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Felicia Clover: Student body!

November 24, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments

Wow! Now that's a student body!

Can’t get enough of Felicia Clover?

Her latest video at is “Student Body.” The bustiest girl on campus, Felicia needs a study break from the books, and her booty call needs her boobs in his face. Fair trade? “I’m a good girl but not in the bedroom. I’m a bad girl there,” says Felicia. Give the girl an A, will ya?

And at SCORELAND, Siri is a new hire at the SCORE warehouse in “Triple Play.” (Now that’s a real fantasy!) Siri is going to show these two bozos that they’d better straighten out or she’ll straighten them out! And she’s got just the job skills to do it. If I knew these shenanigans were going on in the warehouse, I’d have sold tickets.

Siri goes for the Triple Play at SCORELAND! Booyah!

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The top 10 most-exotic busty babes ever. It’s not my list, but it’s a good one.

October 20, 2012 by Dave 4 Comments

S.M. of Baltimore, Maryland, one of the most-prolific writers to SCORE (made even more-impressive by the fact that he hand-writes and mails his letters using envelopes and postage stamps), sent along his list of the top 10 most-exotic SCORE Girls of all-time. I thought you might like to have a look at it on this Autumn Saturday.

My response to S.M.: Interesting list, but where’s Exotica?

1. Luma. The most exotically beautiful. Like Sharday, no penetration shots, boy-girl or videos, but still…

2. Bea Flora. Exotic in a mysterious way. Everything from facial expressions to her body language.

3. Sophie Mae. Her physique alone is exotic but also her air of mystery. Her eyes are also exotic-looking.

4. Shione Cooper. Shione is both facially exotic and sexually exotic in a teasing way.

5. Chloe Vevrier and Linsey Dawn McKenzie (tie). Chloe is the most-exotic German model. Linsey is the most-exotic British model.

6. Paola Rios. Paola’s subtle expressions show it also, but she also has one of the best exotic body frames, too.

7. Hitomi. Best exotic Asian model. Sorry Minka, Jade Feng and Lena Li.

8. Kiko Lee. Not surprise that Kiko is an exotic dancer. She’s exotically sophisticated.

9. Tiffany Towers. One of the most laid back in her approach but gives off an exotic vibe.

10. Cynthia Romero. Not only cute and pretty but her innocence and shyness have exotic appeal.

By the way, S.M., that’s 11, not 10. But thanks for sharing and keep writing.

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Boobs flash! This just in. Some girls like to show their hooters in the street

October 5, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Regine, a Danish bombshell.

Has a girl ever flashed her tits at you in public?

And I don’t mean streetwalkers.

It’s happened a couple of times to me. The one I remember the most was in New Orleans at night during Mardi Gras week. This was before the flash-for-beads craze really took off. A girl and her girlfriends passed me and my friends on the street. We locked pupils, and she pulled down her tank and stuck her tongue out at me. Of course, I lost her in the crowd so that was that. But at least it was a perfect introduction because she had a nice, big pair. Mardi Gras and other carnival events around the world seem to be the most-common places for girls flashing, probably because everyone’s got a few drinks in them and their inhibitions are down.

Sasha Monet has a way to flag down highway help.

Celebrities get flashed a lot, especially entertainers. Girls will bare their chests for an autograph on their tits, too. Great lifestyle if you can get it. Very few do.

I didn’t know this, but flashing goes back to the Fifth Century BC when women flashed during festivals.

There are different kinds of flashing like mooning (more an act of defiance than teasing), streaking (which Linsey Dawn McKenzie did during an England vs. West Indies cricket match and during a charity football match) and something called anasyrma, which is when a girl lifts her skirt to show she’s not wearing panties. Yeah, there’s a scientific name for that.

XLGirl Charlie Cooper is one of the few models who’s talked about flashing. She lives in St. Louis, which also celebrates Mardi Gras. “St. Louis is the second-largest celebration in the country and trust me, I get bags of beads. The thing is when you go to Mardi Gras, you’re not supposed to flash. But the police will even ask to see and they’ll give you beads. But if you’re not careful, you can get a ticket. But I’ve never gotten a ticket in all my years of going. I go in a normal outfit, just something nice that I would wear out. And something that’s accessible from the top because I don’t want to lift up my shirt. I want to pull ’em out.”

Lori Pleasure may not be a flasher in the strictest definition of the word, but she’s practically topless when she wears her Wicked Temptation outfits in public. But I’d bet that she has flashed guys.

Shopping is a pleasure with Lori Pleasure.

Then there is the now-classic layout of Niki Knockers flashing all over Manhattan for the March 2000 SCORE, a fast sell-out because it was Chelsea Charms’ cover debut issue.

How Miss Knockers didn't attract a flash mob is beyond me.

Usually the police will ticket a flasher for showing her tits if they catch her in the act. I think this law should be wiped off the books.

A pair of boobs and nipples has never hurt anyone.

Are we in agreement here?

Crystal Gunns flashed a fan at a Glamourcon show.






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Big Tit Fan Art: Some of the greats look great in pencil!

August 6, 2012 by Maria 3 Comments

Here is some more fan art from our German fan and friend, H.D.

It’s always amazing to see how he manages to capture these ladies in all of his sketches.

My favorite of this round of fan illustrations is Merilyn Sakova. A lot can be said about the way H.D. drew her splayed out on her knees. I am a fan of this pose because it shows off the model’s tits, legs and hips.

Thanks for the sketches, H.D. And remember, if you would like to submit your artwork to be featured on the SCORELAND blog, you can email us at




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In the land of whoppers…

July 8, 2012 by Maria 11 Comments

By now, the fact that I stare at tits all day for a living should be a commonly known fact.

I know, I know…my job is sooo difficult.

But even after looking at tits after tits after tits all the live-long day, there are still days when I am taken aback and impressed by humongous breasts.

Because sometimes the sheer size and weight of of huge tits is completely impressive.

When that happens, when a SCORELAND babe has tits that are so big that I am forced to stop and sort of let out a low whistle that says, “Now THAT’S impressive…” I call those tits “whoppers.”

Not every SCORELAND babe has whoppers, and that is okay.

But when they do, it is okay and kind of sort of FUCKING AMAZING!

I mean, I have a large rack, but I definitely don’t have whoppers. Whoppers are the stuff of miracles.

So who are some of the ladies who have whoppers?

Well, for starters, German newcomer Emilia Boshe has an amazing set of whoppers. Hers are large and hang just so and are just the right amount of veiny.

Renee Ross also has a great set of whoppers. And not to brag or anything…okay, I am totally bragging…I have had her whoppers in my hands and man, oh, man did they weigh a lot.

I’ve been THISCLOSE to Minka’s whoppers. Don’t believe me? Here’s a pic to prove it. (And just so you know…Minka’s hand was totally on my ass in that pic. I swear it.)

I’ve even had a pair of whoppers on my head!

Yup, its true. When Cassidi Jai came to our studios, she put her HHH-tits on my head! (And yes, I have a video to prove that, too.)

But who has the biggest, most-impressive whoppers I’ve ever seen?

Miosotis, of course. In fact, Miosotis might actually mean “whoppers.”

Every time I see her tits, I am shocked and awed. It’s like in the line for big tits, she got an extra helping…maybe even two.

Her tits are so impressive that I find it hard to concentrate. They’re mesmerizing.

Will there ever be another whoppered one like Miosotis? I cannot say for sure…but I will say that I hope and wish for it every day.

I am pretty sure you do, too.





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Nos. 6-20 have been announced. It’s time for the final countdown in SCORELAND‘s “20 for 20”

June 24, 2012 by Dave 42 Comments

Linsey Dawn McKenzie was voted the greatest SCORE Girl of all-time by SCORE readers. Will SCORELAND members agree? Will the great LDM, #1 in big boobs since 1996, reign supreme?

Over the past three weeks, we’ve been unveiling, one-by-one, SCORELAND members’ choices in “20 for 20,” the 20 greatest SCORE Girls ever. Here’s what we have so far:

No. 20: SaRenna Lee

No. 19: Venera

No. 18: Natalie Fiore

No. 17: Danni Ashe

No. 16: Sharday

No. 15: Terry Nova

No. 14: Lorna Morgan

No. 13: Angela White

No. 12: Valory Irene

No. 11: Eva Notty

No. 10: Hitomi

No. 9: Leanne Crow

No. 8: Autumn-Jade

No. 7: Kerry Marie

No. 6: Nicole Peters

Starting Monday at approximately four p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, we’ll begin revealing the Top 5, culminating with No. 1 on Friday. That’s right, on Friday, we’ll announce SCORELAND members’ pick for the greatest SCORE Girl ever. Magazine readers have already said it’s Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Did the web guys agree?

Five days to go…which means you only have five more chances to win one of the “20 for 20” gift packs (they include a limited-edition SCORE shirt, a limited-edition SCORE cap, a DVD of your choice, a magazine of your choice and a month of website membership of your choice). They’re literally prized possessions. S.G., one of the winners, wrote to Elliot:

“The prize pack arrived today and as usual, I was blown away by all of it. Amazing stuff of the highest quality..I can’t thank you enough. You all really put together a STELLAR product, whether it be print, online or product. It is so obvious that you and your colleagues work your fucking asses off, evidenced by the everyday at SCORELAND and even more so when you all put on a contest such as this.”

Thanks for the kind words, S.G.

Who do you think will land in the Top 5?


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Ass-fucked busty babes: Yay or nay?

May 31, 2012 by Maria 17 Comments

Goldie Ray likes to get her ass fucked like it's her pussy...and we LOVE that about her!

The other day I was watching a scene featuring Marilyn Monroe lookalike Goldie, where she was getting ass-fucked like nobody’s business. I am talking about getting ass-fucked like she had a second pussy back there. That’s when you know, at least in my opinion, that the anal is good…when someone’s ass can swallow up a dick and take a pounding.

Jayden Prescott is a reader's wife. She has only shot two scenes in her life and they were for us. She did anal in both. We love Jayden. We really, really do.

Goldie’s anal prowess got me thinking about anal and how it’s a lot less taboo these days. I think a lot more guys are admitting that they like it, and I think a lot of women are actually interested in trying it. Back in the day, anal wasn’t as widely done or demanded as it is now.

With all that ass, Angelina Castro can take an ass pounding like nobody's business. Speared Latina can? Yes, please!

And I am glad for it. I actually think that anal is hot, and I am glad that a lot more babes are letting studs pound that round. To me, there is nothing hotter than when a curvy chick, complete with big tits and a sexy face, is bent over and getting her backdoor split by a cock. (Hello, Angelina Castro…I am talking to YOU. Oh, and you, Jayden Prescott!) lol

In fact, I am such a pro-anal advocate that I think it would be hot to do a whole feature DVD of busty, ass-fucked hotties. Something along the lines of Busty Anal Sluts.

But then again, I am the editor of BootyLicious magazine and a notorious lover of all things ass.

But I don’t think I am alone in my love of the buns. A lot of V-mag fans love it when I feature a big-ass special in the magazine. And I have never seen anyone complain when we feature a stacked honey on SCORELAND getting her ass reamed.

Does that mean you are all anal lovers? Would you like to see more of it? I know I would.







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Not a shrinking Violet. A new XL Girl

April 4, 2012 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Violet Addams arrives at right on the stacked heels of the previous newbie, Marilyn Mayson.

Violet packs her bra with 46 inches worth of 38G-cups. And she likes anal. She went right for it in her first guy-girl scene.

Someone wrote that Violet looked like a more zaftig version of Dana Delaney from the TV show Body of Proof. I see that also.

Violet has a job that fascinates me. She works in an adult store.

Now and then we get a model who’s employed in that occupation. Marilyn Scott and Allysa Andrews come to mind right away, and Sienna Hills owns her own store in Little Rock, Arkansas. “We sell equal amounts of XL Girls, V-mag, and SCORE magazines when we have the most-recent issues,” Violet kindly told me. I liked that she used the name V-mag. Mostly guys work in adult stores, so when a female does the selling, and she’s attractive, I see hope for the retail field in this on-line age. And when we keep finding models like Violet, I appreciate that they’re busty and proud.

Newbie at Violet Addams

Today at SCORELAND, the Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling wraps up the greasy, slippery, huge-titted, big show. With all due respect to The Rock and his pals, I’d rather see B.L.O.W.



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May ’12 SCORE has arrived! The bust stops here

February 25, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments

The contest issue is here


Now at your favorite store and at, the May ’12 edition of SCORE stars the winners of the four model contests as voted by readers and website members.

Get yours today.

Congratulations to all of the winners.

This erection year was a particularly hard one with stiff decisions to be made. Many voters found themselves rigid at the polls, but, as always, only one girl could be the winner in each contest.

Drum roll, please.

The winners are:

Kelly Christiansen: Model of the Year

Valory Irene: Newcomer of the Year

Angela White: Our first Hardcore Performer of the Year

Autumn-Jade: Big-Boob Hall of Fame

And pictorials of:

Karla James-1st Runner-up MOY
Miosotis-2nd Runner-up MOY
Eva Notty-3rd Runner-up MOY
Venera-1st Runner-up NOY
Leanne Crow-2nd Runner-up NOY
Beshine-3rd Runner-up NOY

Next month: SCORE's 20th Anniversary 164-page edition

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This weekend, step into the booby trap

February 10, 2012 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Back for Tits, Tugs & Tongue.

Eye candy as far as you can see.

Playfully bodacious man-pleasers.

Pressure-raising vixens not satisfied with the routine life of the 9 to 5 grind, they reject society’s repression of their sexhibitonistic natures and bare their savory bods for the Boob Brotherhood with the single-minded goal of mutual satisfaction.

New at SCORELAND, nymphalicious titillator Daylene Rio, fresh from her bed-breaking brawl with Sara Jay in a thunderous three-way, applies her tender touch in a monkey-spanking-new Tits, Tugs & Tongue, powered even more by her fresh mouth and extensive dirty vocabulary. By the end, her chest is totally coated. And you thought only banks handled big deposits. By the way, notice anything different about Daylene?

On Sunday, recent arrival Alex Chance struts her stuff in a sexy peel-down from the pages of the March ’12 V-mag. A hot young chick who switched from cocktail shaking as a bartender to the shaking of her natural 36DDDs, Alex brings her GND coed looks to our campus of curvalicous cuties.

Chance favors the bold.

On the subject of curvy cleavage couriers, none are more drooled upon, literally and figuratively, than Angela White and Maggie Green, meeting for the first time in pair-adise. They speak in tongues, extremely wet tongues, and no holes are barred, just bared. Will they ever meet again? We don’t know. Just enjoy them while you have them. As James Bond once said, “I must be dreaming.” I may be a colonel of corn but it seems like only yesterday that Dave and I, slack-jawed and breastnotized, were watching Angela proudly show off her body-hugging Dicky dress in a 2003 interview. Angela was a cherubic 18-year-old coed fresh off the jet from Australia, and her dream was to be a SCORE and V-mag model. I still can’t believe it’s going to be nine years ago this June.

The colors of SCORE: White & Green

Look out for girls named Delilah

Over at, today brings the long awaited arrival of Delilah Black, bringing her pettable pillows to the party and not dodging the splashback of her faceless human geyser in a P.O.V. dream hook-up that’ll be guaranteed to motivate tit-men to try to get a spot in Delilah’s date book. Wow, is she a hottie, and what a pretty face, too!

Plus at, desirable debutante sex-kitten Reina Lee further hones her purr-suasive talents at male pattern nut-busting with a second steam-driven session of 100% pole-verizing jiggle-sex. The decision is in. The court of cum-extraction affirms Reina’s conviction at cock-worshiping and agrees with her oral argument. Hopefully, more visual evidence of exotic Reina’s corpus delicious will be presented to the judge’s bench in the near future. Court adjourned.


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