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Eva Notty and The Meaning Of Modern Life

August 7, 2009 by Elliot James 4 Comments
Newcomer Eva Notty busts the bed today on Scoreland.

Newcomer Eva Notty busts the bed today on Scoreland.

I’ve been with SCORE since 1992, when the Internet was in its infancy, email service had just begun (anyone remember Delphi?) and downloading one photo took an agonizingly long time. Today, electronic communication has speeded up the pace of life itself to Warp Factor Six in a welter of Twittering, Blogging, MySpacing, Facebooking, Blackberrying, Texting, Podcasting, and blah-blah-blahing.

Where am I, a guy who still uses stamps, going with this?

Back then, when a new model arrived, there was a more leisurely pace to her progression in the big picture of things. Chloe Vevrier modeled for SCORE for seven years before she jumped on the cock in 1999. Linsey Dawn McKenzie hit SCORE in 1996 and waited to do her first boy-girl until 2001, and even that was with her then-husband.

And many others have never taken one photo with a guy. Kerry Marie, Jessica Turner, SaRenna, Lorna Morgan, Casey James, Pandora Peaks, Niki Knockers, Busty Dusty, Danni Ashe…the list is lengthy.

Linsey once told us, “When I first started my career, I decided that I was going to take things nice and easy. I was trying to space out my career as much as possible.” LDM could have been speaking for an army of models.

But now, the wait time to see a new hot chick doing the horizontal cha-cha has decreased to mere weeks or days instead of months or years. Case in point today: smokin’ hot babe Eva Notty, who’s got a sex temperature that pops the thermometer. Eva appeared on SCORELAND in a four-week special in June and is doing the cock in her first XXX hardcore today in “First Fuxxx.” Man, talk about instant, or at least semi-instant, gratification.

Would Eva have waited to do full-sex like Linsey or Chloe did if this was 1996? We’ll have to ask Eva the next time she visits us.

But something tells me no. Our entire pace of life has hyper-accelerated.

Something to Twitter, Blog and Vlog about…not that I want to Flog the subject into the ground.

What do you think?

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Stick it in, Aileen!

August 5, 2009 by Dave 2 Comments

Aileen Ghettman, a new FF-cup natural from Marietta, Georgia, enjoys her first on-camera fuck today at SCORELAND. The first time I met Aileen, she told me she likes getting guys off by sticking her finger in their assholes and wiggling it around.

“I take a latex glove and slide it down my hand, and then I take my index finger and play around your asshole,” she said, although she couldn’t have possibly meant my asshole. “Then I insert it to the end until I hit the prostate, and I milk the prostate gland. You’ll just keep cumming, and you won’t be able to stop.”

For the uninitiated, Aileen is talking about giving prostate massages. Now, I’ve never had one, but I’m kinda wondering if anybody out there has. Was it good? I mean, a chick like Aileen tells you to get down on your hands and knees and stick your butt in the air so she can jam a finger up your asshole…do you do it?

Aileen is full of surprises. She’s so quiet, so girl-next-doorish. Other models who have met her in the studio all tell her the same thing: “You seem too nice to be a dominatrix.” She definitely doesn’t seem like the type of girl who goes around sticking her finger up guys’ asses.

Then again, what kind of girl is that?

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Alexa: Fresh Euro bouncing boobs

August 4, 2009 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Since American companies are not permitted to photograph foreign models on U.S. soil anymore, we could just stick to our own backyard to find new models. But historically, many of SCORE’s best models are not Americans. So now we’re doing a lot more traveling instead of bringing models in, either going to a model’s country or going to any number of Caribbean islands near Florida. It’s a lot more expensive, but the results are usually worth it. One of the latest foreign models to hit SCORELAND is Alexa, a German living in Berlin. She was photographed in Prague (a 20-minute plane ride for Alexa; a 12-hour flight for our photographer Jose and his crew).

In this video, Alexa shows exactly why she causes traffic accidents (and spinal and neck injuries) when she crosses the street. Alexa has an awesome body, and she’s a natural born boob-flaunter.

Another excellent reason besides the beer to keep going to Europe.

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Contessa Rose starts off with a bang!

August 3, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments
Contessa Rose bookmarks the cock in First Fuxxx, now at SCORELAND.

Contessa Rose bookmarks the cock in First Fuxxx, now at SCORELAND.

Today we kick off a SCORELAND special called “First Fuxxx.” As the name makes clear, “First Fuxxx” is the full-seXXX debuts of three new busty babes, all in one week. Today, new discovery Contessa Rose does the deed for the very first time on camera.

On Wednesday, it’s new discovery Aileen Ghettman’s turn to open wide and say aah for cock. Aileen debuts in the October ’09 SCORE magazine, now on sale at eBoobStore.

On Friday, huge favorite Eva Notty has her First Fukkk. In June, Eva had a month-long SCORELAND special devoted to her. She did an interview, solos, toys, got an oily boob massage by a dude and did a tits & tugs hand job and titty-fuck over four weeks. Now, it’s all the way for Eva, and SCORELAND‘s got her first.

Check out this clip of contestant #1, Contessa Rose. She’s a handfull!

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Giggling chicks, jiggling tits!

July 28, 2009 by Dave 8 Comments

When busty babes giggle, their big tits jiggle. That’s the lesson of today’s boob-blooper reel of Karina Hart and Ashley Sage Ellison, filmed on-location in St. Martin, in the Caribbean. Karina, whose native language is Czech, tries to interview Ashley Sage Ellison (a native Brit) in English, and the more things don’t work out for her, the more they work out for us. Personally, I’ve never seen a clothed babe look more jackable than Ashley does in that piece of fabric she’s calling a dress.

Karina and Ashley, two of our greatest finds ever, are featured today in SCORELAND in a comparison set that was also photographed in St. Martin. I’m guessing you’ve never seen two bigger pairs of natural racks in one photo shoot.

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“I love a cock sandwich with me in the middle!”

July 27, 2009 by Dave 5 Comments

Got your attention? Thought so. The words are from German slut (and I use the word with all admiration) Annina, who’s one of the main attractions at SCORELAND these days. Why? Because this little nymph with the tiny body and giant tits is taking on Shane Diesel’s giant cock in exclusive photos and videos.annina1

Now, you know that movie Weird Science ? Well, if you could create the perfect woman, she’d look and sound like Annina. She’d say things like:

“I like sex with more than one guy. I love double penetration. I love to blow.”

“I like when men cum on my tits, but it is best after they have fucked my pussy or my ass.”

“I had men in my mouth, ass and pussy at all times, and these 10 men were just watching us.”

You get the impression that if you were going out on a date with Annina and told her you were taking her out to a restaurant, she’d say, “Why? Let’s just fuck!” If you tried to buy her jewelry, she’d say, “It is beautiful, but I would much rather have your cock in my ass.”

There are other women like this. The trick, of course, is to find them. Which is something we at SCORELAND seem to have a gift for.

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Renee Ross is a V-Girl!

July 26, 2009 by Maria 1 Comment

Renee Ross is destined for greatness.

Renee Ross is destined for greatness.

Renee really knows how to fill a sweater.

Renee really knows how to fill a sweater.

I’m really excited to announce (or leak early without permission, depending on who you’re talking to) that Renee Ross is making her debut in the October 2009 issue of Voluptuous. She’s the covergirl, too, and the issue officialy goes on sale July 28th. Renee looks so HOT! I am sure you will want to get your hands on this issue because it’s the first of many featuring this J-cup phenomenon. It’s sure to be a collector’s item because Renee has all the makings (tits, face, etc.) of a superstar.

A little background info: Renee is a naughty nurse from Virginia. She’s five-feet, five-inches tall, packs those cans into a 40J-cup bra, measures 48-32-40 and lists her hobbies as “shopping, sleeping and masturbating with my silver bullet.”

Renee stars in her own video called Tits Tits Tits! Guys, this video has some serious boob-play action (I’ll try to post a clip soon). You can grab your copy at


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Why SCORE models should never have boyfriends

July 24, 2009 by Dave 5 Comments

Today on SCORELAND, Cassandra Calogera sucks and fucks…something that never would have happened if she hadn’t dumped her boyfriend.

Listen, if I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a hundred times: Boyfriends keep models from doing the things they really want to do (like have sex with strangers on camera). Wanna fuck up a perfectly good model? Give her a boyfriend.

Christy Marks, who interviews Cassandra in this fascinating video, doesn’t have a boyfriend, and she took on Ramon’s giant cock in one video and got ass-fucked in another. Cassandra told her jealous boyfriend to hit the road, and now she’s fucking in movies like Stacked Street Sluts and SCORE POV.

So, if a SCORE Girl ever comes up to you and says, “I want you to be my boyfriend,” the proper response is, “Sorry, babe. I’d love to, but I have my fellow SCORE Men to think about.” Thank you.

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Lunch with busty MILFs

July 23, 2009 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Persia Monir, who Dave blogged about on July 20, is visiting the SCORE studio next week. We both think she’s one of the hottest big-boobed MILFs we’ve ever seen. Fifty must be the new 35. MILFs seem to be hot even in the mainstream. I could definitely picture a reality TV show about Persia. By total coincidence, a hardcore photo set and video of Persia is running this weekend on SCORELAND.

In the prime time and lovin' every minute.

In the prime time and lovin' every minute.

Dave and I go to a local burger joint for lunch on Wednesdays. We spend half our time looking at our food and the other half checking out the often impressive parade of hotly dressed MILFs walking around. They must either work in the area or just live nearby, and they apparently like the place. Tight, low-cut tops, tight jeans or skirts, high heels…it’s like a fashion show. Of course, if they’re with an Incredible Hulk, we avoid staring too long. This place is self-service, so everyone walks back and forth for whatever they need, and that’s the beauty of it. I daydreamed about seeing Persia walk in one day, but she doesn’t live anywhere near the place, so it’s unlikely she would ever have lunch here. But I have seen birds of her feather.

I’ll keep eating there. Maybe we’ll find another busty MILF like Persia who’s ready to model. But that won’t be easy. Persia is definitely up there in the MILF boob chain.

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Destiny jumps and you jack!

July 20, 2009 by Maria 5 Comments

Hi everyone! Guess what I’ve got for you today? More new boobs! (It would be a violation of boob law if I didn’t share them with you, so here they are.) These tits belong to Ohio-born Destiny Rose, a new babe who’s coming soon to SCORELAND. She’s a redhead, and I don’t know about you guys, but I have a special place in my heart for redheads with nice knockers. (I attribute my love of top-heavy carrot tops to my fascination with Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. I always wanted to see her topless.) So what happens within a minute of chatting with this naughty, little ginger? She’s doing naked jumping jacks, that’s what! This is the kind of exercise I love! (Especially since I don’t have to break a sweat and I get to see tits going up and down, up and down!) Enjoy this corn-fed cutie! I’ll bring you more of her soon.


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