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Kristina Milan…She IS one in a million.

April 29, 2010 by Maria 16 Comments

Being an editor here in the Universe of all things TITS, well, I’ve seen a lot of funbags, guys. I’ve seen ’em bigger than big and I’ve seen ’em in every color. There are oblong ones, hangers, missiles, cannons, perkies, jumbos, pancakes and whoppers.

That said, I’ve been looking at the footage and photos that were shot in the Dominican Republic, and for the first time in a long time…I am in AWE of the mammary splendor. I mean, it’s like nipple Nirvana!

So, I let my sticky fingers wander…(I just realized how perverted that sounds! LOL) and I pilfered some extra shots for you guys.

Kristina Milian, Arianna Sinn and Miosotis...enough tit power to milk a plethora of peckers!

Kristina Milan, Arianna Sinn and Miosotis…enough tit power to milk a plethora of peckers!

This first one is of Kristina Milian and Miosotis just hanging out. But wait…who’s the meat in that tit sandwich? Why, it’s Arianna Sinn, and man, her tits are overshadowed by the sheer girth of these Latinas’ tatas. It’s mind-boggling!

I have never seen a pair of…milk jugs?…like Kristina Milan’s.

They are like sacks of lactation, man!

You might not, but Kristina Milian sure does GOT MILK!

You might not, but Kristina Milan sure does GOT MILK!

I watched Kristina’s solo video at least three times, and seeing her tits drip and drip and drip…well, it made me want some Oreos real bad!

As a busty Latina, I have a special place in my heart for other busty Latinas, and Kristina touches my special place.

(Oh, wow, I am full of these dirty one-liners today, eh?)

What I meant to say was that I really like watching Kristina touch her special place and let her boobies leak all over the place.

You guys enjoy these behind the scenes pics of the ladies in the Domican Republic while I go grab some cookies.

And be sure to check out Kristina’s two-day special on Today, she struts her stuff, and tomorrow, she fucks. And yes, the WHOLE time her tits are raining breastmilk like glorious fountains. 🙂 Can’t wait!



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The answers to life’s mysteries can be found right here

April 28, 2010 by Dave 14 Comments


The girl on the left is Kristina Milan. She’s the answer to this mystery blog. She’s from the Dominican Republic, she has J-cup naturals and she lactates like no girl I’ve ever seen. Kristina makes her debut tomorrow with a solo pictorial, and she fucks on Friday. I’d say more, but you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words.

The girl on the right is Miosotis. She’s the answer to this mystery blog. She’s also from the Dominican Republic, she has KKK-cup naturals and she’s slim and super-stacked like no natural I’ve ever seen. Mio, as her friends call her, makes her SCORELAND debut on Friday with a solo pictorial, then she fucks on Saturday. I’d say more, but you know what they say about a picture…

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How the SCORE crew unwinds and other interesting news items

April 9, 2010 by Elliot James 18 Comments

People often wonder how the staff at SCORE unwinds after a hard day at our office and many hours of labor to bring you boobs, brats, MILFS and other sexy wonders of the world. The fact is, we’re just like any other business. We do what everyone else around the world does after work. The usual humdrum routine. Instead of trying to describe how we chill out in words, this picture illustrates what I mean.

Another day at the SCORE office, just like yours.

Another day at the office, just like yours.

It was taken at our headquarters, emphasis on the head. It’s also part of a Boob Science pictorial from the May ’10 SCORE starring Daphne Rosen and Angel Gee and posted today on SCORELAND. See what I mean? Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to write home about.

Don't miss Anna Kay's first SCORELAND XXX video. Them's smotherin' titties, pardner.

Don't miss Anna Kay's first SCORELAND XXX video. Them's smotherin' titties, pardner.

Tomorrow, we’re happy to present Anna Kay in her first SCORELAND guy-girl pictorial and video, a horny number called “Anna Kay: Hooter Hottie.” Anna’s hot, the sex is hot and I’m sure you’ll love it a long time. Miss Kay has a gorgeous face and succulent sweater meat that Carlos couldn’t help but slobber over. I can’t blame the man. He’s breastnotized. Dave was also breastnotized by Anna in a previous blog.

Then on Sunday, it’s the one and only Christy Marks shakin’ and bakin’ as only she can. Notice her toes curling. Christy is really into the cock. I don’t believe there’s a busty girl-next-door as exhibitionistic and wild as Christy. A lot of awesome big-boobed girls have entered this hallowed hall of hooters, but, in my opinion, no one is as super-sexed and eager for action as Christy. She’s just over the top.

Christy breaks the bed frame this weekend on SCORELAND.

Christy breaks the bed frame this weekend on SCORELAND.

And please don’t forget that is now part of SCORELAND. It looks like a fun weekend.

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April 8, 2010 by Elliot James 15 Comments is part of My SCORE Sites on SCORELAND. Another word for free stuff if you're a member. is part of My SCORE Sites on SCORELAND. My SCORE Sites: another word for free stuff if you're a member.

First, the good news. went live yesterday. And now for more good news. If you are a boner-fide monthly SCORELAND member (not a 3-day trial dude), you get free as part of the My SCORE Sites bonus inside SCORELAND. There were 10 My SCORE Sites, such as and All free. No extra fee. And now with Karla added, that’s 11 sites you get free as part of your monthly SCORELAND membership.

When you add in the Loyalty Program (one free site added monthly for every month you stay a SCORELAND member, an additional bonus not part of My SCORE Sites), there’s really no reason to leave the house that I can think of. Pizza, Chinese food and other staples of life can always be delivered. Not from us. We haven’t gotten into that yet.

I gotta tell you that I was against this decision and I bitterly fought it. I fought the law but the law won. Photographing models on these tropical paradises costs a lot of money, and that’s only the first step in the process. I think when you give people free stuff, they tend not to appreciate it or consider the costs. They yawn. They want more. That’s human nature. I’m like the prick credit manager at a car dealership who won’t lower his price by a penny. I’ve never believed in these new-wave freeconomics and freemiums theories. But after thinking it over, and talking to Dave and Maria, I’ve seen the light. I’m blinded by the light. And the light is Karla James. Free. No strings except string bikinis over her luscious bod. If you’re a SCORELAND member. Bringing you the girls you want to see is our thing. Another reason to join us.

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This granny doesn’t play shuffleboard. She fucks!

February 25, 2010 by Dave 12 Comments

What I’m about to say has nothing to do with big tits, but I’m writing it because I thought you’d be interested in knowing it, and also because I’m kinda hoping some of you might be compelled to go see it first-hand. It’s newsworthy. The kinda thing you tell your friends, “You won’t believe what I saw today.” So here goes.

Right now, over at our sister website, A 75-YEAR-OLD WOMAN IS FUCKING!

That’s right. A 75-year-old woman is fucking. Her name is Sandra Ann, and she’s got the dude’s big, black cock all the way down her throat (and I mean all the way!), and then she fucks him hard. I’d show you a picture, but she doesn’t big tits (if you want to see her, click the link above for a preview). Besides, that’s not the point. The point is that there’s A 75-YEAR-OLD WOMAN IS FUCKING AT 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

It’s mind-boggling, and it’s impressive, too. I interviewed her for the site, and when she we were just talking, going back and forth, she seemed very tight, nervous. But then the stud’s cock came out, and she loosened right up. Afterwards, I asked Lucas, the very hung stud, how many women have deep-throated him, and he said, “One. Her.”

Now, understandably, some of you might be wondering, “Who the hell would want to see that?” Well, a lot of guys want to see it. Sandra Ann’s postings are getting rave reviews…five stars out of five stars for all of them! And I gotta tell you, sitting there watching her deep-throat a cock…I was stirred. Now, I’ve never fucked a 75-year-old woman, but I hope to one day.

To put this in perspective, the oldest model we’ve ever featured in SCORE and SCORELAND is Lacey Legends. She was 53 when she made her final appearance in the August 2001 issue.

Fifty-three. That’s young enough to be Sandra Ann’s daughter.

So, regarding this week’s poll: how old is too old? How does 75 strike you?

Lacey Legends was 53 years young when she posed for this photo.

Lacey Legends was 53 years young when she posed for this photo.

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