Demmy’s cleavage class

May 11, 2017 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Demmy Blaze teaches a class today. She gets my total attention. This girl really has it all. She’s one of the greatest naturals in recent years.

I usually don’t ask a girl if she has any favorite photo shoots, but I asked Demmy.

“Yes, I have favorites,” Demmy said. “This one is my favorites of all. ‘Dripping Wet Hooters,’ ‘Blazing Her Trail,’ ‘Bikini Demmy’ and ‘Racked Up’ are favorites!”

She looks good in eyeglasses, too.

Demmy's dress code is explained in her favorite photo shoot.

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  • Q

    First Alaura, now Demmy, you are really trying to kill us. 🙂

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  • Cory

    That legs in stockings, wow! Nothing can stop Demmy’s rise to the top. We have got a real superstar, gentlemen.

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  • guss

    There is something so special about Ukrainian girls. Check out Xenia Wood, she’s stunning.

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  • veez

    Pls shoot Demmy in a Baywatch themed scene

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  • REX

    Another vote for Demmy & Baywatch scene. Just imagine her in red one piece suite running on the beach. Whole Baywatch dedicated series would be great.

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  • suey

    I agree with guss, bring Xenia Wood. That woman is the next big thing.

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