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Poll says one thing, “Best of the Decade” says another.

October 13, 2009 by Dave 28 Comments

Last week we asked you to tell us what type of busty model is your favorite. Astonishingly,mega-boobed came in first at 27%, followed by plumper at 22%; young, slim and natural at 22%; over 30 and natural at 17%; over 30 and augmented at 7%; and young, slim and augmented at 5%. Why do I say it’s so astonishing that mega-boobed came in first? Because many of the first 19 models eliminated in the “Best of the Decade” contest at SCORELAND are, indeed, mega-boobed! What the hell is going on here?

Two girls from the Top 100: Africa (#88) watches as Cassitty (#82) sucks. Several years ago, the girls went tit-to-tit in the "Big Tit Challenge," and the cock-stiffening blow-by-blow is still posted at Scoreland.

Two girls from the Top 100: Africa (#88) patiently waits as Cassitty (#82) sucks. Several years ago, the girls went tit-to-tit in the "Big Tit Challenge," and the cock-stiffening blow-by-blow is still posted at Scoreland.

This week’s poll asks, “How do you feel about pregnant photo sets?” Love them? Like them? Hate them? Don’t care as long as the girl has big tits? Let us know.

But let’s go back to the “Best of the Decade” contest for a second. Now, we’re all adults here, so let’s be open about what’s going on: So far, every single one of the 19 models who have been eliminated has been either 1.) Enhanced or 2.) Black. I could comment further on this, but I’m not going to because I’ll just get emotional. I will say this: My No. 1. of the decade is black, so you know where I stand on the issue.

By the way, congratulations to Cassitty for coming in at No. 82, a very fair and impressive ranking that places her in the top 10% of all newcomers this decade. When it comes to sucking cock, though, Cassitty is in the top 1%.

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This week’s poll: Tits, ass or face?

September 29, 2009 by Dave 7 Comments
Tits, ass or face? With Karina Hart, you don't have to choose. But in this week's poll, you do.

Tits, ass or face? With Karina Hart, you don't have to choose. But in this week's poll, you do.

This week’s poll asks you to tell us what’s most important to you: a girl’s tits, her ass or her face. I would’ve included legs and pussy, too, but we didn’t have room for hundreds of combinations. And, yeah, we know, you want it all. But what if you had to choose?

Last week’s poll asked, “What size should the guy’s cock be in a XXX scene?” Twenty-one percent said he should have a super-sized cock; 18% said he should have a big cock; 9% said he should have an average cock. And the majority, 51%, said, “Why the hell would I care about a guy’s cock?” Okay, I’ll tell you why: the stretch effect. A girl’s pussy looks hot when it’s stretched around a big cock. And when a girl is doing her best to jam a lot of cock into her mouth, that’s hot, too. I guarantee that if every porn stud had a five-inch cock, you guys wouldn’t be happy about it. Why do you think guys like John Holmes, Ron Jeremy and Diesel became famous? Because of their personalities? No! And tell me the name of the famous little-dicked porn star. Can’t do it, can you? Case closed.

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One-day poll: Which Taylor Stevens do you prefer?

September 21, 2009 by Dave 25 Comments
Taylor Stevens today

Taylor Stevens today

Taylor Stevens in 2005

Taylor Stevens in 2005

Taylor Stevens returns to SCORELAND today on Day 3 of “Boob Quest,” looking a lot different from how we saw her the last time she appeared in 2005. Already, her return has generated some controversy, so we’re gonna have a one day poll: Which Taylor do you like better, Taylor circa 2005 (left) or Taylor as she looks now (right)? Answer in the poll section to the right. Comment below.

Taylor has dropped a lot of weight over the past four years, and her new look is definitely very SCORE Girl. Her old look, of course, was very XL Girl or V-Girl. The new Taylor has brand-new photos and an interview today on SCORELAND.

Last week’s poll asked, “In a big-tit hardcore video, where should the guy cum?” Not surprisingly, the winner was “on her tits” with 49%. The surprise was that “in her mouth” came in second at 17%. “On her face” was third at 16%, followed by “in her pussy” at 14% and “on her ass” at 4%. I thought “in her pussy”–the ol’ cream pie–would come in second. So that shows what I know.

Results of the Taylor poll tomorrow.

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This week’s poll: Cum again?

September 14, 2009 by Dave 6 Comments
Brandy Talore gets what she wants: cum on her tits and her face!

Brandy Talore gets what she wants: cum on her tits and her face!

This week’s poll asks where you want the cum shot to land when you’re watching a hardcore big-tit video. On her tits? On her face? On her ass? In her mouth? In her pussy? So many choices. And, hey, some of those stunt cocks have really bad aim and the cum lands in the girl’s hair (I like that, they usually don’t) or in her eyes (the girls hate that; they say it stings).

This reminds me of something Brandy Talore (who’s had more than her share of cum on her tits) said to Christy Marks: “I’m over having guys cum on my boobs. I mean, I like it, but all guys want to do is cum on my boobs. I understand that, but please, someone give me a facial!” Hey, Brandy, no problem! I’m whipping up a batch right now!

Last week, we asked if you enjoy eating pussy, and I was shocked by the results. A whopping 75% said yes, while only 12% do it out of obligation and 8% don’t like it at all. So, apparently, there aren’t too many dissatisfied women out there (assuming you guys are eating pussy right). I thought only about a third of you would say you like eating pussy and that the majority of you did it out of obligation, so there you go. I should have a little more faith in mankind. And then there was the other 5% that said, “I prefer sucking cock.” I’m guessing that Renee, Samantha, Veronica and Sienna chimed in on the poll!

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Home girl or sophisticated lady?

September 13, 2009 by Elliot James 3 Comments

I recently ran a SCORELAND members’ poll asking how they like their favorite SCORELAND girls to look in photos and videos.

26% liked the girls glammed-up. Make-up, hair, fancy dress and all that.

48% preferred the girl-next-door look. Tank-top, shorts or mini. (Personally, I favor this look. But no jeans. Don’t cover those legs!)

26% were indifferent. It didn’t matter to them.

Where do you stand and why?

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This week’s poll: Do you like eating pussy?

September 8, 2009 by Dave 18 Comments

Last week’s poll asked for your preferences when it comes to big-tit photos and videos. Forty-one percent want to see a D-cupper fucking; 33% would go for an E- or F-cupper who does everything but fuck; 21% want a mega-stacked babe even if she only shows her tits; and 5% want those Tour de France highlights. I suspect that an answer not offered–”mega-stacked babe fucking”–is what you all really want.

This week’s poll asks for your feelings about eating pussy. Like it? Hate it? Do it out of obligation? Let us know. We’ve been having a lot of conversation in the office about this question, trying to predict how it will turn out. Girls, if you’re out there, what’s your prediction (from personal experience) about how the voting will go?

By the way, those of you out there who don’t like eating pussy? Watching this video of G-cup newcomer Alexa getting her clam slurped might change your mind.

Sorry. “Clam slurped.” Words like that are the reason some guys don’t like eating pussy.

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