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Just in case you’re wondering why they call her the “Queen of Cleavage”…

April 1, 2013 by Dave 11 Comments

Micky Bells definitely is the Queen of Cleavage.

This photo is so spectacular, I don’t know what to say, so I won’t say much. I don’t even know what the rest of the photos look like because I couldn’t get past the cleavage shots. No wonder Micky Bells is the Queen of Cleavage. And if you need more clues, check her out today and tomorrow at Amazing.

On another topic, I’ve been teasing the July ’13 issue of SCORE for a while. Well, some people have already received their subscription copies, it just might be at your local magazine seller right now and the digital version will be available at in about a week. A lot of you have been asking what it’s all about, but rather than give my version, I’m going to pass along a reader’s review of the issue that showed up in my email on Friday.

Ed from Des Moines, Iowa writes: “A pretty decently thick magazine and perfect bound instead of saddle stitched. I normally dislike the rehash magazines, but this one was pretty good, even touching upon some of the history of SCORE.

“I think I must have been more of a V-mag and NN subscriber in the 90s, and I came from subscribing to Gent first. I didn’t really care much for the fake-breasted strippers in the 90s, but then at some point, I realized that the little flat-chested girls I was seeing in NN wasn’t doing anything for me so I transferred that subscription to SCORE and have subscribed to both of the big-tit magazines since.

“Normal current issues of SCORE seem to feature more beautiful naturals…So funny that the COLLECTOR’S issue has some of those November 2009 photos of Faith. I was just looking through that issue and was kinda stuck on a few of the stunning pictures…and, yes, she does spread in that layout… yet she  looks like such a voluptuous goddess.

“Anyway… thanks… take care… keep up the great work.”

Okay, I’ll give you a few more details:

• 164 pages

• Perfect-bound, like a book

• The greatest photos in the history of SCORE.

Coming soon. Or maybe here already.

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Angel of heat

March 6, 2013 by Elliot James 11 Comments

Angel DeLuca debuted at a little over a year ago. Angel’s a California cam model who saw our ad for models at and applied. She says she is a blend of Irish, Italian, Japanese and German.

I was very impressed with Angel’s sexy bod and girl-next-door vibe. I was also impressed by the positions and wide-spread pink poses she did. Her naked splits and leg-extensions were, for me, the equivalent of those liquid energy shots. She’s truly great at nipple-licking and fingering, too. I’d rather see a variety of naked spreads and hot poses than a lot of striptease photos. Angel satisfies that need.

Angel has a pretty girl-next-door face (she reminds me of Melissa Manning from some angles). She has big, shapely boobs, very attractive legs and a really nice, curvy ass, the kind of rounded tush that ass artists look for. (Anyone remember the underground comic artist and ass specialist Robert Crumb?) Nature was generous to Angel.

I asked our studio to ask Angel about trying a boy-girl scene. It took a while–like a year–for her to say yes, but patience is sometimes rewarded.

That’s what’s happening tomorrow: Angel DeLuca’s first hardcore scene at

Angel was worth the wait. But I wasn’t surprised. I thought Angel would set the bed on fire. I was right. I hope she models for a long time.


Angel DeLuca's first XXX scene. Don't miss her.


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Newcomer to Kendra Lee Ryan

March 1, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Who’s this cutie? She’s Kendra Lee Ryan from California.

Kendra is new and eager. Her first debut solo and a very horny XXX fuck scene are now showing at

I don’t know if Kendra knew about XLGirls magazine or knew about the website before the studio connected with her. When I saw the shots that she first emailed to the studio, I hit the Like button.

“I only wear a bra when it’s really needed. I love wearing low-cut tops and tube-tops. I even make my own!” Kendra said.

I always say that a girl who makes her own tube tops is a girl who’s proud of her tits.

She’s worked at retail jobs and she was an exotic dancer for a while. She’s now an ex-exotic dancer but the strong pole skills remain. She demonstrates this in her first video.

It’s an action-packed start for a newbie and she wasn’t bragging when she said she loves man-juice. After her fuck buddy gives Kendra a big facial, she licks her fingers clean staring at the camera.

“Real women swallow,” says Kendra. “Plus I love the taste of cum!’

Kendra has the same appetite for cum as another recent XL Girl, Jasmine Jones, a wife from Texas.

Kendra Lee Ryan: Eager, willing and horny.

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