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Jasmine Jones’s first boom-boom in the bum-bum at

August 3, 2013 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Jasmine Jones is a hot Texas housewife with big tits and a fetish for cum-play. (“I like it all over my face, dripping from my mouth and just all over me,” says Jasmine.)

She is not a dancer or a nudist. She is a swinger and has a cam at home. (“I’ve been a swinger for about five years.”)  She watches a lot of porn and loves it. One thing led to another so…

Jasmine says her boobs are a 38DDD. She loves having them sucked and fucked and is not deprived in that department.

Jasmine began at last October and decided to try her first anal scene, now showing this weekend. I asked her about her first boom-boom in the bum-bum. This is an excerpt from our Q&A.

XL: Do you practice anal sex on a regular basis at home?

Jasmine: No, I have only done it a few times at home

XL: On a pleasure scale, how do you rate anal sex compared to pussy sex?

Jasmine: I like it especially when I like to get a bit rough. Pussy sex is always going to be the best, but anal ranks pretty high!

XL: How do you prepare your ass for anal sex? Do you use butt plugs?

Jasmine: I don’t use anything to prepare. As far as stretching goes, I want him to stretch me open on his own.

XL: Do you have any advice or recommendations for those who haven’t done anal but are interested in trying it one day on-camera?

Jasmine: Yes, relax and have a good time. Start off slow and before you know it, you will be screaming with pleasure.

Jasmine says the most-fun job she ever had was being an activity director at an assisted living community. Think about that for a few minutes.

Jasmine Jones's jugs jiggle with joy.


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Beti Phellasio in September ’13 XLGirls. Grab it!

July 29, 2013 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Now on sale: September '13 XL Girls magazine.

Mag readers are getting their first look at Beti Phellasio, a new British babe who comes prepared to blow you away with her girl-next-door face and 38G hooters in the September ’13 XL Girls (SP253), now on sale at your favorite rack or directly through the SCORE Store.

Beti lists deep-throating as one of her talents.  “I’m an exhibitionist,” she said. “I eat up attention. I love attention. I dress to show off my body.” I’m telling you, Beti has big things ahead of her.

Also starring in this issue packed with superstars and popular names:

Angel DeLuca in XXX hardcore.

Anorei Collins in XXX hardcore.

Charlotte from Germany.

Krissy Dawson from the Czech Republic.

Marilyn Mayson pictorial and interview.

Marilyn White.

Molly Howard.

Sofia Rose.

XL Legends: a special about the stars of our earliest editions.

Get your copy today.

The flip side.



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Busty newcomer watch!

July 24, 2013 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Brittany Kendall’s friend recommended she model for SCORE so she took the advice and contacted us. Brittany’s from San Diego, California, a good place for girls to wear bikinis and hang out at the beach.

Which is what Brittany likes to do in her spare time.

When someone says her most fun job was stripping, you know you have a live wire.

She likes to cook, watch football and she’s not shy about taking her clothing off. Our kind of girl.

Brittany likes to buy her bras at Frederick’s Of Hollywood. Their lingerie is considered more blatantly in-your-face-sexy than their competitor, Victoria’s Secret. So I liked that Brittany goes for horny over foo-foo.

See Brittany’s SCORELAND debut tomorrow.

Brittany Kendall.


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The other side of Kelly Christiansen

July 2, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Kelly believes in turning the other cheek.

And that other side is also an ass-tounding sight.

Coming or going, Kelly Christiansen will always have our full support when she brings up the rear.

“I’m definitely not shy anymore, and that’s a good thing,” Kelly says. Modeling at SCORE and winning Model of the Year (for 2011) has been a positive experience for her. Without a liberal husband, she wouldn’t have contacted in the first place. So he has our thanks, too.

Kelly’s monokini pictorial on June 29 is her best solo photo set so far, in my opinion.

“KC is a living, breathing wet dream yet somehow seems accessible and approachable. That’s some juggling act for a woman of her beauty,” K.S. wrote in “Scorecard.” “I’m sure her husband doesn’t need reminding that he’s one of the luckiest men alive.”

Amen to that.


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What does the world need more of?

June 23, 2013 by Elliot James 5 Comments

What does the world need more of? Do we need more doctors and engineers? More cab drivers, stock brokers and computer programmers? No. We don’t need them.

What we really need more of are hot, stacked babes who will drop their bras and show their sweet stuff for the camera.

Montreal hottie Bella French is what the world needs more of.

“This is a very big deal for me!” Bella said when she toured the SCORE building. “I’m excited and hope you guys are happy with everything I do and my pictures. I’ve been waiting for this. When you guys told me you wanted to take me to the Bahamas, I was jumping up and down.”

See Bella today and tomorrow at SCORELAND.

You’re gonna like the way she looks.

From the great nation of Canada.

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Monokini time with Rockell is time well spent

June 2, 2013 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Rockell rocks it again.

This pictorial of Rockell going up today has some mighty hot shots, including some fingering.

You may want to make a few wallet-sized copies of this photo so you can show your friends what goes on at your favorite website. I don’t think Rockell wears this at the beach.

There’s a video interview with Rockell coming soon.

You will learn all of Rockell’s secrets.

Well, some of them.

Maybe a few choice tit-bits.

Okay, whatever Rockell wants to tell us.


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Roxanne Miller’s favorite photo shoot

May 19, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Roxanne Miller (January ’13 and Holiday ’12 SCORE; December ’12 Voluptuous) tells me that her favorite photo shoot is the one that will be running today and tomorrow at SCORELAND.

What does she like about it so much?

“I am a bit of a fetishist… makes me wet…and in that one I look like a mistress,” explains Roxanne, who wears her kinky boots well.

I’m sure you wouldn’t complain if Roxanne forced you to suck her nipples and tongue her pussy and ass.

Roxanne Miller's magazine debut.

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The rise of the selfies

May 13, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

A selfie is a photo from mild to wild that a girl takes of herself with a digital camera or phone, then invariably posts it on some social network site.

There are two kinds of selfies. Sometimes the selfie is taken in a mirror; other times when the camera is at arms-length. Then there are the double selfies when the photographer and her friend are in the shot.

Selfies came into their own when cell phones began adding camera capabilities around 2004 but they really took off when smartphones hit in 2007.

Girls could have been taking selfies for years but they didn’t. If I had told a girl in school to take a self-shot of herself, she’d have thought I was nuts. They never thought of it for a second. And there was no internet. Who would see them?

Cameras the size of smartphones and smaller have been around for decades but the exposed film needed processing and that was 24 hours at the quickest, although Polaroid cameras produced instant prints.

Ease of use and immediate gratification is what attracts girls to selfies plus the websites to show themselves to the world. The latest digital cameras and smartphones can even show the subject what the picture will look like before she takes it.

Today, girls are camera-crazy and the smartphone is responsible for it.

Social scientists are just now beginning to study this exploding phenomenon.

I like seeing SCORELAND models’ selfies. It’s just not easy for them to get their boobs in the shot.

Krystal Swift pops a selfie.



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A busty stripper turned me into a zombie

May 9, 2013 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Yesterday’s Blog by Dave brought back many happy memories of sitting stage-side in strip clubs with glazed eyes and heightened expectations of who was going to take it off next.

And those expectations were the only I had. Never go to a strip club thinking you’re going to “get lucky” or meet a future girlfriend. Just take it for what it offers: a parade of naked, dancing tits and ass inches from your face and a fun way to hang out for a couple of hours.

Yes, I was a zombie and a happy one. Dancers turned me into a zombie and I enjoyed every second.

I’m no longer a strip club zombie. I’ve stopped going to strip clubs because it’s impossible to find big-boobed dancers anymore in South Florida.  In fact, the last one I actually saw was now-retired Cindy Cupps at the Booby Trap in Pompano Beach.

However, if you know of any, we want to know, so contact us at or visit

And now for a special dance by Daphne Rosen.

And happy birthday to:

Susie Wilden May 9

Toni Evans May 10

Nikki Smith May 10

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