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On Location Grand Bahama: Who will be the first to fuck?

April 20, 2010 by Dave 13 Comments
Now that she has tit-fucked on film, with Taylor Steele (right) go all the way? Will Karla James makes the leap from good girl to good girl who fucks?

Now that she has tit-fucked on film, will Taylor Steele (right) go all the way? Will Karla James makes the leap from good girl to good girl who fucks?

An impromptu poll I posted on the Blog last week asked, “Of the five girls in the On Location Grand Bahama special at SCORELAND, who do you think will be the first to do an all-the-way, XXX boy-girl scene?” The top answer–Taylor Steele with 45% of the vote–was not surprising considering that on Friday, Taylor did her first tit-fuck/tug-job scene, and as of 4:54 p.m. Eastern Time today, none of the other girls had ever touched a real, live cock on video.

I'd be happy if Natalie Fiore (left) merely tit-fucked on camera. As for Arianna, I wanna see her smiling sweetly while getting full-on fucked!

I'd be happy if Natalie Fiore (left) merely tit-fucked on camera. As for Arianna, I wanna see her smiling sweetly while getting full-on fucked!

But there was one surprise in the poll: Karla James, who hasn’t even done full-frontal nudity yet, came in third at 17%, a point behind Arianna Sinn, well ahead of Natalie Fiore and Jenna Valentine. Part of this can be attributed to wishful thinking. You desperately want to see Karla fuck on film, so you hoped to nudge her a bit by giving her your vote. Nice try, guys. And, besides, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, who Karla has been compared to, fucked on film twice. Of course, she waited six years before she did it the first time.

On second thought, I wouldn't be surprised if Jenna Valentine did hardcore. Little by little, she's showing us her horny side.

On second thought, I wouldn't be surprised if Jenna Valentine did hardcore. Little by little, she's showing us her daring side.

And consider this: Of Linsey, Nicole Peters, Kelly Kay, Lorna Morgan and Kerry Marie–basically the five most popular British big-titters ever–only Linsey has done XXX.

Not knowing anything else, my vote would have gone to Taylor, too. She’s gone the furthest so far of the five girls, and she seemed so eager to milk the cock in last Friday’s video. But I do know something else. I’m just not saying. My second pick would’ve been Arianna, if only because she’s Romanian. Those Eastern European chicks love to fuck everywhere…bedrooms, in the street, on camera. Everywhere.

Anyway, we’ll keep the poll active today as we wind up On Location Grand Bahama with some great behind-the-scenes video footage that includes Karla kissing Arianna’s tits (does that count as girl-girl?). And a week and a half from now, we’ll post a SCORELAND mini-special featuring the bustiest naturally slim ‘n’ stacked girl I’ve ever seen. There’ll also be a three-week special at featuring three girls from our recent trip to the Dominican Republic. More details to come. I promise. As I write this, Maria is trying to steal preview footage, and you all know how good Maria is at stealing stuff.

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On Location Grand Bahama: Arianna, sinfully GOOD

April 19, 2010 by Maria 7 Comments

Today is a magical day because Arianna Sinn’s masturbatorial masterpiece is posting to SCORELAND, and it will make you harder than a diamond in an icestorm. (Oh, yeah!)

I need to stress to you guys HOW GOOD this video is.

It’s good. Oh, man, it is horny, horny, horny goodness. She rubs those titties. She talks dirty to you. She rolls around, rubbing cream on her tatas and pussy, and then she cums for you. It’s intimate. It’s fucking porntastic! It’s sinfully amazing.

Arianna is so luscious and sexy and soft-spoken that you will want to fuck her and then, (Yeah, I’m going to say it, so brace yourselves.) cuddle with her. You will want to spoon with this gorgeous lady. But not to worry, with a sexy, curvy sex kitten like Arianna, spooning always leads to forking. (Insert drums and cymbals here for that cheesey joke…ba-da-dum-doosh! lol)

And because I am feeling generous, (Maybe because I am in some sort of post-horny haze from all the Arianna-ness today.) I am giving you this extra video of tomorrow’s goodness. Yes, I am like the patron saint of behind-the-scenes footage. Check out the video below! To me, the best parts are all the girl-on-girl jiggling and tit-kissing! And the part where all four girls are jumping around in bed together. It’s like the busty sleepover of my dreams.

Enjoy it, gentlemen. These titties in paradise will keep you cumming and cumming and cumming.



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On Location Grand Bahama: Growth spurt #3 for Natalie Fiore

April 18, 2010 by Elliot James 8 Comments
Walkin' in the sand. Natalie Fiore On Location Grand Bahama.

Walkin' in the sand. Natalie Fiore On Location Grand Bahama.

Something boobtastic has happened.

Something boobtastic has happened.

She’s beautiful. Intelligent. Sophisticated. And her breasts are even bigger than last time. It seems unreal, but it’s true. Natalie Fiore is bustier than ever.  I’m in awe. I’ve been staring at her new photos in a trance. Glazed. Breastnotized. I think she’s a sorceress, this one. A nice sorceress, I mean.

Today On Location Grand Bahama episode 4 features Natalie, stacked to the max in her skimpy bikini and wrap, strolling on the beach.  One of Miss Fiore’s first shoots in Nassau was on the beach (September ’07 SCORE). She wore a teeny red bikini and it was late in the day. This new pictorial is at sunrise.

What I also found interesting about the opener is that it almost looks like those sneak shots that celebrity photographers take of actresses and starlets walking somewhere. The opening pictures have an unposed naturalism that I’ve always found appealing. Plus, I’m a huge fan of busty girls walking. That’s very old-school in this era of over-the-top dementia. Yet, it’s true. I could watch Natalie simply walking on the beach all day if I could. And watch Karla washing a car in a wet T-shirt.

Get over to SCORELAND tomorrow for episode 5. Arianna Sinn has a lot to get off her chest.

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On Location Grand Bahama: Karla washes while you wax

April 17, 2010 by Elliot James 8 Comments
On Location Grand Bahama with Karla James

On Location Grand Bahama with Karla James

Karla James brings to life one of the #1 male fantasies: the good ol’ busty car wash.

On Saturdays, my neighbor washes his car in his driveway. He looks like Homer Simpson.

In an alternative universe, I live next to Karla James. Every Saturday, she puts on a tight, white T-shirt and denim shorts and washes her car for a loooong, loooong time. My weekend is complete.

But the reality is, there is no alternative universe. That’s what SCORELAND is for.

Your local car wash does not hire employees like this

Your local car wash does not hire employees like this

And without SCORELAND, I’d have never known about Karla James. In Part 3 of On Location Grand Bahama, Karla grabs a bucket and a cloth and goes to town. Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke never had it this good.

Nothing beats a shower or a car wash. The simple pleasures in life are the best. Good, clean, wholesome fun. Thanks to Karla James. And the automotive industry.

I’m looking forward to the next episode!

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Today at SCORELAND, Taylor Steele shows us what love is

April 16, 2010 by Dave 6 Comments
Today at SCORELAND, Taylor Steele places that cock between her tits. She would have tit-fucked all of us, but that was logistically impossible.

Today at SCORELAND, Taylor Steele places that cock between her tits. She would have tit-fucked all of us, but that was logistically impossible.

Today at SCORELAND in the second day of On Location Grand Bahama, 21-year-old Taylor Steele tit-fucks and jacks a cock on camera for the first time. Emphasis on the phrase “on camera.” By the way, congratulations to all of you who correctly guessed Taylor in Monday’s blog. You win the right to see the pictures and watch the video (as long as you have a membership).

I just finished watching the video, and I have to say, it took me three times to get through the entire thing. Not because it was boring. No. Because it took me three times to get through the whole thing.

So, from the home office in Mypants, here are the Top 10 things I love about today’s Taylor Steele video.

10. The interview in which she says she likes modeling because “I get to show everybody my pussy and my boobs.”

9. Her heavy red and blue eye makeup that makes her look like a slut. The red, dangling earrings are a nice slut touch, too.

8. The part where she says, “Anyone who loves my pussy can sleep with me.” Anyone?

7. The part where she says, “I wanna put a big cock in between my tits and jerk it off.”

6. The way she shoves her tits in the dude’s face so he can suck them.

5. Taylor, while rubbing her G-cups up and down the guy’s chest, saying, “I like being a little whore.” And a bit later, she upgrades it to, “I love being a whore.”

4. Taylor spitting on the cock while it’s between her tits. Also, Taylor taking a bottle of lube and squirting it on the cock. This girl is not shy.

3. The way Taylor drags her tits along the guy’s chest with her nipples trailing the rest of her breasts by about a half-inch. Only natural tits can do that.

2. Taylor turning around so we can see her big ass, then jacking his cock on her big ass.

1. The tit-fucking itself: Taylor squeezing his cock with her tits, making it disappear, then rubbing his cum into them.

Okay, 11 things. I like that the video is P.O.V. I normally don’t like P.O.V., but this time I do.

And a private note to Taylor: As much as I enjoyed your rendition of “I Want To Know What Love Is” on YouTube, I enjoyed this much more. I now know what love is. You showed me.

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Hey, SCORELANDERS! You asked for it…

April 15, 2010 by Maria 24 Comments
Jenna kicks off On Location Grand Bahama!

Jenna kicks off "On Location Grand Bahama!"

And now it is here and happening inside of SCORELAND.

But I am getting ahead of myself.  (Whew…the excitement is almost too much.)


We weren’t going to do this. You should know that up front. We were NOT going to do any kind of special or big to-do with the footage from our recent Bahamas excursion. We went there just to shoot some photos and videos of models…NOT to do another On Location extravaganza or another Big-Boob Paradise.

And we were going to post the sets and the videos at our leisure and everything was going to be business as usual at SCORELAND.

But you guys weren’t going to have any of that malarkey!

You saw the pics I posted (stole) from the Bahamas and you went BANANAS! You DEMANDED that we give you a special. You said, “Hey, I want to see those big-boobed babes on the beach and I want to see them NOW!” And you know what, SCORELANDERS?

We listened.

So we are gonna cut loose with all this good stuff right now.


For the next five days, you guys are gonna get videos and photos of Jenna Valentine (going HOTTER than she ever HAS!), Karla James (looking like a big-titted tropical dream!), Arianna Sin (who is TOO HOT for words!), Natalie Fiore (whose tits are even BIGGER than before) and Taylor Steele (doing her first tug job EVER)!

We know…it’s April 15th. The last day for those of you in the U.S. to file your taxes. We know…you have had a hard time this year with our crapanomic recession. So, at SCORELAND we figured we might not be able to give you tax relief, but we sure as hell are going to give you JACK RELIEF! So join us on this adventure to the tropics! Just you and these five busty beauties. Hell, take a few days off of work if you have to. You deserve a vacation with these vixens.

What are you waiting for?

On Location Grand Bahama has begun! Get swept away!



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The best damn all-natural magazine on the planet

April 13, 2010 by Elliot James 12 Comments
The annual contest results issue. So many great candidates.

The annual contest results issue. So many great candidates.

Pick up your copy of June 2010 Voluptuous today. Edited by the great Maria. Art-directed by the great Vanessa. Printed by top-notch pressmen operating giant machines. The winners of the Model of the Year, Newcomer and Plumper Contests are revealed this issue. This month has sensational pictorials of Karina Hart (Model of the Year), Ashley Sage Ellison (Newcomer of the Year), Samantha (Plumper of the Year) and Christy Marks, Sapphire, Victoria Lane, and Michelle May. Samantha’s win breaks Sapphire’s three continuous years of victory.

It’s been a hell of an erection year. Get your copy now before you hear those dreaded words from the store clerk, “Hey man, it’s like probably soldout.” If you do hear that, get it fast and easy here. Congratulations to the winners!

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How the SCORE crew unwinds and other interesting news items

April 9, 2010 by Elliot James 18 Comments

People often wonder how the staff at SCORE unwinds after a hard day at our office and many hours of labor to bring you boobs, brats, MILFS and other sexy wonders of the world. The fact is, we’re just like any other business. We do what everyone else around the world does after work. The usual humdrum routine. Instead of trying to describe how we chill out in words, this picture illustrates what I mean.

Another day at the SCORE office, just like yours.

Another day at the office, just like yours.

It was taken at our headquarters, emphasis on the head. It’s also part of a Boob Science pictorial from the May ’10 SCORE starring Daphne Rosen and Angel Gee and posted today on SCORELAND. See what I mean? Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to write home about.

Don't miss Anna Kay's first SCORELAND XXX video. Them's smotherin' titties, pardner.

Don't miss Anna Kay's first SCORELAND XXX video. Them's smotherin' titties, pardner.

Tomorrow, we’re happy to present Anna Kay in her first SCORELAND guy-girl pictorial and video, a horny number called “Anna Kay: Hooter Hottie.” Anna’s hot, the sex is hot and I’m sure you’ll love it a long time. Miss Kay has a gorgeous face and succulent sweater meat that Carlos couldn’t help but slobber over. I can’t blame the man. He’s breastnotized. Dave was also breastnotized by Anna in a previous blog.

Then on Sunday, it’s the one and only Christy Marks shakin’ and bakin’ as only she can. Notice her toes curling. Christy is really into the cock. I don’t believe there’s a busty girl-next-door as exhibitionistic and wild as Christy. A lot of awesome big-boobed girls have entered this hallowed hall of hooters, but, in my opinion, no one is as super-sexed and eager for action as Christy. She’s just over the top.

Christy breaks the bed frame this weekend on SCORELAND.

Christy breaks the bed frame this weekend on SCORELAND.

And please don’t forget that is now part of SCORELAND. It looks like a fun weekend.

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Rating: 4.3/5 opens, and it’s free for SCORELAND members!

April 8, 2010 by Elliot James 15 Comments is part of My SCORE Sites on SCORELAND. Another word for free stuff if you're a member. is part of My SCORE Sites on SCORELAND. My SCORE Sites: another word for free stuff if you're a member.

First, the good news. went live yesterday. And now for more good news. If you are a boner-fide monthly SCORELAND member (not a 3-day trial dude), you get free as part of the My SCORE Sites bonus inside SCORELAND. There were 10 My SCORE Sites, such as and All free. No extra fee. And now with Karla added, that’s 11 sites you get free as part of your monthly SCORELAND membership.

When you add in the Loyalty Program (one free site added monthly for every month you stay a SCORELAND member, an additional bonus not part of My SCORE Sites), there’s really no reason to leave the house that I can think of. Pizza, Chinese food and other staples of life can always be delivered. Not from us. We haven’t gotten into that yet.

I gotta tell you that I was against this decision and I bitterly fought it. I fought the law but the law won. Photographing models on these tropical paradises costs a lot of money, and that’s only the first step in the process. I think when you give people free stuff, they tend not to appreciate it or consider the costs. They yawn. They want more. That’s human nature. I’m like the prick credit manager at a car dealership who won’t lower his price by a penny. I’ve never believed in these new-wave freeconomics and freemiums theories. But after thinking it over, and talking to Dave and Maria, I’ve seen the light. I’m blinded by the light. And the light is Karla James. Free. No strings except string bikinis over her luscious bod. If you’re a SCORELAND member. Bringing you the girls you want to see is our thing. Another reason to join us.

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Things are hoppin’ this weekend

April 2, 2010 by Elliot James 4 Comments

It may be spring break around the USA with college students having wild sex and downing hot sauce and vodka shots, but there is no frivolous break at SCORE headquarters, where dedicated men and women work tirelessly to bring the world the best and hottest in big boobs. This is our goal, to which we attach the highest importance. You won’t find SCORE editors diving out of a motel window into a swimming pool below. It’s our mission to let the world know that posing naked can do wonders for a girl’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Today and tomorrow at SCORELAND, enjoy the scenic splendor of girl-next-door newcomer Carrie Ashton in not one but two photo sets and a video, plus a full-length interview.

Carrie Ashton officially debuts on SCORELAND.

Carrie Ashton officially debuts on SCORELAND.

This is Carrie’s first time and she really impressed everyone here. “An ex-boyfriend of mine buys a lot of your videos and at the end of one there was this commercial [] to be a SCORE model, and he saw it and convinced me to come and model for you guys. I thought, hey, I can do that, and here I am,” Carrie said. And we’re glad she did. Yet another SCORE Guy who could have selfishly hid Carrie for himself has thought first of his fellow boob brothers. We give thanks to Carrie and her ex.

Holly assumes the position.

Holly assumes the position.

On Sunday, the big-titted super-MILF from the critically acclaimed movie My Wife, Your Meat and the woman who taught Christy Marks the ins-n-outs of anal sex gets it on in another pulse-pounding encounter worshiping the pole. We’re talking the one and only Holly Halston, Florida’s finest soccer mom, a stacked lady who makes the desperate housewives look anorexic. Just turn her loose and step back a safe distance because no one gets dirtier and sluttier than Holly. This vid starts off at the beach and moves indoors for the butt-spreading action. Because sand is not fun.

The British hunny-bunny is one of the greats.

The British hunny-bunny is one of the greats.

Part of the SCORELAND Loyalty program (members get a free site for every month of membership after the first month), has just been redesigned (and so has All of Kerry’s videos now stream, so there’s no more waiting for a video to download, and there have been other technical improvements such as mobile-ready videos and hands-free slide shows. Kerry’s still one of the best I’ve ever seen on video. She’s especially great at sexy talk, which to me is very important in solo videos. I’ve been a fan of hers since she first started in 1998. Few models have captured the essence of voluptuosity like Kerry. To this day, there’s still confusion about her background, mostly on the Internet. “I get accused of being anything from Spanish to Indian to everything, so some people don’t believe that I am English,” she told us back in 2001. “But I am English, just a little bit Greek.” Happy Easter, Kerry.

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