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How the SCORE crew unwinds and other interesting news items

April 9, 2010 by Elliot James 18 Comments

People often wonder how the staff at SCORE unwinds after a hard day at our office and many hours of labor to bring you boobs, brats, MILFS and other sexy wonders of the world. The fact is, we’re just like any other business. We do what everyone else around the world does after work. The usual humdrum routine. Instead of trying to describe how we chill out in words, this picture illustrates what I mean.

Another day at the SCORE office, just like yours.

Another day at the office, just like yours.

It was taken at our headquarters, emphasis on the head. It’s also part of a Boob Science pictorial from the May ’10 SCORE starring Daphne Rosen and Angel Gee and posted today on SCORELAND. See what I mean? Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to write home about.

Don't miss Anna Kay's first SCORELAND XXX video. Them's smotherin' titties, pardner.

Don't miss Anna Kay's first SCORELAND XXX video. Them's smotherin' titties, pardner.

Tomorrow, we’re happy to present Anna Kay in her first SCORELAND guy-girl pictorial and video, a horny number called “Anna Kay: Hooter Hottie.” Anna’s hot, the sex is hot and I’m sure you’ll love it a long time. Miss Kay has a gorgeous face and succulent sweater meat that Carlos couldn’t help but slobber over. I can’t blame the man. He’s breastnotized. Dave was also breastnotized by Anna in a previous blog.

Then on Sunday, it’s the one and only Christy Marks shakin’ and bakin’ as only she can. Notice her toes curling. Christy is really into the cock. I don’t believe there’s a busty girl-next-door as exhibitionistic and wild as Christy. A lot of awesome big-boobed girls have entered this hallowed hall of hooters, but, in my opinion, no one is as super-sexed and eager for action as Christy. She’s just over the top.

Christy breaks the bed frame this weekend on SCORELAND.

Christy breaks the bed frame this weekend on SCORELAND.

And please don’t forget that is now part of SCORELAND. It looks like a fun weekend.

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A DVD I Recommend You Get RIGHT NOW!

March 7, 2010 by Maria 5 Comments
Ashley Sage looks amazing wearing this skimpy number by the pool!

Ashley Sage looks amazing wearing this skimpy number by the pool!

There are 11 stunners in this dick flick and most of them were featured on the blog for you, first!

There are 11 stunners in this dick flick and most of them were featured on the blog for you, first!

Dear Boob Lovers and Blog Readers,

I would NEVER suggest something to you guys if I didn’t think it was 100 percent awesome. That’s just how I roll. That’s why when I saw this flick recently, I said to myself, “Self, you have to tell the guys to score this DVD. It has all the hotness that they need.” So that’s what I am doing.

All Stacked, All Natural is AMAAAAAZINNGGGG Boobtertainment for 11 reasons and they are:

Ashley Sage Ellison, Karina Hart, Natalie Fiore, Jenna Valentine, Taylor Steele, Arianna Sinn, Victoria Lane, Destiny Rose, Bebe Cooper, Kaytee Carter and Carrie Ashton.

All that tit power in this one DVD! Now I am not an economist or an accountant. I am just a simple porn-gal, trying to make her way in the world, but even I know that 11 chicks means MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

And each and every girl in this DVD is smoking hot, and no, I am not just saying that because at one point or another I have felt up at least half of them. (Okay, maybe I am! lol) But seriously, these ladies are our best newcomers and they are all in one hot collection. And on a side note, you can’t find half of them ANYWHERE ELSE, so act now and jack now, buddies .

These bazoombas are not to be missed. I promise that you will agree with me. 🙂 I figured I would share my opinion with you guys since we have a lot in common. You like tits. I like tits. You like to hold tits in your hands. I like to hold my tits in my hands. lol Hope you enjoy this flick. I know I did. xoxo, Maria

P.S.: But don’t take my word for it, check out the trailer at the eBoobStore and enjoy the sights of Bebe Cooper’s milking jugs and 10 other lotioned-up titties and wet, juicy pussies. It’s pretty heavenly.

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Is the world’s greatest girlfriend also the world’s greatest fuck?

March 5, 2010 by Dave 4 Comments
Bailey Santanna. I'd bang her.

Bailey Santanna. I'd bang her.

One of the things I liked best about the filming of the new DVD K-Jugs was having Bailey Santanna and her big tits around for a week. Now, normally I might have said about a girl that it was nice having her big tits around for a week, but in Bailey’s case, it was nice having her and her big tits around for a week. Bailey’s already told us (and we’ve gone over it several times) that she’s the world’s greatest girlfriend, and I believe her. But even before you get to the boyfriend/girlfriend thing with her, you gotta love her because:

1. She’s cute.

2. She’s sexy.

3. She’s naturally stacked.

4. She’s all these things, yet she’s incredibly down-to-Earth. If you walked up to her on the street and said hello, she wouldn’t give you an attitude. She’d talk to you. And if she liked you, she might even…well, I don’t know because I haven’t tried, but I can dream, right? I mean, when I see Bailey, I actually think, “I could fuck this girl.” I mean, without walking up to her and saying, “Hey, baby. I’m the editor of SCORE. Wanna be on the cover?”

Another reason to love Bailey: She really knows how to display her tits. She knows all about the shelving effect, which she demonstrated in a “Guess the tits” blog video.

Anyway, Bailey is one of the stars of the new DVD K-Jugs, which also features Renee Ross, Samantha, Jade Parker, Brandy Ryder and Reyna Mae. They all fuck, of course, but Bailey fucks first, and it’s memorable. Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage that shows Bailey being Bailey. Prepare to fall in love. And to jack, of course.

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Jade Parker’s feature movie debut!

March 2, 2010 by Guest Blogger 4 Comments

Hey guys. This is Allie. Long time no post!

Apologies for being so inactive on the blog, but I’ve been keeping busy behind the scenes with 18eighteen and XL Girls magazines.

Now, 18eighteen and XL Girls are about as polar opposite as you can get. But there’s one thing that readers of both magazines have in common: Redheads. They can’t get enough of ’em, and every month I get letters requesting more.

One redheaded babe in particular got a lot of attention in her XL debut in the Sept. ’09 issue (Special #187) and again in her interview in the Feb. ’10 issue (Special #193): Jade Parker. Reader B.C. from New Jersey wrote in saying, “I’d love to lick between Jade’s big, spread cheeks, tasting her hot balloon knot and slowly running my tongue all over her big, white bum.” And he wasn’t the only one. Guys were infatuated with her juicy ass as much as they were with her huge H-cup tits.

Now you guys get to see her again, this time in hardcore action in the movie K-Jugs. I had the pleasure of interviewing her while she was here for that shoot, and I can confirm that Jade is both a sweetheart and a freak! If you don’t believe me, just read her interview in XL Girls #193. Threesomes, gang-bangs and fucking on the side of the road are all part of her sexual repertoire.

So now that I’ve told you how much Jade loves to fuck, see it for yourself in this preview of her hardcore scene from K-Jugs. Enjoy!

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Brandy Ryder & Reyna Mae rock at K-JUGS

February 28, 2010 by Elliot James 26 Comments
Brandy & Reyna are the guests of battling K-Jugs DJ's Samantha and Renee Ross

Brandy & Reyna are the guests of battling K-JUGS DJs Samantha and Renee Ross

Brandy & Reyna bang two guys while K-Jugs DJ Samantha broadcasts the action.

Brandy & Reyna bang two guys while K-JUGS DJ Samantha broadcasts the action.

Brandy Ryder and Reyna Mae are two stacked singers who call themselves The Red Hot Titty Peppers. Perfect guests for K-JUGS DJ Samantha 38G to interview on the air. “We actually met at a karaoke bar,” Brandy tells Samantha about how they created Red Hot Titty Peppers. “We both had the biggest boobs and the best voices in the place, so I walked over and introduced myself to Reyna.” Samantha announces the K-JUGS listener call-in contest that will hook-up two lucky guys with Brandy and Reyna right there in the studio as Samantha broadcasts the blow-by-blows. The girls live up to their name, Hot Spunk. Because they inspire a lot of it!

In this on-the-set video, Brandy and Reyna show you the eye-poppin’ breast-wear they wear at K-JUGS and show you more behind-the-scenes fun during the making of this new XL Girls DVD release. Samantha gives Reyna a boob-head too! Judging from all the backstage videos, everyone had a blast making this movie. Check out K-Jugs!


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Samantha 38G: Big tits, lots o’ wit

February 26, 2010 by Maria 8 Comments

One of my favorite things about Samantha 38G is her sense of humor. She loves to laugh. And when she laughs, her 38 G guns undulate. 🙂

(Yes, I said, undulate. I love that word.)

Anyhow, back to Samantha…

When she was here filming the new DVD K-Jugs, there was so much backstage footage of her on-set shenanigans that we compiled this little clip for you guys of her massive guns and her charm. That’s right, boys. We are showcasing wits and tits here!

Our cameraman Lester got this footage of Sam getting dressed for a scene, and I have to say that Samantha looks very hot in red. And that this red top that she is wearing must be made of space-age polyfibers because it withstands the weight and stretch of her cannons. According to Sam, she wears this top out on dates. All I can say is that if I were a guy and I picked Sam up and she was in this top…oooh weeeee…I think my motor skills would be compromised for the entire night. Who could concentrate or even converse with a valley of cleavage like this staring you in the face?


Check out the very hot Samantha 38G and then you get down on your knees and give thanks for leopard panties, big tits, the color red and stretchy tops.




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K-JUGS is here with Renee Ross

February 23, 2010 by Maria 10 Comments

It’s here! It’s here!

The new XL Girls movie K-Jugs is here, and it stars RENEE ROSS! (Who you know is one of my faves.) While we were filming this stacktacular masterpiece, we had Lester, our infamous cameraman, follow all the girls around on the set, and he had some pretty great moments with the likes of Ms. Ross, Samantha 38G, Bailey Santanna, Brandy Ryder, Reyna Mae and Jade Parker.

We will be unveiling some of his footage throughout the week so all of you guys can get an idea of what it was like on the set. (We always try to give our guys some funny backstage/blooper stuff.)

K-Jugs was the brainchild of one of our readers, who wrote in and gave us the idea for the flick in the SCORE Scriptwriting contest. So we got some hot busties together, and they went to town doing raunchy XXX. And just like that, our reader’s fantasy came true.

Yes, SCORE is like Make A Wish for boob guys. lol

Here’s my synopsis of K-Jugs:

Sam and Renee play rival DJs at a station called K-JUGS.

Renee fucks.

Sam fucks.

Sam and Renee fuck each other! 🙂

There are big tits all over the place.

Bailey Santanna fucks.

And she gets cum all over her face. (Yay!)

Reyna and Brandy get hot and sticky in a four-way.

Jade Parker’s in this flick, too.

And guess what? She fucks!

Bang. Bang. Bang. Boobs. Moneyshot.

And we all cum happily ever after.

The end.

Sigh. Don’t you just love happy endings? lol

And now some fine backstage footage of the one, the only Renee Ross. (Also a cameo by the hotness that is Samantha 38G.)

Enjoy it boys! And look for K-Jugs at the eBoobStore this Friday!



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Why I like XXX knocked-up chicks with big tits

December 2, 2009 by Dave 14 Comments

big01Busty, pregnant women posing for naked pictures and videos and fucking on camera is hot.


Because they’re not supposed to get naked for photos and videos when they’re pregnant. Society says so. But they say, “Fuck society. I look sexier than ever. I’m pregnant and proud. My tits are huge.” They’re with-baby, but despite that, they’re showing off their tits, spreading their legs and fucking and sucking. The only thing hotter than a busty, pregnant woman fucking is a busty, pregnant woman fucking and smoking.

The new DVD Chesty Preggos 2 features three pregnant babes in XXX action: April McKenzie, Sunshine and Stefani (the links here are to their solo preggo sets on SCORELAND). It also features the great Lorna Morgan, looking very pregnant and bustier than I’ve ever seen her, in solo action. And eight-months-pregnant Kali West giving some lucky guy a hand job. I like the idea of Kali giving a guy a hand job while she’s pregnant because even though she sluts it up on video, she still seems like the girl next door.

I snuck up on Kali in the studio before she shot her scene. As you’ll see, I couldn’t decide what to focus on, her swollen tits or her swollen belly. So I compromised and focused on both. I wish I had been the one to knock her up.

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Make your own busty doll with Boob Science

December 1, 2009 by Elliot James 7 Comments
Now at the eBoobStore in a two-disc set.

Now at the eBoobStore in a two-disc set.

Our latest feature DVD Boob Science stars Daphne Rosen as the living doll creation of two geeksters who couldn’t pick up girls in a whorehouse. That’s where the paranormally-endowed Daphne comes in to help them out. Boob Science stars Aileen Ghettman, Angel Gee, Contessa Rose and Eva Notty all doing XXX guy-girl hardcore scenes and glamour girl Maggie Green in her first girl-girl XXX scene with Daphne. The two-disc set includes bloopers, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and other extras. Check out the trailer at

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“Hey, Daphne, go fuck yourself!”

November 13, 2009 by Dave 7 Comments

That’s what I said to Daphne Rosen, but she didn’t take offense. Instead, she went ahead and did it.

In the new movie Boob Science, available at, two geeky guys who can’t get girls use their scientific knowledge to turn a busty doll into a living doll: Daphne Rosen. Hey, whoever said geeks don’t have good taste in women? Daphne proceeds to help the geeks get the girls, and the girls are super hot and super busty: They’re newcomers Eva Notty (In her first XXX DVD.), Contessa Rose (In her first XXX DVD.), Angel Gee (Yes, in her first XXX DVD.), Aileen Ghettman (Should I mention that it’s her first XXX DVD?) and Maggie Green, who gets strap-on fucked by Daphne in her first-ever on-screen lezzie scene. It’s fun stuff, and in the last scene, Angel and Daphne doubleteam the guys, and Daphne gets double-stuffed with cock.

Anyway, back to the doll, the fake one and the real one. During the long hours of filming, Daphne grew very attached to the mini version of herself, so much so that when…well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

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