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Best of The SCORELAND Blog: What’s my favorite part of the new episode of SCOREtv? I’m glad you asked.

July 24, 2019 by Dave 15 Comments

Originally published on November 20th, 2015

I don’t know what’s my favorite part of the new episode of SCOREtv, which goes live today at SCORELAND.

From a very personal standpoint, I enjoyed when Sheridan Love stood up during her on-set segment to show off her hourglass figure. Sitting down and looking up, as I was, Sheridan looked extremely impressive.

I also enjoyed speaking to Claudia KeAloha about, of all things, escorting. It’s a subject that’s usually taboo, but Claudia freely discussed it while I, hopefully nimbly, tried to be as discreet as possible. I always enjoy talking to Claudia. She’s not only one of the sexiest SCORE Girls. She’s also one of the most entertaining.

I enjoyed interviewing 18-year-old newcomer Zaya Cassidy, although I kind of felt like her pervy uncle. I also thought Part 3 of Tony Rubino’s “How To Be A Porn Stud” was the most interesting in the series so far. He talks about what actually happens on the set.

And I definitely liked when Danniella Levy playfully imitated Katie Thornton’s accent during their poolside encounter.

But I have to admit, I’m a little partial to the part of the closing segment when newcomer Allie Pearson’s phone rings.

Now where do you think Allie keeps her phone?

I’m really glad SCOREtv is back.

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Kum shot

June 18, 2019 by Dave Leave your thoughts

A peep show emporium in the middle of Idaho Springs, Colorado? Unfortunately, no.

So I’m walking through Idaho Springs, Colorado last week when I look up and see this sign. Idaho Springs is a tiny tourist town (population 1,782) in the Rocky Mountains, and small towns tend to have combined businesses, so I’m standing there wondering, “Did they put a peep show booth in a gas station?”

Turns out they didn’t. According to Wikipedia, “Kum & Go is a convenience store chain primarily located in the Midwestern United States.”

According to me, they either have no clue or a great sense of humor.

I think “Kum & Go” should be the eBoobStore’s new logo.

I’m also a little disappointed in Blog readers from the mid-west, who never alerted me to the existence of Kum & Go. You had to know about this place.

I wonder if people ever just walk into the store and jack off onto the counter.

“…Kum & Go!”

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There used to be a peep show palace right here

June 5, 2019 by Dave 6 Comments

This worn sign, located just south of 8th Avenue on 42nd Street in New York City, is all that remains of Show World Center, at one time the most-popular peep show emporium in New York City. called it “The McDonald’s of Sex.” I give it more credit than that. It was the Disneyland of Sex. It was Disneyland for men, especially men who had just gotten off work, had hard-ons from looking at their sexy secretary or co-worker all day and needed to bust a nut before they hopped on the train or bus to go home.

As Robert Brenner at UntappedCities wrote, “Show World Center occupied the first four stories of a 12-story building, and had 22,000 square feet of retail space. It had something for everyone: X-rated films, peepshows, adult books, live sex acts—e.g., a woman who shot hardboiled eggs from her vajayjay into the audience, like a t-shirt cannon—and in-store appearances by name porn stars.”

One of those porn stars was Trinity Loren. Back in the mid-’80s, I took a show (that was the parlance) from big-busted, blonde Trinity on the second floor, the one with the peep show booths that had a window separating the customer from the girl. Trinity showed me her tits, talked dirty to me and me only and fucked her pussy with a variety of dildos.

Another time, on the third floor, the infamous Triple Treat Theater, I watched Kitten Natividad suck and fuck some guy. Yes, they had live sex on-stage back then. Another time, during a lezzie show, one of the girls inserted a string of anal beads deep inside her partner’s asshole and asked, “Anyone want to pull them out? Ten bucks.” I still regret not taking her up on the offer. If I remember correctly, nobody did. Can you imagine that? Ten bucks to pull anal beads out of a girl’s ass? Bargain!

I walked past that old Show World Center sign several weeks ago when I was in New York. Where once there were live nude girls on stage, now there’s a two-story Duane Reade drug store. Just what New York needs, another Duane Reade. I wondered if the customers I saw through the second floor window realized they were standing in the spots where dancers used to peek out from their booths and yell, “Need a mop!” Turning Show World Center into a so-called respectable establishment had to be a clean up job on the scale of Chernobyl. Wrote the website Vanishing New York, “for 40 years, Show World was here, smelling of bleach and orange-scented mop water, doing its service for New Yorkers, commuters, and tourists alike.”

Show World fell to New York’s oppressive zoning laws that turned 42nd Street and the surrounding area into a giant tourist trap. It’s a lot safer to walk down 42nd Street than it used to be, but it’s not nearly as much fun.



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And later in the photo set, Jenni self-sucks a nipple hands-free while fingering her pussy

June 1, 2019 by Dave 13 Comments

Jenni has a lot to offer.

And that’s something not a lot of girls can do. Gya Roberts comes to mind. Not many others.

When a brand-new newcomer does something like that, it really gets my attention. Of course, Jenni Noble, who debuts today at SCORELAND with photos, a video and a video interview, had my attention from the moment I walked into the house where she was shooting in Miami and saw her walking around totally naked: big, natural tits, small waist. In fact, everything about Jenni is small except her tits, with are H-cups.

“Normally, my breasts always catch the eye, so there’s little I do to emphasize them,” said Jenni, who’s from Pennsylvania and found us on “I enjoy dressing down, revealing more of my legs or ass. When I am dressing for my girls, I always wear my best bra with plunging necklines to expose my beauties.”

They are beauties.

You’re probably wondering: Did she or didn’t she? You’re always wondering that, aren’t you?

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Today is Lissa Hope’s debut day at SCORELAND

May 25, 2019 by Dave 20 Comments

Reason to Hope.

Three weeks ago, I sat in a house in Miami, Florida with newcomer Lissa Hope and interviewed her. I tried to maintain eye contact with Lissa, but I failed miserably. My eyes kept wandering down to her big tits. Yes, Lissa is very pretty. Yes, she has beautiful eyes, but those tits….Listen, there are a lot of very pretty girls in the world, but there aren’t a lot of girls with big, natural tits like Lissa’s.

She was sitting just a few feet away, tits bulging out of her overwhelmed bra. Finally, after about 11 minutes, I asked her to take her tits out. She happily complied, and she kept her tits out for the remainder of the interview (about 13 more minutes).

Now, Lissa (her name is pronounced like the last two syllables of Alyssa) is 19 years old. I’m 59 years old. That means I’m old enough to be her grandfather.

But did old-man me feel guilty staring at a 19-year-old’s tits? No. Why should I? She seemed to be so happy to have her tits out, and she even learned some things (like that big-boob lovers adore big areolae; Lissa’s are very big).

Lissa debuts at SCORELAND today with photos, a video and a video interview. Don’t feel guilty! Look! Jack! Enjoy!



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A girl who really enjoyed her time in the SCORE studio

May 8, 2019 by Dave 4 Comments

Can’t get enough of your love babe.

I see a lot of stuff in my job (if you want to call it a job). Some of it is memorable. Some of it is not so memorable, but here’s the deal: Normal person at a normal job? They’d never forget some of the stuff I see on a daily basis.

But this is about one of those memorable moments. It took place in 2011, a few weeks before Christmas. Sabrina Linn, a Texas mom with blond hair, huge tits, pierced nipples and multi-piercings on her pussy, was in town, so I interviewed her.

Sabrina was very nice. Very soft-spoken. She called me sir and made me feel like an old perv. At the time, I was just a perv, not very old.

So, the interview ends. I say goodbye to Sabrina Linn and head off to another part of the studio to check on some things. And when I’m on my way out, I look over, and there’s Sabrina Linn, in the middle of the studio, sucking Johnny Champ’s cock.

What’s unusual about that, you might ask? It’s a porn studio. Aren’t the girls supposed to be sucking cock?

Well, the difference here was that the cameras weren’t rolling. They’d already fucked about an hour earlier. Sabrina Linn was having some bonus time with Johnny’s big cock.

I love seeing stuff like that. It tells me, “This girl really loves to fuck. She’s super-horny. She can’t get enough.”

That describes Sabrina Linn, whose time in the spotlight was all too brief. Today at SCORELAND, we reprise one of her hottest scenes, in which she gets ass-fucked by Johnny. Keep the story I just told you in mind while you watch that scene.


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What the well-dressed SCORE Girl will be wearing this summer

May 2, 2019 by Dave 3 Comments

Do you think Selena realizes her nipples and pussy hair are showing?

Just the other day, we played a game. The game went, “Fill in the blanks: ‘Yeah, [INSERT MODEL’S NAME] has great tits, but I’ve probably jacked off just as much as, or more to, her [INSERT FACE, ASS, LEGS, PUSSY OR SOME OTHER PART OF THE ANATOMY], too.'”

This game is very easy to play with Selena Adams. You could insert FACE, ASS, LEGS or PUSSY and I wouldn’t be surprised. And let’s not forget her WAIST. This girl has an hourglass figure that you have to love.

Korina Kova, who has a similar body, won 2018 SCORE Newcomer of the Year. I would not be surprised at all if Selena Adams wins 2019 Newcomer of the Year.

Today, Selena returns with a bikini photo set and video shot poolside in Miami, Florida.

Hey, not many of you played the last game, so let’s try another one. “If I saw Selena Adams at my local pool of beach wearing this bikini, I’d [FILL IN THE BLANK].”


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She didn’t think she’d do this…or maybe she did!

April 12, 2019 by Dave 1 Comment

Victoria Lobov is married, but that’s not her husband or her husband’s cock.

As I wrote about last month, Victoria Lobov did a lot more than we expected when she came to Miami, Florida for her first SCORELAND and shoots. The plan was for Victoria to shoot solo photos and video on the first day and a tits ‘n’ tugs scene, without blow job, on the second. But then Victoria decided to go all the way: blow job, pussy fucking and cum! Maybe it was seeing JMac and his big cock that changed her mind, or maybe she’d always wanted to do this and was ready to jump at (or on) the chance. I’m going with the latter.

A slim ‘n’ stacked beauty from Russia, Victoria broke her hardcore cherry last month at and then returned for a second round of hardcore shoots, including today’s with Bambino at SCORELAND. Here are some excerpts from my interview with Victoria. I have to tell you, I had so much trouble not staring at her body during the interview that I stopped trying.

SCORELAND: So here you are, shooting professionally for the first time. I know guys have seen you on Instagram and Twitter. But a lot of guys are going to see you now. All over the world. How do you feel about that?
VICTORIA: I feel great. I’m excited. I look forward to it. It’s amazing.

SCORELAND:How do you feel about shooting your first hardcore scene?
VICTORIA: I’m a little nervous, but I’m excited to try it. I think it will be fun. I just want to relax and have a good time.

SCORELAND: We’re sure you will. Are there any sex positions that you like in particular? So we can tell our stud?
VICTORIA: I like doggie-style, missionary and cowgirl. But I’m also open to trying different positions.

SCORELAND: We’ll cover all those and more, I’m sure.
VICTORIA: That sounds great. I’m looking forward to it.



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Welcome back, Africa Sexxx!

February 27, 2019 by Dave 29 Comments

Bustier than ever after all these years.

Nearly 12 years had passed since we’d last seen the great Africa Sexxx. Twelve long years. She was always one of my favorites. Great body. Amazing tits. Spectacular deep-throating skills (remember her blow job contest with Cassitty Harmon?). A really nice personality. She’s such a girl-next-door, so normal in every way except her beauty and her body. I directed one of her boy-girl shoots once and asked her to do something absolutely ridiculous, something completely impossible (lift both hands off the bed while getting fucked doggy-style). She looked at me like I was nuts and laughed. She could’ve called me an idiot. She didn’t.

Anyway, Africa is back. She looks different–a lot plumper–and her tits are absolutely ginormous. Africa went solo at last weekend, and Friday, she fucks again. The lucky dude…his cock just disappears between her tits.

Welcome back, Africa.

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Guess who’s the most-popular girl in school?

February 7, 2019 by Dave 4 Comments

Luna Bunny violates the dress code.

Luna Bunny returns to SCORELAND today with photos and a video. She’s a busty student who isn’t wearing much. Her poor male teachers must go out of their minds trying to concentrate on teaching when Luna’s sitting in the front row. Guaranteed they don’t get up from behind their desks, not with the wood Luna is causing.

When I was in high school, there was a senior girl named Donna B. who had huge tits and dressed to show them off. One day, she came to school wearing a halter top, believe it or not, cleavage everywhere. I’ll never forget what my friend said when she passed us in the hall: “That girl is all tit!”

Damn right.

Of course, Luna is more than just a pair of tits. She has a pretty face and a great booty, too. I don’t know if Donna B. had a great booty. I never got past her tits. I think she was pretty, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

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