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CAUTION! Big-boobed girls at work!

August 23, 2011 by Dave 7 Comments


This might not be your idea of work (or anybody’s idea of work), but believe it or not, in this photo, (left to right) Natalie Fiore, Leanne Crow and Micky Bells are working. Working hard. If you look closely, you can probably see some perspiration on their breasts. But you’re going to have to look very closely. Notice, too, the energy drink in Leanne’s right hand. And the way the girls’ bikini tops are working overtime to keep their tits encased.

Out of the picture, of course, is a photographer who’s standing on a balcony and looking down at this scene. He’s also hard at work.VERY hard at work.

Natalie Fiore works hard for the money.

Natalie Fiore works hard for the money.

So, if you’re a girl with big boobs (or if you know a girl with big boobs), and you’re thinking, “If I model for SCORE, are they going to work my ass off?” the answer is no, we want your ass and your tits right where they are.

By the way, moments after this photo was taken, Natalie changed into another swimsuit and jumped into the pool for another photo shoot, which along with a video, is posted today at SCORELAND as part of our “Puerto Vallarta Vacation” special. Tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. If you’re a girl who’d like to do it, check out

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Jenna Valentine kicks off “Puerto Vallarta Vacation”

August 22, 2011 by Elliot James 7 Comments
Puerto Vallarta Vacation with Jenna Valentine.

Puerto Vallarta Vacation with Jenna Valentine.

On this day, Jenna Valentine puts on and takes off her teeny weeny purple polka dot bikini poolside overlooking the Mexican resort city Puerto Vallarta in a boob-packed pictorial and video (plus candids) in Part One of “Puerto Vallarta Vacation.” Now that’s a bikini stretcher! Jenna’s boobs and bod are looking more awesome than ever. Her now-raven-black hair is very sexy, too. Mexico just got a lot hotter.

Has it been over a year since Jenna teamed with Karla James, Taylor Steele, Natalie Fiore and Arianna Sinn for “On Location Grand Bahama”? Where does the time go? Natalie rejoined Jenna in Mexico, and their new bosom buds are Leanne Crow, Hitomi and Micky. We’ll be seeing those hotties as Puerto Vallarta Vacation week continues.

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You’re not going to believe this, but Natalie Fiore’s tits have gotten bigger…again!

August 5, 2011 by Dave 14 Comments
Natalie at the karaoke mic. That's Micky Bells' boob to her right.

Natalie at the karaoke mic. That's Micky Bells' boob to her right.

When we first met Natalie Fiore in Nassau, the Bahamas back in 2006, she was a DDD-cupper. When we saw her in Prague in 2009, Natalie boasted a G-cup. When we hooked up with her again in 2010 on Grand Bahama Island, she was an H-cupper. Pity poor Natalie. She keeps going through bras. When we saw her late last month in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, she was even bustier, pushing a HH- or J-cup. Will her tits ever stop growing?

“I don’t think so,” Natalie said. “They haven’t so far.”

This, of course, is very happy news for 1.) Natalie’s bra salesman; and 2.) All of us.

More good news: While in PV, Natalie teamed with Micky Bells for a few tit-to-tit scenes and also did a hot massage scene with Micky and Hitomi.

By the way, that week in PV? Mexico’s average bra size went up a full cup. I have that on authority from my inside sources.

Natalie gives her bathing suit strap a much-needed break.

Natalie gives her bathing suit strap a much-needed break.

Anyway, reported Tushna, our studio manager, “Natalie decided to sing a karaoke solo for the crew. She loves those margaritas! Did you know she speaks Spanish too? How many languages does she know? Si… Habla Espanol LOL!!!”

I think Tushna might have had a few margaritas that day, too.

So, this brings to an end our week of sneak previews of On Location Puerto Vallarta, which is also the title of the DVD our editors are cutting right now. There’s more to come at SCORELAND, too.

Hope you enjoyed the week with Natalie, Micky, Hitomi, Jenna Valentine and Leanne Crow. And I also hope we enticed a few big-boobed girls out there to check us out at There are plenty more trips to places like Puerto Vallarta where this one came from.

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Announcing the fifth big-boobed girl who joined us in Puerto Vallarta…haven’t you guessed by now?

August 4, 2011 by Dave 24 Comments

Sweet dreams, Leanne.

A lot of SCORE Girls like girls, but I’ve only met two SCORE Girls who love big tits as much as any SCORE Man loves big tits: Kerry Marie and Jenna Valentine. We knew this from the start when Jenna told us, “I’m totally into chicks. I find women SO beautiful. I haven’t gone all the way with a girl yet, but I have been pretty close. When it comes to women I get super shy when I have crushes on them. I really don’t know how to initiate anything. They make me so nervous, and I stumble over my words like a teenage boy going through puberty. I guess I’m just waiting for the right girl to take advantage of me.”

Jenna (yup, she’s the fifth girl who joined us in Mexico) didn’t go all the way with Leanne Crow during their photo shoot in Puerto Vallarta, but there definitely was a lot of boob action going on, and isn’t it nice that Jenna let Leanne use her right breast as a pillow? Yeah, very unselfish…kinda like if a SCORE Man offered to let Leanne use his lap as a pillow.

Reported Tushna, our studio manager: “Jenna experienced her first-ever skinny dip. Now she’s addicted and is looking for folks to donate their pool to her. Jenna is vegetarian, and there were plenty of options for her including her favorite…guacamole.”

Jenna Valentine, bikini destroyer. If you're a girl who can do similar justice to a bikini, check us out at

Jenna Valentine, bikini destroyer. If you're a girl who can do similar justice to a bikini, check us out at

By the way, I’m kinda shocked that nobody out there guessed the identity of the fifth model until Jenna gave it away herself. I mean, Jenna has a huge following on Twitter, and she had been Tweeting up to, during and after the trip. Just goes to show you that the Internet is a very big place.

Anyway, look how happy Jenna is to have Leanne’s head on her breast! And as for the other photo…that’s a bikini, Jenna?

So there you have it: Jenna, Leanne, Natalie Fiore, Hitomi and Micky Bells. An all-star cast of girls with big, natural tits on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Tomorrow, we’ll gaze at Natalie in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t you wish you were there? Well, with SCORELAND, you kinda are.

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Big, beautiful boobs + On-location shoot = Must be SCORE

August 1, 2011 by Dave 16 Comments
Leanne BBQs her favorite food, chicken, along with some other tasty goodies for the crew in Puerta Vallarta.

Leanne BBQs her favorite food, chicken, along with some other tasty goodies for the crew in Puerto Vallarta.

The other day, our Twitter leader (is that what they’re called?) at @Scoreland Tweeted to our followers, “Just back from shooting 5 hot ladies in Puerto Vallarta. Guess who they are.” And then, “Some of you have probably figured out the cast for our latest feature.” And then, “Starting August 1st, The SCORE Group will post one model a day, showing you exactly who was part of the adventure.”

Leanne pulls double duty, working on her tan at the beginning of a poolside photo shoot. What some people call vacation, SCORE models call work!

Leanne pulls double duty, working on her tan during a shoot at the infinity pool. What some people call vacation, SCORE models call work! Nice job if you can get it.

Well, today is August 1st, which means it’s time to reveal the first model…and she’s a great one. Ladies and gentlemen, direct from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Leanne Crow!

This on-location report from Tushna, our studio manager: “Leanne worked on her tan most of the time she was there. Favorite food: CHICKEN! Adopted a Mexican chihuahua for the entire trip. Cosita was her name. We called her Leanne’s sidekick.”

More tomorrow. Can you guess who the other four models are?

And can you guess where Cosita slept?

By the way, if you haven’t been doing it already, follow us on Twitter for Blog updates, SCORELAND updates, boobs news and much more in 140 characters or less.

And if you’re a girl who would like to do what Leanne’s doing, check us out at

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Morgan Leigh at SCORELAND: Big things behind her, big things ahead of her

July 31, 2011 by Elliot James 13 Comments
Morgan Leigh is bikini-built.

Morgan Leigh is bikini-built.

Fair-skinned Morgan Leigh does have tan lines. Not Brittany O’Neil-level tan lines, of course. Very faint ones and mostly bottom tan lines. You’ll be able to make them out on SCORELAND in a bikini photo shoot from August ’11 SCORE magazine.

We have Morgan's back.

We have Morgan's back.

I’ve always been very impressed by Morgan. She has great photo presence, and her posing style is highly jackable. She never just stands there. Her spread-eagle pink poses are fantastic, and she knows how to handle a toy so that no matter what pose she is in, you can actually see the toy in her pussy without her hand blocking the view. Even her SCOREtv segment about tight titty tops was jackable. She’s always smiling; a natural, sunny smile. Morgan really knows what guys like to see and how to deliver it.

Although she’s never done a full-out boy-girl scene, and I wouldn’t bet on that ever happening, Morgan’s one of the few to do a Tits & Tugs outdoors (wearing a bikini on the beach, naturally). If I seem like a lobbyist for Morgan Leigh, then, hell, yeah, I am.

One thing I never noticed about Morgan Leigh until this photo set: She has back cleavage, a subject I’ve written about before.

Add something new to my list of  “What Impresses Me About Morgan.”

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It’s wet and hot in paradise

July 28, 2011 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Things get very wet tomorrow when the special pre-release presentation of Montego Babes concludes at

Big gunslingers Terri Jane, Micky Bells and Gya Roberts haul out their big guns and their big guns for a super-soaking, shirt-ripping battle under the Jamaican sun. There’s nothing that says summer more than wet girls running, their huge tits bouncing and swinging under wet T-shirts. Or am I being sappy and sentimental? Nah!

Thank you, Terri, Micky and Gya. Don’t go changing…into dry clothing.

Montego Babes, the DVD, is coming soon. We’ll keep you posted on the blog when it hits the eBoobStore.

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Home can mean a busty girl in a tiny bikini. Or it can mean a busty girl getting fucked in her ass.

July 27, 2011 by Dave 9 Comments
Janet Jade in a bikini. Very jackable.

Janet Jade in a bikini. Very jackable.

Bailey Santanna getting ass-fucked. Also very jackable.

Bailey Santanna getting ass-fucked. Also very jackable.

They say that variety is the spice of life. And it’s not just that some guys like different things. Sometimes, the same person likes different things at different times (or different things at the same time).

For example, today at lunch, one second I was checking out a Latina with a Bootylicious-type butt encased in Spandex workout pants, the next second I was checking out a busty MILF pouring out of her low-cut top.

Perhaps what Larry David said on this week’s Curb Your Enthusiasm is true: “The penis doesn’t care about race, creed and color. The penis wants to get to its homeland. It wants to go home!”

Of course, my penis cares about tits and ass, the bigger the better.

Anyway, before I wander too far off the subject, I’m here to tell you that if you wander over to the members area of SCORELAND today, you can see pictures of Janet Jade absolutely destroying a string bikini. Very jackable.

And if you wander over to today, you can see Bailey Santanna getting fucked in her big, broad ass while her big, natural tits hang down. Also very jackable.

Busty girl posing solo. Busty girl getting ass-fucked. Two very different pictorials, but they have the same effect. So, today, SCORELAND can be your penis’s homeland. And can be your penis’s homeland.

Home, James!

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Micky @ SCORELAND. Huge boobs. Lovely face.

July 13, 2011 by Elliot James 3 Comments
Micky Melts Montego

Micky Melts Montego.

In a double debut, the amazin’ Micky is appearing at SCORELAND this week right on the heels (which are red and very high) of her debut at in Montego Babes and in her own separate video and pictorial, “The Miracle Of Micky’s Mountains.”

This is a photo from SCORELAND. She really stresses out that bikini top in “Micky Melts Montego.”

Micky’s first print magazine is the November ’11 Voluptuous, on sale August 23rd. No need to ask who the covergirl is.

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Montego Babes: Part 2! Cum With Gya This Weekend On

July 9, 2011 by Maria 6 Comments

Look out weekend, ’cause here YOU cum! For all of you guys who went bonkers when we showed you a little tease of Micky Bells getting her T-shirt wet, and all of you guys who were thrilled that we were giving you a pre-release of Montego Babes, this is for you…

Micky Bells, Terri Jane and Gy Roberts are your Montego Babes!

Micky Bells, Terri Jane and Gya Roberts are your Montego Babes!

A boner, er, bonus shot of the Montego Babes trio and a special trailer clip of the second installment of this DVD feature where you get to see Gya Roberts workin’ over her sweet clam for you. Yes, Gya. Yes, masturbating. Yes, for you. The full-length clip launches this weekend on and it is guaranteed to make you spill your seed.

Hey man, it’s summer and it’s hot outside, but this weekend, it might be even hotter INSIDE!

Don’t forget to head over to and check out all the horny action that took place in Montego Bay, Jamaica!



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