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I see nothing but boobs. Big boobs!

July 19, 2009 by Elliot James 9 Comments
Elliot James at the Adult Entertainment Expo.

Elliot James at the Adult Entertainment Expo.

I’ll make this intro quick. My name is Elliot James. I’ve always been crazy over big tits, so becoming an editor at The SCORE Group was a life-changing event. I started writing a news and events column called “Boob Beat” in SCORE magazine in 1992, and I’ve never missed a deadline since then. They tell me that 16 years is a pretty decent track record in any magazine or newspaper, so I feel good about that. I was asked in 2000 by our publisher, John Fox, to become an editor at SCORELAND, and each day is never the same. I’ve met and interviewed many great SCORE and Voluptuous stars, and that’s a lot more exciting than, for example, interviewing city councilmen about a new traffic light. Now my fellow editors, Dave and Maria, and I will be blogging on a daily basis. It’s a new highway for us. We hope you enjoy it and log in as much as you can! If you’re a regular SCORE Man, thanks for your continued support and encouragement. We really appreciate it. If you’re new to SCORELAND, welcome to the community!–Elliot

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