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Do people really watch porn on their smartphones? And, if so, why?

February 10, 2013 by Dave 7 Comments

The bigger the better, I always say. Here's Busty Dusty from the mid-90s.

Wasn’t it just a few years ago that big-screen everything was in? Or am I imagining that? I know for sure that back in the late 1970s and early 1980s when I would frequent the occasional peep-show booth, the privacy was great but the screens were too small (they seemed to have an odd film over them, too). Then, when the VHS craze started, the only bad thing was that we had to watch porn on 25-inch TV screens. Then the screens got bigger and bigger, and suddenly, we had life-sized tits and fucking on 60-inch screens. Bigger-than-life-sized tits and fucking was great! Or at least I thought it was.

Because now I’m finding out that people are using their smartphones and tablets for everything from text messaging to shopping to surfing the Internet to reading books. Yes, it’s true: People read books on their smartphones. How can anybody read a book on a screen that’s less than five inches high and about two-and-a-quarter inches wide?

But even more amazing: People are watching full-length movies on their smartphones. Some people never watch TV or use a desktop (soon to be a thing of the past) or laptop computer. They watch everything on their smartphones.

Elliot and I decide what to order from Autumn-Jade. But it's the guy on the right who's going to get served the boob plate special.

Including porn? Yes. Including porn. Not me. For me, the bigger the screen the better. But how about you? Our current poll asks, “Do you ever watch porn videos on a tablet or smartphone?”

The poll only has room for you to answer the question. But if you do watch porn on your smartphone, I have to ask…why?

The last poll asked, “Have you ever given a restaurant waitress a bigger tip than she ordinarily would have deserved just because she had big tits?”  The most-popular answer was, “Yes, and I expected nothing in return” at 49%, followed by “No, that’s foolish” at 33%. I’d like to point out in my defense (I voted for “Yes, and I expected nothing in return.”) that it’s not a matter of being foolish. It’s a matter of big tits locking up and making a mess of a big-tit lover’s brain. It is, basically, an involuntary reaction. So, I will continue to give bigger tips to waitresses with big tits, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.
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Blog readers love Christina Hendricks, DP and a pretty face. Girl-girl? Not so much.

December 13, 2012 by Dave 6 Comments

Holly Halston takes two at SCORELAND and in the DVD My Wife, Your Meat!

SCORELAND Blog readers love giving their opinions (which, I guess, is what blogging is all about). Here are the results of recent Blog polls.

First, one of my favorite polls:Which busty mainstream celebrity would you most like to see in a fuck film? Christina Hendricks, the only good reason to endure the plot-less TV show Mad Men, is the winner with an astounding 53%. I think Dexter is one of the best shows on TV. If Christina Hendricks played Dexter’s sister (rather than the spectacularly flat-chested Jennifer Carpenter), it would be the greatest TV show in history (surpassing the episodes of Maude when busty Adrienne Barbeau showed up wearing tight tops). Dolly Parton tied for second with 14%, pretty impressive considering she’s 66 years old. Sofia Vergara also had 14%. Then came Mariah Carey and Salma Hayek. I would have included Jennifer Tilly in the poll, but she’s been faking cleavage and big tits for years (although I certainly appreciate her efforts).

Several months ago, we asked, “What do you like most about women’s bodies after big boobs?” And the winner was…pretty face at 37%. Who says we men are shallow? “Nice pussy” didn’t even finish in the top three (although great ass did at 22%). I asked Elliot this question and he said, “Their brains.”

Just kidding.
After watching Stephanie Stalls getting double-pounded at SCORELAND, we asked, “What do you think about DP in girl-boy-boy scenes?

Back in the day, Sierra and Autumn-Jade hooked up in one of the greatest girl-girls ever.

Well, talk about a split-decision…41% said they love it. 35% said they hate it. But 17% also said they like it once in a while, so the majority (58%) wants to see some DP. We’ll see what we can do. Not all girls will do DP. Most girls won’t even do anal.
And, finally, the age-old question, “Do you want to see more girl-girl at SCORELAND?”

You know, I’m always getting letters from guys asking for more girl-girl. And whenever I do, I think, “Unless times have really changed, these guys are in the minority.” Well, they are because 58% turned their thumbs down to more girl-girl.

So, to recap, most of you would like to see Christina Hendricks getting DP’d. I’m definitely in favor of that.

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How the voting is shaping up for the 2012 SCORE Awards

December 7, 2012 by Dave 6 Comments

I would really like to know how the conversation went when Minka asked her teammates to vote for her for Hardcore Performer of the Year.

You have just 24 days remaining until the ballot box closes at SCORELAND for the 2012 SCORE Awards. We’ve been busy counting the votes (thousands of them have been pouring in at the website and also from SCORE readers), and here’s a look at how the races are shaping up.

For Newcomer of the Year, it’s looking like a two-way race between Hitomi and Siri, which doesn’t surprise me at all. I actually thought Hitomi would be an easy winner, but then Elliot said he thought Siri would win, so that led to a little lunch bet. Sabrina Linn, Melissa Manning and Estelle Taylor are in the running, too, but they have a lot of ground to make up between now and midnight on December 31.

For Model of the Year, I’ve never seen a year in which the voting was so close, and if you asked me right now who I think is going to win, I’d say, “Who knows?” Valory Irene, Angela White, Venera, Leanne Crow, Beshine, Eva Notty…they’re all getting a lot of support, and who’s ahead depends on the day, even the hour.

For Hardcore Performer of the Year (the one award in which you really have to fuck your way to the top), another close race is brewing among Daylene Rio, Stephanie Stalls, Brittany O’Neil, Desiree, Kitana Flores and Minka. Speaking of Minka, I just received a package with about 15 ballots from members of Minka’s tennis team, all voting for their teammate for Hardcore Performer of the Year.

Finally, the Hall of Fame: I have high hopes that Alyssa Alps is finally going to get admitted, but don’t look now because Cindy Cupps, Sammie, Crystal Gunns and Colt 45 are breathing right down her bra straps.

As I said, the ballot box closes at midnight on December 31. Winners will be announced in the May 2013 issue of SCORE…unless I decide to leak the results before then.


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The mainstream celebrity I’d most like to see in a fuck film

December 5, 2012 by Dave 4 Comments

No, thank you.

The current Blog poll asks, “Which busty mainstream celebrity would you most like to see in a fuck film?” The choices are singer Mariah Carey, actress Christina Hendricks from the TV show Mad Men, actress Sofia Vergara from the TV show Modern Family, actress Salma Hayek and country music singer Dolly Parton. Here’s my view of the five choices:

Mariah Carey: Curvy and likes to show off her tits, ass and legs in stripper-like clothing. The dress she wore at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Rockefeller Center would be banned from most family gatherings. Plus, she wears fuck shoes. However, Mariah once got insulted when Howard Stern, thinking he was complimenting her, told her she dressed like a stripper. This indicates to me that there are two sides to Mariah: the outer slut we want to fuck and the scary inner good girl who doesn’t know what the hell she is. If Mariah was any good in bed, she would have said to Stern, “Thank you.”  I’m guessing she’d make a bad porn actress (no surprise since she’s already a lousy mainstream actress).

Christina Hendricks: According to unofficial reports, Christina has DDD-cup breasts. She also has a big ass. I’d like to see her getting plowed from behind, preferably in her tuchus, while her boobs hang. Judging by how sexy she is on-camera in a TV show, I’m guessing that she’d be a wild, nasty, dirty-talking XXX performer. I’d like to see two scenes with Christina: one in which we see her flaming red bush and one in which her pussy is shaved.

Sofia Vergara: I have to try to ignore the annoying, non-stop chatterbox character she plays on Modern Family and concentrate on 1.) Her tits; and 2.) The fact that she’s Colombian. Unfortunately, I suspect that her tits aren’t as big as she makes them out to be (I’m guessing they’re C-cups, Ds at best). So, even though her Latina heritage suggests a wild fuck, her tits would ultimately disappoint me. However, as wives go, she’s a major step up for Ed O’Neil from Katey Sagal.

Salma Hayek: Salma is a saucy Mexican, and many Mexican girls have proven to be nasty, filthy porn stars. However, like Sofia, Salma’s tits probably aren’t as big as we think they are. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sofia and Salma in a XXX lesbian scene, and if one of our studs, say Johnny or Lucas, wanted to drop by and poke them in the ass while they’re eating each others’ pussies, that would be fine.

Dolly Parton: Dolly is 66 years old. She has always freely admitted to enjoying sex, and I’m guessing she has developed into one of those always-horny MILFs we see at She also has giant tits, probably even bigger than people think. She once had to cancel a tour because of a sore back. “You lug these around and see if your back don’t hurt!” she said. You have to love a woman who is always calling attention to her tits, so I think Dolly would be a red-hot fuck on-camera, always making sure her tits were in view, whether she was sucking cock or fucking. Or getting tit-fucked, which is a must. And wouldn’t you love to see Dolly facialized?

This is a tough choice. Right now, Christina Hendricks has 53% of the vote, and I think I agree with the voters.


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Real busty wives of SCORELAND and XLGirls

November 8, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Kelly is SCORE Model of the Year 2011 and a reader's wife.

The SCORELAND members poll asked a tough question.

“Your girlfriend or wife wants to model in a XXX boy-girl video with a pro stud. How do you react?”

The results were:

37%  would firmly object to the idea

35%  would support her decision

16%  would neither support or object to it

11%  said they would try to talk her out of it

The reason I brought it up was because of the recent trend in married ladies modeling for SCORE, V-mag and XLGirls. The mature genres have always attracted wives, divorcees and swingers, but the big-bust girls tend to be not married. In fact, a big part of the appeal of the taboo-busting mature woman genre is that she’s either married or was married, has kids or is a swinger.

At XLGirls, some of the recent wifey arrivals include Zeta Verrone, Jasmine Jones and Danica Danali.

At SCORELAND and SCOREVideos, there’s Siri, Dallas Dixon, Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley and, of course, 2011 Model of the Year Kelly Christiansen.

The results surprised me considering that this is a hot-button topic that involves the basic human emotions of jealousy, marital fidelity and possessiveness. I was predicting almost no neutrality, but there’s that 16% zone that was much larger than I would have estimated.

This was in sharp contrast to a previous poll asking: “If your girlfriend was asked to model nude professionally, what would your reaction be?”

47%  said she could model if she wanted to.

18%  would object to the idea of her modeling.

34%  would encourage her to try it.

So solo modeling is okay, for the most part, but sex with another guy can be the deal-breaker.

None of the married models wanted to hide their status and some seemed proud of the fact. Some of them talked about their spouses who encouraged them, such as Barbie’s husband, a longtime reader.

This leads us to the ultimate poll question:

Do you lose interest if you learn that a model is married?

11%  said yes

41%  said no

48%  said it doesn’t matter

So for the majority, a model being married doesn’t spoil the fun and might even fuel-up their pleasure. Only a small percentage were bugged by the knowledge that a model is someone’s wife.

Crunching all these numbers and counting all these beans leads me to conclude that more busty married women should model at SCORELAND.

I invite them to step forward and visit

Dallas Dixon has a full-time job and a husband but she made time for V-mag and sex with professional cockslingers.


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The world’s a-Twitter. Scoreland’s a-titter.

October 25, 2012 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Stephanie Stalls is all a titter.

A few weeks ago, I asked SCORELAND members if they go on any social networks. There are hundreds of these sites, and many countries have their own home-grown versions in their own languages. (Weibo is huge in China.)

But the current leaders in North America are Facebook and Twitter. Once king of the hill, MySpace is in the dumpster (which is where Facebook stock shares are currently residing).

The results were:

Facebook: 63%
Twitter: 10%
Google+: 5%
MySpace:  2%
Not listed: 20% (which seems to indicate that they don’t bother with them, period)

So why should you go on Twitter?

Two words: SCORE boobs.

Twitter isn’t just for smartphone users, although it was originally created for 24/7 phone users.  A person can go on Twitter on any desktop, lap top or tablet and communicate in short bursts of no more than 140 characters.

Maria is in charge of the SCORELAND Twitter site, where you can find the latest updates about who’s shaking their big boobs here, SCORE news, events, photos, new models, video links and other good things to keep abreast of. Lots of SCORELAND and XLGirls models follow us, too. You might meet some of your favorites.

I say join in and follow us.

Stay twitillated, my friends.

What else did I want to mention today? Oh, yeah. Sarah Rae’s got her Finger In The Pie over at XLGirls today. is not responsible for seizures when you see her huge 38J boobs unleashed once again.

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Here they are…rock you like a hurricane!

August 27, 2012 by Maria 10 Comments

Okay, okay…so for the last week or so, everyone in Florida, and especially here in Miami where SCORELAND HQ is, have been glued to their television sets checking out every update about Tropical Storm Isaac. First it was a storm, then it was a hurricane, then it was a storm again. Each time the status of this storm changed, we either sighed or cringed accordingly.

You see, here in Miami, most of us are aware firsthand of what a hurricane can do. So we watch the Weather Channel continuously and we pray that storms pass us by.

But all this storm talk got me thinking about that Scorpions’ song, Rock You Like A Hurricane, which then led me to think about sex.

It’s funny how my mind works, eh? One second I am thinking about all my stuff being blown away and the next, I am thinking about blow jobs.

What can I say? I have a dirty mind.

Well, then I started thinking about which babes rock a cock like a hurricane. And then I had to conduct an impromptu survey here in the office, because opinions without research are no fun.

Also because when you start thinking about sex, you want to talk about it.

When it comes to fucking guys and gals, Gianna is my favorite XXX diva!

For me, and this is just my opinion, I think Gianna Rossi is the best lay I have ever laid eyes on. And believe you me…these eyes have seen a lot of love but they’re never gonna see another love like hers. When Gianna works dick, she does so with a ferocity that cannot be tamed. Sometimes when I watch her scenes, I have to look away because they are so…wild. They are so hot. There are two things I know for certain and they are:



1) No one puts Baby in a corner.


2) Gianna Rossi is a dick champion.

But my opinion isn’t the only one that matters around these parts, so I asked a few of the other SCORELAND Staffers, and this is what they had to say:

Elliot chose Christy Marks as his favorite XXX performer.

Elliot James: Known as the big-boob Jedi Master around these parts, when confronted with the, “Who does the best hardcore of all the models?” question, he thought long and hard and then said, “Christy Marks.” If I was a waiter, I would have said, “Excellent choice.” Elliot said that Christy Marks is his pick because when you watch her fuck, it is as if you were watching her fuck in her living room. Something about Christy is very real. It’s as if each of her hardcore scenes could have happened after a date in her regular life. I agree with Elliot’s thinking on this. Christy is definitely a champion.

Brittany is Fernando B.'s pick for best fuck based on her 20-years+ experience.

Fernando B.: Known as one of our coolest image librarians, Fernando sees a lot of XXX, and when I asked him who his fave XXX performer was, he said Brittany O’Neil. When I asked him why, he said experience. “She has been fucking in the business for over 20 years. She is really good by now.” I have to agree. Ms. O’Neil does bring a certain pro-touch to her scenes.

Ralph, our web marketing guru, says that Eva Notty is the top fuck of all time.

Ralph: I even asked one of our Web Marketing gents, Ralph, to join in on my impromptu survey. His pick? Eva Notty. When I asked him why, he said, “She is just good.” And really, who am I to argue with that?

So what say you, boob lovers? Who is your favorite fuck-goddess and why? Remember, with me, your opinions always matter so chime in!

xoxox Maria


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Double penetration without a lot of man-ass? Yes, it is possible!

July 24, 2012 by Dave 17 Comments

You don't want to see man-ass. You want to see Stephanie Stalls' ass. And you do!

Elliot James recently wrote, “In a poll currently on the SCORELAND home page, only 31% like to see DPs while 36% would rather see two-girl/one-guy threesomes.” But in the poll that’s been running here at the Blog, 36% hate DPs while 33% love them and another 23% want to see them once in a while, meaning that 56% of you like DPs either a lot or a little.

I recently wrote that one of the objections to double-penetration scenes is the amount of man-ass in the frame. But, after reviewing the Stephanie Stalls DP video that recently went up at SCORELAND, I can report that man-ass in DP scenes is not always a problem. Here are excerpts from my notes. Timings indicate minutes and seconds into the scene.

16:41: Stephanie getting ass-fucked reverse-cowgirl. The second guy comes over to stick his cock in her pussy. The DP is now happening. Man-ass is visible, although only slightly. The videographer did a good job of cropping out most of the second guy’s ass. Of course, we can see his cock and balls, but that’s what happens in hardcore.

17:03: Switches to angle from above, looking down. At this point, 5% of man-ass can be seen.

17:45: Position change! Stephanie climbs on top of the bottom cock cowgirl style. The other guy inserts his cock in her ass from behind. Excellent camera work averts man-ass. Meanwhile, we’re getting a nice view of Stephanie being double-banged while her tits bounce all over the place.

19:36: The two guys shoot their loads on Stephanie’s face.

I think this scene walks a very nice line between “too much man-ass” and “let’s see her getting double-fucked without there being too much man-ass.”

What I’m saying is, if enough Blog voters watch this scene, that 56% number will go up and we’ll have achieved DP detente.

Progress is a wonderful thing. Member WARPIG7 opined, “Wow that was EPIC!!!!!”

Thanks for the compliment, WARPIG7. And thank you, Stephanie. And thank you, stunt cocks, for keeping your man asses out of the way.

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No Stalling around. Stephanie Stalls goes for the whole she-bang tomorrow

July 18, 2012 by Elliot James 1 Comment

If one picture is worth a thousand words, writers would be writing captions only.

And if one pic is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video clip worth?

While pondering these Zen-like statements, please also ponder the amazing sight of Kentucky kutee Stephanie Stalls as she shuts off her brakes and goes for total wildness with two eager fellows.

Stephanie’s huge, 40 inch, 34F tits will also weigh heavily upon your mind as you ponder this subject.

As Dave wrote last week about seeing a girl get double penetrated, there are good things (wild and crazy sex) and bad things (way too much guy-ass).

Only a tiny handful of SCORE Girls have done DP in 20 years.

In a poll currently on the SCORELAND home page, only 31% like to see DPs while 36% would rather see two-girl/one-guy threesomes.

The only SCORE Girl I’ve ever met who absolutely loves double-penetration was Annina.  “Me riding the man who is in my ass reverse-cowgirl and the other man in my pussy, or with me on all fours riding one man while the other is in my ass,” Annina told me when I asked her which positions she prefers.

Look out for those couch burns.


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Journey deep inside the minds of big-boob lovers and you’ll find…thoughts about big tits!

July 5, 2012 by Dave 5 Comments

Lori Pleasure, dressed for dinner at one of L.A.'s best.

A lot of people comment on the SCORELAND Blog, but I’ve found that some of the most-interesting feedback we get is from the polls. So let’s check out what Blog readers have been saying.

A few months ago, we asked, “You’re going out to dinner with your wife or girlfriend. She’s wearing fuck-me pumps, a short skirt and a top that her tits are pouring out of. What do you do?”

A. Ask her to put on something less-revealing.

B. Enjoy dinner, the view and the jealous stares of other men.

C. Stay home, order in and fuck all night.

My faith in mankind was truly reinvigorated by the results of this poll. The winner: “Stay home, order in and fuck all night” at 58%, followed by “Enjoy dinner, the view and the jealous stares of other men.” Ask her to put on something less-revealing” received almost no support, and I have to wonder, you guys who voted for “A”…what exactly were you thinking?

Dors Feline proves that plumpers look sexy in monokinis.

Then we asked: “SCORE‘s annual swimsuit issue has arrived. What kind of bathing suit do you want to see your favorite busty babe wearing?”

And the winner: string bikini, followed by monokini, followed by regular bikini, followed by regular one-piece. In other words, extremely revealing, followed by very revealing, followed by revealing, followed by not-so-revealing. Again, my faith in mankind has been reinvigorated. I think if one of the choices had been “nothing,” it would have received a lot of votes, too.

And these days, we’re asking, What do you like most about women’s bodies after big boobs?

Are feet "other"? Can you guess whose feet these are?

This one is surprising me. Pretty face is winning, followed by great ass and voluptuous figure tied for second, then slim waist, nice pussy, great legs, nice hair and other.

Other? What else is there? I’m not even sure why we included that choice.

I was pretty sure that most of you would go for “great ass” since, as we’ve discussed, there’s a school of psychology that says that men see tits as an ass substitute. But pretty face? Impressive. Although I’m not so sure about that. Quickly…name your favorite SCORE Girl. Now, without looking at a photo, tell me what color eyes she has.





Total Votes: 586



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