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A Siri doubleheader now at your favorite store or newsstand

July 1, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Siri, show us your tits. Thank you, Siri. We appreciate that, Siri.

Siri makes her Voluptuous magazine debut in the September ’12 issue, now at your favorite jack shack, mag rack, all-around adult emporium or from eBoobStore.

Our store has both a print and a digital version (if you’re a tablet reader).

This marks a double magazine cover debut for the meteoric Siri.

The nubile, huge Harry Potter fan (for once I’d like to be Daniel Radcliffe) is also the covergirl of the September ’12 SCORE.

Pretty sweet, I say.

Double cover debuts like this are still fairly rare.

I remember Nicole Peters (April ’03), Ines Cudna (March ’03) and Via Paxton (September ’99) having spectacular double debuts, too.

Lemme see…who else? There was Sharday’s famous double cover debut for the November ’01 issues. In her V-mag debut, Sharday wore her actual high school prom dress.

Most models who debut in both SCORE and V-mag tend to have different debut dates, with or without being on the cover.

Along with Siri, the big, bad line-up for September ’12 is:

Anna Carlene
Cherry Brady
Kristi Maxx
Kristina Milan
Reina Lee
Renee Ross
Sabina Leigh
The ever-elusive Trinity Michaels
And those deadly pillow fighters Jenna Valentine and Leanne Crow. Bam!

Not near a store? No problem. We come to you.

Actually, a mail carrier will come to you. However, we can’t guarantee it will be a busty, female postal employee.

Sounds like a good idea for a layout.

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An open book: the 20th anniversary contest questions

June 25, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Dave mentioned in his June 16 Blog that “Elliot and I might have gone a bit nuts with the gift-pack giveaway trivia questions. Seems as if each day has been tougher than the previous one. ‘Which girl did not appear on Howard Stern’s TV and radio shows?’ Were we kidding? The answer (from among Kellei G, Casey James, Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Dawn Stone) was Dawn Stone, and I wish I had a dollar for everyone who guessed Kellei G.”

However, when Dave and I were coming up with questions and answers, I threw in that the answers were multiple choice, not a much harder fill-in form of answer, and that the answers were all inside SCORELAND. No one had to pour through 20 years of back-issue magazines that 90% or more didn’t even own or, if they did have, were probably stored away in boxes. The answers were clicks away.

For example, I thought everyone would get these two questions from No. 13 right:

Which girl who sailed on the 2000 Boob Cruise would later win SCORE Newcomer of the Year?
A) Morgan Leigh-correct answer
B) Lorna Morgan
C) Ariana
D) Adina

Going to Morgan’s interview, published in its entirety in the Interviews section of “Galleries,” the very first sentence is, “The 2006 SCORE Newcomer of the Year turned out to be a true Cinderella story: Morgan Leigh, who sailed as a passenger on the 2000 Boob Cruise and walked around admiring the big-titted superstars of SCORE magazine, is now, all these years later, a big-titted superstar of SCORE magazine.” The interview is also on video, plus it’s also mentioned in some of Morgan’s pictorials. Until 2006, I had no idea how influential the Boob Cruise was in Morgan’s life.

Can you spot the future Morgan Leigh in this group shot from Boob Cruise 2000?

Which girl did not appear on Howard Stern’s TV and radio shows?
A) Kellei G
B) Casey James
C) Linsey Dawn McKenzie
D) Dawn Stone-correct answer

There they were in a “Galleries” Mammary Lane story with Stern sidekick “Fred The Elephant Boy” and nine photos. The story was about Colt, Casey and Kellei G’s visit to New York City for the Howard Stern Show on E! TV in February, 1995. The girls were also given the thankless job of shaving Fred. His face, not his pubic hair…luckily for them.

Linsey appeared on Stern by herself, a show also shown on E! TV when they broadcast Stern. This show aired nationally on February 14, 2003. (I still have that show on VHS tape.) Stern got to see LDM’s boobs, even if  TV viewers couldn’t. Just Googling “Linsey Dawn McKenzie Howard Stern” would have brought up the answer.

Kellei G., Casey James and Colt 45 with Fred The Elephant Boy. Casey does not look happy.

And for a topic closer to the present day, there was the question from #9:

Which model never went to Mexico on a SCORE shoot?
A) Jenna Valentine
B) Lovette
C) Hitomi
D) Karla James-correct

Many chose Lovette although Puerto Vallarta is listed three times right on her model page of links, and going to the recent Puerto Vallarta special with Jenna Valentine, Hitomi, Natalie Fiore, Micky Bells and Leanne Crow, there’s no sign of Karla, who was actually invited but couldn’t make it.

Lovette, Via Paxton and Ariana went to Mexico in August 2000 shortly after the Boob Cruise. It’s one of the oldest On Location shoots archived on SCORELAND. Here she is behind the wheel of the Geo Metro that Peter, the photographer, rented to drive to a secluded area.

“I should have had Lovette drive back to the hotel just like that, but that’s asking for a ticket, I suppose,” said Peter, a man who has seen more tits and clits than a gynecologist.

I hope to see more of you take a shot at the questions for this wrap-up week, even if you just feel like guessing rather than looking it up.

You have to be in it to win it!

Lovette in Mexico--what, no seat belt?

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Rack it up with Siri’s first cover issue

June 22, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Now at stores or direct from your friends at SCORE.

The Net has your eye, this I cannot deny.
But a cover on a rack will freeze you in your track.

The annual all-naturals September ’12 issue of SCORE is now at your favorite newsstand or magazine store, or get it straight to your door from SCORE.

This year:

Siri’s first issue and her first cover. Enter for a chance to win her signed bra.
Alia Janine
Emilia Boshe
Jenna Valentine
Maggie Green and Angela White on one lucky putz.
Micky Bells
Nancy Navarro
Rachel Love in an exclusive interview.

Plus a “Supernaturals” special: Hitomi, Valory Irene, Venera, Karla James, Karina Hart, Diane Poppos, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Ines Cudna, Sharday, Merilyn Sakova and Christy Marks.

The DVD Pick  is Mammary Mambo starring G-cupper Arianna Sinn and KKK-cupper Miosotis in a clash of the titty titans. It’s a XXX breast-fest.

A curvy collection of cantilevered cleavage cuties cupping their compelling casabas!
You may resist but your pipe will persist.

The digital version for computers and tablets contains five embedded videos as a bonus:

Jenna Valentine
Maggie Green and Angela White
Micky Bells
Nancy Navarro
Rachel Love



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Nancy Navarro: Gazongas Against Glass

June 11, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments


Big, heavy boobs pressed against glass is one of my favorite tit tricks. We used to have a specially constructed table made out of super-thick glass that we photographed some of the girls on. They could stand on it, too, so the photographer could shoot straight up. (Not that we believe in the glass ceiling.)

Tits-against-glass shoots are also done with glass shower doors and car windshields. They work really well with car wash sets and videos.

For the boob-squishing shots in Nancy Navarro’s strip and oil pictorial, the photographer had Nancy press a sheet of glass against her boobs. I think this picture from Nancy’s set would make a pretty nice desktop background. For your home PC, that is. I’m not sure about it on your office computer if you use one at work.


Here are the answers to the “20 for 20” SCORE anniversary contests for Days 3 and 4:

Day 3

1) Whose first SCORE hardcore scene was a threesome? Chloe Vevrier

Chloe did her first hardcore BGG scene in London with “Russian” Kathy and Kathy’s boyfriend at the time, a regular dude named Matt who boffed them both. Lucky guy. Chloe plays a masseuse who comes to rub Kathy, and rub they did.

2) In 2002, Autumn-Jade returned to SCORELAND following a growth spurt that saw her bra size go from a DDD-cup to an…I-cup

3) Which redheaded SCORE Girl once interviewed Tawny Peaks for SCORE? Montana

This was a tough one and might be the most difficult question of the entire “20 for 20” anniversary. Montana, a curly-haired redhead who feature-danced, interviewed Tawny for the July ’93 SCORE.

Day 4

1) Which SCORE Girl has inverted nipples? Terry Nova

2) Which two naturals went head-to-head and tit-to-tit in the one and only “Big-Tit Challenge” at SCORELANDCassitty Harmon and Africa Sexxx

3) Which model did not celebrate her 18th birthday with a SCORE pictorial? Jessica Turner

Linsey and Dawn Phoenix in London and Sharday in America all celebrated their 18th birthdays with photo shoots. Jessica Turner celebrated her 21st birthday on Boob Cruise 2000.

Today is Day 5. Good luck!


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20 years ago: August ’92 SCORE

June 10, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Letha Weapons was the coverstar of August '92 SCORE.

Twenty years ago, the trucks were delivering their bundles of the second issue of SCORE magazine (Volume 1, No. 2) while readers who’d read the first bi-monthly issue waited impatiently outside newsstands and stores for their next load of new big boobs.

L.A. Bust was SCORE‘s first covergirl. Who would be the covergirl of the August ’92 issue?

She turned out to be Letha Weapons. “This sexy 18-year-old is packing clubs across the U.S. and Canada,” the editor wrote in Miss Weapons’ 11-page layout that closed the issue. “No doubt, Letha’s plump pair of honeydew-sized melons could certainly be classified as weapons in the battle of the sexes.”

Letha and her lethal weapons.

The rest of the issue included pictorials of dancer Zoryna Dreams; Tiffany Towers in a softcore sex scene with a guy; a softcore team-up Nilli Willis and Lisa Phillips and Jolene, a new 19-year old natural from San Diego, California.

There was an article by Christopher Caswell about the Vector, a $398,000 sportscar. The erotic short story was “Sylvia’s Secret” by Jackson Adams with art by Otis Sweat. There was a feature story, “How To Photograph Nude Models Part 2” by Evan Andrews. Evan wrote, “Being a glamour photographer will give you a way to open a conversation with all those girls you meet at the local sports bar and you will have a portfolio of photographs to back up your story. What guy could compete with you?” Indeed.

There was a two-pager about super-naturally busty Polish stripper and sexploitation actress Chesty Morgan. L.A. Bust began her first column “Night Moves,” the prototype of the columns that Alyssa Alps and Crystal Gunns would write.

Orion Jeweb contributed his scholarly breast column “Mam•mal•o•gy.” (“Because the spirit of rational inquiry demands the hard data of practical experience, Mam•mal•o•gy has come to realize that, as one reader put it, ‘a boob in the hand is worth two in the bra.'”)

Duncan Gutteridge painted a new Fantasy SCORE. “Homebodies” presented amateur hopefuls who’d sent in their Polaroids. Wrapping it up, there was a “Video Pick” and the “Scorecard” letters section.

The price? $4.95, $5.95 in Canada. (Gas was $1.13 a gallon.) I saw a used copy of this edition going for $23.95 now.

Lisa Gazombas on the back cover. The next issue was November '92. Readers had to wait two months.

On the back cover, Lisa Gazombas promised big-boobed satisfaction for the next issue, November ’92. She later changed her moniker to Lisa Chest. I don’t remember why. I liked Gazombas. I still do.

And that’s the way it was, 20 years ago.

No Internet. No DVDs. No iPads, tablets, desktops or Smartphones. No SCORELAND.

There were print magazines and VHS tapes. That was it. And there were strip clubs everywhere you could visit with lots of huge-boobed girls strutting their stuff on stage. They had names like Toppsy Curvey, Kayla Kleevage, Wendy Whoppers, C.C. Moore, Susie Boobies and Bethany Bustin and there were a helluva lot more new ones on the way. A huge-titted army, in fact.





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Question No. 1: Who is today’s “20 for 20” girl at SCORELAND? Question No. 2: Can you correctly answer three SCORE trivia questions? Most people can’t!

June 8, 2012 by Dave 9 Comments

These belong to the girl who placed No. 18 in our "20 for 20" voting. The action continues today at SCORELAND.

So the “20 for 20” celebration continues today at SCORELAND with the announcement of our 18th-best SCORE Girl of all-time as voted by SCORELAND members, and I can tell you a few things about this girl:

1. Initials N.F.

2. Tits get bigger every time we hook up with her, which is impressive since she’s 100% natural.

3. She’s the first of several girls who didn’t make it into the Top 20 named by magazine readers but did make it into the Top 20 as voted by website members. What does that mean? Hey, you tell me!

Also continuing today (and tomorrow, too) is the daily gift-pack trivia contest in which members have a chance to win a limited-edition 20th anniversary cap and shirt, among other goodies, and let me tell you something: I’m surprised. When Elliot and I first thought up the questions, we wondered, “Are they too easy?” Well, the answer is a big, gigantic NO!

The way it works is, each day, we present three SCORE-related trivia questions. Answer all three correctly and you get entered into a random drawing for one of 20 gift packs. Well, so far, I’d say about 10% of contest entrants have answered all three questions correctly.

On Day One, the answer that tripped up most people was, “How many times did the Boob Cruise sail?” The correct answer was five, but almost everybody answered six. Surprisingly, most people correctly answered the one about the real-life farmer’s daughter who grew up working on a hops farm. The answer is Kaytee Carter, and when Elliot devised that question, I said to him, “Nobody’s going to get that right.” But almost everybody did.

On Day Two, almost everybody knew that Lorna Morgan poured heavy cream over her body in Key Largo, Florida, but a lot of people thought Chloe Vevrier’s first SCORE shoot was in London, England (it was actually in Eleuthera, the Bahamas), and not a lot of people knew that Lisa Lipps had brought her own stud to a SCORE hardcore shoot.

Well, I’m glad the questions haven’t been too easy. That makes it more fun. I’m not sure which of today’s questions will stump readers. There’s one about whose first XXX scene was a threesome, then there’s one about Autumn-Jade’s growth spurt and another about Tawny Peaks.

All I can say is that those gift-packs are going to be well-earned, and if you happen to win one, wear that cap and shirt proudly. In my opinion, you’re the big-boob world equal of any Jeopardy champion.

The Day 2 winner was A.E.W. of Silver Spring, Maryland. Congratulations!

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Dangerous when wet or dry. The annual SCORE swimsuit edition is here

May 24, 2012 by Elliot James 10 Comments

August '12 SCORE

Every year since 2007, the August edition of SCORE has gone swimsuit-happy. Whether the girls are wearing extreme bikinis or dental-floss monokinis, you can bet that this delicate beachwear is strained, stressed and stretched to the ripping point when worn on the stacked body of a SCORE Girl.

This year’s shapely swimsuit sirens are:
Angela White
Brittany O’Neil
Christy Marks
Dolly Delight
Lana Ivans
Michelle Bond and Leanne Crow side-by-side in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Valory Irene

Get your copy now at your favorite store or visit eBoobStore. If you’ve gone digital for computers or tablets, the August ’12 SCORE in digital magazine format contains five embedded streaming videos.

Here’s a look back at the past five years of SCORE‘s swimsuit issues!

August '07 SCORE

August '08 SCORE

August '09 SCORE

August '10 SCORE

August '11 SCORE




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Pick your favorite TSG magazine cover and tell us why it’s your favorite

May 20, 2012 by Elliot James 20 Comments

In the ’90s, print distributors and retailers began inserting mens magazines into sealed, plastic polybags. They’re opaque and only transparent at the top where the title is printed and at the bottom for the bar code. This was started for a number of reasons.

They keep those rude and naughty covers discreetly concealed from irritating juvenile delinquents and old ladies with blue hair and the noses to match.

The bag also keeps the magazine clean. It can contain the DVD bonus without the printer having to bind the disc to the magazine. They also guarantee privacy for subscribers so that a mailman can’t read a magazine first before the reader does.

Those bags can also keep an adult mag rack section from becoming a public library. I’ve heard many an exasperated clerk tell a lingering browser to either buy a mag or put it back on the shelf. I’ve heard it myself a few times when I selfishly went overtime checking out the latest magazines. However, many adult stores crack open one copy of a title so the customers can check out the contents.

Some store employees don’t like polybagged magazines, whether they’re adult or not. Bagged magazines can be hard to scan. They’re difficult to stack on the racks. They’re more labor-intensive to return because the cover must be torn off before any unsold copies are returned to the distributors for credit.

Although the bags are an established fact of print magazine publishing now, TSG still believes that a cover should be created with the highest quality in mind, even though many readers will never see it until they get home. So we spend the time to do that, down to the colors, the cover girl and the cover shot.

I’ve posted 12 TSG magazine covers from the last four years.

What I want to know is, what is your favorite cover and why?

What attracted you to that cover the most? Was it the main girl? The smaller photos? A headline?

What makes a great cover?

What makes a weak cover?

Write your comments below or email

I think that covers it!


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Voluptuous exposes a cover up of Natalie Fiore & Micky Bells

May 13, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

July '12 Voluptuous magazine: get it in print or in digital.

Here is a pairing of two future legends in the new July ’12 issue of Voluptuous magazine.

I think of the great V-mag duos over the years such as:

Linsey and Chloe
Jessica Turner and Lorna Morgan
Kerry Marie and Cassandra
Cherry Brady and Brandy Talore
Autumn-Jade and Sierra
Annie Swanson and Lilith
Sammy Black and Jenny Hill
Kelly Kay and Bozena

This one-on-one of Natalie and Micky belongs in that league of all-stars.

And featured in this edition:
Anastasia Blake
Angel DeLuca
Ashley Sage Ellison
Elaina Gregory
Melonie Max
Nancy Navarro
Reina Lee
Sonja Haze

Get it in print or get it in digital. Just get it and have a blast.

Is that a boobtastic cover of Micky and Natalie or not?

Can’t find V-mag at your local newsstand? Let us know and we’ll check it out.

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Fan art has heart, soul and boobs. And a long memory.

May 9, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Glen S. sends us his artwork of three famed Voluptuous and SCORE Girls plus one model who only posed for three layouts–and only in photos, no videos–then became part of the passing parade of stacked girls.

Glen writes: “I’ve been meaning to give it in earlier, but I got sidetracked. These are a couple of images of some my favorite girls.  I enjoy doing this artwork and I appreciate you showcasing other readers’ work as well. Always a pleasure to see. I like H.D.’s stuff from Germany. He’s got a nice, easy style.”

I didn’t think anyone remembered Tori well enough to create and send an illustration of her. No one has mentioned Tori in a decade. But she definitely made an impression on Glen over 10 years later.

Tori has great, pancake-sized areolae, and, at that time, a genuine girl-next-door look. She was living in Arizona in late 1998 when a SCORE Group contributing photographer met her.

I like the addition of the Union Jack in Nicole’s picture. Nicole’s a painter herself, and I think she’d appreciate Glen’s take.

Thank you, Glen!


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