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Renee Ross sucks. And we mean that it in a good way.

August 21, 2009 by Dave 5 Comments

The other day, Elliot James asked me, “Can Renee Ross suck on her own nipples?” Hey, Elliot, what do I look like, an authority on Renee Ross?

Believe me, I’m working on it.

So when Renee was in the studio this morning, I asked her if she could suck on her 16-pound J-cups. I didn’t actually say to her, “Renee, can you suck on your 16-pound J-cups?” What I said was, “Renee, can you suck on your own tits?

No further introduction to this video is needed. Watch it.

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The Motorboat: Why I am an old sailor…

August 20, 2009 by Maria 10 Comments
Motorboating: Fun for everyone involved!

Motorboating: Fun for everyone involved!

Titties, titties, titties…you gotta fuckin’ love them!
I know I do. I mean, they bounce, they jiggle, they’re squishy and full and sucking on them is sorta nutritious. You can slap ’em around and pinch ’em and they are great things to sandwich your hands or your cock between.

But you want to know what my favorite thing about big tits is?


If you just stopped reading this and asked, “What’s that mean?” then you need to hang your head in shame and turn in your big-tit lover’s card. It’s been revoked!

Okay, not really, but that just means I will have to take this time to explain what motorboating is.

Unlike Elliot, the boob Jedi here at SCORE, I am not going to go into a very detailed explanation of the history of the term motorboat here. (Sorry Elliot, not knocking your research! lol) I’ll just explain where I first heard the term and then what it is.

There is a wonderful, little flick called Wedding Crashers and in it there is a scene where Owen Wilson’s character has just been come on to by smoking-hot cougar, Jane Seymour. Afterward, he meets up with his best bud, played by the always-funny Vince Vaughn and explains that this MILF just forced him to grope her breasts, Vince Vaughn says:

Hey, what were they like anyway? They looked pretty good, are they real? Are they built for speed or comfort? What’d you do with them? Motorboat? You play the motorboat?
[makes sputtering motorboat noise] You motorboatin’ son of a bitch! You old sailor you!”

Basically, what it means to motorboat a hot set of tits is when you wedge your face between them and either squeeze the tits firmly about your mug or have the woman, whom said tits belong to, squeeze them for you. Then you proceed to make a sputtering motor noise with your mouth and shake your head back and forth in her cleavage.

Infantile? Maybe. But I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me every time I do it to a big set of hooters. I can’t tell you how many strippers I’ve done this to, either.

But the funny thing is how many NORMAL, EVERY-DAY, AVERAGE WOMEN have let me do this to their tits, too. Or how many men and women have asked to do it to me. (In fact, I once hosted a charity booth for breast cancer where I let strangers motorboat me for $1 for a couple of hours. About $500 later, I came to terms with the power of the motorboat! lol) Maybe it’s because it was brought into the mainstream by Wedding Crashers, but you would be surprised how many people motorboat tits and how many big-titted women are okay with it. And seriously, in a world full of dirty, nasty sexual things that you CAN’T do in public, motorboating is just good, clean fun. lol

Luckily, I managed to get a shot of Renee Ross motorboating once of our studio lads to illustrate the proper way this should be done.

My advice, go out to your local bar or pool hall and find yourself a big-breasted babe. Buy her a drink and then, after you’ve exchanged the preliminaries and she is convinced you’re a great guy, ask her if you can motorboat her boobs. Now, it may not work all the time (Men have asked me and sometimes I have said no…but there are plenty of times I’ve said yes.), but chances are, she might say yes and you will get to mash your face into her sweet valley of tit-flesh.

And once you do, I suggest you hang on and ride the tide, you old sailors, you!



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How big are J-cups?

August 17, 2009 by Elliot James 10 Comments

In one of last week’s blogs, Maria asked how many items could be stuffed into a large cleavage bin. This is sort of a follow-up along that line. We have a cool Renee Ross video for you today shot by Maria.  It’s kind of like a Japanese game show without any dangerous stunts. Today is Renee’s chance to show us how big  her J-cup wonders are compared to common objects. First a ball. Then, a balloon. Maria somehow found a soccer ball from an old pictorial. And finally, a desk globe. We were more than impressed by Renee’s ability to hold the soccer ball under one hooter. That means she could do the same to a guy’s head. I’m sure that would be a lot more fun than being waterboarded and probably would yield more information too. We applaud Maria too for juggling both camera and props. Well done, my lovely co-worker.

Now we know what Renee’s J-cups are like compared to household objects, there’s a better sense of perspective. J-cups are MASSIVE!

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A position about positions…

August 16, 2009 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Looking over some of the SCORELAND mail, several requests from a member named Dale for specific poses and shots managed to hit the top of my blog-about list. It’s always interesting to read these commentaries. Here are a few photo suggestions from his lengthy email. I knew exactly who to pick when looking for pictures.

Sleeping women. They kinda lay there.

Sleeping women. They kinda lay there.

Alia Janine toggles between poles.

Alia Janine toggles between poles.

Things women don't often say: Do you mind if I swallow?

Things women don't often say: Do you mind if I swallow?

1. “The view of a woman when she’s sleeping. You know, a still-life, like reality.”
I didn’t have many shots of sleeping women to choose from but I found something of Chloe Vevrier from our Key Largo week in 2001.

2. “Close-up shots of a model’s open mouth/face as if she’s waiting to receive your load from your spurting rod. There are not enough of these.”

3. “I know you’re a big boob site, but, when a woman is in doggie, there’s nothing hotter than when she uses both hands to spread her cheeks, inviting you to an irresistible target. Make sure, though, that she has nice fingernails, real or aftermarket.”

Daphne Rosen clears for landing.

Daphne Rosen clears for landing.

Dale’s third, very specific, shot wasn’t easy to find. Most of the girls spread one ass cheek with one hand but not both cheeks at the same time with two hands. The simple reason is that when girls are being poked from behind, they need one hand to support their body weight. Dale’s position can be done but it’s awkward and throws a girl’s balance off…without the use of an arm, her head ends up supporting most of her upper body. With shots of models by themselves, no dudes, the two-hands-on-ass pose is more plentiful, like so:

Later on, I’ve got suggestions from two separate guys who have elaborate tit-fucking concepts. This one should be lively, too.

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More bounce to the ounce

August 12, 2009 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Katarina is a fresh-faced 23-year-old from Prague, a city where we’ve found some really stacked girls over the past 10 years. In a video posting on SCORELAND today, Katarina jogs over to our photographer in a tight top (but not so tight that her boobs don’t fall out of her shirt; please, no sports bras). Then the photographer instructs Katarina to stretch and work out her kinks while he records the event for posterity.

Every man has his own tastes, but I think the girl next door (GND) wearing cameltoe shorts that show lots of booty cheek and tank-tops–the honey who doesn’t use a suitcase full of make-up, and doesn’t copy every TV star’s make-up, clothes, hair and style–is a big favorite with SCORE and Voluptuous guys. I don’t know about you, but I can’t watch these Top Model-type TV shows. They just make those girls look freaky and weird.

Anyway, I still haven’t figured out what it is about the Czech Republic that fills it with big-boobed head-turners. It could be the beer.

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Jogging her mammaries!

August 6, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments

A few weeks ago, Tom, one of our regular letter writers, sent an email for publication in “SCORE Card.” This letter was about a topic very near and dear to me and a lot of other boob-men.

“I know we’ve all seen this before: the big-titted girl who is running down the street late for an appointment. I see it a lot at airports. Unfortunately, that girl is always cognizant of the fact that she’s got a huge rack, and she runs with an arm covering her boobs so they don’t bounce. Ladies, it’s a blessing to have huge tits. Next time you’re running down the street (hopefully wearing something tight), please let your massive sweater melons fly. I like to watch.”

When I saw this video of Brandy Talore running (the perfect girl to ask to run), I knew I had to post it along with Tom’s letter. Like Tom, I love to see big-boobed girls walk, jog and run. I’ve been known to beg our studio for this. Years ago, I even used to hang out at the airport for the chance to see a busty girl jogging to the gate. The best sight is an airport runner wearing big heels or wedges and a tank top. It’s not the same as going to the gym or to an outdoor location to see girls running because most of them are all strapped in by their sports bra, and there’s little boob-bouncing quotient (an actual mathematical formula used by bra developers. Remind me to blog about that one day.).

My only suggestion would be for the videographer to get closer next time and try to record the model’s breathing with an attached microphone.

I can also happily live with an arm-swinging power walker. She doesn’t have to run or jog! But please, leave the bra at home!

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Alexa: Fresh Euro bouncing boobs

August 4, 2009 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Since American companies are not permitted to photograph foreign models on U.S. soil anymore, we could just stick to our own backyard to find new models. But historically, many of SCORE’s best models are not Americans. So now we’re doing a lot more traveling instead of bringing models in, either going to a model’s country or going to any number of Caribbean islands near Florida. It’s a lot more expensive, but the results are usually worth it. One of the latest foreign models to hit SCORELAND is Alexa, a German living in Berlin. She was photographed in Prague (a 20-minute plane ride for Alexa; a 12-hour flight for our photographer Jose and his crew).

In this video, Alexa shows exactly why she causes traffic accidents (and spinal and neck injuries) when she crosses the street. Alexa has an awesome body, and she’s a natural born boob-flaunter.

Another excellent reason besides the beer to keep going to Europe.

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Things you want girls to do with their tits

July 31, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments
Alexa was made for the camera.

Alexa was made for the camera.

The Net is much cooler than TV. Because no one ever created a “back at ya” button for TV. Although people can write or phone a television station, they generally don’t because TV has trained us for generations to be a passive audience. But on the Net, real interaction is possible.

So I have a question.

It would be a great world if you could just walk up to a girl and ask her to play with her tits, and then she did. But that will never happen. So let’s say a big-boobed model is coming into SCORELAND for the day and you could ask her to do one thing with her ta-tas while you videotaped her for less a minute. What would it be? Try on a tight top? Stiffen her nipples? Jiggle or shake them? Slap them together? Jump up and down?

What would you have her do? Let us know, and we’ll see if we can make it happen. And don’t forget to tell us who you want to do it, too.

Me? I’d have her self-suck her nipples.

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Scarlett Rouge: What a knockout!

July 31, 2009 by Maria 5 Comments

Hey, tit-lovers! Yesterday was another exciting day for me at the office because I got to hang out with newcomer Scarlett Rogue, a buxom, blonde hottie from Buffalo, New York. I got to follow her around all day with our videographer, Jose, and I even scored a video interview with her while she was doing her first XXX scene EVER!!!! (I know…my job is tough. How do I ever get through the day, having to hang out with a bombshell with 38E guns? lol) Scarlet loves sports. We talked football, rugby (yes, she plays rugby!) and boxing. She even gave me a demo of her boxing prowess, and it didn’t hurt that her tits were practically popping out of her top at the time. Trust me when I say that if you ever have to get your ass kicked by a chick, make sure she has big tits! Who wouldn’t want to get a stacked smack-down? But you don’t have to imagine what Scarlett looks like when she is topless and throwing punches because I had Lester, our video editor, edit a video of Scarlett showing you her jab and her jugs! Check it out below!


PS: BONUS! At the beginning of the video you see Renee Ross, one of our new exclusive V-Mag girls! What can I say? It’s SCORELAND…this place is crawling with big-titted chicks!

PPS: It was Scarlett’s birthday yesterday! This cutie turned 20! Happy Birthday, Scarlett!

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Two sets of funbags, plenty of headroom!

July 27, 2009 by Dave 6 Comments

“What do you think would happen,” I said to Daphne Rosen and super-stacked newcomer Angel Gee, “if the two of you stood nipple-to-nipple? Think a person’s head would fit under there?”

Daphne and Angel looked at each other and giggled. Then Daphne, always a trooper, said, “Let’s find out!” They were getting ready to fuck for an upcoming SCORE feature, but they had a few minutes to kill and…hey, why not?

By the way, Daphne’s the brunette and Angel’s the blonde (and SCORELAND is the only place you’ll see her, solo and fucking). Enjoy!

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