut. She is the wildest tit flopper I have ever seen. Those long, loose tits flapping and slapping at high speeds are a fantastic turn-on. I love the soundtrack with all the very loud tit slaps.

“Her high-energy style has those hangers going everywhere. Her bending-over tit-swinging and standing lifts and drops are awesome. Great camera work on the tit closeups and angles showing every detail. Nice blue-vein views. Venera is an overall beauty. I love her cute face and tiny ass with a full-sized pussy under it. Her ass and pussy cracks are about the same size. Please let us know what is next on Venera’s DVD schedule.”

Filmed in Jamaica, Venera’s Busty Debut was one of the DVDs Melissa Manning pulled out of a Xmas stocking on the latest episode of SCOREtv. Watch the trailer in the eBoobStore and you’ll see why B.S. is a satisfied tit-loving guy, ’cause seeing is believing. Venera is one of the world’s most naturally slim-n-stacked girls, a true wonder.






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The Rocky mountain highs of Sabina Leigh

March 14, 2012 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Sabina Leigh rides again!

She was a wholesomely sexy sorority girl in Pounding The Pledges and a fine dribbler in Bounce Baby Bounce!

If you saw Sabina Leigh‘s guest blog, you know she’s back at SCORELAND and with bigger Colorado mountains.

Sabina also hasn’t lost her cowgirl riding skills.

No bucking bronco can throw her. She grabs on tight, tits bouncing.

I know because I just watched this new video of Sabina in hip-grinding, hooter-shaking, hot and hard pole sliding.

Sabina intrigues me because:

A) She studies sexology and developed her own sex toy for females. Dave interviewed her about this. The video is still on SCORELAND.

B) She worked at a porn store. That always fascinates me. Girls who work in adult book shops fascinate me. A few of the models here have done that. Of course, they have to be attractive and have big tits. I’m discriminatory in that way. Sabina used to let me know when the store she worked in had distribution problems with TSG magazines, and we’d fix them. She told me she stopped working there because she felt awkward being in the magazines she was selling.

C) She has the approachable, real-life GND style about her, the opposite of the super-hardcore, West Coast professional porn stars.

Sabina’s big show goes live tomorrow. Don’t miss it.


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It can never get too overflowing and too overloaded @ SCORELAND, XLGirls & SCOREVideos

March 9, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments

Is this why oil prices have gone up?

Now at SCORELAND, Jasmine Shiraz, our resident Jersey Girl, shows how going oily to bed makes a man healthy, wealthy and extremely stiff. What Jasmine Shiraz does so beautifully: A.) Shakes her naturals up and down and side to side with exceptional skill. She could operate an Xbox Kinect with her boobs.  B.) Self-sucks and self-licks her nipples with excellent oral talents. C.) Oils herself like a Renaissance artist. I can imagine Jasmine at the New Jersey shore during the summer when she reaches for the bottle of suntan oil.

Natalie Fiore: enough sweatermeat for six so-called super-models.

Every time I see a new photo set or a video of Natalie Fiore, it’s like Thanksgiving. And her breasts just keep growing and growing. I’m in awe of that top-shelf expansion that never seems to end. Nassau, Prague, Grand Bahama Island, Mexico…every SCORE trip she takes, Natalie is bustier. She must need a full-time tailor to fit her. Any takers for the job? Take a number like I did and wait your turn for the interview. I have to throw in that Natalie really knows how to dress to impress. Her choices in tops, and everything else, are perfect. I’d love to do a tight titty-top video with her for SCOREtv one day.

First time XXX vid for Asha Marie @

She’s dressed in a tight, low-cut cardigan before the action kicks off, and there’s no better showcase than this kind to display Asha Marie’s sensational trophies today at In the video (her first guy-girl XXX) when cam-girl/web designer Asha says, “Put that cock in my tight, little ass,” the video editor should have added a majestic choral music overlay to the audio. “I love my life, and I’m not sure there’s much I want to do that I haven’t done yet but I’m always open to new experiences,” Asha revealed. “I’m happy and I like it when life surprises me. I love sex, especially oral, giving and receiving.”

Two fistfuls of Maserati

Maserati is a fairly recent arrival and someone who had to be in SCORE and V-mag. It’s rack attack time at SCORELAND tomorrow with more bumping and grinding by awesome Maserati in a hardcore special. Sport fucking. It’s the only sport Maserati seems to like. “I am a super girly-girl,” she said. “Playing sports breaks nails!” She sure knows how to put a guy’s nuts in third gear.

Lots of props come in after a Maserati photo set or video. This one by Brad was different than most. He wrote, “It seems kinda weird, but as much as I love seeing Maserati fuck, I’d love to see her in more solo scenes. Obviously, this goddess looks amazing in hardcore, but she’s just so fucking perfect, I want to worship her solo as well!” No worries, Brad. We love solos, too.

And now we come to Amber Lynn Bach, who I have always enjoyed seeing in action. Amber is Bach at SCORELAND on Sunday, and she hasn’t changed a bit since she was playing hooky at a few years ago. What’s different in this spankin’ new scene, “Three’s Cum-pany,” is that Amber does her first threesome for SCORE, and it’s a cum-dinger. Hot, nasty and furious, the way a threesome should be. This ain’t the romance hour, and these two dudes are not bringing Amber flowers and chocolate. I have to give Amber 200% props for this one. She’s a real slim ‘n’ stacked steamer, and the way she gets her supple bod into a non-stop series of gym-nasty fucking-and-sucking positions truly impressed me. I didn’t know she was that athletic. I called it a big-boobed ballet of boning. After watching it, I called our DVD producer, E., who I knew was putting together a SCORE threesome DVD for an upcoming catalog, and urged him to add the scene to it.

You name the position, Amber Lynn Bach can handle it

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Let White light up your night. It’s only right.

March 1, 2012 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Tell me you don’t have the DVD Angela White Finally Fucks on your big-boob video library shelf.

If you don’t, my only advice is to get it now.

So “carpe diem,”  Boob Brothers. That means “Drop your cocks and grab your socks.”

It’s one of the best and hottest SCORE  has made in only the last 20 years.

How many boob-hounds do you know who would fly Angela from Australia to St. Maarten, bring along Maggie Green for the ride and spend a week following Angela with cameras rolling as she did her first hardcore-action scenes?

I’ll tell you. No one else. There is no one.

At SCORE, Angela is a VIP and she’s been a VIP since 2003.

Get yours fast and easy from eBoobStore. You owe it to yourself.

And you’ll have it anytime you want to see Angela treat the hard wood as only she can.

There’s tons of porn stars out there. Most of them look alike, talk alike, think alike, walk alike and most of them bang alike.

But there’s only one Angela White.

Why do you think Angela was voted SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year?

You’ll thank us later when you have the time.








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