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Why do women wear too-tight bras?

August 28, 2012 by Dave 9 Comments

Why is Sharday wearing this too-tight, too-small bra? Because we asked her to.

I’m just wondering…us guys…do we just not get it?

Or is it women that just don’t get it?

“Why don’t you write about tight bras?” Maria yelled out to me a little while ago.

“You mean that when a woman is wearing a tight bra, she’s trying to hide her boobs?”

Maria looked at me like I was crazy. I don’t think I’m crazy. I think I’m right about this.

“Women do not wear tight bras to hide their boobs,” Maria said.

“Then why do they wear them?” I asked.

“Why would a woman intentionally wear a bra that makes it look like she has four boobs?” Maria said. “Most women wear tight bras beause their boobs have gone saggy and they’re trying to lift then and bring them back to attention, but gravity has taken its toll on their titties, so their draggy titties need to be in a full-support bra. These demi-cup, too-tight bras…all they do is make a woman look like she has four titties.”

“I disagree,” I said, but by this time, Maria was on a roll.

“She’s not trying to hide those tits in a tiny bra,” she said. “That’s like trying to hide a 500-pound man behind little tiny rocks. If she wanted to hide her big boobs, she’d put them in a big bra.”

Ah-ha! That’s where I thought I had her.

“A big bra is going to make boobs look bigger under a shirt,” I said.

“The big bra is going to make them look full but contained,” Maria retorted.

So I thought about this. Is Maria right? Are girls who wear too-tight bras trying to make up for saggy tits?

Well, there’s a girl who works at a kiosk in a nearby mall. She’s short and stacked. Very stacked. She wears too-tight bras all the time, and I was convinced for the longest time that she was wearing too-tight bras to hide the fact that she has big tits (something my boob radar detected the first second I saw her).

But then, one day, I saw her wearing a T-shirt that said, “My eyes are up here.” That T-shirt is basically code for, “Look at my tits.” (I don’t think even Maria will disagree with that assessment). Another time, she was wearing a T-shirt that said, “Look but don’t touch,” which, of course, means, “Look at my big tits.” So this too-tight-bra wearing MKG (Mall Kiosk Girl) is obviously not trying to hide her tits.

But does that mean she has saggy tits? Damn, I hope not. I think she has huge tits and is proud of them…but not so proud of them that she wants to cause a scene every time she goes out in public.

Here at SCORELAND, we sometimes put girls in too-tight bras because we like to watch their cleavage spill all over the place. But when we want them to look good in sweaters, we dress their tits in properly-fitted bras. Why? Because if you put a girl in a too-tight bra then have her wear something over it, like a sweater or a T-shirt, she looks less busty. Because too-tight bras mash down big tits. When you mash something, it gets flatter and looks smaller. Then, if the girl wears a dark shirt, you can barely tell she has tits at all. Unless you have boob radar.

Go ahead, Maria. Disagree with me. But it’s one thing to have read the owner’s manual. It’s another thing to have written it.

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And now, to continue our discussion about self-sucking

August 16, 2012 by Dave 1 Comment

This is Cassitty. She can be seen in Voluptuous Xtra #7 and Black & Stacked Xtra #3, but she's obviously capable of taking care of herself when there's no guy around. I propose that she is one of the best self-suckers ever. Maybe THE best.

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The lowdown on going down…

August 11, 2012 by Dave 3 Comments

Krissy Rose wants to know, "Do you want to eat my pussy? Do you want to watch somebody eat my pussy?"

Today at SCORELAND, newcomer Krissy Rose sucks and fucks in the photo version of a video that can be seen at I’m very fond of Krissy. She’s a housewife, amateur model and cam girl. She lives in Las Vegas. As Elliot wrote, “She’s both a housewife model and a model housewife.” She lost her cherry to her husband, but now she enjoys fucking guys who aren’t her husband. The title of her scene at SCOREVideos is, “I’m Married But I Like To Get Fucked By Other Men.”

She likes to have her pussy eaten by other men, too, and that’s what I’d like to discuss today. Cunnilingus. Drinking from the furry cup. Carpet munching. Muff diving. Tipping the velvet. I’d never heard of that last phrase. I saw it on Wikipedia.

You know what? The phrase “eating pussy” is best.

Anyway, in her scene, Krissy gets her pussy eaten by porn stud Sergio. The camera spends a few minutes looking up from a very nice angle as he fingers her pussy and licks her clit. Meanwhile, Krissy’s looking down at what’s being done to her and kneading her tits. I love this little two-minute stretch. It’s super-intimate. It shows me that Krissy is really into what she’s doing (and what’s being done to her). And, for some reason, when a girl is having her pussy eaten on-camera, she seems even more totally exposed than usual.

So here’s my question. It’s about eating pussy. I’m not going to ask you if you like eating pussy (although you should). I’m going to ask you if you like seeing a girl getting her pussy eaten by a guy on-camera. And, if so, why?

By the way, if you don’ like seeing it, check out Krissy’s scene. She might convert you.


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Smiles: Do they do make a difference?

June 5, 2012 by Maria 7 Comments

Sometimes we get mail in which fans will ask why models don’t smile more in their photos.

And those letters used to confuse me. I mean, when a woman is naked and offering up her tits for your baby gravy, her smile is really the last thing I used to think anyone would notice.

But today, I understand the power of a smile. In fact, I had a Eureka! moment earlier.

(Please insert epiphany music here.)

I offer up these two photos as evidence of my findings.

Dominno's facial expression screams sex kitten. She looks like she wants to slap me around a little in this photo. Hey, I can get into that.

In this photo, Dominno looks like she wants to fuck me and then tell all her friends how great I am in the sack. Oh, and bake me a pie. And maybe knit me a sweater.

In both of these photos, we see the always sexy Prague hottie Dominno. I had the pleasure of meeting this fox in Hungary a few years back, and she is everything you can imagine she is; beautiful, busty and very, very sexy.
In the first photo, she is not smiling. In fact, this whole outfit and her demeanor screams, “I am hot and I know it and you know it and you are going to fuck me and then I am going to go shopping… with your credit card.” And hey, that’s cool. I am 100% cool with that. I am all about bad girls and bitchy divas. Hot chicks with attitude are, well, hot. Bad girl Dominno can have whatever she demands. I can dig it. She can scowl all she wants as long as she does it topless. If she wears this outfit, I will pretty much let her do whatever she wants.

Then we have photo number two. In it, Dominno is smiling and offering her tits up to me as a gift. That smile? It’s an invitation for more. She is saying, “Hey, I like you. Let’s have sex, and then I am going to make you a sandwich. I want to make you happy. I want to hold your hand. I want to tell everyone that you are the best lay of all time.” Isn’t that friendly? I think so. Is it hot? Hell yes! In a very busty captain-of-the-cheer-squad kind of way.

Does that mean I think models need to smile more in their photos? Well, clearly a smile never hurt anyone and makes a model look friendly and approachable and, well, happy. But does that mean they aren’t hot without the smile? Nope. I can appreciate a sexy fuckface on a woman. I don’t need her to always look like I just offered to buy her a puppy. She can give me a pout or a scowl and still be the sex kitten of my dreams.

But do I get it when fans write in and ask about smiles? Sure. Everyone should smile more often, not just models. 🙂

What do you think?




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Athletic Tits

June 4, 2012 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Michelle May inverts in her November '11 Voluptuous pictorial.

In a recent “Scorecard,” SCORELAND‘s and SCORE magazine’s letters section, B.S. wrote, “How about more athletic tits? High bouncing. Mid-flight shots. Extreme stretch nipple lifts. Trampoline jump sessions. Self-sucking and holding while standing, and in interesting positions. Head and handstands and any other upside-down positions. Hanging views and blue-vein super-close-ups. And look into airborne skydiving.”

I love all of B.S.’s ideas, which we have done and will continue to do, except one.

I am more than leery about the idea of a model diving out of an airplane with a photographer next to her. Outside of it being an extreme novelty, I just don’t see the benefits, and the divers are all strapped up and buckled up anyway.

There are special wind tunnel rides that people can go into that can lift them up. One in Las Vegas is called “Vegas Indoor Skydiving,” where you can float seven feet from the air force generated by a DC3 propeller below the tunnel. However, I doubt if they’d let a girl take her tits out (for liability reasons), and riders have to wear a special flight suit anyway.

The act of jumping out of an airplane aside, I appreciated B.S. taking the time to send us his ideas. If you have any ideas that don’t involve airplanes, submarines, Saturn rockets or any of the insane stunts they do on Fear Factor, feel free to email

Voted the four girls you'd most like to be trapped with in a mine cave-in for three months.


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Bra on or off: How do you like to fuck?

May 22, 2012 by Maria 12 Comments

Here we see Westy with a bra on but her tits out.

The other afternoon, I had an interesting talk with Dave about underwear.

I know…none of you would have that convo with your co-workers, but here, we talk about a lot of wild shit.

Well, Dave and I started talking about panties because I think that we should all talk more about panties. Panties don’t get enough attention, and frankly, I think panties are kind of awesome and chicks go through a lot of trouble to find nice panties to wear so gentlemen like yourselves see them. If we didn’t want them seen, looked at or admired, we would all wear big, white granny panties and call it a day. Remember that.

But I digress. We started talking about panties, and then that led to talk of bras (Which the same laws apply to. We wear pretty bras for you gents) and whether or not women should keep their bras on during sex.

Dave says that keeping the bra on (and sometimes even the panties on) during sex changes things up a little. You know…you get so hot and bothered that you can’t even be bothered to take her bra off. You just pull her tits out of it and fucking go to town. Or, rather, go to Fucking Town.

I say, nay.

And that’s just from my personal experience. When it’s sexy time, in my experience, anyway, most tit men want the bra off so the tits are free for fondling.

But then again, it’s not like I stopped them in that instant and conducted a poll on their preferences. There were different poles involved. lol

So, now I am asking you: Do you prefer that a woman keep her bra on or off during sex? These are the kinds of questions that keep me up nights, people. 🙂

Take a good look at Westy in both the bra-on state and the bra-off state and then give me your answer.

I live for your input. I do.



Here we see Westy with no bra on, and her tits are free.


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Busty Suckers 2

May 21, 2012 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Venera can suck her lollis hands-free. Clever!

I blogged about big-boobed girls sucking on lollipops back in October, 2010.

My position about this issue hasn’t changed.

I wholeheartedly support this habit.

I don’t like models smoking. I don’t think it looks sexy or sophisticated, although my esteemed colleagues Dave and Maria may hold a different viewpoint about this.

Both cigarettes and lollipops fulfill that oral requirement which I guess dates back to the sucking instinct. That is, sucking on nipples.

Last week, Dave blogged about models sucking on fake cocks if they didn’t do boy-girl. I think sucking and licking lollipops is a lot sexier and it’s more natural-looking. It’s also something very sexual that a model can do even in  photos intended for the most mainstream usage. So I’m always surprised we don’t see more of that. I mean, aren’t lollipops an all-American treat?

Christy Marks licks on a lollipop like it's your wiener.

Daylene give her lollipop a lusty cheeks-in suck.

I never see girls sucking on lollipops on TV, for example. I would love to see the local TV weather ladies do the morning reports taking the occasional lick of a lollipop. And we have some really smoking hot (pardon the expression, in this case) female meteorologists on English and Spanish-language television stations in South Florida. They could also use the lollipop to point at the map.

Female TV news anchors could suck on lollipops. The anchors on Fox would look really good doing, this although they might poo-poo the suggestion. What about game show hostesses, like Vanna White on Wheel Of Fortune? Vanna only needs one hand to turn the letters. She could have a free hand to hold the sucker.

Just an idea. I know the ratings would go up.

So lollipops and busty models: pro or con?

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Pick your favorite TSG magazine cover and tell us why it’s your favorite

May 20, 2012 by Elliot James 20 Comments

In the ’90s, print distributors and retailers began inserting mens magazines into sealed, plastic polybags. They’re opaque and only transparent at the top where the title is printed and at the bottom for the bar code. This was started for a number of reasons.

They keep those rude and naughty covers discreetly concealed from irritating juvenile delinquents and old ladies with blue hair and the noses to match.

The bag also keeps the magazine clean. It can contain the DVD bonus without the printer having to bind the disc to the magazine. They also guarantee privacy for subscribers so that a mailman can’t read a magazine first before the reader does.

Those bags can also keep an adult mag rack section from becoming a public library. I’ve heard many an exasperated clerk tell a lingering browser to either buy a mag or put it back on the shelf. I’ve heard it myself a few times when I selfishly went overtime checking out the latest magazines. However, many adult stores crack open one copy of a title so the customers can check out the contents.

Some store employees don’t like polybagged magazines, whether they’re adult or not. Bagged magazines can be hard to scan. They’re difficult to stack on the racks. They’re more labor-intensive to return because the cover must be torn off before any unsold copies are returned to the distributors for credit.

Although the bags are an established fact of print magazine publishing now, TSG still believes that a cover should be created with the highest quality in mind, even though many readers will never see it until they get home. So we spend the time to do that, down to the colors, the cover girl and the cover shot.

I’ve posted 12 TSG magazine covers from the last four years.

What I want to know is, what is your favorite cover and why?

What attracted you to that cover the most? Was it the main girl? The smaller photos? A headline?

What makes a great cover?

What makes a weak cover?

Write your comments below or email

I think that covers it!


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How to minimize the deadline rush during tax time

April 16, 2012 by Elliot James 10 Comments

Hire more busty tax preparers!

That’s my taxing recommendation.

April 17 is the deadline this year for filing taxes in the States.

A lot of guys delay their filing until the very last minute, then they scramble and clog up the pipeline. It’s one of the least popular American activities, as is the case in other countries, no doubt.

My solution? Get them to see their tax preparers or their accountants earlier.

How can this be done? What would motivate the average lazy dude?


Get more big-boobed women into the tax preparation business.

This will also attract a good percentage of those guys who do their own taxes. Why do it yourself when a good-looking tax preparer with E-cups or bigger will be happy to do it for you as you watch?

Sometimes the solution to a situation is so simple, I just don’t understand why it’s not obvious.

When I am elected president, I will offer free tax-preparation training and certification to any attractive woman, DD-cups and higher.

And I will throw in a free calculator.

Does anyone have a problem with this?

Customer asks tax preparer Karen Fisher to do his taxes slowly.

Birthdays this week:

Cindy Cupps born April 16.

Lisa Phillips born April 18.

Alex Chance born April 19.

Sydney Simona born April 19.

Kayla Kleevage born April 20.

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Smile and the whole world smiles with you. Don’t smile and, just maybe, the whole world jacks to you.

March 13, 2012 by Dave 11 Comments

Kiko Lee isn't smiling, but believe me, she's happy. She's about to get some cock at SCORELAND.

Along with augmented vs. natural, and whether the models must show their pussies and do hardcore, one of the most common subjects among big-boob lovers regards models smiling (or not smiling) in their photos and videos. If I had a dime for every time a reader or website member complained about this model or that model not smiling, I’d be a millionaire. To these people, I could say, “Danni Ashe.” She never smiled (she pouted), yet she’s one of the most-popular big-boobed models ever. So there. And then these people would probably say to me, “Crystal Gunns.” She always smiled. Her smile was big and bright. She had a brick-shithouse of a body, but that smile made her seem like the girl-next-door.

Personally, for my own purposes, I don’t care whether a model is smiling (as long as she’s not giving me the finger or snarling), as long as she’s sexy and, preferably, posing in a very revealing, sexual manner. I do not expect a woman to smile while she has two fingers stuffed inside her pussy. I expect her to be overcome with lust and passion. To me, smiling does not equal lust and passion. A woman cannot smile and suck cock at the same time.

But, of course, SCORE and SCORELAND isn’t all about me and my own purposes. I have you guys to think about. And most of you like smiling.

S.M., a reader from Baltimore, Maryland, likes when the models smile, too, but he has an interesting, open-minded view of the other side of the debate. So I’ll turn the rest of this Blog over to him. Have at it, S.M.:

Here, I present proof that Ariana Angel does, indeed, smile.

“We’ve read time after time about how readers don’t like to see a model looking too serious or not smiling. They tend to think they’re not happy doing what they’re doing or that the model has a nasty attitude. But that’s not necessarily the case. They could be, as you would say, making love to the camera, or it could be their mannerism due to their culture, or, okay, maybe she’s just having a rough day, or she could be nervous if it’s her debut, so instead of smiling, she shows the deer-in-the-headlights stare.

“But I’ve never had a problem when a model doesn’t smile a whole lot in their pictures. In fact, even with so-called happy-go-lucky models like Leanne Crow and Terri Jane, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more sophistication from them. But that may just be who they are: They just like smiling due to their lively personalities. Sophisticated expressions can be intriguing and sometimes make me think the model is hard to get.

“Kiko Lee is the most sophisticated SCORE model right now. I’ve never seen her posing with a smile, but she’s sexy, and her unsmiling face turns me on. Your other most-sophisticated models are Merilyn Sakova, Bea Flora, Kelly Kay and Ashley Sage Ellison. Ariana Angel is a model who’s shown good sophisticated poses in a sexy way. But these models are good enough to afford not smiling. In fact, most of the models I’ve named have won awards or been finalists, so being too serious must not be such a horrible thing.

“But don’t get me wrong. Like most readers, I do enjoy seeing smiles and enthusiasm as well. But just because she’s not smiling doesn’t mean she’s not having a nice time. She just has her own way of showing it. She’s just trying to be sexy and turn us on.”

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