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New TITS! Anna Kay, corn-fed cutie.

September 24, 2009 by Maria 21 Comments

I love it when I walk into the studio and I hear my favorite words:

“Maria, there is a new V-Mag model in here today.”

Every time I hear those words, it’s like Christmas! Why? Because I know that a.) I’m gonna get to see boobs I’ve never seen before! (YAY!) and b.) You are going to get to see boobs that you have never seen before. (Double YAY!)

Well, this was one of those new tits days!

This fresh pair of tits belongs to the lovely and stacked Anna Kay, a super-hottie from Indiana. Not only is Anna a cutie, but she is also a sweetie. After a long day of filming XXX video (Her first time doing boy/girl, just FYI…), Anna took the time to let us get to know her a bit and to show us her rack! (Her tits are AMAZING!)

You can see more of Anna in the upcoming Holiday ’09 issue of V-Mag (With a very-revealing interview, too!), but until then, check her out here compliments of me, your fellow boob-lovin’ editor.



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SCORELAND House of Pancakes

September 16, 2009 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Friends, roamers, models, actual SCORELAND members…lend me your ears. I come to praise areolae, not to bury my face in them. (Otherwise known as motorboating.)

Areolae are often neglected even by the most hardcore breast fanatics. We’re guilty of neglect, too. In many of our model interviews, we ask about breast size, weight, bra preferences, nipple stimulation and play… but we sometimes suck at areolae questions.

The areola is more than a perimeter of tawny real estate surrounding the nipple, a bullseye to help you hone in on the nipple. The areola is very interesting. No two are exactly identical. When I write the “Boob Beat” column in SCORE magazine, I pick up all kinds of interesting facts. Such as when a woman’s arousal winds down, her erect nipple seems to shrink. What happens is that the areolae enlarge, making the nipples look smaller. The areolae become engorged and wrinkled as orgasm winds down. That makes the nipples look larger.

In honor of the oft-neglected areolae, I give you a selection of super-wide pancake areolae. The biggest I can find on SCORELAND! There’s more later.

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Renee Ross: Jumpin’ rope with J-cups

September 3, 2009 by Maria 11 Comments

Hi guys! Well, last week Renee was here blogging and answering all of your queries as well as signing magazines for five of you lucky guys to win. But did you think that was all I had of Renee for you? Of course not. Surely by now you have more faith in me than that.

As I have mentioned in the past, I box, and one of my favorite things to do when I train is speed rope. It’s like jumping rope on overdrive. And I will admit that when I do this, I like to watch my boobs bounce up and down in the mirror. lol (I think my coach and the other guys in the boxing gym like to watch me jump, too.)

So, I thought it would be a great idea to ask Renee to jump rope while she was here. I will admit that in my imagination, when I envisioned Renee jumping up and down, I saw it in super-fast-forward. I envisioned her tits going up and down and up and down at neck-breaking speeds. However, it is quite hard to jump rope topless with J-cups, as I soon found out. But Renee is a great sport and she tried her hardest to make my dreams come true. lol

In the end, I realized that my hyper-fast jump roping was not going to happen, but Renee gave me an, er, booby prize, and let me catch her boobs while she jumped up and down, and gentlemen, let me just tell you that you haven’t lived until you catch a J-cup in the palm of your hand. Heavy and heavenly I tell you!

Now, in the original version of this clip, our video editor Lester left in about 30 seconds of me jumping rope for Renee, but I said, “No! Take me out! Put more or Renee jumping up and down topless!” and he did. Thank goodness because every second of Renee’s tatas in motion is a thing of beauty. Enjoy it, gentlemen!

* Maria

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Daylene Rio’s a handy girl to have around

August 29, 2009 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Tomorrow, Sunday, SCORELAND has Daylene Rio from California taking matters into her own hands. If you don’t know who Daylene is, you’re missing out because she’s one of the hottest babes of the last two years. She’s an exotic dancer and only fairly recently went from nude modeling to full-on XXX nutbusting. Tanned, brunettte, Latina, very sexy body, pretty face, wears hot clothes all the time. A real head-turner.

In the video (and matching photos), Daylene shows off her big tits, then strokes and tit-fucks a dick to a happy ending all over her chest and hands. She and her tits inspire a mess. And while she’s doing that, she’s talking about how she likes cock between her boobs and in her hands and making eye-contact. She gives great jack chat. (The camerawork is point-of-view, my favorite style of skinamatography.) I loved it.

I feel like sending Daylene a fan letter myself after seeing it. Watch Daylene as she spends the day at the SCORE Studio. She’s a hottie! What a great neighbor she’d make.

Yes, very handy to have at home.

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Guest blogger: V-Girl Bailey Santanna is in the house!

August 25, 2009 by Dave 15 Comments

Bailey Santanna flew all the way from California to be with us this week, so we asked her if she wanted to be a guest blogger. This self-described nerd enthusiastically replied, “Sure! I love to blog!” Bailey will be in the studio all day today (Tuesday), so if you have any comments or anything to ask her, fire away!

Tuesday, August 25th, 12:36 p.m.

I didn't expect to be blogging when I came to SCORELAND, but like I told Dave, I blog all the time at home…not about my boobs, though!

I didn't expect to be blogging when I came to SCORELAND, but like I told Dave, I blog all the time at home…just not about my boobs!

Hello, guys! This is Bailey Santanna here on Day 2 of my shoot here at SCORELAND. We’re shooting a really great film with lots of my favorite girls…and a few of my favorite guys. 🙂

When I received my copy of the October 2009 Voluptuous, I instantly fell in love with Renee Ross when I saw her on the cover. I eagerly read the article with her photos and was so sad to see she’s from Virginia. What a bummer! That’s so far away from California; I’d never get to meet her. But when I arrived here yesterday, imagine my surprise when Renee got on the hotel shuttle with me! I had no idea we’d be shooting together. Not only is she gorgeous, she’s incredibly nice. I’ve spent the last two days with her, and the only thing I can say I regret is that we don’t have a sex scene together. 🙁 She told me that she loves doing scenes with girls. She has a scene with a couple of girls for the movie we’re shooting, and I’m going to talk to the people here and beg them to let us do a scene together for something soon! We’re both busty blondes (and we have the exact same color eyes: blue-green), and I think we’d have a really hot scene together. 🙂 Please write in and help me get my dream girl, guys!

I'm so happy I got to meet Renee Ross!

I'm so happy I got to meet Renee Ross!

The movie itself is going really well. The set they built is phenomenal. I can’t believe how much effort they put into making this a really quality production. The script is great. We spent the entire first day just making sure the dialogue and outfits are perfect. We shot several scenes that I think went really great. I’d done a little bit of acting (for fun) in high school, and it all came back to me as we were shooting. I must admit, at first I was nervous, but we practiced our lines together many, many times even before the cameras were turned on, so by the time we were actually rolling, we had them down perfect. They put so much time and effort into getting the shot several times from many different angles. I can’t wait to get my copy!

I’m about to get ready for my upcoming scene. The guy I’m having sex with is Sergio. He’s playing a rock star, and I’m the star-struck receptionist. I don’t think it will be too hard to act giddy. He’s a pretty hot stud if you ask me!

Here I am in the dressing room with Samantha and Renee. If you're wondering what I'm doing, I'm getting my nipples ready!

Here I am in the dressing room with Samantha and Renee. If you're wondering what I'm doing, I'm getting my nipples ready!

Here I am with my new bosom buddies, Samantha and Renee. Samantha looks so sexy in those f-me pumps!

Here I am with my new bosom buddies, Samantha and Renee. Don't you think Samantha looks hot in those f-me pumps?

The outfits they’re putting me in are pretty great, too. Tight, teeny dresses and skirts with bras my tits just fall right out of. It’s so strange to be on a set with a bunch of girls with tits as big as mine, or bigger! We spent more than a couple minutes yesterday comparing them. Samantha, Renee and I had to pull them out and compare. We decided that Renee’s are the heaviest (she says she weighed them in at 16 pounds each!), Samantha’s are the biggest and I have the nicest nipples. 🙂 We took a couple of funny pics with Samantha’s breasts wrapped around my head. I’ve given “earmuffs” to many people before, but her massive jugs were heavy! (And distracting. I couldn’t even remember that I was supposed to smile. I was too busy trying to keep my hands from wrapping around her massive rack!)

Renee and Samantha decided I have the nicest nipples. Well, here they are!

Renee and Samantha decided I have the nicest nipples. Well, here they are…along with the rest of my big jugs!

I was so happy to see myself on the cover of the Sept. ’09 V-Mag!

I was so excited to see myself on the cover of the Sept. ’09 V-Mag!

Thank you so much to all of you who love me. I love you, too! It’s you guys who keep me coming back to SCORELAND, and SCORELAND is by far my most favorite place to be. I’m so proud to have been on the cover of the September 2009 issue of Voluptuous, as well as on the website I just love any chance I get to show off my massive jugs, and having great fans like you to encourage me makes it all worth it. 🙂

I’m here all day, so if you have any questions or comments, let me know ASAP and I’ll get back to you between shoots. I love blogging, and I love my fans, so write in. But today only!

Thank you all, and I’m excited to imagine you watching me in this upcoming film.

I love you guys!–Bailey Santanna

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Polls results and a fresh poll question

August 23, 2009 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts
No man could hold his load with Cindy Cupps tit-fucking him.

No man could hold his load with Cindy Cupps tit-fucking him.

Crystal Gunns first and last titty-fucking scene.
Crystal Gunns’ first and last titty-fucking scene.

Our third poll is completed and the results are in. The question was, “What is your favorite type of sex to have with a busty girl?” 254 of you voted and we thank you for that. The winner by a slim margin was tit-fucking with 28% followed by anything (26%), then pussy (24%), ass (12%) (Yeah, it’s the most high maintenance.) and mouth (10%).

We were kinda surprised by the high percentage of guys who are not picky about their favorite body part. We guessed that fucking a girl’s tits would win out. Anyway, upping the amount of tit-fucking on SCORELAND is probably a good idea in light of this info.

For our new poll, we’re asking if you’ve ever sneaked a photo of a busty girl who caught your eye in public. We don’t mean peeping in someone’s window or hiding a camera in a ladies locker room. We mean just grabbing a shot in the street or at some public area. The widespread number of cell phone cameras not to mention those fancy spy cameras shaped like common objects have really sparked a trend.

Busty girls don't sneak pics of guys.

Busty girls don't sneak pics of guys.

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Busty Lesbians…fuck yes!

August 21, 2009 by Maria 10 Comments
When a woman sucks another woman's nipple, it's hot!

When a woman bites another woman's nipple, it's hot! Like Eden and Bozena in a girl-girl scene from the DVD Knockin' Nipples.

Okay, So I feel like right off the bat I need to put this little disclaimer out there…

I am NOT going to blog today from the perspective of the man-hating dyke.

I wanted to put that out there because:

1) I am not a dyke.

2) I challenge you to find someone who loves the baloney pony more that I do.

But I am going to blog as a woman who, from time to time, enjoys another woman. It doesn’t make me any less attracted to men, but honestly, you know how you get turned on when you see a hot chick? So do I. How about when you see two hot chicks doing slippery and nasty things to each other’s bodies? You get worked up, right? You want to be in that sticky, girl sandwich, right?

Rebecca and Holly gettin' it on by the pool is my favorite scene from Busty Snatch Club.

Rebecca and Holly gettin' it on by the pool is my favorite scene from Busty Snatch Club.

Um, yeah…me, too.

Now, some people will tell you that lesbian porn is all the same. Not true, say I.

Some of it is just plain awful. I know, I’ve seen it. It’s about as hot as lukewarm coffee and it pisses me off. No one wants to watch two women half-heartedly going at it. It’s not entertaining.In fact, I would rather watch golf on television than see terrible lezzie porn, and I fucking HATE golf on T.V. Ugh. Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

So what makes lezzie porn good? Well, to me, I think it’s the buildup. I am not so much interested in two women jack-hammering each other’s twats with plastic cocks or even fingers. I am not really even that interested in seeing them lick each other’s cunts. (Although none of this is bad at all. It’s just not my favorite

When Kelly Kay and Linsey Dawn bumped bosoms, it was HOT!

When Kelly Kay and Linsey Dawn bumped bosoms, it was HOT!


To me, the hottest thing about watching two big-titted lezzies go at it, is the boob-play. (And maybe some making out. Seriously, there is nothing sexier that two women making out, soft lips on soft lips, hands exploring each other…maybe even some soft, feminine moaning.) But overall, the boob-play makes it all happen for me.

I like to see two women caress each others breasts and maybe suckle one another. I like to watch some lite biting and maybe even some titty-slapping. I want them to mash each other’s tits together and tweak each other’s hard nips. This is

I dig that Kathy tweaks Linzi C.'s dugs in this shot. Why? Because I'm sure it feels good!

I dig that Kathy tweaks Linzi C.'s dugs in this shot. Why? Because I'm sure it feels good!

what makes it hot for me. Maybe because in my mind I think that women know how to push each others buttons and when they handle each others tits, they do so as if they were fondling their own breasts.

I’ve had this conversation with my guy friends and while some of them tell me that they prefer to see two chicks and a guy in a porno (Because all of them list a B/G/G threesome as their ultimate fantasy.), most of them agree that lesbian foreplay, especially tit-play, is the hottest stuff you can jack to.

But then again they all said that they could jack to just about anything, so they might not be the best people to ask. lol

Luckily, I can blog about it and get your opinions. So, let me have it, tit men. Are you into the lezzie porn? What makes it good for you? And what big titters would you like to see go at in the future?

And Exotica is the other half of my girl-on-girl wet dream.

And Exotica is the other half of my girl-on-girl wet dream.

Ines Cudna is one-half of my ultimate lesbian fantasy.

Ines Cudna is one-half of my ultimate lesbian fantasy.

If you ask me, my fantasy lezzie mashup would involve Ines Cudna and Latina lovely, Exotica. Probably covered in oil and screaming all sorts of profanity and slutty raunchiness while tweaking each other’s nipples and makin’ out. YUM.

Can’t wait to hear yours!



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The Motorboat: Why I am an old sailor…

August 20, 2009 by Maria 10 Comments
Motorboating: Fun for everyone involved!

Motorboating: Fun for everyone involved!

Titties, titties, titties…you gotta fuckin’ love them!
I know I do. I mean, they bounce, they jiggle, they’re squishy and full and sucking on them is sorta nutritious. You can slap ’em around and pinch ’em and they are great things to sandwich your hands or your cock between.

But you want to know what my favorite thing about big tits is?


If you just stopped reading this and asked, “What’s that mean?” then you need to hang your head in shame and turn in your big-tit lover’s card. It’s been revoked!

Okay, not really, but that just means I will have to take this time to explain what motorboating is.

Unlike Elliot, the boob Jedi here at SCORE, I am not going to go into a very detailed explanation of the history of the term motorboat here. (Sorry Elliot, not knocking your research! lol) I’ll just explain where I first heard the term and then what it is.

There is a wonderful, little flick called Wedding Crashers and in it there is a scene where Owen Wilson’s character has just been come on to by smoking-hot cougar, Jane Seymour. Afterward, he meets up with his best bud, played by the always-funny Vince Vaughn and explains that this MILF just forced him to grope her breasts, Vince Vaughn says:

Hey, what were they like anyway? They looked pretty good, are they real? Are they built for speed or comfort? What’d you do with them? Motorboat? You play the motorboat?
[makes sputtering motorboat noise] You motorboatin’ son of a bitch! You old sailor you!”

Basically, what it means to motorboat a hot set of tits is when you wedge your face between them and either squeeze the tits firmly about your mug or have the woman, whom said tits belong to, squeeze them for you. Then you proceed to make a sputtering motor noise with your mouth and shake your head back and forth in her cleavage.

Infantile? Maybe. But I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me every time I do it to a big set of hooters. I can’t tell you how many strippers I’ve done this to, either.

But the funny thing is how many NORMAL, EVERY-DAY, AVERAGE WOMEN have let me do this to their tits, too. Or how many men and women have asked to do it to me. (In fact, I once hosted a charity booth for breast cancer where I let strangers motorboat me for $1 for a couple of hours. About $500 later, I came to terms with the power of the motorboat! lol) Maybe it’s because it was brought into the mainstream by Wedding Crashers, but you would be surprised how many people motorboat tits and how many big-titted women are okay with it. And seriously, in a world full of dirty, nasty sexual things that you CAN’T do in public, motorboating is just good, clean fun. lol

Luckily, I managed to get a shot of Renee Ross motorboating once of our studio lads to illustrate the proper way this should be done.

My advice, go out to your local bar or pool hall and find yourself a big-breasted babe. Buy her a drink and then, after you’ve exchanged the preliminaries and she is convinced you’re a great guy, ask her if you can motorboat her boobs. Now, it may not work all the time (Men have asked me and sometimes I have said no…but there are plenty of times I’ve said yes.), but chances are, she might say yes and you will get to mash your face into her sweet valley of tit-flesh.

And once you do, I suggest you hang on and ride the tide, you old sailors, you!



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How big are J-cups?

August 17, 2009 by Elliot James 10 Comments

In one of last week’s blogs, Maria asked how many items could be stuffed into a large cleavage bin. This is sort of a follow-up along that line. We have a cool Renee Ross video for you today shot by Maria.  It’s kind of like a Japanese game show without any dangerous stunts. Today is Renee’s chance to show us how big  her J-cup wonders are compared to common objects. First a ball. Then, a balloon. Maria somehow found a soccer ball from an old pictorial. And finally, a desk globe. We were more than impressed by Renee’s ability to hold the soccer ball under one hooter. That means she could do the same to a guy’s head. I’m sure that would be a lot more fun than being waterboarded and probably would yield more information too. We applaud Maria too for juggling both camera and props. Well done, my lovely co-worker.

Now we know what Renee’s J-cups are like compared to household objects, there’s a better sense of perspective. J-cups are MASSIVE!

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Ya gotta love a girl who loves her tits!

August 14, 2009 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts
Angel Gee: tiny but titty-full

Angel Gee: tiny but titty-full

This weekend, we have an interview with Angel Gee, who’s tiny (5′, 124 pounds) but unbelievably super-stacked at 42-28-38. The interview is part of her swimsuit pictorial in the August ’09 SCORE. When we asked her about bras, she said, “I like Victoria’s Secret. They have really nice bras, even though they don’t fit me that well. I get a size smaller so it pushes my breasts up. It might not fit right but it looks better! It brings them up and out. Brings them to the center of attention. It doesn’t fit right, but it looks good, and that’s what counts.”

I paid close attention to what Angel was saying. Even if a bra doesn’t fit right, she’s willing to make the sacrifice to look hot to guys. Angel loves tits, the bigger the better. I love that attitude. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there are still some women who have as big a breast fetish as guys do. We just don’t see them on TV or in the print media. How many big-boobed actresses get TV shows? Or become news anchors? (Except for Latin TV.) So Angel’s point-of-view helps to re-energize things. I like girls who are 100% comfortable in their own skin, and she is.

“I love to be naked,” Angel said. She lives in the country, not in any fast-paced big cities. “If I’m just walking around the house, if I’m not naked, I’m wearing something skimpy, like little booty shorts and a little, tight top. And I walk my dogs like that, and there are a few neighbors where I am, but I don’t care. And I love heels! I think I was born in them. I even walk around the house in them. My slippers have heels. I just like to be sexy and dress up, and I love to dress down.”

Those pierced nipples? She talks about them, too. But that’s another story.

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