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Real busty wives of SCORELAND and XLGirls

November 8, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Kelly is SCORE Model of the Year 2011 and a reader's wife.

The SCORELAND members poll asked a tough question.

“Your girlfriend or wife wants to model in a XXX boy-girl video with a pro stud. How do you react?”

The results were:

37%  would firmly object to the idea

35%  would support her decision

16%  would neither support or object to it

11%  said they would try to talk her out of it

The reason I brought it up was because of the recent trend in married ladies modeling for SCORE, V-mag and XLGirls. The mature genres have always attracted wives, divorcees and swingers, but the big-bust girls tend to be not married. In fact, a big part of the appeal of the taboo-busting mature woman genre is that she’s either married or was married, has kids or is a swinger.

At XLGirls, some of the recent wifey arrivals include Zeta Verrone, Jasmine Jones and Danica Danali.

At SCORELAND and SCOREVideos, there’s Siri, Dallas Dixon, Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley and, of course, 2011 Model of the Year Kelly Christiansen.

The results surprised me considering that this is a hot-button topic that involves the basic human emotions of jealousy, marital fidelity and possessiveness. I was predicting almost no neutrality, but there’s that 16% zone that was much larger than I would have estimated.

This was in sharp contrast to a previous poll asking: “If your girlfriend was asked to model nude professionally, what would your reaction be?”

47%  said she could model if she wanted to.

18%  would object to the idea of her modeling.

34%  would encourage her to try it.

So solo modeling is okay, for the most part, but sex with another guy can be the deal-breaker.

None of the married models wanted to hide their status and some seemed proud of the fact. Some of them talked about their spouses who encouraged them, such as Barbie’s husband, a longtime reader.

This leads us to the ultimate poll question:

Do you lose interest if you learn that a model is married?

11%  said yes

41%  said no

48%  said it doesn’t matter

So for the majority, a model being married doesn’t spoil the fun and might even fuel-up their pleasure. Only a small percentage were bugged by the knowledge that a model is someone’s wife.

Crunching all these numbers and counting all these beans leads me to conclude that more busty married women should model at SCORELAND.

I invite them to step forward and visit

Dallas Dixon has a full-time job and a husband but she made time for V-mag and sex with professional cockslingers.


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Janne’s rockets add weight to the Czech Republic’s missile race

October 27, 2012 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts


Janne's in October '12 V-mag.

October ’12 Voluptuous covergirl Janne Hollan is back  for a bra and stocking stuffer with a creamy finish.

Miss Hollan is another Eastern European babe with a curvy body and tits that take control and won’t let go.

I need to do a count one day and see which nation stacks up the best in the naturals missile race at SCORELAND. It’s either going to be the Czech Republic or Great Britain, the way I see it. I’m ashamed that the USA lags behind. Yeah, we’ve had Melissa Manning, Roxi Red, Jasmine Shiraz, Anjii Ross , Melissa Reed and Sadie Blooms among the recent American newcomers, but that’s not enough to defeat the European juggernaut. More American girls need to step up to the plate and contact

Janne  has a day job in Prague, Czech Republic as a customer service agent for a car company, but I’ll bet she thinks about modeling during office hours. I’ll also bet she wears low-cut blouses at work.

“I love big cars and big trucks,” says Janne, apparently no Smart car fan. “My dream car is a Hummer.” Janne should move to America and bring her missiles with her because those old, narrow Prague streets have no room for Hummers.

Well, I can dream.


And at, Jolie Rain is back in an all-new XXX scene. Where’s Jolie been? Well, for starters, in Iraq serving in the army! And now the redhaired vixen brings her rack back for a tit attack! Coming soon to the Blog for a video chat and coming to SCORELAND for a hot bouncing shaggeroo!

Jolie Rain: The Redhead With A Rack Is Back at

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“Stripping is fun” says Kalila Kane at SCORELAND

October 10, 2012 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Kalila will now bounce for your entertainment pleasure.

“Stripping is fun,” says Kalila Kane, a newbie who was encouraged to contact SCORE by her friend (who is now also our friend for this boobmanitarian act). It’s just as much fun to watch says me, a guy who has spent countless yet productive hours in strip joints, topless bars and burlesque theaters. I find that most exotic dancers are very giving girls. They’re always giving their clothes away.

Bouncing boobs are an untapped source of alternative energy (like wind power), and Kalila’s jiggling, shaking and bouncing video today proves it. She has a lot of bounce to the big-boob ounce. Stripping off, Kalila climbs into bed and fingers herself to happy town. She really spreads the wealth, too, doing great pink spreading for a newbie. I would have liked to have seen some dancing also. Maybe next time.

“I might be addicted to masturbating,” the brunette hottie said. That’s a good thing.

How hot will Kalila get now that she has busted her video cherry? We don’t use the I Ching here to predict those events. We use the I Jack. Time will tell.

Kalila has a number of very interesting hobbies, too. Stuff you’d never guess. Read all about them.


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SCORE covergirl Sheridan Love racks it up

September 30, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Go to your favorite store and pick up this new issue. You want more, you get more.

One of your favorite racks is now on your favorite rack.

America’s Twitter titter tweetheart.

Sheridan Love.

Now here’s a SCORE Girl who has it all. The face. The boobs. The legs. The ass. The bod. Is there anything Sheridan doesn’t have? I don’t think so.

iPhone 5G? Big deal!

Sheridan is 34G.

Picture that on a girl who’s just five-feet tall.

And now Miss Love has her first SCORE mag cover in her third pictorial. Three times’s a charm.

Just in time for her birthday, October 13, which is Christy Marks’ and Deanna Baldwin’s birthday, too. Arianna Sinn celebrates hers on the 14th.

Also in this issue: newcomer Roxanne Miller’s first SCORE layout, German Titty Titan Beshine in the world’s largest wet T-shirt show, Melissa Reed, Kitana Flores XXX anal, Bella Blaze, Arianna Sinn, Kali West, busty MILF Tahnee Taylor and a look inside Valory’s Vault.

Pick up your copy this week. It’s a must-have.

To order by phone call 1-800-421-0760 in the USA and Canada; 1-305-662-5959 elsewhere.

Remember Sheridan’s first time at SCORE?

And what about that wild girl-girl at SCORELAND with Charlee Chase?

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One-Hit Wonders 2

September 29, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

A few years ago, Maria blogged about “One-Hit Wonders.”

“The models who came, came and then went and never modeled again,” Maria wrote about the girls who modeled once and never did it again. “I don’t know what it is about these girls that does it for me. Maybe it’s that they only posed once, so I feel like I am looking at something special.”

I’ve thought about this situation a number of times. Here are a few of my One-Hit Wonders who I’m sorry never continued to model. I think they should have, but that’s only one man’s opinion. All kinds of reasons for trying it only once come into play. Jobs; careers; school; they weren’t feeling it; family; boyfriends; husbands…you name it.

Like Maria wrote, “Maybe it’s because in my perverted imaginings, these one-hit wonders were students or single moms who posed once to pay for school or something, and never told anyone about the ‘One time, when I was in college’  nude modeling that they did.”

Some of her imaginings are true. Many are students, and students always need extra cash.

And like a good neighbor, The SCORE Group is there.

I’m grateful that these curvy babes tried it at least once and let us see their tits and sometimes their pink lady parts.



1) Brigite: Brigite lived in Most, Czech Republic, where she was working as a tour guide. One of our roving Europe-based photographers noticed the blonde, bubbly tour guide’s chest (we should hope so) and gave her his card. He chatted her up, and eventually she decided to give it a try and let the camera tour her curves. Unfortunately, it was a once-only tour of booty in the March 2007 V-mag.

Diana Navarro

2) Diana Navarro: Diana was working as a maid in Asuncion, Paraguay when our photographer saw her and moved quickly.  He also photographed Cynthia Romero, Romina Lopez and other South American busty wonders. Diana said guys always ask her about her big boobs. “They ask, ‘How did I get them so big?’ I tell them to ask my mother and father,” said Diana in the January 2008 V-mag.


3)  Alexia: Alexia lived in Plantation, Florida, not far from us. Not long after this SCORE edition hit the racks (April 2002), Alexia quit dancing and got a job as an administrative assistant for a law firm where briefs have a different meaning.


4) Joanna: “I’m used to having men stare at me all the time when they’re trying to pull me, so the idea of having them look at me in a magazine is rather a kicky thing to me,” said Joanna from Brighton, England. “I’m new to all this. I’m not sure how far I want to take it. I do have an exhibitionistic streak that I need to satisfy at times.” Joanna’s only shoot was in the July 2003 SCORE.


5) Diana: My last One-Hit Wonder is Diana, a college student in Denmark discovered by a Danish photographer who usually found many amateurs for Naughty Neighbors. In Diana’s case, she was so big-boobed that he thought, quite rightly, that she would be a nice fit for SCORE. Diana actually posed for two sets (published in March 2005 followed up by February 2006). That might make her a two-hit wonder as well as a two-tits wonder, but I’m not cheating because Diana posed for both pictorials on the same day. The last time I talked to the photographer about Diana several years ago, he said she was actually considering trying a boy-girl. Nothing came of it. Literally.

There are more One-Hit Wonders in SCORELAND‘s vast directory. Do you have any favorites?



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It’s a job of work: What SCORE and V-mag Girls did before modeling

September 25, 2012 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Everyone’s got to start someplace. SCORE and V-mag Girls are no exception. Do you ever wonder what a girl was doing before she decided to step in front of a camera and play drop the top?

A lot of girls go straight into it from school, but there are also a lot of girls who work at a job first.

Can you match the girl with what she did before she became a photo model?

Answers tomorrow.

A) “I worked as a data entry operator for Sears. I worked in the bankruptcy department, and I also managed a Hardy’s fast-food restaurant. I was one of the people who introduced fried chicken to all of the Hardy’s restaurants. I used to go around and show people how to cook it.”

B)  “I had a job as a receptionist for a year right after high school before I started dancing in clubs.”

C) “I was working as a bartender in a sleazy place, and a guy saw me in a tank top and said, ‘Wow, you have amazing breasts.’  We got to talking, and he was amazed with my natural breasts. He said, ‘I love this magazine, SCORE. I’m the biggest fan and you should totally try out.’ I was like, “Well, you know, I don’t know,” and he said, ‘Please, please, you’ll make everything come true for me.’ And finally I said, ‘Okay, I’ll give it a shot. For you, I will.'”

D) “I worked retail as a sales associate, full time. An ex-boyfriend of mine buys a lot of your videos, and at the end of one there was this commercial to be a SCORE model and he saw it and convinced me to come and model for you guys. I thought, ‘Hey, I can do that!’ and here I am.”

E) “I was working as a waitress at Beef O’Brady’s and going to school.”

F) “I was a receptionist. Just a regular nine-to-five chick for a construction company. I met an agent when I was walking home from work and eventually decided to give it a try.”

A: Sierra

B: Africa

C: Jolie Rain

D: Carrie Ashton

E: Kali West

F: Gianna

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Roxi Red: the big-boob followers speak

September 17, 2012 by Elliot James 5 Comments

The first impressions are in, and here’s what a selection of SCORELANDERS have to say about the amazing Roxi Red in her first two photo sets and videos.

Vince: “Having the most wonderful time of my life, Roxi, at 4:15 am after keeping it up for two hours! How can a 71 yo horny guy get any sleep? You’ve brought me back to when I saw Virginia Bell at the Palace Burlesque here in Buffalo, hand firmly on cock. Any chance for a little something special for Invincible? Can’t break any longer. Desperate to get back into action. Hopefully til near dawn.”

Maddien: “Fantastic debut! She proves that she’s very sensual and made for sex as well. I like her high vibes. A 100 percent sexy and sensual woman.”

Nigella: “Aw, I was hoping she’d be wearing the red bra in the debut pic set! Never mind, Roxi is an amazing discovery, what a figure! I’m sure SCORELAND will make the most of this great lady. The write up for the video mentioned bra shopping. Can we have a vid where she tries a load of bras on please! And then a secretary video, a nurse video, a shower in lingerie video, the works!!!!”

JCB: “What an AWESOME debut !! Roxi is going to be a SCORE star without a doubt. LET’S HAVE MORE PLEASE!!”

Hans Hermansson: “I have tried to express my feelings about Roxi Red but it is difficult. She is just the most gorgeous babe to ever walk this planet, the kind of woman I have always dreamed of. So, please, SCORE, make the most of her, please, and post many, many, many pic sets and videos of her. Can’t wait for updates. Thanks.”

Today, Roxi takes things into her own hands. So get a grip while Roxi gets a grip.

I think it’s safe to say Roxi’s a hit at SCORELAND.


A little tug'll do ya.

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Turn right at Busty Boulevard and take the Tittie Trail to SCORELAND

September 7, 2012 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Barbie Kelley, SCORE wife!

The Busty Housewives of SCORE include 2011 Model of the Year Kelly Christiansen and Jayden Prescott, ladies whose husbands are SCORE mag readers, saw our model search ads and inspired their better (much better) halves to contact us about modeling. Barbie Kelley now joins the club. Mrs. Kelley is the wife of a reader who owns every issue of SCORE and Voluptuous ever printed. They took some snaps of Barbie at home and sent them to Long story short, Mrs. Kelley heats up this weekend and struts her stuff at SCORELAND next week. (Mr. Kelley accompanied her to our studio.) I salute you, busty wives and your liberal husbands who buy SCORE.

Jazmine goes straight from a New Discovery pictorial to hardcore hooternanny at warp speed. She’s a single Florida girl who moved from New York to the Sunshine State. A wise decision. Now she can wear bikinis all day at the beach, as nature intended. Watch Jazmine blow the man down in her first scene. Asked to describe any special talent she might have, Jazmine replied, “I’m good at driving a stick shift.” You can see that in the pictures and video called “Jazmine & Jizzman,” an irresistible story that will touch your hearts and hard-ons at SCORELAND.

Jazmine can do all the sexting she wants.


On the subject of busty housewives, we have the President and Founder of the Busty Housewives of SCORE, Diane Poppos, who does justice to her skin-tight top and spray-on pants. A woman who brings a tear to my eye whenever I reflect upon her. Diane still has that leggy magic, too, which she attributes to wearing high heels, sometimes when she’s vacuuming the house! I salute you, original MILF of Texas.

President of the Busty Housewives of America

And now at your favorite store, the December ’12 SCORE with a bonus DVD. Visit for the full run-down and previews. If you’re into the new digital magazine format, this issue includes five embedded videos. All those cool electronic magazines predicted in the movies 2001 A Space Odyssey and Minority Report are finally here. If your store doesn’t carry SCORE, let me know and I’ll set them on the right path.

Now on sale! Get yours today.


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Anjii Ross: a little tug’ll do ya

August 14, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Have you seen newcomer Anjii Ross?

She debuted last week flying solo and then returned quickly to fly with a joystick. Anjii looked very highly qualified as she got a grip on things and rubbed it the right way.

With her looks and body, Anjii’s got us in the palms of her hands. Which is a good place to be.

Tyjack comments: “Dear Anjii, What can I say but, WOW!! You are a beautiful lady with a FANTASTIC set of boobs and a dynamite pussy. Thank you so much for being here, I hope to see more of you in the future.”

Check out this clip and then steer over to SCORELAND for Anjii’s full, hands-on treatment.


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Anjii Ross is coming

August 5, 2012 by Elliot James 11 Comments

Prepare to pitch a tent for Anjii Ross.

Anjii Ross found me.

Then I found Anjii Ross.

Long story short, the important thing is that Anjii Ross was invited to SCORE and she accepted.

A webcam model, Anjii measures 45-32-38. In my book, those are the kind of numbers that really add up.

Anjii is 5’10”. A towering Amazon and even more towering when she puts the big heels on.

Just watching her walk into the studio was better than any Olympic moment I’ve seen on television all week.

See Anjii today at SCORELAND.



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