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Women manhandling their titties! Yes, Womanhandling!

January 29, 2012 by Maria 12 Comments

Leanne is womanhandling her tits with her fists...and I like it.

Eva Notty looks good with her tatas in that hold.

Lana Ivans...get a grip.

I love when I see a shot of a busty chick gripping her tits. Or kneading them. Or squeezing them. Or pulling them. Or smooshing them. Or palming them like one would a basketball.

I just like it when busty chicks touch their tits, I guess.

But I like it when they do it with a little bit of gusto like they really mean it. Maybe you would call it manhandling the tits. I call it womanhandling them. Because women…we know how to handle our tits. Sometimes when a guy handles your tits, or rather, manhandles them…it’s too much. Manhandling of the titties can go from OH YEAH! to OUCH! in an instant, my friends. So, when a woman handles her tits, she knows just how to touch them to make them feel good, even if it’s a little rough.

Bea Flora grabs her tits open-handed.

You've heard of tongue-twisters. Miosotis does the titty-twister.

That’s why I love those shots.

I see a chick handling her tits in a pictorial and my mind instantly equates what she is doing with what she looks like when she is having sex.

I see those tits smooshed and pulled and kneaded and I think, “Oh, when she is on top, riding a stiff dick, she probably touches her tits like that. She probably rides hard and grabs her own tits and grips them like that, ” and that thought makes me happy in my happy places.

Yes…I automatically think of women riding dicks when I see them womanhandling their tatas. I know, that’s impressive. It’s a gift, really. lol

My favorite is when they pull them out roughly, like Lana is doing to the right. Closely followed by what Eva is doing, which seems like she is offering them up for some suckling.

What say you, gentlemen: Do you like to see tits womanhandled? Or do you prefer to manhandle them yourselves? If so, how do you like to grab tittes? What’s your tit-nique?





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Happy Hooterdays from The SCORE Group. Celebrate with SCOREtv Holiday Edition. All new!

December 15, 2011 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Happy holidays from your friends at The SCORE Group and what better way to celebrate than a fresh SCOREtv Holiday Edition. This is a labor of love by the staff of SCORE and we hope you’ll enjoy every minute of this one-hour and six minute long SCORELAND Special. Xmas comes early this year.

I was flipping out when I saw who we had lined up this season. Kelly Christiansen is back from 2010’s SCOREtv holiday show and she’s the kind of gift that Santa should give to every boob man. We have Maserati, Samantha 38G, Minka, Beverly Paige, Karen Fisher, Desiree, Destiny Rose, and newcomers Jasmine Shiraz,  Nancy Navarro and Melissa Manning as Santa’s helpers. Plus special guest appearances by Venera and Micky Bells! What a cast! They are sensational. Jiggle belles, all the way.

It’s the most boobieful time of the year and SCOREtv proves it. This is the show Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman would like to have but can’t.

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