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A few very good reasons to never leave your house this weekend.

May 6, 2011 by Dave 9 Comments

Just about 22 hours ago, we put the finishing touches on the new DVD Leanne’s Stacked Summer, starring J-cup newcomer Leanne Crow and co-starring Angela White, Maggie Green, Michelle Bond and another British newcomer, Charley Green.

Now, keep that in mind…just about 22 hours ago. As of this very second, the DVD is being prepared. It won’t be on-sale in the eBoobStore  for maybe another month. So you have time to tell people what you want as a gift.

Given the choice, Brittany O'Neil will take both.

Given the choice, Brittany O'Neil will take both.

Got that? Brand-new DVD starring Leanne Crowe, on-location in St. Maarten with a bunch of other busty girls, including Angela White and Maggie Green (who eat each other’s pussies poolside). Not even close to being released to the general public.

Well, today, Part 1 of Leanne’s Stacked Summer goes live on SCORELAND, followed by Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5 over the following four weeks. As you probably already know, Leanne’s a sweetheart with big, fat tits, and she isn’t shy about them at all. In fact, in Part 1, Leanne gets picked up at the airport by her driver and changes into a tiny bikini IN THE CAR while cars rush by IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!

Don’t hold me to this, but I think Part 2 is when Angela and Maggie eat pussy.

This is a major event, something we’ve never done before (pre-releasing a full DVD on SCORELAND), and for those few of you who have been complaining about streaming-only in our special events, each digitally-fingerprinted chapter will be downloadable for one week.

Anyway, that’s today at SCORELAND. And for those of you who enjoy watching mega-busty MILFs getting double-teamed by big cocks, Brittany O’Neil, one of the greatest of them all, gets an outdoor double-dicking today at This is Brittany’s first threesome with two guys. She once did the horizontal samba in a SCORE threesome with the Brazilian bra-destroyer Angelique and an Englishman in London that’s archived on SCOREVideos. But not two dudes. She is so hot.

Yes, you will be excused if you spend the whole weekend indoors.

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Charley Green makes the SCORELAND scene

May 3, 2011 by Elliot James 10 Comments
Charley boobicizes the bed pole.

Charley boobicizes the bed pole.

British pin-up star Charley Green scores this week from the island of St. Maarten, where the warmth and sunshine do wonders for English girls. A London bird, Charley loves to travel, so this tropical holiday was perfect for her. Yesterday, we published Charley’s first photo shoot and her interview with SCORE’s studio manager T. Today, a video of Charley taking the bar that holds her bed’s mosquito netting and turning it into a pole dance prop. Now that’s British engineering ingenuity at work. She literally turned her bedroom into a titty bra. Like Leanne Crow, Charley traveled  to the island to meet up with several other busty wonder girls for a special presentation exclusively for SCORELAND members. It kicks off this Friday. Trust me, don’t miss this one.

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Stuffing the rack: July ’11 SCORE

April 20, 2011 by Elliot James 4 Comments
Check your favorite rack for the new edition of SCORE.

Check your favorite rack for the new edition of SCORE.

The Who’s Who’s in the July ’11 SCORE, now on-sale at your favorite store and at

Israeli bra-buster Eden Mor goes slim ‘n’ stacked.
Ukrainian marvel Valory Irene practically naked in super-skimpy lingerie.
Germany’s Beshine stretches out tops to an impossible degree.
Romania’s Arianna Sinn loves vintage lingerie.
England’s Robyn Alexandra goes bikini.
California girl Daylene Rio is a sucker for lollipops.
Florida freshman Natasha Dulce is interviewed.
Florida MILF Angelina Verdi fits boner into her throat, pussy and butthole.
Oregon’s Karen Fisher is back and bangalicious.
This issue’s DVD Pick is Christy Marks Fuckin’ Filled.
A free SCORE DVD is included at most stores. Because we’re generous guys and girls. (Anita Agni All The Way, a XXX DVD in most editions and Toys For Tits, an R-Rated DVD in some areas.)

A big birthday weekend shout to Summer Sinn (April 23), Ava Lustra (April 24) and Charlee Chase (April 26). Charlee is back at on May 13 with a new XXX scene, and she gets a creampie instead of a birthday cake. It’s Charlee’s first SCORE scene since the movie My Boob Heaven.

Summer born April 23.

Summer born April 23.

Ava Lusra born April 24.

Ava Lustra born April 24.

Charlee Chase born April 24.

Charlee Chase born April 26.

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The incredibly amazing bra show

April 9, 2011 by Elliot James 21 Comments
Beshine's bras: A miracle of textile stress engineering.

Beshine's bras: A miracle of textile stress engineering.

On this day, Beshine will put on and take off several bras, an event that all bra manufacturers and their researchers should be studying. It’s quite a demonstration in fabric engineering and stress design. The photos are from the May ’11 SCORE, Beshine’s debut. Beshine’s tits measure 59 inches while her underbust is 32 inches. Bras fall to pieces under the stress.

“A short time ago, I found a shop online that has really stretchy sports bras, and amazingly, they fit!” Beshine told SCORE. “It’s the first time I found a bra that fit the first time I wore it. I tried it and said, ‘Wow, it fits!’ I have many sports bras because I go through them very fast. I wear them out or they break.”

Tomorrow at SCORELAND, you’ll get to see the SCORE Theater video of this experiment in bra stretching to the outer limits of fabric fatigue.

There’s no group of girls at SCORELAND that generates more controversy and reaction than the super-sized girls. Myself, I’m into both the Otis Sweat girls come to life, like Beshine, and the super-naturals like Terry Nova, if they’re attractive all over, too. Beshine has a really nice body and face. Do I want to see more of her in the future? Absolutely.

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Hot in Germany

April 4, 2011 by Elliot James 11 Comments

A star is shorn...of her clothes.
A star is shorn…of her clothes.

Annina, German porn superstar.

Annina, German porn superstar.

Sandra Star‘s pictorial from May 2011 SCORE is now posted on SCORELAND. Sandra is a stacked uni-student working on a business admin degree. She loves big tits and wants to be a porn star. I’m glad to see she’s not wasting her time by playing video games and texting all day. Sandra was discovered when she entered the Miss Hot SCORE contest in Berlin, Germany and won.

Sandra earned extra props from one of the Hot SCORE judges, German celebrititty and SCORE covergirl Annina. “I first noticed her beautiful smile!” Annina said. “She has charisma and a great, curvy body. She is the whole package. For me, Sandra is Miss Hot SCORE 2010!”

Sandra has two XXX anal videos, her first sex scenes, posted on SCORELAND and Pretty wild for a newcomer. I’d love to see Sandra and Annina going at it in a threeway. Maybe one day that can happen.

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Terri Jane BTS

March 15, 2011 by Elliot James 6 Comments

SCORELAND kicks off a new section on Friday called BTS (“Behind The Scenes”). All of the videos will be from the various locations we travel to, such as the Caribbean and Europe, all shot with cam-phones by our roving vlogger. The first 10 ten videos this week will feature Valory Irene, Terri Jane, Dors Feline and Lana Ivans from the lush Dominican Republic. It’s all spontaneous, candid fun with the buxom bunnies you love in off-the-cuff situations. Some will be chats, some sneak peeps, some fun and games. We’ll catch ’em with their bras off and sometimes with their pants off, too. BTS can be found in the Galleries section of SCORELAND starting this weekend.

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Terri Jane. She’s a handful!

March 12, 2011 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Now at SCORELAND. The studio traveled to the Caribbean specifically to photograph Terri Jane and several other superbusty hotties. It may be butt-freezing weather right now in the United Kingdom but the awe-inspiring Terri Jane of England and her bosom buddies were nice and warm. So warm that Terri had to doff her skimpy mono-kini.

Who watches out for ya, Boob Brothers?

Log in today and make it a Terri Jane weekend. And Dors Feline too!

How much can you take?

Hey, we know you can handle it.

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It’s Mardi Bras time with Terri Jane

March 10, 2011 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Prepare yourself for a pair of fresh, new naturals tomorrow. Terri Jane is from, where else, England and once again, the UK has beaten the USA in the big boobs race. Pretty Terri lives in a small town near Birmingham. Those 30K missiles Terri’s aiming are loaded and ready for launching from her bra silos. Prepare yourselves, SCORELAND residents, to keel over from breast shock. Sticker shock is nothing compared to Terri Jane shock.

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March 5, 2011 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Bella Blaze sets fires in men’s trousers wherever she goes. She’s a pyromaniac of pants. A hot chick. It’s been a while since we’ve seen this brunette newcomer and former bartender from Michigan on SCORELAND. She used to make drinks like Slippery Nipples, Wet Spots and Orgasms. Now she lives it. The fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and the sprinkler system were checked to see if they were in proper working order before Bella walked into the SCORE Studio. The staff put on its inflammable underwear and sunblock. No one wanted to get burned. Slighty toasty, we could deal with.

When Bella first appeared on the SCORELAND Blog, we took a poll about her because she was originally set for Naughty Neighbors, not SCORE. Do you guys remember that? We asked, “Is Bella a SCORE Girl?” 82% replied yes. And so it happened. Her first SCORE was the July 2010 issue.

Once again, Bella starts a BBQ, then puts out the flame in her cleavage by yanking a dude’s hose and wetting herself down. She’s one handy hottie to have around. It’s easy to see why guys hold a torch for her. Where there’s smoke, there’s Bella Blaze.

Check out the action from “Blazing Boobs,” now showing in SCORE Theater with photos in Hardcore Special. Thanks for firing it up, Bella Blaze. Stay hot.

In Kali West’s September ’09 SCORE magazine interview, the beautiful girl-next-door was asked about booty boffing.

SCORE: Have you done anal?
Kali: No.
SCORE: Plan to?
Kali: No.

What are we to learn from this? That when a girl says no, she’s probably saying “no, not right now.” Head on over to and see Kali’s first XXX anal video, just shot and hot off the camera’s hard drive. She’s gone and done it, so don’t miss it.

Kali West first anal now at

Kali West first anal now at

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