Double Colombian dynamite at SCORELAND

January 19, 2018 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Today, Shara Lopez.

Tomorrow, Shanie Gaviria.

Latin women have their own special brand of sex appeal. I’ve read that a DNA scientist has a theory that Latin women age slower. I have no clue if this is true or if hot Latina women make guys age faster.

I do know that super-Latinas with faces, breasts and bodies like Shara and Shanie make our pulses race much faster when we look at their photos and videos.

There’s also a mystery to super-sexy Latinas, a mystery that’s not easy to solve, but the fun is in trying to solve it. I’ve even come close to buying furniture of Colombian actress Sofia Vergara to solve that mystery.

Someone read my mind because Shara Lopez dances in her video.  Slapping and shaking her booty, bouncing her big boobs, Shara shows the super-powers she has on a dance floor, dressed and undressed. I was losing my mind watching her.

Shanie’s scene is a birthday party for her, and she tries on some of her gifts, but she’s the actual gift. Shanie’s birthday is  Sunday, so the timing for this scene worked out nicely. Happy birthday, Shanie.

Shara shows her dance moves.



Shanie in her birthday suit.

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  • The Gentleman

    The people working at Score and the users who post comments here need to stop trying to coerce models into doing hardcore. The pressure on the models is enough without everyone wanting them to go into this. I don’t know why you all need every single model doing b/g. Not everyone wants to see hardcore stuff. Some, like me, like softcore.

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  • Walter

    That is a party I want in on. As for hardcore? I have enough of a imagination that I do not need a penis photo in the way of a pretty girl. To the gentleman, thumbs up.

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  • Toddy

    Hardcore soon?

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  • Elliot James

    The Gentleman (whoever you are behind a keyboard):

    SCORE has NEVER coerced models into doing hardcore.

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  • The Gentleman

    Forgive me, Elliot James. ‘Coerced’ was wrong word to use. Actually, the girls at SCORE look delighted doing their shoots, and I appreciate that you guys do everything you can to make everyone happy.

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  • Toody

    “Could be for one of them.”
    Cool! Cheers!

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